Thursday, 21 October 2010

Exercise can Adversely Affect Performance of Medication

From American Journal of Lifestyle Medicine
Pharmacokinetic Drug Interactions with Physical Activity
Thomas L. Lenz, PharmD, MA, PAPHS


Physical activity produces many positive physiological changes. Some of these physiological changes, however, can adversely affect the performance  (absorption, distribution, metabolism, and/or excretion) of certain medications when taken concurrently. The liver and the kidney play significant roles in calculating the absorption parameters of medications. Blood flow to these organs is significant at rest but decreases during exercise. These changes in blood flow, as well as other physiological changes during exercise, have shown to alter the actions of some drugs. Medications that require extra therapeutic monitoring may be affected by this drug-exercise interaction.

Health care professionals and patients should be aware of these potential drug-exercise interactions.


When researchers design a drug, certain parameters are followed to ensure that the drug performs as it was designed. These parameters are expressed in the discipline of pharmacology called pharmacokinetics. There are 4 basic areas involved in pharmacokinetics: absorption, distribution, metabolism, and excretion of drugs. Exercise can have a significant effect on one or more of these areas. The specific type and degree of effect are dependent on the individual characteristics of each drug and the specific type and duration of exercise being performed.

There are 2 ways to address the interactions that are believed to exist between exercise and drug therapy. The first is to look at drugs that can adversely affect exercise performance in ways such as decreasing cellular oxygen uptake (ie, β-blocker medications). The second is to assess the effect exercise may have on drug pharmacokinetics or the ability of drugs to exert their intended effects within the body.

The full article also covers the following :

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