Wednesday, 29 January 2014

The Grooming Of A Capitalist SA President

The game of Politics surely is the most interesting game there is. So unpredictable, yet so intriguingly predictable from a bird's-eye view.

An amazing political plan comes together, putting Mamphela Ramphele against Jacob Zuma for South African presidency.

It should be obvious that Agang SA was purposely founded to introduce and sell Mamphela Ramphele to the public, grooming her for the DA as their presidential candidate.

Agang SA is a South African political party, formed by anti-apartheid activist Mamphela Ramphele only on 18 February 2013. Before Agang SA she was virtually unknown as a public figure and particularly as a political figure. Obviously funded from abroad, she founded the new political party Agang SA.

It was a party that was going nowhere and it had virtually no followers, but as leader of this dead-duck-party she was afforded a platform and the opportunity to make the news headlines. Small a party as it was, the media gave her huge exposure, beyond anything seen before with any brand new insignificant little party.

The merger between the DA and Agang is announced and almost immediately she gets presented as the DA's presidential candidate?

Saturday, 4 January 2014

"Assessing Democracy in the New South Africa" by Robert Hamerton-Kelly

For those really interested in a reasonably objective piece on the New SA, this should be worth reading.

It is a pity the author passed away last year (July 7, 2013) as I would have loved to have a chat to him. I actually set out to find his contact detail and in my quest I discovered that he had passed away.

He presented a paper on SA in February 2002 and I would have loved the same author to update this 12 years on.

"Assessing Democracy in the New South Africa" by Robert Hamerton-Kelly

About the Author

Hamerton-Kelly was born in Cape Town, South Africa, on Dec. 26, 1938. He was a theologian, who spent more than two decades working at Stanford, including 13 years as dean of Stanford Memorial Church and 10 years as a senior research scholar in ethics.