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Chinese South Africa

As the year 2011 draws to a close we need to sit-up and consider what lies ahead in 2012. Now I don't care whether you're a conspiracy theorist believing the world is ruled by Jews and ugly old men attending Free Mason meeting in dark little rooms, whether you believe the Chinese are colonising Africa (or the world for that matter) and supporting the radical terrorist movements in driving the whites from Africa, whether you're Christian, a Muslim or an Atheist. Frankly I do not care whether you consider yourself a Boer a Dutchman, an Afrikaner or a proud white South African, whether your home language is Portuguese, German, Dutch, Afrikaans or English. I don't care if you came here five years ago or whether your forefathers came here 300 years ago. I also do not care whether you're a liberal, an appeaser or a conservative fundamentalist right-winger.

What we should care about is that we consider where we are living today. We are living in a black majority ruled African country, whether we like it or not. If we thought 2011 was bad, 2012 will be MUCH, MUCH worse in every respect.

Dr. Myles Munroe says that if you walk down the street and run into some guy you haven't seen in five years and the man starts talking to you about the same stuff he spoke about when you last saw him five years ago, turn around and walk away, because the man is stagnated in the past. If you don't know who Myles Munroe is, its time to found out who he is, because irrespective of whether you're a Christian, a Muslim, an Atheist or a Pagan he is worthy of respect, you could actually learn something from him.

Now living by that rule we should probably turn around and walk away from many people we know, because so many people are stuck in the past, stagnated to suffocation and so much so that they are not worthy of your time. South Africa is riddled with stagnant people, zombies that cannot think beyond 1652, 1838, 1902, 1910, 1961, 1994, etc, yet we're living in 2011 going on 2012.

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Advice From A Collapse Survivor: “Run!” From Major Cities

Bernie Carr
December 6th, 2011
Apartment Prepper
The following interview  has been generously contributed by Bernie Carr from Apartment Prepper. If , in the event of a worst-case scenario collapse, you plan on bugging in and riding out the storm within an urban or suburban dwelling we recommend giving Bernie’s book The Prepper’s Pocket Guide: 101 Easy Things You Can Do to Ready Your Home for a Disaster a serious read.

In the interview below Bernie discusses post-collapse strategies with Selco of SHTF School. You may remember Selco from a previous article which included a first person account of what it’s like to live in a world where there is no electricity, no gas, no heat, no food, no clean water and violence knocks on your doorstep day and night. Basically, all of those Armageddon scenarios we bring up regularly on this web site and others, except Selco is not speaking theoretically.

There is no better information we can acquire than that which comes from those who have lived through it. We thank Selco and Bernie for allowing us to share the following with our readers.

Food for Thought from Selco Who Lived Through SHTF
By Bernie Carr

A couple of weeks ago, I recommended the link to SHTF Survival Q&A: A First-Hand Account of Long-Term SHTF Survival when I posted Quick Post Today.  I was fascinated by the first hand account by Selco, a man who lived through a SHTF scenario during the Bosnia collapse in 1992.  He described what it was like to live for a year in a city with no infrastructure:  no running water or sewer, trash pickup, no electricity; no food available, currency was useless and no rule of law.  For many of us urban dwellers, this would indeed be the dreaded SHTF situation, unlike anything we have ever faced.

Selco had some kind words about The Apartment Prepper’s Blog, and I asked him if he would mind answering questions that I had always wondered about.  I sent him a list of questions and he graciously responded.  I posted the responses “as is.”

Question 1.  On the forum where you described your experience of being under siege, you mentioned that you had no electricity or running water.  How did you and your family handle the toilet (sanitary) conditions?

Selco: We had a small yard and digged holes for toilets, we thought it was temporary so the holes were small but later on we digged bigger ones because we realized this is long and world might have forgotten us. It was not nice but at least we did not do it in the house like many others. Whole area started to smell bad anyway, stench from dead people is worse than a bit poo.

Question 2.  A lot of my readers are women and they would want to know what did the women, children and elderly members of your family do on a day to day basis during the time your city was under attack?

Selco: The roles were back to hundred years ago. Before war we were modern society, but as soon as SHTF the women, kids and elder stayed mostly at home. They wanted that, no questions. Happened automatically. Did the washing, cooking, cleaning and taking care of sick people. Just sometimes when shelling was a bit less some women came along to gather herbs or MRE if food aid was coming that time. Not often. We always had some man protecting the home, women, children and elderly.

Question 3.  From all the weapons that you used, what was your preferred weapons for when you went out into the street OR when you were staying at home and why ?

Selco: Always had the same weapons, TeTe gun / some russian gun and AK47. Simple choice, most ammo for these weapons. We had only a few of those so we exchanged them among us. Did a good job, very reliable weapons. AK47 has good stopping power, just not very good on fully auto. Can make a mess out of a human.

Apartment Prepper Editor’s note:  An example of the gun described that I found was the Tokarev TT pistol, a Russian made gun.

Question 4.  A lot of apartment preppers will probably decide to stay in their homes and this has raised a lot of discussions on the pros and cons of staying in the city.  Some people say that by staying in the city, the infrastructure will be restored first, and that those living in the countryside would be attacked by roving bandits.  The other side states that those living in the countryside have greater chances of survival as they would be more self-reliant and not dependent on resources from the city.  Based on you and your family’s experience, which would you prefer and why?

Selco: RUN!   If you lucky yes, city might be better off but if not it is so much worse. Bug in for a few days until first madness settled and then bug out. Also depends on the weather. Might stay at home in winter and risk getting robbed / murdered instead of going out and freezing to death. Only run if you know where you run to.

Apartment Prepper Editor’s note:  I was very curious about the answer to this question.  Intuitively I believe it would be bad in the cities in a total collapse.  I would like to be able to leave, but like many city dwellers, currently do not have the means to own a designated place.  We would need to decide on a destination that we can run to, should it get to that point.

More from Bernie Carr at The Apartment Prepper
More from Selco at SHTF School Author: Bernie Carr
Date: December 6th, 2011

Copyright Information: This content has been contributed to SHTFplan by a third-party or has been republished with permission from the author. Please contact the author directly for republishing information.

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Secrecy is the beginning of tyranny

Asaph Chuene - Peter Mongezi
22 November 2011

Asaph Chuene and Peter Mongezi says the ANC is reacting to criticism from a 'hostile' media

There is a lurking fear that some things are not meant "to be known," that some inquiries are too dangerous for South Africans to make. Without wanting to appear too superficial, the press and whistle blowers has played a constructive role in informing the public about which that could have easily been swept underneath the carpet by the fraternal ‘stomach pushing' comrades in commanding positions of power abusing public resources through inflated charges, colluding, embezzlement and senseless corruption.

As far as I know media has never made public any information that has thus far threatened the nation's interests. In fact, the contrary has been the case. This is the reason we are so concerned that the secrecy bill will become a threat to national interest itself. Clean government needs to protect no information against legitimate enquiries.

A failure to include a public interest defence clause is tantamount of affirming that the bill itself it is not about protecting the interests of South Africans. It will therefore not be too far-fetched to say that the bill will be used as instrument to remove freedoms of individual whistle blowers, the press, business and political opposition in favour of the powers that be.

If this is not a path to tyranny, it's a sure path to political suicide. Of what use will be the Protected Disclosures Act and Promotion of Access to Information Act if the State will dictate what information to give away and which to sweep under the secrecy rug? How will disclosures be possible if one can later be charged of disclosing classified information? Thus a public interest clause is necessary, in fact, why should state held information not be of public interest? Isn't a democratic state like ours govern on our behalf? Yet they should hide information from us? Democracy is not worth a crown under these circumstances.

It's obvious that ANC find itself under attack by ‘hostile' media. The disclosure of high level corruption and maladministration cases which have become a norm in the ruling party are dealing a heavy blow to the terribly factious party. This time around it looks like all ANC MPs were all instructed to all attend the session and vote for the Bill. That which is at stake here is the integrity of the movement not national interests. I challenge the State to point to any disclosure of information which has ever endangered the lives of South Africans. 

South Africa continues to be diminished by structural racism, corruption, widening inequalities and unemployment amongst myriad of challenges upon which the ruling party should expend its energy. Instead of working tirelessly to show leadership on those challenges we are given a secrecy bill.

A movement/entity it is never attacked from without before it destroys itself from within. The national interests are not at stakes from spies but rather at the political bureaucrats who are supposed to serve the needy population but instead are doing worse than nothing.

Thomas Jefferson once said "Our liberty depends on the freedom of the press [and whistle blowers], and that cannot be limited without being lost".

Delivering speech in 1994 before ANC took over; our very own Nelson Mandela said "If the people of South Africa elect us to office, we firmly undertake that an ANC government will strive for an open society in which vigorous debate is encouraged through a free press and other media"

And in our simplistic conclusion, we still say NO to secrecy. No to Secret Governance!!

Asaph Chuene and Peter Mongezi are co-founders of the upcoming Establishment for Political Redress (EPR)

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Obama Issues Ron Paul “Kill Order” As Russia Prepares For War

Posted by EU Times on Nov 30th, 2011

The Federal Security Service (FSB) is reporting today that the “secret letter” sent to Prime Minister Putin by Japanese Prime Minister Yoshihiko Noda contains a warning that United States President Barack Obama has issued an executive-level “kill order” against US Congressman Ron Paul over fears this charismatic politician, who many believe could capture the Republican Presidential 2012 nomination, is about to expose to all Americans what can only be described as the largest mass theft in human history.

According to this report, Prime Minister Noda first became aware of this “kill order” after a private meeting with Obama at last weeks ASEAN Summit meeting in Indonesia when the American President expressed his “unconstrained joy” over the toppling of the Greek and Italian governments in bloodless coups by EU banksters who installed to run these countries unelected former Goldman Sachs executives.

Not known to many Americans is that the giant global investment firm Goldman Sachs put Obama into office by being its top donor and after winning the Presidency put so many of its former executives into the US government it is known as the “Wall Street Cabinet.”

The reason for Goldman Sachs, and other top American and European banksters, putting Obama into office, this report continues, was to loot the Americans taxpayers of an estimated $100 Trillion…nearly $30 Trillion of which went directly into the pockets of international banksters around the world and another $70 Trillion in lost home values, stock portfolios and pensions funds.

The main conduit of this massive theft was the US Federal Reserve System which during the 2008 Financial Crisis secretly doled out, without the American peoples knowledge, over $16 Trillion to European banks and companies and another nearly $8 Trillion in “secret loans” to the largest banks in the United States.

Causing Obama and his bankster allies to fear Ron Paul, this report continues, is the Congressman’s ability to hold US Congressional hearings on the $8 Trillion in secret loans to the largest banks in America without the public’s knowledge exposing this largest theft in human history and laying bare for all to see the total criminality of their entire elite political, financial and corporate class.

Though the US mainstream media has virtually ignored Ron Paul’s candidacy the American people themselves appear to have broken through this deliberate government ordered blackout of his Presidential run as evidenced by his rise in the polls in the first campaign States of Iowa, New Hampshire and South Carolina, which should he win them all would assure him the Republican nomination.

The fears Ron Paul is causing among Americas elite classes appear to be justified as he recently likened the US Federal Reserve System to “drug addiction” warning that the deception it has foisted upon the public will lead to the destruction of the United States.

Ron Paul further warned the American people this year that their nation was becoming a “police state,” called for the impeachment of Obama for ordering the assassination of an American citizen without charges or trial, and stated that Obama had violated the War Powers Act over his actions against Libya.

Ron Paul’s fears of a police state America being ruled by a dictatorial tyrant were confirmed yesterday when the US Senate, in a 61-37 vote gave, for the first time in history, the power to the US Military to hold citizens without charges or trial indefinitely by passing a bill that was written in secret and never openly debated.

So frightening is this new law that the American Civil Liberties Union (ACLU) in the days prior to its passing warned: “The Senate is going to vote on whether Congress will give this president—and every future president — the power to order the military to pick up and imprison without charge or trial civilians anywhere in the world. The power is so broad that even U.S. citizens could be swept up by the military and the military could be used far from any battlefield, even within the United States itself.”

Most ominous in this FSB report is its stating that the “assassination regime” ordered against Ron Paul by Obama may already be underway as one of the US foreclosure fraud whistleblowers subpoenaed by Ron Paul to testify before the US Congress named Tracey Lawrence was found “suicided” yesterday in Las Vegas.

The destruction of anyone found opposing the Obama regime and its bankster backers was, also, brought into sharp relief this week by the smearing by mental illness allegations of one of America’s top heroes US Marine Sergeant Dakota Meyer, who in September received the Congressional Medal of Honor from Obama (who called him one of the most “down-to-earth guys that you will ever meet”) for saving the lives of 36 of his comrades, but after he alerted the press that his employer defense contractor BAE Systems was selling high-tech sniper rifles to Pakistan that are being used to kill America Soldiers was labeled as a “drunk and mentally ill.”

So concerned has the Kremlin become about the growing American fascist police state it caused General Nikolai Makarov, Russia’s top military commander, to issue a warning to the West last week that the Motherland was fully prepared for a nuclear World War III and which prompted the Obama regime to state that it would immediately cease observing their arms treaty with Russia.

To if the American people will be able to rally around Ron Paul before he is assassinated by the Obama regime it is not in our knowing, other than to note that in a country where every public demonstration – however peaceful and orderly it might be – is ordered by their authorities to be treated as the equivalent of a prison riot, where the former police chief of Seattle blamed the militarization of local US police forces on Obama’s Homeland Security Department, and where the media is described as being nothing more than a “lapdog” for Obama and his bankster allies, the likelihood of these people escaping the worst horrors to come do, indeed, seem inescapable.

ANDREW KENNY: Climate change ushers in a new age of superstition

BusinessDay - ANDREW KENNY: Climate change ushers in a new age of superstition:

ANDREW KENNY: Climate change ushers in a new age of superstition

The general prediction is that the COP-17 conference in Durban will not produce any binding agreement on reducing carbon dioxide emissions. Let’s hope this is true.
Published: 2011/11/28 07:27:09 AM

AS COP-17 kicks off in Durban, with all its apocalyptic warnings and religious gestures towards "reducing your carbon footprint", it is clear climate change has brought in a new age of superstition. Today we smile when we look back on the witch-burnings of the 16th century where all manner of ill fortune, such as crop failures, deformed children and disease, was blamed on harmless old women with warts on their noses. We should wipe that smile from our faces. Today, all manner of ill fortune, such as crop failures, droughts and floods, is blamed on a perfectly benevolent trace gas in the atmosphere, carbon dioxide.

The climate of our planet is complicated, far beyond our current understanding and perhaps beyond future understanding. But the scientific rebuttal of the scare that rising carbon dioxide will change the climate in a dangerous way (the essence of the alarm) is simple. I’ll do it in a short paragraph.

carbon dioxide is a weak greenhouse gas, whose only significant absorption band is already saturated at its peak. Basic physics shows it can never have a serious effect on global temperatures and observation of the past shows that it never has had. carbon dioxide is now about 390 parts per million (ppm) in the atmosphere, which is extraordinarily low in the life of the planet, probably dangerously low for the green plants on which we depend.

Since the Cambrian Period about half a billion years ago, carbon dioxide has averaged over 2000 ppm. A doubling of carbon dioxide , which would take more than 150 years on present trends, would have the direct effect of raising the temperature about 1°C but negative feedback (which counters the change, and for which there is overwhelming evidence) would reduce it to less than that. Predictions of increases of 3°C or more are nonsense.

Rising carbon dioxide will have a negligible effect on the climate but will make green plants, including forests and crops, grow better. It will benefit our planet.

The slight rise of temperature, about 0,7° C, in the 20th century, was no different, either in magnitude or rate, from previous natural warming periods. These include the worldwide Mediaeval Warm Period, from about AD 900 to AD 1200, when temperatures were rather higher than now, while carbon dioxide was even lower than now. Changing temperatures correlate closely to changes in the sun (especially in its emission of charged particles) and not to carbon dioxide.

In the 21st century, contrary to all the predictions of the climate alarmists, while carbon dioxide has risen considerably, there has been no rise in global temperatures.

Here are some indicators. Sea levels were rising about 3mm a year until last year; this would have lead to an increase of 270mm by the end of the 21st century; since last year, however, they have dropped. Since satellite measurements began in 1978, the Antarctic has been getting colder and its ice increasing. Since 1978, the Arctic ice decreased until 2007, and has recovered somewhat since then; open water at the North Pole happened throughout the 20th century; I have a picture of the US submarine Skate in open water at the North Pole in March 1959.

There has been no increase in the natural variation of extreme weather events; hurricane energy has been in decline; the "dustbowl" drought in the US in the 1930s was worse than the recent one; the floods in Australia in the 19th century were worse than the recent one. In 2000, Dr David Viner, an alarmist British scientist, predicted: "Children just aren’t going to know what snow is"; this warning was followed by winters of heavy snow in the UK.

The quiet voice of science says there is nothing unusual or alarming about our climate. But it is drowned out by a cacophony of pseudo-science and superstition, sounded first by the Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change (IPCC) and then amplified by politicians, green activists and the media.

The IPCC, formed in 1989, is the high church of global warming. It pretends to be a scientific body but is actually a political lobby group campaigning to promote climate alarm. To understand how the IPCC has corrupted science and fooled the public, you can do no better than read a new book, Delinquent Teenager, by Donna Laframboise, an investigative journalist. She likens the IPCC to a spoilt teenager — indulged, never criticised, given large amounts of money, fawned upon and so corrupted.

She shows how genuine, highly qualified scientists with decades of experience and hundreds of publications, have been elbowed aside in the IPCC by young activists with few qualifications, few publications and no experience. They are often from organisations such as Greenpeace and the WWF. Science has been replaced by propaganda.

The IPCC’s claim that it uses only "rigorous, peer-reviewed science" is nonsense. From the IPCC’s 2007 report, she lists 5587 references (30% of the total) that were not peer-reviewed at all, which were just "grey literature", or propaganda by the likes of the WWF. So when the IPCC declares: "Science says… ", what it often means is "An activist from the WWF says…".

Let me give two examples of the junk science of the IPCC. In its 2001 report, it showed at least six times the notorious "Hockey Stick" graph. This piece of quackery attempted to sweep aside thousands of scientific studies and a huge mass of historical records. It showed temperatures steady from AD 1000 to AD 1900 and then suddenly shooting up to unprecedented heights in the 20th century. It denied both the Mediaeval Warm Period and the Little Ice Age (about 1400 to 1850). It was shown to be complete junk, using data known to be wrong and crooked statistical methods that could produce a hockey stick out of random noise.

In its 2007 report, the IPCC claimed that the Himalayan glaciers could all be gone by 2035. Indian scientists protested that this was nonsense. With a characteristic response, the chairman of the IPCC, Rajendra Pachauri, declared that they were "arrogant" and guilty of "voodoo science". Of course, it turned out that the claim was complete nonsense and, as so often, it was the IPCC that was guilty of voodoo science.

In 2009, the "climategate" e-mails showed scientists in the IPCC’s inner circle cheating, hiding data, proposing to delete data, manipulating graphs, plotting to bully journals who dared to publish papers questioning climate alarm, and generally perverting science. This scientific corruption was made worse by establishment "investigations" that more or less said that such gross violations of scientific ethics are acceptable in climate science.

The general prediction is that the COP-17 conference in Durban will not produce any binding agreement on reducing carbon dioxide emissions. Let’s hope this is true.

Such reductions would be devastating for the poor nations of the world that need fossil fuels for their development. It would please only the rich politicians and film stars from the West and the privileged activists from Greenpeace and the WWF, who will come flying in on jet aircraft to Durban prepared to sacrifice science and our precious planet for their green ideology, which has become the superstition of the day.

• Kenny is a consulting engineer with degrees in physics and mechanical engineering.

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Alois Irlmaier - Prophecies

Alois Irlmaier - Prophecies - Crystalinks:

On this page statements of Alois Irlmaier are listed, which refer to a big war in the future. Conrad Adlmaier got these statements when discussing with Alois Irlmaier and published them later. In addition also statements are listed, which Conrad Adlmaier did not publish in his books, but indicated to a third person orally. In these statements Alois Irlmaier shows an almost precise description of a large battle in the future.

What causes the war?

"Everything calls peace, Schalom! Then it will occur - a new Middle East war suddenly flames up, big naval forces are facing hostiley in the Mediterranean - the situation is strained. But the actual firing spark is set on fire in the Balkan: I see a "large one" falling, a bloody dagger lies beside him - then impact is on impact. ..."

"Two men kill a third highranked. They were paid by other people. ..."

"The third murder occurred. Then the war starts. ..."

"One of the murderer is a small black man, the other a little bit taller, with brightcoloured hair. I think, it will be at the Balkans, but cannot say it exactly. ..."

"The year before the war will be a fruitful year with much fruit and grain. After the murder of the third it starts overnight. ... I see quite clearly three numbers, two eights and a nine. But I cannot say what it means and cannot state a time. The war begins at sunrise. He comes along rapidly. The farmers sit in the pub playing cards, when the foreign soldiers look through the windows and doors. Quite black an army comes from the east, but however everything occurs very rapidly. I see a three, but I do not know if it means three days or three weeks. It comes from the golden city. The first worm begins at the blue Water in the northwest and goes to the Swiss borders. As far as Regensburg no more bridges crossing the Donau (english=danube?) exist, they do not come from the south of the blue water."

"... Then impact is on impact. Massed units march from the East into Belgrade and moved forward to Italy. Thereafter three armored wedges immediately advance with lightning speed in the north of the Danube over West Germany towards the Rhine - without preliminary warning. This will occur so unexpectedly that the population flees full of panic to the west. Many cars will clog the roads - if they would have stayed at home or would not have usedÝ the main streets. Everything, which will be an obstacle for the rapidly advancing tanks on highspeed-motorways and other fast-motorways, will be down-rolled. I cannot see any Danube-bridges above Regensburg anymore. Hardly anything remains of the big city Frankfurt.. The Rhine Valley will be devastated, mainly by air. ..."

"... I see three spearheads coming: the below spearhead comes along over the forest, but then pulls up itself northwestly alongside the Danube. The line is for instance Prague, Bavarian forest and northwest. The blue water is the southern boundary. The second spearhead goes from east to west over Saxonia, the third from northeast to southwest. Now I see the earth like a ball before me, on which the lines of the airplanes step out (project), which do now fly up like swarms of white pigeons from the sand. The Russian does not stop anywhere, while running in his three wedges. Day and night they run in order to reach the Ruhrdistrict, where the many furnaces and fire-places are... "

"The second spear comes westwards over Saxonia towards the Ruhrdistrict, exactly like the third, which goes from northeast westwards over Berlin. Day and night the Russians run, inexorably their target is the Ruhrdistrict... "

"...Immediately the revenge comes from across the large water. However the yellow dragon invade in Alaska and Canada at the same time. But he comes not far..."

" I see the earth like a ball before me, on whom now the white pigeons fly near, a very large number coming up from the sand. And then it rains a yellow dust in a line. When the golden city is destroyed, it begins. Like a yellow line it goes up to the city in the bay. It will be a clear night, when they begin to throw it. The tanks are still driving, but those who sit in these tanks became quite black. Where it falls down, everything will be dead, no tree, no bush, no cattle, no grass, this becomes withered and black. The houses still exist. I don't know, what it is and so I cannot tell it. It is a long line. Who goes over this line, dies. The ones, who are on the one side cannot go over to the other side. Then everything at the spearheads breaks down. They all must go to the north. What they have with them, they throw away. Nobody will come back anymore... "

"The airplanes drop a yellow powder between the Black Sea and the North Sea. Thus a death strip is created, straight from the Black Sea to the North Sea, as wide as half Bavaria. In this zone no more grass can grow, let alone humans live. The Russian supply is interrupted... "

"Swarms of pigeons ascend from the sand. Two herds achieve the combat area from the west to southwest... The squadrons turn towards the north and cut off the course of the third army. From the east there are many caterpillars. But in the caterpillars everybody is allready dead, although the vehicles keep rolling on, in order to gradually stop automatic. Here, the pilots also throw off their small black boxes. They do explode, before they touch the soil, and spread a yellow or green smoke or dust. What comes in contact with this becomes dead, whether it is a human, an animal or a plant. For one year no organism is allowed to enter this area, otherwise it will expose itself to the largest mortal danger. At the Rhine the attack is finally repelled. From the three spearheads no soldier will come home anymore... "

"These boxes are satanic. When they explode, a yellow and green dust or smoke arises, everything that comes in contact to it, is dead, it is a human, an animal or a plant. The humans become quite black and the meat fall off their bones, so sharply is the poison."

"... By a natural catastrophe or something similar the Russians suddenly evade to the north. Around Cologne the last battle has started. ..."

"... At the Rhine I see a half-moon, which wants to devour everything. The horns of the sickle want to close. What this means, I do not know. ..."

"Then they are flying to the north. In the center there is a mark, there lives nothing anymore, no human, no animal, no grass. They fly to the quite north, where the third spearhead had come in, and do cut off everything. So they will all be murdered, nobody from these three armies will come back home anymore. ...But then I see someone flying, coming from the east, who drops something into the large water, so that something strange will happen. The water lifts itself as high as a tower and falls down, then everything is inundated (flooded). There is an earthquake and the half of the big island will sink. The whole action will not last long, I see three lines - three days, three weeks, three months, I don't know exactly, but it won't last long!"

"A single airplane, which comes from the east, throws something into the large water. Then the water lifts itself as high as a tower and falls down. Everything is inundated. There is an earthquake. The southern part of England slips into the water. Three large cities will be ruined: one will be destroyed by the water, the second is located so high in the Sea, that you can only see the church tower and the third falls in."

"One part of England disappears, when the thing falls into the sea, which the pilot drops. Then the water lifts itself as high as a tower and falls down. What this thing is, I do not know..."

"The countries at the sea are endangered of the water heavily, the sea is very unrest, the waves go high as a house; it foams, as if it would cook/boil in the underground. Islands disappear, and the climate changes. A part of the proud island sinks, if the thing falls into the sea, which the pilot drops. Then the water lifts itself as high as a tower and falls down. What this thing is, I do not know. When it comes, I do not know."

"The January will be so warm at some time that the mosquitos will dance. It can be that we already come into a time, when there won't be a normal winter at all, like we do know him now."

"...During the war the big darkness comes, which lasts 72 hours." "It will become dark at a day during the war. Then a hail impact, consting of lightning and thunder, breaks out and an earthquake vibrates the earth. Please do not go out of the house at that time. The lights do not burn, except candle light, the current stops. Who inhales the dust, gets a cramp and dies. Do not open the windows, cover it completely with black paper. All open-standing water become poisonous and also all open-standing meals, which are not in locked doses. Also no meals in glasses, because they would not cover it up completely. Outside the death by dust goes around, many humans die. After 72 hours everything is over. But again: Do not go out of the house, do not look out of the windows, and keep the candle light burning. And pray. Overnight there will die more humans than in the two world wars before."

"...Do not open a window during during the 72 hours. The rivers will have so few water that you can easily pass them. The cattle falls, the grass becomes yellow and dry, the dead humans will become quite yellow and black. The wind drives the clouds of death off to the east."

"...The city with the iron tower becomes the victim of the own people. They ignite everything. Revolution is, and everything is going wildly. The islands before the coast sink, because the water is quite wild. I see large holes in the sea, which will be filled, when the enormous waves return. The beautiful city at the blue sea sinks almost completely in the sea and in the dirt and sand, which the sea ejects. I see three cities sinking in the south, in the northwest and in the west."

"The large city with the high iron tower is on fire. But this has been done by the own people, not by those, which came from the east. And I can exactly see that the city is made equal to the ground. And in Italy it is going wildly too. They kill many people there and the Pope flees, but many clergymen will be killed, many churches collapse. "

"In Russia a revolution breaks out and a civil war. The corpses are so much that you cannot remove them off the roads anymore. The cross comes to honours anew. The Russian people believe in God anew. The large ones among the party leaders commit suicide and in the blood the great gulity is washed off. I see a red mass, mixed with yellow faces, it is a general riot and horrable killing. Then they sing the Easter song and burn candles in front of sacral pictures. By the prayer of the Christianity the monster of hell dies; also the young people believe anew in the intercession of the God's mother."

"After the victory an emperor is crowned by the fleeing Pope. How long all this lasts, I do not know. I see three nines. The third nine brings the peace. If everything is over, a part of the inhabitants have died, and the people are frightened of God anew. The laws, which bring death to the children, become invalid after the clearing. Then peace will be. A good time. I see three crowns flashing, and a gaunt old man will be our King. Also the very old crown in the south comes to honours again."

"The Pope, who had not to flee across the water for a long period of time, returns. When the flowers bloom on the meadows, he will return and mourn for his murdered brothers. "

" . . .After these events a long, lucky time comes. Those, who will experience it, will be very happy and can praise themselves lucky. But the people have to begin there, where their grandfathers began."

Sunday, 27 November 2011

Can America Survive? Analysis of Civil War 2

Posted By: Rayelan
Date: Monday, 31-Jan-2005 02:18:08


Can America Survive?

Everyone in America, whether he wishes this country well or ill, should read a dire warning of the consequences of mass immigration and ethnic separatism called Civil War II: The Coming Breakup of America. Its author, Thomas Chittum, fought as a mercenary in Rhodesia and Croatia, which has obviously colored his perception; but one man who's lived through history-in-the-making deserves more consideration than all the pundits in the liberal echo-chamber called the Mass Media.

Chittum extrapolates from present demographic and political trends to predict that the U.S. will (probably, with all the appropriate provisos) break up into three new race-nations: a white North (from Maine to Alaska), a Mexican Southwest, and a black Deep South -- with much "ethnic cleansing" and general nastiness. He says nothing about other minorities, but since they're unlikely to be sufficiently concentrated in any strategically viable areas, they'll probably be massacred by all sides (given his scenario).

Chittum carefully tries to equipose himself between mainstream conservatives and the nazis: e.g., he repeatedly denounces "racist affirmative action" and says that the war and breakup are likely, though not desirable. The mood he projects is one of grim fact-facing, as opposed to conservative evasion and racist apocalyptic fantasy. For this alone, the book is well worth reading: it is such a refreshing change from the usual mindless attitudinizing on racial issues. (It would be interesting to be in the audience of a panel discussion of this book including Fred Reed, Peter Brimelow, Dinesh D'Souza, and Thomas Sowell.)

Liberals fulminate against "racism" (by which they really mean "white people"). Racists, of whatever color, fulminate against other races. Conservatives pay lip-service to the quaint ideals of color-blind law and racial integration, but do nothing about them, and ignore the ever-increasing dangers of mass immigration. Chittum presents us with the prospect of race and racism as problems to be solved -- though he is pessimistic about our chances of solving them.

There are a number of reasons to hope for a better outcome than a triangular race war. First of all, insofar as there is a race problem in America, it is really only a black problem. Hispanics are not a race, after all, but mixtures in varying proportions of Spanish, African, and American Indian stock. It is their language, the proximity of their homelands, and their geographical concentrations -- not their complexion and physiognomy -- that make Hispanics a threat to America. Furthermore, the minorities that Chittum ignores (Orientals, East Indians, etc.) are likely to be Americanized eventually, due to the same social and economic forces that assimilated previous waves of immigration. Certainly this happy outcome could be hastened or retarded by good or bad public policy -- but to a significant extent they are already part of a non-black, English-speaking majority.

It does not seem likely that Koreans, for instance, will merge with either the anthropoid rabble of South-Central L.A. or with the bean-eating siesta monkeys swarming up from Mexico. What we need to worry about, is whether they remain an isolated tribe of Koreans-in-America or become Americans of Korean descent, speaking English as their native language and intermarrying with Americans of other ethnic backgrounds. If Chittum is right, this is something the Koreans themselves ought to be worried about.

As for black Americans, it may very well be a good thing that many of them are migrating back to the South. It is painful for a Yankee to admit, but most, if not all, of the race-riots since 1965 have occurred in Northern (or Left Coast) cities. I am not aware of any Ork-hole like Anacostia or South-Central L.A. anywhere within the states of the Confederacy; it seems that Southern blacks are as much more conservative than their Northern counterparts as Southern whites are.

This brings me to my next, somewhat paradoxical reason for hope: Northern liberals. As much as I despise them, it is precisely because I despise them that I see the chief flaw in Chittum's thesis: he expects the white population to turn from sheep to wolves overnight. I ponder the liberals, and I wonder.

I'm sure that all those white liberals who condone, incite, and reward the anti-white racism of their pet minorities, believe deep in their hearts (deeper than they'd ever admit, not even to themselves) that they'll be able to keep their pets on a leash forever. But once you've filled people with hatred of anyone with a white skin, will they be able to tell you apart from the "racists"? I hope not!

I'm not at all sure that the average bleeding-heart, thug-hugging pinko would rather commit a "racist" thought or action than be robbed, raped and/or killed by some gutter-ape who happens to be non-white. Certainly the average pinko would pretend that such a dilemma didn't exist -- until it was too late. Liberalism just doesn't equip people to deal with unpleasant realities -- or with any kind of reality, for that matter.

The bright side of this, though, is that liberalism's failure will become increasingly obvious, the consequences increasingly unendurable -- yet again, as in the 1970s, and bring an equivalent reaction. America is big enough, and still free enough, that the reaction should be peaceful and democratic, as it was in 1980. Bad policies will be replaced, the catastrophe averted. The sooner the problem is faced, the less drastic the reaction will be.

The ordinary American -- the dimwitted sap who isn't a liberal, but thinks President (ugh) Clinton is "doing a good job" because the liberal Ministry of Truth tells him so -- would, I'm sure, make the right choice in the moment of truth. As long as the education-news-entertainment complex is able to hide reality behind a fog of lies, he'll go right on thinking everything is fine; but when push comes to shove, his instinct of self-preservation hasn't been indoctrinated out of him -- I hope. If a major, violent crisis in race-relations were to occur, he might be manipulated by demagogues and react to the emergency by lunging in the wrong direction (just as most Americans did in 1932 et seq. by voting for Franklin "President-For-Life" Roosevelt).

What can be done to avert such a crisis? The answer is simple:

  • End affirmative discrimination for certified minorities,
  • Severely restrict immigration,
  • Round up and deport all illegal aliens,
  • Secure the position of English as the language of the United States,
  • Reaffirm American unity and patriotism, rejecting all "multicultural" nonsense,
  • Stop the liberals from disarming the white civilian population so that, if worse comes to worst, we can defend ourselves.
  • Only the implementation of it will be hard, because America has so many entrenched enemies who will bitterly fight each of these policies.

Will conservatives be able to avert the crisis? I fervently hope so, but I'm not entirely optimistic. If not, how many whites will join the nazis for self-preservation? We won't know until it's too late.

Beyond these six points I will venture to suggest a seventh, which might sound a little radical, but is worth considering. Maybe we should take the America-haters at their word, and strip them of citizenship in a country to which they deny their loyalty. Why shouldn't the devotees of Afrocentrism be deported to Liberia? Why shouldn't a bunch of hijos de putas who lay claim to part of America be marched back to Mexico at bayonet-point?

Of course, anyone who says such things will be denounced as a "racist." But anyone who says anything the liberals don't like will be denounced as a "racist." You might as well be hanged for a sheep as a lamb -- especially if you know perfectly well that the accusation is nonsense. And if we don't say such things today, we're in for a hell of a time tomorrow.

© 2000 by Karl Jahn

The original article can be found here

The Coming Break-up of America Part 2

By Frosty Wooldridge
February 4, 2005

After reading the first part of this two part series on the coming break up of America, you’re probably heartsick or sick to your stomach. You can feel the invasion quickening in every corner of the country. It’s not your imagination, either. This nation-destroying nightmare is happening to you, your friends and your state. It’s no longer California’s problem; it’s in your community.

Thomas W. Chittum, author of, "CIVIL WAR II: THE COMING BREAKUP OF AMERICA," brings concrete historical evidence to the impending conflicts in America. By looking around, you, the average American, can see this tragedy building.

If you’re not living in California, Arizona, Colorado, Texas, Miami, Florida, Georgia, New York, Nevada, North Carolina, Detroit, Michigan and Chicago, Illinois—you might not see it—but it’s coming and it’s coming fast.

Chittum states, "Street gangs will doubtless form the core of future black and Hispanic urban militias…consider the following…they are well financed by drug trade…they are ethnically oriented…are heavily armed…organized and disciplined…and numerous beyond belief."

That statement is born out by latest statistics whereby 29 percent of our state and federal prisons are filled with legal and illegal immigrants.

Former Attorney General Janet Reno put gang member totals on our streets at 500,000. Chittum states, "Their leadership is composed of courageous, industrious and intelligent men because promotion is based on leadership, business acumen and application of ruthless violence."

When you look at the massive $120 billion annual drug trade infecting this country, it’s evident. "These urban gangs are evolving into serious armies, armies hostile to the established government." It’s why 800,000 Californians fled their state last year. In Miami, American citizens fled north. Detroit is fast becoming Arabic exclusively. Fremont, California known as ‘Little Kabul’ tips toward an exclusive Middle Eastern in population. Los Angeles is no longer an American city.

As their numbers grow, police can’t touch them because of "Special Order 40" which gives them immunity from arrest and deportation. Such Governors as Baldacci in Maine and Arizona’s Governor Napolitano directly break immigration laws by passing ordinances encouraging more illegal aliens and giving them sanctuary. The governor of Minnesota openly encourages massive illegal alien importation. He’s pushed by meatpacking plant owners who openly hire illegal aliens. Austin, Minnesota suffers from over 3,000 illegal aliens working in the meatpacking plants. Citizens are left without jobs while a few people make millions at the top. Governor Bill Owens of Colorado does nothing to stop illegals in his state. The mayor of Boulder, Colorado openly encourages illegal aliens with sanctuary laws in his city. Eight women were raped in 2003 by illegals, but the Boulder council continues supporting their presence in the city with jobs and housing. Immigration lawyers in Boulder brazenly present classes on how to avoid arrest and deportation for illegals. It’s astounding our own civic leaders aid, assist and abet this invasion against federal law.

How lethal are these gangs? In Newsweek, from a Johnstown, Pennsylvania, U.S. Justice Department "Street Gang Symposium" in November 1994: "Some gangs have access to highly sophisticated personal weapons such as grenades, machine guns, rocket launchers and military explosives."

"When civil authority breaks down in America," Chittum states, "our criminal gangs will fill the power vacuum, just exactly as has been the pattern in Third World countries."

If you think the rampant crime in Bogata, Columbia is far away, think again. The numbers of gang members in the US proves otherwise.

Chittum quotes another dictator who succeeded: "A revolution is not a bed of roses," said Fidel Castro. "A revolution is a struggle to the death between the future and the past."

With 9.2 illegal Mexicans now living on U.S. soil, a dozen cities sport 51 percent foreign born immigrants, over three million Middle Eastern immigrants enclaving against American values—"America, we’ve got a problem." One of the aspects of the disintegration of Rome stemmed from its importation of Vandals that neither cared about Rome nor gave allegiance. In the end, they ‘enclaved’ more of their own until they became more powerful, by sheer numbers, than Romans. The cult of ‘diversity’ and ‘multiculturalism’ being jammed down Americans’ throats by both parties is an example of self-induced national suicide—just like the Romans. In this case, both Republicans and Democrats wear the same sombrero given to them by Mr. Fox south of the border.

In a recent speech, former Colorado Governor Lamm said, "My sixth point for America’s downfall would be to include dual citizenship and promote divided loyalties. I would celebrate diversity over unity. I would stress differences rather than similarities. Diverse people worldwide are mostly engaged in hating each other—that is when they are not killing each other." A walk down the streets of Los Angeles, Miami, Chicago or New York proves the chilling anti-American sentiment.

Chittum writes about economic collapse. He talks about how our own Congress ramrods 4.1 million immigrants down our throats annually while outsourcing, insourcing and offshoring jobs to other countries. How can we ever maintain a decent standard of living by adding 4.1 million people annually into the USA? Doesn’t anyone ‘get it’ that the reason they are running out of Mexico and China stems from the fact that they can’t feed, work, educate or clothe their own populations that explode out of control? Why create the same crisis here?

Last year, American Flyer, the little red wagon that we all pulled in our childhoods-- offshored its production to China. But thousands of companies are moving production out of our country—leaving our people in unemployment lines. It’s a lose-lose situation for U.S. citizens.

Chittum talks about phases of Civil War II: 1. Tribalization, or the undermining of the concept of citizenship. 2. The creeping loss of democracy to private, governmental institutions and international bodies. 3. Gradually falling wages. 4. The slow decay of infrastructure in our cities and the abandonment by Americans and their replacement by minorities wedded to welfare and affirmative action. 5. Growing legal and illegal immigration to transform America into a typical Third World country. 6. Massive drive for gun control to cripple military potential from the working class. 7. Cooperation of the mass media to dumb down the population.

Near the end of the book he makes projections that you can see happening right now:

1.Shrinking hourly wage. 2. More immigrants than Americans. 3. Foreigners hold most Federal Debt. 4. Twenty million Third World slums on our borders known as ‘colonias’. 5. Manufacturing jobs moved out of the USA making it impossible for us to make or sell anything to the world. 6. Republican and Democratic politicians refusing to deal with the immigration crisis. Worse, both parties aid and abet it. 7. Growing power of advocates of Aztlan or the reconquest of California, Arizona, New Mexico and Texas by Mexico.

Our country is in deep trouble and worsening fast. I spent two weeks on the border last spring from El Paso to San Diego. Immigrants successfully pour over our borders at 10,000 per day or three million per year. One million arrive legally each year. I saw them loading up in busses. I saw them squashed 30 to a van. I saw them crawling through the desert bush with my night vision scope. I interviewed Border Patrol officers who are hamstrung by Congress. The illegals they catch, they release on the border only to try again until they succeed. I saw the safe houses. I saw the lay-up areas. I saw the millions of pounds of trash left in the desert. I saw the invasion first hand.

What can you do? Democracy is not a spectator sport. YOU need to start acting, writing, calling, pushing, shoving and screaming at your mayors, radio stations, newspapers and reps that you’re tired of this invasion.

Demand a 10-year moratorium for all immigration, NOW! Demand troops on the border. Demand English as our only language. Demand no benefits for illegal aliens. Demand S. 2671 the Clear Act be passed. Demand HR 946 is passed to shut down legal immigration to fewer than 300,000 per year.

Demand no amnesties for illegals. Demand deportations begin. Demand the rule of law be followed and employers of illegals be arrested.

Write for that 28-point action letter to stop this nation-destroying madness. For you West Coast night owls, every Thursday you can catch yours truly in Las Vegas, Nevada on Mark Edwards’ "Wake Up America" talk show on 50,000watt KDWN-Am-720 10:00 PM to midnight PT, or on the worldwide internet at Five nights a week,, Edwards engages patriots from across the nation to bring you the latest on this nation-destroying invasion.

Will Chittum’s book prove prophetic? Will Rome’s history become our history? It all depends on you.

The original article can be found here

The Coming Break-up if America Part 1

By Frosty Wooldridge
January 31, 2005

America faces the most critical juncture in its 229 year history. Indolent Americans sit on their Lazy Boy recliners wielding a remote while their country fractures before their eyes. It’s been slow for the past 30 years, but it’s quickening in every sector of our country.

Have you noticed more and more people speaking different languages at the supermarket? Schools? Movies? At your local bank? Have you noticed radio stations and TV crackling with Spanish or other languages in our English speaking America? Have you seen more people disrespecting the singing of our national anthem? Have you noticed our laws being broken such as red lights being run or people fleeing accident scenes where they were the cause? Have you noticed more trash in your state and national parks, especially in California, Arizona, Texas and Georgia?

Have you noticed more flags being flown from other countries instead of Old Glory? Did you know that more Mexican flags fly from houses, cars and establishments in California more than the Stars and Stripes? Have you noticed what has happened to the Golden State? Texas? Arizona? How about Georgia or Miami, Florida?

Have you ever been incredulous about hearing something that sounded so preposterous that it "couldn’t be true?" Take a second look.

You are watching the "Coming Breakup of America." That’s right. Your country. It is moving methodically, perversely, steadily and provocatively across our land. Our Congress and president aid it at the highest levels. It is a nation-destroying experiment being forced on Americans that will prove more disastrous than 9/11.

Recently, I read a book, "Civil War II: The Coming Breakup of America" by Thomas W. Chittum. This book paints a grim picture of what is happening to our country. At first, I was incredulous at his supposition. But half way through the book, his research was SO profound and SO evident that it became a page-turner. It provided a sickening look into the methodology and process whereby my own country is being destroyed before my eyes.

"History is littered with wars which everybody knew would never happen," said Enoch Powell.

Today, America fights a war 10,000 miles away while its own borders suffer an invasion so vast, so powerful, so insidiously destructive, yet so subtle--even our own citizens can’t see it. Not yet, that is. Chittum writes, "America was born in blood." He should know because he is a combat hardened Viet Nam veteran.

"Social, political and economic forces are pulling America apart and driving her toward a bloody conflict that may fracture the nation into several different countries," he said. "Riots, gangs, militias, exploding crime rates, massive immigration, rising unemployment, falling wages…these fuel the fires of war."

He talks about nations versus empires. "Empires consist of peoples of different religions, languages, cultures, races and nationalities," he said. "Nations are dominated by one group that makes up a majority of the population. Nations are inherently stable while empires are always unstable."

If you look around the United States, we were a stable nation before 1965 with a population mostly of European and African citizens and mostly one religion. Today, we’ve imported 60 million people from areas so incompatible with American culture that we recoil at the horrors of female genital mutilation from Middle Easterners, polygamy of Hmong immigrants, honor killings from Asia, forced 13 year old girls into marriages and hundreds of different languages. Los Angeles, Miami, San Francisco and other cities speak more foreign languages than English. "If you’ll notice throughout history," he writes, "multiethnic empires break up in cataclysmic violence." The former Soviet Union and Yugoslavia are classic examples of multiethnic empires that shattered in tribal violence. Today, France is on the same track of self-destruction with its massive non-assimilating Muslim population.

Kant said, "Language and religion are the great dividers." Chittum talks about an unstable, tiered society. Aristotle said, "The only stable state is the one in which all men are equal before the law."

Average American citizen can see we’re developing a massive underclass of illegal, Third World, uneducated poor that have become our ‘indentured servants'. They won’t remain down on the farm for long. They are literally overrunning California, Arizona and Texas by sheer numbers.

America supports 15-20 million illegal aliens that have no allegiance to our country. A dozen cities feature more foreign-born immigrants than American citizens. Last year, 800,000 Californians fled their state.

Spanish-speaking radio stations own the airwaves in Los Angeles. Miami features Cuban stations. None have any allegiance to America.

How will it get worse? Our politicians may grant amnesty to that 15-20 million which will encourage millions more. There are so many legal aliens that they hide more illegal aliens via ‘ethnic sympathy’. But what they bring us is as dangerous as any armed invasion.

As their numbers grow, they are aided by the Mexican American Legal Defense and Education Fund. La Raza, another anti-American Mexican organization, works directly for the overthrow of America. It reaches into the highest levels of our government starting with Alberto Gonzalez. US House of Representative Joe Baca of California supports La Raza. What does La Raza mean? "For the Latino race, everything, everyone outside the race, nothing!" LULAC is another group that supports the ‘Reconquista of Aztlan,’ or, the retaking of the American Southwest back into Mexico. Notice that Mexican president Fox dictates to our leaders what they will do with his 10 million illegal immigrants in our country. Notice 46 Mexican consulates in our cities around America supporting his people in our country. Notice voter fraud by illegal aliens now able to throw our local and national elections.

After three chapters, Chittum’s writing sobered me, but I still wasn’t convinced until he offered concrete numbers. "In California in 1993, 665,229 firearms were sold. That’s 1,873 per day. Enough firearms were sold to equip an infantry battalion." For the Californians remaining, there’s a lot of frightened people readying themselves for conflict.

"California is odds-on favorite to kick off Civil War II," Chittum said.

"The instinctive need to be a member of a closely-knit group fighting for common ideals may grow so strong that it becomes inessential what these ideals are," said Konrad Lorenz. Illegal Mexican border jumpers separate against being an American. The 20,000 member "18th Street Gang" in Los Angeles owns the streets. They coordinate all drug traffic, extortions of businesses, prostitutes and robberies. Their power, along with MS-13 gangs in 28 American cities, grows by the day. Over 60 percent of the members are illegal aliens and the other 40 percent are legal immigrants.

Since they possess no working skills in our First World society, they find crime as an easier vocation. It’s termed ‘Third World Momentum’. Its corruption is so deep, so wide and so embedded that it’s as intrinsic as the sewer systems in those cities.

How many and how much? Los Angeles sheriff files register 100,000 gang members. San Antonio features 5,000 gang members. Chicago estimates 50,000 members. Former Attorney Janet Reno estimated over 500,000 gang members imported themselves into the USA. "They commit an average of 580,000 crimes annually in our country," Reno said.

So why do our politicians sit and twiddle their thumbs? Why do they aid and abet by doing nothing? Can’t they see what’s happening to California? Texas? Arizona? The answer in a nutshell: No!

Why? Because Americans, like the proverbial frog being thrown into the pot of water and the stove being turned up to high, will keep adapting until we boil to death. The same thing happened to the Romans, French, Spanish and every other great nation that tumbled into the dustbin of history. Spain backed into submission by the Madrid train bombing. France stands on the doorstep of a crisis it won’t be able to contain.

I never thought I would have to fight for my own country inside my own country. But the time is fast approaching. Chittum adds that if immigration continues at 4.1 million per year, we won’t have enough Americans to stand up for America. Write for that 28-point action letter to stop this nation-destroying madness. For you West Coast night owls, every Thursday you can catch yours truly in Las Vegas, Nevada on Mark Edwards’ "Wake Up America" talk show on 50,000watt KDWN-Am-720 10:00 PM to midnight PT, or on the worldwide internet at Five nights a week,, Edwards engages patriots from across the nation to bring you the latest on this nation-destroying invasion.

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Thursday, 24 November 2011

Survival of the White South African Part 3

"There are many dangerous threats that do exist. However, for each threat, there are practical preparedness solutions that exist, as well." - The American Civil Defense Association

In Dec.2010 I warned a few close friends in a private message that by Dec 2011 the ANC would declare everyone their enemy.

The Protection of State Information Bill passed with a vote of 229 to 107 is doing just that. Everyone is now viewed as the enemy of the ANC Regime and anyone that dares say anything against them could be imprisoned.

YOU are now the enemy of the State. The media and liberals that supported them and placed them in power are now their enemy!

A Private Message to Friends December 2010

Since having written the following I've gained much more insight and information, particularly as to the causes of what is described in the message below, but the the causes do not change the expected outcome. It was written almost a year ago, but the message to whites remains the same, STAY OUT OF IT!

This is a private message I sent to a few select friends in December 2010, but in order for people to understand the reasons and purpose of this series of articles on the Survival of the White South African I think its important to throw it open to more than just a very select few.

Survival of the White South African Part 1

Survival of the White South African Part 2

Here is the December 2010 message :

I want to make it perfectly clear that, as you are aware, I am not part, or linked, or connected to the Suidlanders, any volkstaat movement or self-determination movement or any political movement / organisation and I doubt I ever will be.

The info below is based on my personal observations, my daily reading of vast amounts of information and information I gather.

How you respond to this message is not my problem. I feel obliged to share it as I feel you deserve it. After reading this you may feel a need to leave the city and move to an extremely remote area in SA in time to come. Things should settle and return to "normal" after 6 to 12 months.

I am of the opinion that :
  • by June of 2011 violence will have escalated to such levels that every edition of every newspaper will be reporting on violence. It will be so bad that no newspaper would even consider hiding it as has been the case thus far. Everyday media sources would report on murders.
  • by December of 2011 the ANC will turn against everything and everyone. They will turn against every other political party, against the unions, against whites, against everyone, including themselves. Everyone that does not agree with them or go along with them will be declared the enemy of the ANC. (This was done by way of the State Secrecy Bill)
  • by June of 2012 we should see people running around the streets with guns, shooting at each other. (This started happening in April 2012 already and today, it is common place)
The ANC would love to call a one party state, banning all competition, starting by declaring everyone their enemy.

The influx of millions of Zimbabweans and other illegal African immigrants are going to cause major disruptions to our economy. It would now be legal for business, industry and construction to employ Zimbabweans and they are the cheep labourers of choice. Our own blacks, let alone whites, will not find work, because the Zimbabweans would have filled all the jobs at a much lower salary and wage. The eX-Zim blacks do not care for unions and they will defy the unions, which the unions and our own blacks will not stand for and all hell will break loose. The unions and our own blacks will turn on the ANC Government because of this and blame them for this problem that they, the ANC, created.

Combine this with a collapse of our electricity supply network and massive problems relating to our water supply, followed by a total collapse of our currency (the SA Rand) and you have a recipe for anarchy, genocide, famine, and human self-preservation instincts.

Food production and food importation will come to a virtual halt. Famine will pervade South Africa. This famine will lead to the most atrocious, most inhuman acts of violence ever witnessed in this country. They will shoot and eat your dogs, even babies will be at risk of being eaten. The cannibalistic animal will come to the fore.

Africans have been moving downwards towards SA and now they cannot move down any further. South Africa is the last stand of the African. In this most southern part of this dark continent will the nations of Africa clash for the last time. This will be the African Battle of All African Battles. This will be the War of Africa.

It is expected that this large scale intensive war will be brief, but powerful. It is expected to last little more than six months.

During this brief, but powerful battle, the African Blacks will virtually extinguish themselves and any other nationality, whites, coloured and Asians that are here will also be killed off. Those that do not flee will be killed anyway so VERY FEW will remain at the end.

This will be an African war, a War of / and for Africans. It is time and it is needed and whites should STAY OUT of it, leave them alone, allow them to their opportunity to sort themselves out for once and for all.

When this is all over and done, whites will be able to return and there will be peace in South Africa and Whites will be appreciated, wanted and respected again. Blacks will at last be free and happy, because they will be thankful, thankful for the whites and what they contribute, thankful for being alive, thankful for having food and work.

South Africa will from then onwards grow and become a world power, and in my opinion, under White rule.

This information is for you yourself to consider. How you use it, view it, accept or reject it is not my concern. I share this information, because I want to, period.

What this info conveys is (whether you and I like it or not), there is no way anyone is ever going to prevent this war from taking place. We may perhaps be able to postpone it slightly, but this Great African War SHALL happen. Whether the blacks want to get rid of us or not, that is not the issue here. Their fight with us is another fight, something very different, but this is their own fight, not ours.

This is a fight between Africans, long overdue I might add.

This is a war that Shaka promised his people. He said that during the time of the 8th (current) King of the Zulus, they the Zulus will rule again and that during this time they the Zulus shall take up the battle with the other tribes, particularly with the Xhosa, and that they shall kill all of them including the very last one. He said they must not allow one Xhosa to remain alive, for he will breed again.

This battle, this War WILL take place and no one in the World will stop it. This is a war for Africans, it is their war, not ours. Those whites that are in their way will be killed as well.

They are going to chase the other African tribes and nations out of SA (those that survive, if any).

I say again, this is not our war, this is not a war that SA whites or the rest of the World would understand. The rest of the world would want to intervene, but it would be futile and it would only make matters worse, and IT WOULD NOT STOP THIS Centuries old African tribal feud.

Once they are done with each other the whites will take over this country, there will be very few blacks left in this place.

This is not child's play, this is will be written into the history books as the Great African War.

Africa is the one continent that has never had a proper war, but this is it, this is their time. Just like the two great wars diminished the population numbers of so many nations, so too will this war GREATLY diminish the population numbers our South African tribes and nations. This is a World War of Africa coming and it is NOT OUR WAR!

This War is expected to be over in about six months, followed by great famine and disease, that is where the whites will come into it, that is when the whites will come in and retake and take over for ever.

The whites will then take over and rebuild this country, they will be fully in control, the few blacks that are left together with the whites will build a massively powerful state.

You will see the whites fleeing, running like rats. No one is going to stand and fight this, no one will get involved in this African War, a war for Africans, against Africans. Africans will fight Africans and they are going to wipe each other of the face of this continent and the time is near, soon, next year.

Sit tight, be patient, your opportunity will come towards the end of this.

Unless they are allowed this opportunity, they will just do it at another time in the future, but this will and must happen. Africa MUST sort itself out. Only afterwards will they respect and appreciate the value and contributions of the white European.


Is this Message still Valid?

Much has happened since the writing of the above message, but the events during the past eleven months have strengthened my views on I expressed in December last year.

Those who are aware and have been keeping themselves up to date with violence, crime and murders would know that the number of murders have greatly increased since June, and actually started in April already.

We have seen a much greater influx of illegal African foreigners this year. Thousands of Zimbabwean hard-liners have crossed our borders, some 4000 Nigerian rebels reported on just days ago, thousands of ANC Youth League members put through crash-course military training.

Africans in the rest of Africa view the ANC as traitors. In their view the ANC betrayed Africa by not getting rid of the whites. They want Africa for Africans only.

The Rand is busy falling and the collapse of this economy is only a matter of time. Service delivery has grind to a halt and the people are angry. Promises made by the ANC Regime have not materialised and the people are angry. Infrastructure has collapsed and the Soccer World Cup 2010 virtually bankrupted this country as it did with every other country.

The friction within the ANC tri-alliance is evident and Julius Malema is not going to take the onslaught against him lying down.

What is headed for South Africa is much worse than described in the short message above. In the message above I only conveyed the basic points, but the end result will be much, MUCH,  M U C H worse than people can even begin to image.

The World is collapsing economically and heading for World War III, believe it or not, it WILL happen. When that happens Africa will starve to death and die out from disease. South Africa's infrastructure has been destroyed, agriculture has been destroyed and it we shall lose many more farmers in the next year. More whites will die from suicide than other reasons, because banks are going to go bankrupt and with them will the pension funds and life assurance companies go bankrupt. The Rand will hit rock-bottom and will be worth nothing. All of these factors will aggravate the violence and people will go rampant and anarchy will break the country in pieces. Whites, in fact people of all races would be free game.

What will follow is starvation, famine like never experienced in this country in the past 100 years. They'll kill for food, even steal your dogs for food. Without medicine, without doctors, nurses or hospitals disease will run rampant and kill thousands. There will be little or no food production, no electricity or fuel. Everything will grind to a complete halt.

We are not merely entering a civil war, we are entering a period of survival, the ultimate survival challenge, which is why I get so upset about movements keeping our people's minds occupied with futuristic dreams about a presently unachievable volkstaat, past-life dreams of restoring the old lost Boer Republics, while denying that we are faced with civil war on our doorstep. I can still understand the liberals, the media and the economists trying to fool themselves and everyone else, but I cannot accept that our own people are keeping us occupied with nonsense while we are under serious threat right now. But let us not get caught up in other people's dreams and also be caught with our pants down on our way to lala-land, let us rather allow them their space to follow and forever remain in their dreams, while we remain realistic and prepare ourselves for the ultimate survival challenge.

Afterwards, when all of this is over, the Republic of South Africa would need to be rebuilt from scratch with the few people left to do it. Until then the rest of us, those who understand the threat and do not live in a world of political ideological dreams, would need to put our heads together and find ways to survive. This is the country for which our forefathers died and worked so hard to build into the strongest most advanced country in Africa. Those of us that are proud of their achievements owe it to them to survive and rebuild it to its former, pre-1994 glory.

South Africa is burning and the revolutionary winds are flaming the fires.

"I have given my life to alleviate the sufferings of Africa. There is something that all White men who have lived here like I have must learn and know: that these individuals are a sub-race. They have neither the mental or emotional abilities to equate or share equally with White men in any functions of our civilization. I have given my life to try to bring unto them the advantages which our civilization must offer, but I have become well aware that we must retain this status: White the superior, and they the inferior. For whenever a White man seeks to live among them as their equals, they will destroy and devour him, and they will destroy all his work. And so for any existing relationship or any benefit to this people, let White men, from anywhere in the world, who would come to help Africa, remember that you must maintain this status: you the master and they the inferior, like children whom you would help or teach. Never fraternize with them as equals. Never accept them as your social equals or they will devour you. They will destroy you." - Dr. Albert Schweitzer

Background Information

Some background is needed to understand that no one is going to get involved or come help the whites out of their predicament. It is also necessary to provide an overview of historical data relating to such conflict situations and the results of such conflicts. We also need some background to understand the effects of civil war and the causes of genocide and malicious atrocities.

Note : Formatting such as bold lettering is my own.

The Magnitude of Atrocities

Everything else equal, we should continue to see more instances of genocides and mass killings in Africa as compared to other regions.

Since the annual number of battle-related deaths has decreased proportionally (about 2/3) more than the number of armed conflicts (about 2/5) during 1989-2007, this means that conflicts have on average become around 50% less deadly in terms of annual and direct battle-related deaths. For the period 1950-2007, the average annual battle-related deaths per ongoing conflict has actually decreased by 90%.

Important to note is that, and excluding the Rwandan genocide, data show that armed groups were responsible for almost 60% of the very conservatively estimated 135.000 intentional direct killings of civilians in civil conflicts. An extreme case is the conflict patterns in North and South Kivu, the DRC, from 2004 to September 2009, where rebel forces have been estimated to be responsible for almost 80% of all atrocities. Not counting the Rwandan genocide, this means that during the past almost 20 years, it is not governments but rebels that carry out the majority of atrocities against civilians in civil conflicts. Nevertheless, some rebel movements are proxies for - or supported by - governments inside or outside the country in question. The role of governments in atrocities could thus also be indirect and larger than the above ratio suggests.

A final insight is that whereas in general fewer individuals are killed wilfully than by crossfire, and while genocide and politicides are rare, the impact on post-conflict health is more negative and hence necessary to add to final casualty estimates as well as decisions to intervene. Hoddie & Smith (2009) report that the magnitude of atrocities (carried out by governments) in terms of genocide and politicide is a more robust predictor of post-conflict health (disability and death) than the magnitude of crossfire killings. One alleged reason is that genocide and politicide involves the murder of professionals (e.g., health care staff) and the destruction of human capital that serve important functions throughout societies. Another alleged reason is the large displacements of entire populations, which in turn lose access to health care and live under difficult conditions (incl. the spread of diseases, hunger, and lack of access to health care facilities). A third alleged reason is the destruction of social capital (e.g., trust) that in turn decreases the possibility of individuals to receive help through friends and contact networks. Genocide and politicides and atrocities against civilians will thus continue to cause fatalities and worsened quality of life long after genocide and politicides have ceased to a larger extent than civil wars in general.

The Causes of Atrocities

In the context of civil wars, atrocities that are not genocidal in their goals are often claimed to be carried out for rational reasons, e.g., promote ethnic cohesion, secure access to resources, deter civilians from supporting the other warring party, forcibly recruit soldiers, or improve bargaining positions and counter military setbacks (cf. Valentino, Huth & Balch-Lindsay 2004; Kathman & Wood 2009; Wood 2010).  Atrocities are thus a symptom of military weakness, inability to provide other incentives (such as providing public services, or security) or lack of public support in militarily contested areas (Ibid.). Meanwhile, when rebels enjoy broad support and/or can provide public services, rebel atrocities serve no rational purpose, and may instead undermine public support and in extension strengthen opposing warring parties. Whereas government forces usually have some form of logistics and financial resources, rebels are dependent on civilians for, e.g., material resources, food, information and sanctuary (Ibid). This explanation describes accurately the situation in North and South Kivu, where civilians are "punished" and join rebel groups - or do not oppose them - out of fear. Rebels can often only offer life or death.

Since rebels are more exposed than government forces and more reliant on civilians, they should thus be more prone to resort to the atrocities when their position is weak or weakening. This expectation is born out in the overall pattern of atrocities against civilians reported above, in that rebels are overall responsible for 3/5 of all civilians murdered in civil wars, and for almost 4/5 in the case of the South and North Kivu. However, when rebels become very weak compared to government forces, atrocities may not increase recruitment, as the risk for retribution from government forces is larger than the risk for atrocities against civilians that refuse to be recruited or cooperate (Ibid.).

Unit discipline in terms of punishment for bad behaviour against fellow rebels as well as civilians strongly influenced the risk for abuse: when unit discipline was low, the risk for abuse increased sharply. Hence, and applying to rebels, lack of group discipline makes rebels even more likely to kill civilians.

Similar to this, and concerning government forces, Valentino, Huth & Lindsay (2004) report that rebel support and military threats against governments increase the risk for government atrocities, which are seen as a government strategy: when the government is losing ground, the risk increases. A similar finding is reported in a study of the Spanish Civil War (Herreros & Criado 2009). Parallel to this, and referring to the Vietnam War, Kalyvas & Kocher (2009) report that indiscriminate bombings and shelling by government forces took place mainly in contested areas, that is, where the parties were under pressure from opposing forces.

The Track Record of Peacekeeping

Do atrocities against civilians increase the willingness of the UN to deploy such operations, as demanded by the concept of R2P? The question of the conditions under which peacekeeping operations are established has been discussed from many perspectives, as summed up by Gilligan & Stedman (2003). Some scholars stress major powers' interests and "imperialistic motives", and it has in this tradition been claimed that UN operations are established in countries where the permanent members of the UN Security Council have national interest or major powers have raw material interests. Other approaches emphasize an interest in establishing democratic regimes as a motivating factor. Another major strand of thought claims that it is not outside countries' interests that are important, but rather the needs - in terms of war casualties and conflict durability - of the war-torn countries, and thus altruism rather than egoism on the part of the great powers. Still other approaches highlight the alleged importance of, e.g., a "CNN effect", the presence of a peace agreement, type of conflict, and the number of warring parties.

As Krain notes, the UN was always impartial during the period studied, and that makes it impossible to assess whether it can halt G/P should it be given a robust anti-perpetrator mandate that involves siding with one of the warring parties. Another challenge for assessing the general impact of UN operations is that the UN seldom intervenes before - or during - civil wars, even when violence is anticipated. Meanwhile, after civil wars, the risk for G/P is historically almost absent. This means that up to 1997 there were few examples in history where UN operations have been faced with ongoing large-scale atrocities.

No UN operation has so far been initially deployed for the stated primary task of protecting civilians from genocide or atrocities, and has used force beyond self-defence to achieve those goals. While having a focus on protecting civilians from human rights abuses, it has not developed a robust practice of using force reactively or pro-actively.

Final Reflections

If the interventions are directed against governments involved in genocides, statistical data and examples like Kosovo, Rwanda and East Timor indicate that governments tend to escalate the violence in order to "finish the job" before further killings become impossible to carry out. However, if governments have genocidal goals, it raises the question of whether these civilians may have been killed anyway, albeit at a slower rate, in the absence of an intervention. From that perspective, government run genocides are more difficult to deal with than non-genocidal atrocities by rebels and governments alike, and may need to involve a different toolbox for peacekeepers, or may not involve peacekeeping forces at all but rather other kinds of intervention forces. However, data suggest that neutral interventions also in these kinds of cases have the most beneficial long-term prognosis for reducing G/P.


As can be seen from the above, neither the UN nor any other foreign country would intervene should a revolution / civil war break out in the New South Africa. In our case the greatest threat would come from undisciplined rebel forces and being caught in crossfire situations. The ANC Regime has no control over any of the numerous rebel groups currently building up in the New South Africa. The Regime also does not have efficient control over its own Defense Force and the SADF is poorly trained, undisciplined and probably aligned to some of these rebel forces.

The SA defense Force will not be our problem as they would not deploy the Army against the whites, they would not have the time. The Army would be deployed against the rebels, but many whites would be caught in the crossfire. It may start out as a war against whites, but that will not last long, because they are going to turn on themselves almost as soon as they started the fight.  The rebel groups will be our greatest threat, vigilante and opportunistic anti-white criminal gangs, they will run rampant in the streets and shoot anything that moves, rape and do the most horrendous things to people, groups of drunk drugged common criminals and mass-murderers with machine guns and pangas.

Actual civil war is less of a threat to whites than the situation we are currently experiencing. This maybe difficult to understand, accept or agree with, but the information above also demonstrates this. Actual conflicts have become much less lethal and deaths during conflict have decreased by some 90%. These are undisciplined poorly trained trigger-happy rebels that cannot effectively handle their weapons. In our case it will be black rebel groups against each other, against the Defense Force and Police, tribes against each other, local blacks against foreign blacks. For us the danger lies with these rebels going mad and shooting and raping everything that moves and getting caught in crossfire. Towards the end, hunting for food will become a major threat, because they'll be desperate and killing for food.

The SADF and SAPS becomes a threat, not because of being deployed against whites, but because they have been taking in the jobless useless hobos off the street, low quality individuals that do not want to be there, but are there just for the salary. When civil war breaks out many of their so-called soldiers would join their rebel partners in crime. These soldiers have access to weapons. The criminal elements in the SAPD would do the same, they'd use the opportunity to take care of themselves. These criminal elements in uniform would rape, murder and maim for the hell of it, because they are not soldiers, they are criminals.

Furthermore, there is not a single member of the ANC Regime that does not hate whites. They all hate whites with a passion, but they have always been masters of deceit. While the ANC Regime may not openly deploy the military against the whites, they would throw a blind-eye if the military deliberately turned on the whites. The Regime would not stop the SADF if they started killing whites by their thousands. Afterwards they would just say "Haw we're so sorry". They would, as always, keep the world occupied with some other nonsense while the SADF and rebel vigilante groups go on the rampage against whites.

The causes for the uprising against the whites are too many to even mention in this article. The statement in the article above "atrocities that are not genocidal in their goals are often claimed to be carried out for rational reasons, e.g., promote ethnic cohesion, secure access to resources" applies to actual civil war situations and does not apply to the New SA at this point in time. We are currently experiencing actual genocide for the very purpose of promoting ethnic cohesion among blacks and for securing access to resources, which means taking everything the whites currently own. The Africans are on a destructive path and their motto is simply "I'd rather rule in hell than serve in heaven." They do not care for progress and stability, they just want what they think the whites have and they supposedly deserve.

In the meantime there is growing friction between the various local African tribes, particularly between the Zulus and Xhosa's and the friction between local Africans and foreign Africans is reaching breaking point. Xenophobia will be redefined and reach new levels of intensity never seen before.

This is going to be a confusing, multidimensional, multifactional war with blacks against whites, African tribes against African tribes, local blacks against foreign blacks, opportunistic criminal gangs going rampant in between, killings just for the hell of it. They'll target security complexes, because they are easy targets, block the entrances and wipe out everyone inside. They'd go from house to house shooting everyone they meet.

The side-effects of civil war, like disease and lack of health care will impact particularly hard on South Africa, because we already have a massive shortage of health care professionals to begin with. State hospitals are dysfunctional and the Department of Health is virtually bankrupt like every other Government Department.

The blacks are out to destroy this country, destroy the whites, destroy all opposition as they have been doing for hundreds of years in tribal wars throughout all of Africa.

"What some people cannot understand they destroy - Whether their behavior is defined by culture or intelligence is of little import as the end-product remains the same: Destroy western culture. The constant purging of emotional discontent and frustration through violence is indicative of a culture that refuses to examine its own internal flaws - This disconnect is symptomatic of ritualistic thinking that creates demons and evil spirits and all sorts of 'mysterious' external forces that have absolute control over how the individual behaves and what he feels - The 'white devil' is just another demon in a long list of demons these cultures blame for their difficulties. To them, for them, the thought of looking into themselves, of self examination coupled with personal accountability, is inconceivable." - Robert Stilson

Humanitarian Intervention As Just War 

Current international legal thinking is also opposed to any legal "right to intervene" on at least three grounds: the Westphalia system of sovereignty and its associated norm of non-intervention has worked well for many years; the UN Charter is premised on the idea of non-intervention; and there is a fear that great states will use the practice for empire-building.  To this, one might add the reluctance of some states to put their forces in harm's way for reasons other than national security.  There is no settled law on the appropriate entrance and exit strategies with humanitarian intervention, and second-generation peacekeeping (or fourth-generation, asymmetric warfare) has not yet developed standing operating procedures.  To some, the whole idea of humanitarian war is questionable because it would be dealing with criminals, not (wartime) enemies.  As Pfaff (2005) puts it: enemies are capable of violating a state's rights; criminals are capable of violating individual rights.  Military forces engaged in such operations would need to conduct themselves like law enforcement officials.  Greater care would need to be taken on the use of force and protection of bystanders.  Insurgents and terrorists could then easily exploit such limited action by using innocent civilians as human shields or proxy actors, and peacekeeping forces (i.e., soldiers as police) can only respond by being even more discriminating (among combatants and noncombatants) and concerned for the reciprocal levels of intimidation among the whole population, given that the latter presumably has a right to civic peace that the intervention (or intimidation) violates.


The above further strengthens my argument that we should not depend on any outside help of any kind.

"Believe nothing, no matter where you read it, or who said it, no matter if I have said it, unless it agrees with your own reason and your own common sense." - The Buddha 

In Jan. 2007, officials from the Bush administration “allowed Ethiopia” to secretly purchase arms from North Korea. The deal happened just three months after the United States had convinced the UN “to impose strict sanctions on North Korea because of the country’s nuclear test,” according to the International Herald Tribune.

Although it backed Ethiopia’s deal with North Korea, the United States said it would continue to “press Ethiopia not to make future purchases,” the Tribune reported. The United States permitted the arms deal partly because of the ongoing military operations between Ethiopia and Somali Islamic militias.


Could we depend on help from countries like the US? I doubt, because it all depends which side they are on. We've seen how the Netherlands has been supporting the ANC for many decades, even supplying them with weapons of all sorts. See The Afrikaners' Misguided Attachment to the Netherlands. There is no reason for us to even begin to think that they would change their stance and they cannot be trusted, not even in the least. There is no valid basis for depending upon any other country for help. Their track-records do not favour the White South African in any way whatsoever.

If any intervention does come, it would only be towards the conclusion of the civil conflict, when it is virtually too late, and that includes Germany. It is true that an agreement exists between the Boer Nation and Germany for assistance, but even Germany will not intervene until it is almost too late, when things are completely out of hand.

Another factor against us is the current global economic climate and the threat of a third World War. No one would have the money or the inclination to come help us, because they'd be struggling to survive themselves and other countries have an obligation to take care of their own people first. Africa will be forgotten and because they have no sense of responsibility they will starve and die from disease while fighting each other.

The SADF and SAPS are dysfunctional.There are more criminals in the employ of the SAPS than actual professional Policemen and women. The SADF has more generals (122) than second-lieutenants (50), the entry level officer's rank. There is zero discipline in the SADF and soldiers go on strike. They would be both useless and dangerous in a civil war. They would shoot each other and cause more chaos than stability.

It should be remembered that with the help of the world and South African media, the ANC was able to paint the SA white as a nation of Nazi's. They conjured up some of the most shocking lies ever experienced in the history of the World. Even the younger generation white and black South Africans have been brainwashed into believing that Apartheid was a violent inhumane atrocious system where blacks were shot in the street on Sundays for fun. They actually believe that white school children used blacks for target practice, so feeble-minded, uneducated and gullible are they.

Countries like the Netherlands where not the Government, but the people, the Dutch public rose up against South Africa and built a massive anti-Apartheid industry. They manufactured fictitious films about South Africa that made Nazi Germany seem like kindergarten games.

The SA white is a hated nation across the World, thanks to the handy-work of local liberal rubbish, the media and big money abroad. Apartheid was big business and a huge industry worth billions.


"Don't ask God for an easy life, ask him to make you a stronger person." - J.F. Kennedy

Final Comments

Notwithstanding all of the above I am still very positive about the long term future of whites in South Africa if they wake up. Do I have hope for the majority of SA whites at this point in time? No I don't, they're still enjoying life so much that they're still building their sand-castles of holy supremacist lala lands controlled by greedy quasi-religious hypocrites.

The SA white is most hated by certain factions and groups within the African community. This hatred is becoming more evident as we move along. There is a definite, determined, orchestrated onslaught against the whites. We are caught in the grips of a slow silent genocide that will increase sharply in the coming months. Part 4 in this series will focus on strategies and planning for the survival of the SA whites and other interested minorities.

This country will collapse economically and politically in the near future and they will destroy themselves, because we shall use their strength against themselves, if we are wake-up and prepared, if we're living in the here and now so we can see whats going on around us. In the end I have ZERO doubt as to how this will end up. We have more going for us than we realise, but too many will be caught off-guard.

Our true population numbers are somewhere between 120 and 150MILLION, not only 50million as quoted by the Regime. In 1995 already Dr. Buthelezi stated in Parliament that we had 12MILLION illegal foreigners. At an average of 3 to 4million illegals streaming into this country annually our population grew by at least 50MILLION people in 16 years. We are no less than 120MILLION people in this New South Africa, 2/3s being from Africa.

The stronger the opponent the more self-confident he is, which opens many doors for using his numbers, his strengths and his weaknesses against him. While we have more going for us than we realise, patience and timing is what will determine the level of success. As for success we should not be foolish, arrogant and over-confident, but we have to realise the potential for triumph at the end of it all. There will really be a new SA after all of this, a much better place than we could imagine right now, but first we need to get there. There are most interesting things happening at present and the vibes are building. Unfortunately people are being blinded by the media, by leaders with unrealistic promises, two-faced economists and politicians in general.

The whites will not be the aggressors, they'll be the defenders, the survivors, just like in the days of Blood River, which is why the whites will survive.

"Expectation is the mother of all disappointment." Do not expect or depend upon any outside help, for it would create a false sense of security. Accept the fact that we are on our own and plan as if we are on our own. Depend only upon yourself. Take stock of what you have and do not have, your strengths and your weaknesses. That way we could formulate a winning strategy.

As sure as I am sitting here writing this, so sure am I that the "Vierkleur" will fly again, but not in the format and over the area of land people expect it to and it certainly will not fly over just a tiny little area called a "Volkstaat". 

Survival of the White South African Part 4

"To win one hundred victories in one hundred battles is not the acme of skill. To subdue the enemy without fighting is the acme of skill. Thus, what is of supreme importance in war is to attack the enemy’s strategy." - Sun Tzu, "The Art of War"

With remarkable prescience, philosopher Sun Tzu crafted the piercing words above more than 2,500 years ago. His statement emphasised the advent of strategic tools that could potentially be used to defeat an opponent without actually fighting that opponent on the battlefield.

Further, an opponent who prepares defenses in one or two areas may potentially leave other critical avenues of approach vulnerable in future encounters.

An opponent who prepares everywhere may unwittingly feel more secure about his security measures. He may feel, in fact, too secure. Moreover, preparing defenses that react to attacks addresses only half of the defensive problem facing today’s dark sneaky ruthless offensive. To become effective and relevant, defense must be holistic in nature and address both proactive measures and the legacy reactive defensive measures taken through the employment of perimeter warning systems, intrusion detection and warning systems, attacker immobilising systems, effective communication systems and defensive hardware.

A state of constant silent warfare is upon us, and this persistent environment propels whites to continue improving their defense tools and devising new methodologies to combat the new and emerging threats, while adopting lessons learned from our past history on the battle fields. Most existing tools are reactive in nature, forcing the guiding rules and mechanisms to be reactive as well. However, we must develop a blend of reactive and proactive tools and standards to properly secure and defend ourselves effectively with the ultimate goal being, the Survival of the White South African.

The survival strategy will be presented in Part 4, but only when the people of this country have woken up and realised the need for it..... Until then, stay safe, be awake and aware, do not be overhasty and begin to realise where you are living, because this is Africa.