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Chinese South Africa

As the year 2011 draws to a close we need to sit-up and consider what lies ahead in 2012. Now I don't care whether you're a conspiracy theorist believing the world is ruled by Jews and ugly old men attending Free Mason meeting in dark little rooms, whether you believe the Chinese are colonising Africa (or the world for that matter) and supporting the radical terrorist movements in driving the whites from Africa, whether you're Christian, a Muslim or an Atheist. Frankly I do not care whether you consider yourself a Boer a Dutchman, an Afrikaner or a proud white South African, whether your home language is Portuguese, German, Dutch, Afrikaans or English. I don't care if you came here five years ago or whether your forefathers came here 300 years ago. I also do not care whether you're a liberal, an appeaser or a conservative fundamentalist right-winger.

What we should care about is that we consider where we are living today. We are living in a black majority ruled African country, whether we like it or not. If we thought 2011 was bad, 2012 will be MUCH, MUCH worse in every respect.

Dr. Myles Munroe says that if you walk down the street and run into some guy you haven't seen in five years and the man starts talking to you about the same stuff he spoke about when you last saw him five years ago, turn around and walk away, because the man is stagnated in the past. If you don't know who Myles Munroe is, its time to found out who he is, because irrespective of whether you're a Christian, a Muslim, an Atheist or a Pagan he is worthy of respect, you could actually learn something from him.

Now living by that rule we should probably turn around and walk away from many people we know, because so many people are stuck in the past, stagnated to suffocation and so much so that they are not worthy of your time. South Africa is riddled with stagnant people, zombies that cannot think beyond 1652, 1838, 1902, 1910, 1961, 1994, etc, yet we're living in 2011 going on 2012.

I read books in 1970 and I did not read them again in 2010, because I read them in the 1970's when they were appropriate to read, while they still applied. Books written in the 1950's were written because they were relevant to that time. Those books were based on what went before, leading up to the 1950's and as things stood in the 1950's. When reading such books today one should realise this and not try and read it as if it was happening today, because we are not living in the 1960's, we're living in 2011. The World never stopped turning and it won't do so in our lifetime either.

"Everytime you look into the future it changes, because everytime you see it, it changes everything in it" - Nicholas Cage in 'Next". Living in the 1960's people had a particular view of the future based on their experiences of the past and the present, but today we should have a completely different view of the future, based on where we stand today. We are closer to the view of the future people had in the 1920's and 1030's, just much worse.

It does not matter how powerful the influence over someone, the direction of a government changes with every new leadership. Some have more guts and are more principled than others. Everytime a new Government and a new President come into power in a country, surely the predictions and the previously held view of the future should change, because they are human and all humans have their own minds, own opinions, their own ideals and dreams.

There is a polar shift taking place, but not the kind you're thinking of. The west has withdrawn from South Africa and the East has been moving in. Rather than fight it, the west chose to run and leave the New SA to the Chinese. While South Africa used to be part of the west, it is now fast becoming part of the east, the polar shift. While the west may be run by various groupings of sinister old men controlling the banks, the east, China in particular, has its own agenda, far removed from the ideals of the control-freaks of the west. The west may think they are in control, but they're only in control of themselves, to an extent, because the agenda of the east is far superior to that of the west. The economies of the west had fallen to the cheap production costs of the east.

While all of this has been taking place at a level far above our heads, things have been happening on the ground, all around us. While we could continue allowing ourselves to be manipulated and blinded by the stagnated rhetoric of the conspiracy theorists, we should wake up to the realities of today. According to conspiracy theorists the world never changes, the future is never altered from what they perceive it to be. Conspiracy theorists live in the time of Adam Weishaupt and Pyotr Rachkovsky while caught up in the world according to Matvei Golovinski. Supremacist Muslim Nazi's confused by Helena Blavatsky's definition of the "Aryan root race". Conspiracy theorists are the objects, the tools of mass manipulation. They keep people occupied with their stagnant theories so as to keep them from realising what really is happening right here, right now.

I've always maintained that if one wants to achieve something without drawing attention to the actual agenda, the most valuable tool to use is the gullibility of the conspiracy theorists. Start a rumour either in the parallel or opposite direction and allow the conspiracy theorists to run with it. They would keep everyone so occupied with it, that you'd be allowed all the time and freedom in the world to push your agenda. I could probably list a thousand examples. Whenever the media, the majority of people and the conspiracy theorists keep harping on a particular subject always look for the underlying hidden truth in the opposite direction. When they steer you away from something, move towards it, because there is something underneath hidden behind it.

We could also choose to continue living in the dreams and ideals of yesteryear as if Hendrik Verwoerd was still running the country and Hendrik vd Bijl was building our industries. We could imagine ourselves regaining the Boer Republics and winning the referendum with a "No" vote, but unfortunately life does not work that way.

We are not living in the proud powerful first world Republic of South Africa ruled by PW Botha, we are living in the New South Africa, the failed democratic capitalistic ideal of the west and hailed Marxist-Leninist communist success of the east. We can no longer depend upon the support of a Margaret Thatcher or a Ronald Reagan, because the current regime takes their guidance from the likes of Hu Jintao - Paramount Leader of the People's Republic of China, Raúl Castro - Cuban revolutionary President of the Council of State of Cuba and others.

The west did everything in their power to oust the National Party and replace it with a government that owed them and that they could control and dictate to, but unfortunately they lost the plot due to their naive ignorance. The west has little to no control over the New SA today, because they cut their losses, took their money and ran, leaving us to the dogs of the east.

Dream as you wish, but no one from the west will come to our aid, they have run away. They got what they wanted while it lasted and they have no intention of ever returning. South Africa officially became a member nation of the BRICS group of countries on December 24, 2010, after being formally invited by the BRIC countries to join them. (BRICS = Brazil, Russia, India, China and South Africa)

While we may wish for many things like a volkstaat, the reclaiming of the Boer Republics, protection and intervention of western countries, reality dictates something very different. As was the case in so many eastern communist countries we may even see the banning of western New World Order structures like the Free Masonry and many other structures that would please the conspiracy theorists and make their day, but sadly, what they forgot to think about is that under such systems and to please their new masters this Marxist-Leninist Regime may also need to consider banning the Christian and other religions in future and the end result of it all would mean no foothold for any western movement in this country in future. The ANC owes many people, the SACP, COSATU and virtually every other black movement in this country owes many, but particularly the communists of the east. They are indebted to their necks and they cannot serve two gods and they have already chosen the gods of the east.

I've stopped bothering with people striving for secession and independent homelands, because its a waste of time and as one particular person here on Facebook said to a friend of mine, I'm old-guard, from the old school and I cannot open my mind to such new ideas. Unfortunately when she was still in diapers I was already involved in the fight for a volkstaat, before 1994. I KNOW it will never happen anymore and I was busy writing an article explaining exactly why it will not happen, but I decided against it, because as long as they keep working at it, it keeps them out of our way, so its better to let them continue with what they're doing.

The same applies to the fight against the Jews and the Free Masons and the Zionists, etc. I have now decided to just let them be. Let them continue fighting their war against the evil masters of the west they think they're still living in, while we know we have been shifted across the poles to the east and we have new threats to contend with. There was a time when people like Henry Kissinger had an influence in Africa, when they could influence their thinking and direction. They lost that opportunity when they sunk the National Party and forced them into the hands of the Marxist-Leninist ANC. The one stronghold that existed in Africa was sold for the wrong reasons, due to naivety and greed. The NWO, the Jews, the great financial powers of the west have withdrawn from South Africa, they took their money and ran. Many South African and western companies have sold out to Chinese companies or to ANC communists trained by the east. The last major sign of this was when MacDonalds sold out, lock, stock and barrel. Since they withdrew the withdrawal took a major swing and gained a new momentum. The west has forsaken this country, because they lost their foothold in this country, they are of so little concern in SA that they are not worthy of our attention.

This world does not only consist of civilised westerners with a western way of thinking. This world consists of the west, of Africa and of the East. Those are three completely different worlds, its not one and the same thing and one cannot view, approach and handle those three worlds the same way.

Is this shift to the east necessarily a bad thing? Well to the conspiracy theorists they'd be rid of the Free Masons and the zionists and the Jews, etc, so to them its a good move. To them Gaddafi was a hero and rightfully so, because from the perspective of the conspiracy theorists, being part of the west it makes sense that they should cheer Gaddafi for having pioneered the onslaught and resistance to the NWO. Unfortunately while supporting the Muslim Nazi's they do not realise that the one evil is being replaced with another evil. While the NWO may have big plans and may strive towards total control they do not control the east, whether they want to believe it or not. The east has its own agenda and that agenda has been working so effectively that the NWO and the west lost the plot completely. Today everything you buy in the west is made in the east, the economies of the west are wholly dependent upon the east. The car manufacturers of the west are sinking, because the east have flood the market with good and cheep rubbish, killing the west's vehicle manufacturing industry, for but a few still standing. Italy is sinking because their markets have been flooded by better, cheaper vehicles from the east. Just they made the fatal mistake of choosing Rockefellers above the Rothchilds, an irreversible mistake they could never recover from, so too did they continue to back the wrong horse in every move they made, tagging the conspiracy theorists along with them.

So while our world has been rolling east, the conspiracy theorists of the west stagnated, the world kept turning underneath their feet. We living here in South Africa cannot afford to be held back in our thinking and in our perception of our environment by stagnated conspiracy theorists. Allow them their freedom to be stuck in the past ideologies and writings of the likes of Golovinski. Let them continue their fight against Free Mason Boys Club, let them continue fighting their fight against the Jews now living in Canada rather than in South Africa, but we, we have to survive, we have to open our bloody eyes and wake up to the reality of our situation, we cannot afford fighting the nightmares of our childhood, we have to face what's coming and what is right here, right now, because we are living in the here and the now.

If the Chinese move in as intended, the whites in South Africa would be made redundant, because they would no longer be needed. If they could import two or three millions Chinese the SA whites would no longer be needed. It has been suggested that China wished to shift 300 million of their people to Africa. This was an idea proposed by Britain and it serves as proof that the NWO was behind this Chinese invasion and colonisation of Africa. The west also financed and supported Saddam Hussain, the Muslim Brotherhood, Syria, Iran and even Gadaffi at various stages, didn't they and it came back to bite them in the rear, didn't it? The naive British may have planted the idea in the minds of China, but thats where their role ended, the west does not control China and they never will.

The other aspect to this is that religion may find itself in serious trouble, because the Chinese do not really like religion and neither do they like the Media and so many other institutions, movements and ideologies.

Yet with all the seemingly negative aspects to China's intended occupation of South Africa, they may just be South Africa's saving grace, because they could invest so strongly in the SA economy that we may escape the global collapse. The other advantage is that the Africans do not really know who they are dealing with. To this end the Africans are not much different to the conspiracy theorists, the liberals and even the right-wing conservatives that think they can negotiate with the Africans. The other thing we need to consider is that the Chinese do not wish to go to war with the SA whites, because they are of the opinion that neither Germany nor the SA whites ever did them harm and they have no reason or wish to go to war with those two nations. While China has never deployed its armed forces outside of their own borders, they have indicated that they would be willing to defend their interests in foreign countries like Africa, should the need arise. China is active and has been active throughout Africa for a long time.

Right now people are being raped, murdered, high-jacked, abducted and robbed in this country. Irrespective of whether China does come in or not, we do not know how it will pan out for us, the few remaining whites in Africa. We living here, confronted with this threat need to identify the reasons, the causes, the source and the possible future direction and development of this situation. We need to adapt our thinking or die. Like I said earlier the blacks know less about the Chinese than the conspiracy theorists do and they are going to learn a lesson so hard that they will never recover from it. Thabo Mbeki saw this coming, he was educated at Sussex University, UK among others. He was able to keep the Chinese at bay and prevented them in a very diplomatic way from getting a foothold in SA, but his follower Zuma had other ideas, because he saw money and power. While Mbeki had an African dream, Zuma has a personal dream, which is very dangerous. Mbeki understood the NWO plans and ideals, Zuma ignores it. Zuma is not the only one involved n the opening of our doors to China, there is much more behind this than we realise, because its an African thing. With the help of China Africa for the first time sees a future for itself. They want China here and they dislike and distrust the west.

Where does this leave us? It leaves us with much more to consider and prepare for. Life as we know it is changing and it is about to change beyond recognition. China does not want to get rid of the SA whites, China wants to get rid of the western influence in SA and hopefully all of Africa. It is a known fact that China has Africa in its sights, it wants Africa to be their next province, where they could shift their people to. This is becoming Chinese territory, territory they would be willing to defend. Africa consists of people China could control, because they know how and they have the means to do so. This is a "Screw the NWO, we have the Chinese" situation and we better deal with it. While the west / NWO like to control the minds of the people, the Chinese control the people, their behaviour, their likes and dislikes, their movement and everything about them.

Personally I am of the opinion that the Chinese also bit off more than they can chew. They will not get directly involved, they never have and there is no reason for them to do so now. They may however get involved indirectly by supporting those that support them, but who are those really? Is it Malema, the man that has been their pawn all along, is it Zuma & co that officially led them in or is it someone else behind the scenes? If they back the wrong group they're doomed and there is no such thing as the right group. In SA we do not have only one or two tribes, we have at least thirteen different tribes and groups to contend with. In SA we have unresolved friction and hatred between groups and tribes spanning centuries. We have rebel groups, revolutionaries, disgruntled loyalists, political parties with different political ideologies, we have blacks hating blacks, blacks hating whites, whites hating blacks, coloureds hating blacks and we have whites hating whites. We have Asians, Portuguese, Afrikaners, Boers, Greeks, Italians, Germans, Dutch, British, etc. We have churches hating each other and different religions hating each other. South Africa is a country thriving on hate and discrimination from all directions. It is the most most diverse, most divided country on earth. According to psychologists South Africans are the most aggressive people in the world. They certainly are the most judgemental and most hypocritical of all. South Africans judge you because you belong to the wrong church, speak the wrong language, live in the wrong suburb, wear the wrong clothes, etc. They judge those that left the country and those that left judge those that stayed behind. This is the most screwed and most screwed-up nation on earth and China is about to learn it the hard way.

Bottom line is that at the end of it all the Chinese will also withdraw, but by that time our total population will be much smaller than it is now. In the meantime China is going to invest much more than it already has and it will increase its physical presence much more. There will be a massive influx of Chinese over the next few years and more and more small businesses will be replaced by Chinese vendors.

In the coming years we shall hopefully see the end of the ANC, but along with it we'll experience hardship like never before. We are about to enter the worst time of our lives. SA will erupt and explode in many different directions, while the rest of the world collapse economically and launch WW3, leaving us to fend for ourselves. Things will get much worse, than we could even begin to imagine. Like I've said so many times before however bad we imagine it may be, we should multiply it by at least a thousand times over. The dreams of most will be destroyed and even the agendas of global powers like China will be drowned as they enter what lies ahead for themselves.

The economic collapse, WW3, earth and climate changes will destroy the agendas of virtually every individual, nation, country and organisation in the world.

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