Sunday, 29 September 2013

When incompetence becomes a scape goat for terrorism in South Africa

The so-called "white widow" Kenya Mall terrorist has been moving in and out and around in South Africa for months.

Hillary Clinton warned the ANC regime four years ago against terrorist training and recruitment activities in South Africa. "The minister and I are well aware that al-Shabaab is recruiting young Somalis from South Africa, Australia and the US to become suicide bombers, to participate in their efforts to turn Somalia into a safe haven for terrorism," Clinton said at the time.

"Recent sightings of her were brought to the attention of the South African police intelligence by a security organisation linked to the local Jewish community."

The police’s crime intelligence unit failed to follow up on these warnings and conduct any surveillance on this terrorist, despite having been given intelligence information about her.

Staan op my volk

Deur Willie Cloete - Leier van die Federale Vryheidsparty (FVP)

Het u al gewonder hoekom daar hoegenaamd ‘n blanke Volk hier in Suid-Afrika gevorm het? Hoekom hulle ‘n eie identiteit opgebou het? Hoekom daar ‘n eie taal Afrikaans ontstaan het? Hoekom daar vir hulle ‘n eie land gegee was?

En dan, hoekom is daardie Volk vandag moedeloos, voel verraai en wil nie meer op staan vir sy regte nie?

Dit is ‘n vraag wat baie van ons wil beantwoord hĂȘ.

Hierdie is my eie mening.