Thursday, 27 August 2015

We could learn so much from SA Public Protector Thuli Madonsela

Liberals could learn so much from SA Public Protector, Thuli Madonsela:

"When somebody starts insulting you, just know that you have won and
that they are surrendering their power to you. It is the same thing
when people stop discussing the issue at hand and start discussing you.

"They do it in soccer when the player starts playing the man instead
of the ball, it is because they are desperate and they are losing the
game," said Madonsela.

"I understand that sometimes humans kick because they are afraid. So
when they kick me, I know that they are doing the best that they can
and the driving force is fear."

The above describes the typical behaviour of liberals. They will
always insult you as a person, your intelligence and your knowledge.
And liberals do so because liberals are losers, they ALWAYS lose.

Self-entitled blacks and South Africa's white conservatives can also
learn from SA Public Protector Thuli Madonsela:

"When you put the attention on yourself, you see yourself as a victim
and once you see yourself as a victim, you are a danger to yourself
and to society because victims tend to do nothing wrong..."

While this is so typical of the ANC and Africa as a whole, all we have
been hearing from whites in South Africa, since 1994, is how they are
being victimised. We have heard more talk and read more complaints
about Britain's genocide against the Boers during the Anglo-Boer War
over the past 10 years than during entire past century combined. South
African whites have become victims of their past.

We read daily about the killing of whites, but we never hear about the
circumstances that led up to it, let alone about the total lack of
situational awareness that so often paved the way and created the
opportunities for it.

We read about a 50-year-old woman being shot in her car at a garage,
but we do not read about the fact that it was after midnight and that
she had just stopped on her way from one night club to the next, alone
in a car that time of the night, in Pretoria. This is but one example
of many.

The great Col. Jeff Cooper wrote in December, 1994: "The subject of
personal defense is far more psychological than technical. As soon as
you decide and insist that you will not be victimized, you have done
more than any weapon can to provide for your safety."
Whites have become a danger to themselves, not just because of
cowardly liberal sellouts appeasing those they fear most, but because
SA whites have developed a shameful "poor-us" victim mentality.

One has to wonder if SA whites will also be crying about being victims
of the ANC decades after the ANC Regime had been toppled, just as
blacks will still be crying about being victims of Apartheid for the
next 2,000 years.

One can foresee a time in the distant future where blacks and whites
will unite by crying on each other's shoulders, blacks about being
victims of apartheid and whites about being victims of the ANC Regime.

What would have happened to South Africa had the Boers also sat back
crying "victim" after the Anglo-Boer Wars? Fortunately the Boers
looked at what they had left to work with and to build upon, rather
than crying "victims of Britain".

1994 was the tenth Border War, the one and only Border War we lost,
and of the third Anglo-(American)-Boer War, the one where we just gave
it all up, rather than choosing to fight for our rightful place in
South Africa, the country that never even existed before 1910.

There is no one else to blame but ourselves, because South Africans
willingly and knowingly chose this path for themselves. We are not
victims of the ANC. We are victims of ourselves, victims of a
contorted history and a false breed of our own people.

We are not victims of war, victims of oppression, anti-white racism
and discrimination. We are victims of peace, victims of instilled
white guilt and victims of the criminally insane Human Rights
Movement, victims of big business' greed, victims of money and image,
victims of "international participation" and "international
integration", and last but not least;

We are victims of religio-political pacifism that taught us that,
"because of our sins of Apartheid" capitulation would serve as a kind
of repentance and an attempt to redeem our "our sins of Apartheid",
while resistance would "prove" a lack of remorse.

We could, like all of Africa, continue crying "victim" for the next
few hundred years, or we could choose to do something like a S.W.O.T.
analysis to determine what we have that we could use, that we could
build upon for a better future.

Only we can make this choice for ourselves, no one else can or will do
it on our behalf.

When somebody insults you, know that you have won - Madonsela