Sunday, 29 September 2013

When incompetence becomes a scape goat for terrorism in South Africa

The so-called "white widow" Kenya Mall terrorist has been moving in and out and around in South Africa for months.

Hillary Clinton warned the ANC regime four years ago against terrorist training and recruitment activities in South Africa. "The minister and I are well aware that al-Shabaab is recruiting young Somalis from South Africa, Australia and the US to become suicide bombers, to participate in their efforts to turn Somalia into a safe haven for terrorism," Clinton said at the time.

"Recent sightings of her were brought to the attention of the South African police intelligence by a security organisation linked to the local Jewish community."

The police’s crime intelligence unit failed to follow up on these warnings and conduct any surveillance on this terrorist, despite having been given intelligence information about her.

Suddenly this gets blamed on "incompetence". Incompetence is not knowing how to do your job, procrastinating due to a sense of insecurity about how to do a particular task, not having the work ethic, not having the proper training for the job and screwing it up as a result.

Having been warned and having been provided with the tools and information to track down a terrorist, but not doing so can only be seen as deliberate side-stepping of a serious issue, to allow them the freedom and space to go ahead with their bloody terrorist activities. Where terrorists rule, terrorists flourish, so with terrorists ruling a country this is to be expected.

If someone was to warn you about a person renting a room in your house being involved in drug trafficking, would you just sit back, leave it alone and ignore it? Would keeping yourself deaf and blind be considered mere incompetence? That is being an equal partner in that crime. You would get locked up together with the drug pusher, for housing him, particularly if you had been warned and given information about his activities. How come in the case of these terrorists ruling this country, it is simply wiped of the table in the name of "incompetence"? Nonsense!

This is not incompetence, these terrorist bastards cannot be trusted with anything. That is where they all stem from, they come from a terrorist background. They are so infiltrated by Muslim extremists one cannot divorce the one from the other. These bastards sympathise with terrorists, and failing to track this terrorists is not incompetence, it was deliberately ignored. They threw a blind eye and kept themselves deaf to it, so she could go ahead. I am even of the opinion, that they probably went out of their way to keep Mossad and others away from her.

These criminal terrorist gangsters were probably protecting her, if not financing and supporting her every damn step of the way.

Do people really think South Africa has ever been off the terrorist watch list? The whole world knows that this country was handed to a bunch of terrorist gangsters. Only a dumb stupid country would not have spies in this country. South Africa probably is the number one anti-Jew country on earth. The right wing is infatuated by their anti-Jew shit, the left-wing liberals are constantly on about the Jews, while in the mean time the Muslims are ruling the country. They've been ruling the damn country since 1994 already!

The one thing the left, right and this Muslim terrorist regime all have in common is their infatuation with Jews. And we think we're safe? The whole damn world has been watching us for decades, expecting this country to support and house Muslim terrorist groups and now it has just been blown open. Is this the end? No this is only the beginning. From here onwards South Africa will be kept under the microscope like never before.

If I had been a foreign government I would have made sure to have spies within each and every right-wing movement, each and every government department, each and every left-wing movement and party, because anyone that is so anti-Jew must be assumed to be or suspected of being pro-Muslim, not so? That's how the rest of the world views it, because they dare not take any chances of being targeted by radical Muslim groups using South Africa as a springboard.

So SA is now at level four / Orange Terrorist alert. Next level means that foreign governments withdraw their embassy staff. The next move would then obviously be to send in some troops, because America especially has to protect itself against terrorist attacks, particularly Muslim terrorists, and South Africa is beginning to look more-and -more like the next country to be taken down.

Riddled with anti-Jews, riddled and ruled by Muslims, the drug-trafficking gateway to Africa, the rape and murder capital of the world, the super crime country, where gangsterism is pushing for the number one world position. Can anyone blame the rest of the world for focusing their sights on this country? To the rest of the world there is no such thing as Muslim moderates, to them all Muslims are potential threats and considered possible Muslim extremists.

While we are complaining about internal violence, we may just be surprised when Muslim terrorist activities, rather than white genocide forces the world to intervene and make South Africa the next Syria, Libya or Iraq. This terrorist regime, together with their extremist Muslim brothers are pushing for more nuclear energy. From Mandela right down to the bottom are linked to Muslim extremists, photographs of Mandela with Gaddafi, etc. South Africa has strong ties with Iran and has even been caught buying oil from them and some of our largest companies are doing big business in Iran, all "chance", all "coincidence"?

When America was busy taking down Gaddafi, those anti-Gaddafi rebel groups in Libya were photographed using our NTW-20 rifles, due to "incompetence"? No our NTW-20s were sold to them. We have strong ties with Saudi Arabia and are heavily involved in supplying them with arms. Should that also be put down to "incompetence"?

"Security officials have been monitoring the training of al-Qaeda militants in South Africa for several years but have not taken any action despite incriminating evidence"

If anyone thinks we're not a target and that we are not in the sights of countries like the US, Israel and others, they should think again.

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Even after having been warned for the past 4 years at least, this is called "incompetence"? Nonsense, this is deliberate denial.

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Even South African Muslim leaders admit there is a problem in their community. As activist Naeem Jeenah writes on his website, "We do have people in our community who are sympathetic to al Qaeda and the Taliban; we do have people in our community who hold the same ideologies as those groups."

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"The discussion should not be about South Africa’s policies towards the Middle East and the US meaning that the country could never be a target, but also about a responsibility to stop attacks elsewhere.
"We present targets; our security is bad; and there are lunatic fringe groups that associate themselves with al-Qaeda and the like, who are not under their control and might well do something."
He said a knee-jerk reaction to prevent legally owned firearms going into malls would not stop terrorists, but would make life easier for them. But he did not believe al-Qaeda would want to "rock the boat" in South Africa because it was a transit area for the group and a place to hide among a largely conservative Muslim population that believes in "live and let live".

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South African security services are not taking ‘the peril of Islamist terrorism seriously’ “Speak to a South African securocrat on the need for vigilance against any Islamist terror threat and you will most likely be scoffed at."
"Islamist terrorism is motivated by a worldview which expounds the position of world domination through the violent seizure of governments and the establishment of an autocratic state where dissent, political opposition and the proverbial other does not exist.”
"South Africa is inadvertently providing a safe haven for members of organisations like al-Qaeda and al-Shabaab to conduct other activities."

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  1. I agree wholehartedly. This socalled government is still a terrorist organization. If the like it or not, that's the truth. And yes, they will and are going to support terrorists. Because in their minds and hearts they, the whole bunch of incompotent greedy piglike subhumans, are still busy with the socalled struggle.

  2. Isn't it odd that this solitary white woman is being painted as the 'mastermind' of this terrorist attack?

    From what I gather she converted to islam at 17, and her husband was a suicide bomber in the 2005 London bombings. I imagine she is deeply involved in the terrorist networks, and could count on their support and logistics to stay hidden.

    If I were to guess I would say she was just another terrorist going with the flow, and the media is fixated on her as another opportunity for some anti-white psy-ops.
    Otherwise, if she was the mastermind it's pretty amusing that of all the ethnic muslim terrorists it took a white woman to plan a successful attack...

    The recent foreign policy of the USA has been confusing to say the least. It appears highly likely that the USA is now on the side of the terrorists.
    Consider some of many examples: their pathetic response to Benghazi, how they put the muslim brotherhood in power in Egypt, how are training and arming muslim terrorists in Syria and how eager they were to get rid of Assad (who heads a secular government) on very weak evidence of using chemical weapons to replace him with radical muslim terrorists.
    Either the USA is as inept as the ANC or they are blatently aiding terrorists.

    In his own autobiography, Barack Obama said:
    "I will stand with the Muslims should the political winds shift in an ugly direction..."

    I wouldn't worry about SA getting on the USA's bad side for being a terrorist haven...

    Besides their despicable methods, the ANC terrorists are not closely related to the Islamic terrorists. The ANC was and is mostly Communist and Jewish controlled, both about as far from Islam as one can get.

    The ANC did support Gaddafi, but I think more for his anti-West stance and his money than any Islamic ideoligical reasons. Besides, those that replaced Gaddafi are just as radical muslim as he was, if not more so.

    I can't imagine the ANC as a body would be so interested in this that they would go out of their way to either aid or thwart the terrorists, the risks are too high and the rewards too low.
    Although there are many muslims in the ANC/government who may have aided these international muslim terrorist networks for ideological reasons, I don't think there is anything much more sinister than standard bribary and incompetence going on.

    I really don't think foreign governments are interested in what passes for our right-wing movements, the ANC has more than enough spies in them to keep them toothles anyways.

    I don't think the rest of the world is terribly interested in SA. Besides, if they focused on us they may have to admit their multicultural experiment was a disaster...

    If the West was really worried about terrorist havens, there is a long list of places they would target before SA. For instance Chechnya, where the elder of the Boston Bombers went for training, Saudi Arabia, or maybe they should just stop training terrorists for the Syrian invasion for a start.

    Anyway, who knows, perhaps things would be better for us whites if the eyes of the West did focus here, no matter the reason.

    I think the Jewish people are more than able to take care of themselves, and I don't think they need or deserve 'special' help.
    I support Israel, but I am also aware that, the world over, Jews are heavily over-represented in organisations that are obviously anti-white (including the ANC and all liberal media everywhere). It would be foolish to ignore this reality.

    I am anti globalist, communist, liberal ideas that so many Jews support and fund, does that make me anti-Jew?
    I don't think so, although I am certain many would claim so.
    I don't care, calling me anti-semitic is no different from calling me a racist, it has lost all meaning by now.

  3. The Jews brought down SA , through their own stupidity they created this mess.

  4. Well, the Apartheid they (Carter, Clinton, et. al.) helped bring down with their sanctions, definitely wasn't a friendly environment for terrorists. I think it's ironic justice that their darling ANC heroes & Mandela idol is feeding them the fruit of their labours.

  5. You people spew a lot of junk. If Mandela and them were terrorists/communists or whatever your racist brains can concoct white people would've been chased to the sea long ago. You maybe right on one thing through the inadequacy of our security/secret services, they leave a lot to be desired if one is not left really worried about the sovereignty and security of our State.