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Survival of the White South African Part 2

In order to gain, one must first accept that one had lost. Once one accepts that one had lost, only then could one learn from the experience and progress.

That is the biggest problem with white South Africans, they cannot accept that they had lost. One cannot live in the past, hoping to see a different now, one can only live in the here and the now and envisage the future from here onwards.

Let me explain this by way of analogy.

A man is in-love with a woman he perceives as the love of his life. He controls her, he manipulates her, he is too bossy and possessive. The woman does not feel exactly the same about him and he is paranoid. The only way he could hold on to her is by controlling her life in every way possible. He is so sure of himself, he thinks she could never leave him, because he has everything covered and everything under his control.

Eventually she finds someone else and tries to end the relationship, but he will have nothing of it, he refuses to let go, he locks her up and prevents her from leaving the house. He starts hunting down the new lover in her life.

When he gets home from work one afternoon she's gone, she had escaped and he lost her forever.

Because he cannot accept that he had lost he still dreams of her, fantasises about her. Unable to let go he visits her at work, sends her flowers and messages, making a pest of himself, but it doesn't help, she wants nothing to do with him.

Because the man cannot accept the fact that he had lost, he now starts stalking her, terrorising her with phone-calls and threatens her. He terrorises her new boyfriend, slashing his car's tires and so forth. He taps her phone-line, watches her every move, complaining and making negative remarks about her and her new boyfriend. His focus shifts to every negative little detail about her, her boyfriend and their relationship. He is consumed by her, he can no longer think straight. Instead of carrying on with his own life he spends every second of the day focusing on her new relationship. He keeps book of every little detail of her life, her movements, her spending and her behaviour.

Eventually things get out of hand, either he commits suicide, he kills her or he kills her boyfriend and he ends up in prison, his whole life lost, because he just could not accept the fact that he had lost.

Had he accepted the fact that he had lost, he would have turned around and walked away. He would have taken what he had learned from it, built on it and started a new and better life.

South Africans Never Admit their Defeat

That is the problem with white South Africans. They're still crying, weeping, sulking, moaning and searching for their old lost girl-friends, the ones that got away, that they could not hold on to.

They lost the Cape when the Dutch sold the Cape to Britain. The Boers were sold together with the land, like livestock, all for a mere two million Pound. The Boers could not accept this and left.

They formed the Boer Republics, which eventually led to the Anglo-Boer wars. The British played dirty by killing off their wives and children in concentration camps. The Boers had to capitulate and they signed the Boer Republics away to Britain. They lost their Boer Republics.

The Union of South Africa was formed under the rule of the British Empire. The Boers lost everything.

In 1948 the National Party took over the country by winning a democratic election. They acknowledged and accepted that they had lost the Cape and lost the Boer Republics, and because they accepted it, they regrouped, they took stock of their situation and came up with a new fresh strategy. Eventually they declared a Referendum asking the citizens of the Union of South Africa to join them in forcing Britain to give them independence. The sad thing was that so many Boers and Afrikaners were stuck in the past, not being able to accept that their forefathers had lost, that they opposed this new move, because they wanted their old Boer Republics back, they did not want this new united republic. The other again wanted the Cape back, they wanted nothing to do with the Boer Republics or the Boers, while some of the British descendants wanted to cling on to Great Britain. The referendum was won by the breadth of a hair.

Because the National Party accepted that they had finally and completely lost in 1902 they could think straight and they could approach the problem soberly. They knew what they had learned from that process and could build upon it. As a result they gained much more than anyone ever anticipated. For the first time since 1652 the entire country legally belonged to us and no one could ever take it away from us. We did not only regain what used to be the old Boer Republics, we did not only regain what used to be the old Cape Colony, we gained everything. The entire area previously known as the Union of South Africa under British rule was ours. At last we were truly free, truly independent. We had achieved the almost impossible, we had gained a united sovereign Republic of South Africa (RSA)!

You will lose that which you reject

South Africa's greatest achievement that stands out above all other achievements, was the achievement of 31 May 1961 when we became an independent sovereign state, the Republic of South Africa.

Unfortunately that achievement was never approved of, never respected and never appreciated, in fact it was denied and rejected by white South Africans themselves.

The so-called Boers, never accepted the RSA, childishly they kept on waving their "Vierkleur" and they have been doing so ever since, to this very day. The modern-day wannabe Boers are time-travellers from the past. They are here in the flesh only, but remain in the past. They are still living in the old Boer Republics of the 1800's, a place they never really knew. No one alive today ever lived in the Boer Republics. Their Boer Hero's signed it away and we achieved something much greater instead, yet they did not want the RSA, so we lost it! We lost our sovereignty and we lost our Independent Republic of South Africa!

The Cape, they never wanted the Republic of South Africa either and they are living even further back in time. They are like the two guys in the movie "Just Visiting", completely out of touch with reality. Even to this very day they still refer to it as "The Colony", the colony of the shrewd Dutchman, Jan van Riebeeck. When we became an independent sovereign Republic they wanted no part of it, because they wanted to remain "The Cape Colony" of the 1600's. They never considered themselves part of the Republic, they were always better than everyone else and they think so to this day. They wanted to split the Cape from South Africa, because they are "different", they have a chopped off mountain. They don't care for the rest, they followed the ex-leader of the anti-white Black Sash, because they are different and better than the rest. The know only one word "secede", as long as they can secede they'll be ok and to hell with the rest, they never wanted to be part of the RSA anyway.

What about Natal? Well driving through Natal one still finds signs that read, "The Last British Outpost", the centre of which is Pietermaritzburg, proudly the Last British outpost with a Dutch Afrikaner name, what a laugh. Natal also never was part of the Republic, because they wanted to remain with their 1820 settler forefathers and retain Natal as the last British outpost. As a result they lost it all, they lost even being part of a civilised, sovereign Republic of South Africa.

The Free State, well what can we say, it was their Boer forefathers that gave the Boer Republics away to the British, so they don't have much, but they also flew their own flag. No one really wanted an independent sovereign united South African Republic, they hated the Apartheid Republic of South Africa, because they wanted their Boer republics, their piece of Britain and their Dutch Colonies, so they lost it all, they lost their sovereignty, because they lost what they never wanted in the first place, the Republic of South Africa.

South Africa always was against Apartheid

What the rest of the World and even South Africans do not realise is that in reality white South Africans always opposed Apartheid South Africa. From 1948 to 1994 South Africa was ruled by the National Party, the founders of Apartheid, the founders of our greatest achievement, the independent sovereign united Republic of South Africa, but South Africans never agreed with it, they always opposed and rejected it, even to this day. South Africans never wanted a Republic, they wanted their Dutch Cape Colonies, they wanted their Boer Republics back, they wanted to remain under British rule in Natal.

Given half a chance both Natal and the Cape would secede from the rest of South Africa. Natal had on numerous occasions over the years pushed for independence from South Africa and at one stage they actually came very close to it. The Cape would secede tomorrow if they could, because they never considered themselves part of it anyway, after-all they are the Cape Dutch Colony.

The so-called Boers of today always hated the RSA, they always proudly flew their old Vierkleur and never accepted the Republican flag. They would walk off tomorrow if they could, as they've always wanted to. The modern-day Boers are so ignorant that to this very day they are still actually clinging on to their Misguided Attachment to the Netherlands the nation that sold them out more times and more ruthlessly than any other nation on Earth.

And the Afrikaners? They would find themselves a piece of dreamland, if only they could agree where it should be, and split off from the South Africa they never wanted to be part of in the first place.

Did they vote for the National Party, because they agreed with their policies? Well from the look of things no. They probably only voted for the NP, because their parents and grand-parents had voted for them, because they could probably score from them somehow. The only reason white South Africans ever voted for the NP, was to retain their jobs that's all.

White South Africans were never proud of their RSA flag. Every single right-wing event, every meeting and every drunk party saw them flying their old vierkleur of their old Boer Republics lost way-back in 1902.

The United States of America are proud of their unity, Americans are proud of what they had achieved, proud of being American and being part of the huge United States of America. What an achievement it was for the USA to have united as one and become a hugely successful country as a result, but the difference is that the USA did not have a Cape Dutch Colony, they did not have a Natal British outpost, they did not have Boers or Afrikaner volkstaters.

Every American proudly waves their flag of the United States of America! But not here in South Africa, no here we did not proudly wave the flag of our GREATEST ACHIEVEMENT EVER, the flag of the United Sovereign Independent Republic of South Africa, no here we each waved our ghost flags, like the vierkleur, because we are ghosts from the past struggling through the here and the now and we reject and deny everything, even our greatest achievements.

My mother always says, "Do not reach for the stars, while trampling the diamonds under your feet".

Division is in our blood

White South Africans, including the Boers, never stood together. Even a hundred years ago a man that could see into the future, Siener van Rensburg who predicted all of what we have today, once made a statement that he saw in these current times that, "we're still fighting among ourselves". We always fought and argued among ourselves, because we have never been a united country, a united people with a united vision. We always rejected and denied ourselves everything we had and everything we had achieved.

The Boers are still rejecting unity, because they still want to get back their Boer Republics and they do not care for anyone else or for anyone that does not agree with them.

The Afrikaners are still rejecting unity, because they want their own personal volkstaat, somewhere in lala-land and they despise anyone that does not agree with them. They also don't want one volkstaat there are NUMEROUS different groups, each wanting their own volkstaat, somewhere. They would leave in an instant and forget about everyone that stay behind, because they do not give two hoots for anyone else but themselves as long as they get their volkstaat.

Natal is still rejecting unity, because, if they could, they would split off tomorrow and deny and forget that they ever were part of this Republic that they never wanted to be part of.

The Cape is still rejecting unity, because they have been trying to split, because they never were part of the Republic now were they? They were the Cape Dutch Colony and they would turn around and walk away without blinking an eye or shedding a single tear about anyone that stays outside of their Colony.

Unity in South Africa is a farce and it always was and always will be, because people cannot accept that they had lost everything they ever were, that they had lost everything they ever possessed and that they had lost every bit of ownership they ever gained.

Unity as elitist Boere is not unity. Unity as elitist Afrikaner volkstaters is not unity. Unity in the form of a seceded Cape Dutch Colony is not unity. Unity in the form of a seceded Natal British out post is not unity.

Unity is being united as South Africans, being proud of being South African, like the United States, like Americans, that is unity, something we've NEVER HAD in more than 350 years, even when we should have been since 1961.

  • We lost the Cape Dutch Colony when the Dutch sold it to the British, live-stock Dutchmen and all;
  • We lost our Boer Republics when the Free State Boers capitulated and signed it away FOREVER;
  • We lost the protection of the British Empire when we became an independent Republic:
  • We lost our greatest achievement, the Republic of South Africa, because we never wanted it, even while we had it;
  • We lost our dignity as a nation;
  • We lost our land;
  • We lost our farming;
  • We lost the industries our forefathers founded and built;
  • WE lost our economy;
  • We lost our Religion and our churches;
  • We lost the 3rd most powerful Defence Force in the World;
  • We lost the majority of our people due to emigration;
  • We lost our children to drugs, integration, lack of pride, lack or respect and lack of determination;
  • We lost our self-determination and together with that we lost our determination;
  • We lost our pride;
  • We lost the guts to admit that we had lost.

Stop living in the past

Had we admitted our numerous losses and defeats we would have recognised our greatest achievement and we would have been proud of it, fought for it, stood up for it, but because we were living in the past we could not turn around and walk away from it, we had to keep looking over our shoulders and turn into pillars of salt. We have become pillars of salt, lost in the past, lost in denial, unable to continue, unable to look ahead.

In order for the white South African to survive, we shall first need to settle that score with ourselves for we are our own worst enemies. We need to accept the fact that we had lost time and time again AND we lost our greatest achievement, because we never appreciated it while we had it.

We have to accept that in order for us to survive we shall need to accept that we shall NEVER get the old Boer Republics back, they do not even look the same as a hundred years ago. We do not even own the majority of that land any more.

We shall need to admit that we had lost the Cape Dutch Colony and we shall NEVER get it back.

Natal will NEVER be part of Britain again.

We lost the Cape, we lost the Boer Republics, but we gained something MUCH better, we gained all of those combined and more, we even had control over Namibia, which we also lost.

We can never get any of those back, we can only gain something in its place, hopefully something better without Boers, without volkstaters, without Cape Dutch Colonists, without wannabe British colonists, but as united South Africans in a United South Africa again.

We even lost our independent Republic of South Africa and we shall never get it back as it was.

And let us say it clearly today, You Are NOT Boers, calling yourselves Boers is an Insult to the Boers. You do not have their guts, their strength, their wisdom, their insight, their pride, let alone their DETERMINATION.

You may think you have Boer blood in you and perhaps you even do have a little Boer blood in you, but adding a tot of Whiskey to a glass of water does not make it a glass of Whiskey. You are not Boers, you interbred half-breeds that contain some strain of Boer heritage that's it and that is all. You are no more than a glass of water with a bit of Whiskey in it, you will win no awards as a Whiskey, even if you thought you could.

To you you're a Boer and to your friends you're a Boer, but to a real Boer, you're no Boer. Live with it.

You've lost everything your forefathers ever fought or died for, accept it and move on.

While we were rejecting what we had, they stepped in and stole it from under our noses

"The time for speeches and debate has come to an end. We work in the white man's kitchen. We bring up the white man's children. We could have killed them at any time we wanted to. Together, hand in hand, with our sticks and our matches, with our necklaces, we shall liberate this country." ~ Winnie Mandela endorsing the practice of necklacing in a speech at Munsieville on 13 April 1986.

Our own lack of unity cost us our greatest achievement, because we gave them a foothold, we opened the door for them to come in and take what we did not want, because we were fighting for our old Boer Republics, an Independent British Natal and a Dutch Cape Colony.

Let us not even touch on the religious dividers, because every church would need its own volkstaat, every Boer Republic would need to be split into 50 little pieces to accommodate all the various Christian denominations and the poor non-Christians would be left outside to defend the hypocritical weasels inside their volkstaat.

We did not want to be proudly South African, we did not want to be proudly white, we wanted to be Boers of the 1800's, we wanted to be Cape Dutch Colonists, we wanted to fly the flag for the UK in Natal, while we should have been proud white South Africans, proud of our greatest achievement the united independent sovereign REPUBLIC OF SOUTH AFRICA!

GREAT NATIONS ARE UNITED NATIONS, Like the Germans were during WWII, like the Americans used to be. Being divided wannabe somethings from the past, is not unity, it is pathetic! We are a nation of ghosts in the flesh, risen from the 1600's and 1800's, walking gullible zombies brainwashed and manipulated by idiot leaders that do not even know their own history, that do not even know the traditions, the politics, the behaviour patterns of those they hate, their enemies. We do not have leaders, we have fools manipulating the minds of our people by playing on their emotions, all based on dreams and dragons from their childish nightmares of a past they never even knew.

Study the history of Vietnam, the only nation in the history of the World never to have been ruled by any other country.

Catch a wake-up we're running out of time!

If we want to survive we shall need to appreciate and respect what we have now. Do not marry one woman while you're still in-love with another, thinking and dreaming about the one you lost and not appreciate the one that loves you NOW.

We could all flee like the Voortrekkers, we could all flee even further like the Dorsland Trekkers and those that went on to Argentina, or we can, like the real Boers, take stock of our situation and make a stand.

The New South Africa will soon go up for auction, it will be up for grabs and those that are ready and at the right place at the right time will get it. Initially the dumb liberals will grab it, because they are closest and they're in the right place, but they will loose their grip as fast as they took hold of it, because a liberal is an arrogant self-righteous whoosh that thinks he knows it all, but in reality does not understand the World.

Let me explain this again. If a rock 30cm in diameter lies upon the ground, one could easily pick it up and even raise it above one's head, but while that same rock is falling, not even Mariusz Pudzianowski could catch it. The New South Africa is that falling rock. No one can prevent it and no one could catch it. Liberal fools would be arrogant enough to think that they could, but it will slip through their hands, scrape the flesh from their ankles and break their feet.

It is then that the real leaders will step in and take charge. It is then that South Africa will be picked up from the ground and raised to beyond anything we've ever seen before, but until that day arrives, we have to survive. When that day arrives one could only hope that we shall leave the Boers, the Cape Dutch, the volkstaters and the Natal British behind, so that we could grow into the proud united South African Nation we should have been since 1961.

We are currently in a vacuum, a political vacuum, the silence before the storm. Whites are lulling in the mud like pigs enjoying the mudslinging in the ranks of the ANC, actually thinking that these little petty arguments will sink and bring Julius Malema to his knees, because whites are politically numbed. SA whites, after having been here since 1652 still expect blacks to greet them first, that is how little they know about the traditions of blacks, but they want to interpret their politics? Rather stay out of black politics and focus on where we should be going. The War of Africa is building and this New SA is their boxing ring where they shall fight their greatest and their final battle, their battle, not ours.

Dispossession Unites the Minority

White South Africans are the dispossessed minority. Everything built and founded by whites have been taken away. We're even prohibited from taking part in any opportunity to grow and develop this country.

Not only so-called Boers, Afrikaners, English speaking white South Africans have been dispossessed, all of us as a white racial unit have been dispossessed.

The reversed discrimination is not aimed only at Afrikaners and so-called Boers, or against whites in the Cape or whites in Natal only, it is aimed at everyone that is white and residing within the boarders of the New South Africa.

So while we are still divided in our past and our dreams, we are being attacked as a unit.

BEE and transformation does not only apply to those living in the Dutch Cape Colony, only those in British Natal, only those speaking Afrikaans or only those living in the areas that used to be the old Boer Republics, BEE and transformation applies to all of us, as a whites unit.

Whites, or rather South African minorities, are united in being dispossessed as a group.

Determining the Common Goal

"Petty misunderstandings prohibit cohesion in right-wing circles. We must develop a cohesive strategy, set aside inconsequential differences, help each other, and work towards our common goals." - GL

"Difference of opinion are Common, however, If we Have a Goal that everyone can work towards, perhaps cohesion would be easier thereby eliminating 'Prickliness'". - VC

Only once we have accepted our mistakes and defeats can we gather our thoughts to strive towards a common goal. Unfortunately that will not happen soon. White South Africans have not yet suffered enough, they are still enjoying too much of the good life. They are complaining and stirring their emotions by publishing the wrongs of the ANC Regime, day after day the same thing, things we know, things we expected anyway, things we knew would happen anyway, while we sit back doing nothing.

Its nice to complain, that poor me attitude gets us the attention we so desire, but if we sit back and do nothing for ourselves we shall end up being the victims. Be alert, be aware, be awake, be ready and prepared, because after this silence the storm will erupt and we do not want to be caught in the middle of it all.

We have a common goals

Firstly we aim to survive and secondly we aim to triumph by capitalising on the chaos that follows. It s simple as that.

What other goals do we need, other than to survive and triumph?

But we can only survive and triumph as a united team, not as different little groups living the past, selfishly dreaming of fleeing to lala-lands, thinking everyone must belong to a church and it must be your church, speaking your language, think exactly like you do, believe only in what you expect them to believe in.

Either we're all for one and one for all and survive and triumph, or we remain each on our own little track and die.

All of us are under threat, all of us are dispossessed, all of us are being oppressed by a terrorist Marxist-Leninist Regime.

Your language is of no consequence, your church is of no consequence, your religion is of no consequence, grow up! Survival is all that matters, not your personal beliefs and preferences.

And then we also need to understand that we should not be stupid, we whites are not the only ones who feel and think this way. And on that note, always remember who made the coloureds, your forefathers made them.

Your Boer hero's brought in the Asians from India. There are Indians who arrived in this country before many of your own forefathers landed here. They also have no other home and they also are not part of their continent / country of origin. Read the history of Gandhi and realise just how far back the history of the South African Indians go.

The Portuguese discovered this country, not the Dutch. The Portuguese have been here longer than many of us have been here.

The same with the Greeks, Italians, the Germans, English, Dutch, Russians and the rest of your actual true mixed blood-line.

We are a mixed breed of people in this country don't fool yourself.

We are a truly cosmopolitan breed of people, blessed with the strengths of all those people who formed, moulded and sculptured us, be proud of the fact.

The First and Primary objective is to survive

In order to survive we need to realise where we are = Survival of the White South African Part 1

Once we get that right we'll be able to survive, if we keep our eyes and ears wide open and watch for the signs.

At this point in time we are in a political vacuum, this is the silence before the storm. I'm not going to go into all the detail here, as that is another discussion, but the bottom-line is that while South Africans are lulling in the Malema vs ANC mudslinging, actually thinking that it is going to crush a Malema and shut him up, they are missing his recent silence, they are missing how he has been allowing the ANC to lash out at him and throw stones at him, a very dangerous situation that spells big trouble.

While the ANC is focussed on trying to sink him, he is gathering his strength and his forces. If you have been keeping your eyes and ears open you would have noticed that xenophobia is on the increase, the rift between the Zulus and Xhosas have widened and the friction has been building. While you have been consumed by the attacks on whites, you have lost your peripheral vision of what is really happening. While the illegal foreigners have been reaping among the whites, the SA blacks have been gathering their forces. One cannot throw twenty lions into the same camp and not expect a fight. There are at least 120,000,000 people in this country and the bomb has to blow. And that bomb will blow soon, sooner than you think.

If you want to survive, its time you woke up and started looking wider than the narrow view of your microscope.

Your first and primary objective is to survive, do everything possible to ensure that you and your family can survive.

If we can ensure that all individual families are able to take care of themselves, the individual families will be able to support each other and stand together and that way we'll be able to ensure that communities stand together and survive, if we can get communities to stand together and support each other we can get Provinces to stand together and support each other. That way we'll be able to ensure the survival of this nation.

That is if we see ourselves as a nation and not as separate little groups within a larger nation.

I have no doubt that we shall survive, but at the same time I also know that many would not survive. Once the black-on-black war breaks out it is going to be ugly, much worse than you could ever imagine and at the same time many opportunists will just jump in and attack the whites, wanting to make use of the opportunity. Only being alert, awake, being proactive and ready would make a difference, but as long as we do not realise where we are, as long as we do not for once in our existence realise that we are a nation we will certainly be doomed.

The second objective is to Triumph

This objective is one of strategy that will require timing, patience, concerted effort and determination. It will require a disciplined, well trained group of people that knows exactly what is expected of them, but that is not a discussion for this forum.

SURVIVE! That is your primary and only objective for now, leave the triumph for later, when it is time.

The World is going to collapse economically, South Africa is going to collapse and erupt, total chaos and anarchy would prevail. Blacks would still be on their killing spree when their infighting takes over and then they will destroy each other. Because of infrastructure collapse great disaster will hit South Africa and it will change for ever. The playing field will be leveled and South Africans will regain their senses. There is so much to look forward to, if only we could leave the past where it belongs and appreciate what e have and build on that potential.


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  2. You make a lot of false statements in your article. For one you state that my forefathers, the Boer people “gave” away the republics. It was forcefully annexed, another word for stolen, by the British. It was not just given away. It is like saying if a robber stole your care today at gun point that you just gave him the car, he didn’t steal it. Another thing is what is wrong if we want independence? Who are you or anyone else to tell us that we are not allowed to rule over our own nation? Why should we be happy with a bigger republic where we can’t even rule ourselves? It is like the saying goes what the use of gaining the world but you lose your soul. If you like being part of the new South-Africa I am happy for you, but don’t bad mouth the others that do not want to be part of the new South-Africa.