Wednesday, 2 November 2011

RNC releases devastating ad against Obama's re-election bid

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With the 2012 presidential election just twelve months away, the Republican National Committee released a television advertisement that underscores President Obama's economic shortcomings.

As a presidential candidate in 2008, Barack Obama ran on a platform of change and of hope and frequently cited forward economic progress as a criteria on which he should be measured. In a new television advertising campaign released by the Republican National Committee, President Obama's words and assessments are used against him to paint a devastating picture of the White House's ongoing challenges economically.

Stubborn U.S. unemployment and the failure of American policies to stimulate meaningful growth have made U.S. investors nervous, as The Street reported on Tuesday.
The Republican Party hopes to benefit from this skittishness, and the new television commercial is a flag in the ground on the economic issues that the GOP sees as their driving platform in the 2012 presidential election.

"The question in this election is not are you better off four years ago," Democratic presidential candidate Barack Obama said in 2008, as the RNC advertisement began. "The real question is, will this country be better off four years from now?"

The commercial continues, and a montage of economic failures from the Obama White House follows, with President Obama seen revising his estimates time and again.
While there have been some signs of a U.S. economic turnaround in September with half of the states in the U.S. demonstrating declines in unemployment, according to a report by The Associated Press, the perception among the average American voter and the financial pain felt by the average American voter may be too much for the Obama administration to overcome in an election that is expected by punish incumbent candidates across the nation.

COMMENTS - Digital Journal
Steve K
"I wonder if the ad lauded Obama for the distinction of being the U.S. President who more than doubled national debt during his short 4-year tenure, that is, has placed a massive debt burden on Americans; more than all other former U.S. Presidents combined. Got to admit, that's quite an accomplishment.
Rested assured, alleged Wall Street fraudsters and global banksters from U.S. Fed Reserve & City of London profited handsomely during Obama's 4-year tenure. Will the gravy train continue after 2012?"

Stan Crouch
"This article was meant to comment on a strategy of one of the major parties that has members with a range of personally held views. It was focused on the failure of the current occupier of the oval office to align his actions with the goals he set out for himself. In fact, he has failed his own test -- and that was the message of the video ad. One could ask whether he has failed because of his efforts or in spite of those efforts, but the result would be the same in either case.
It is time for another regime change as this one has not only failed the self test but has set the stage for continuing failure unless all actions taken are completely reversed and the perpetrator removed. The legislators were in large part removed mid-term, but the head of the snake is still in place and must removed."

"Kewl ad. If there is a lynching here, Obama lynched himself by giving himself a hard goal, when he had both houses of Congress and a SUPER-majority in the Senate, and despite having EVERYTHING going for him, the economy is tanking day by day entirely due to Obama's constant interference in an economic system that would correct itself if Obama left it alone and downsized a bloated government and reduced taxes accordingly. But Obama WANTS big-government socialism. That's why he HAS to GO."

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