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Can America Survive? Analysis of Civil War 2

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Date: Monday, 31-Jan-2005 02:18:08


Can America Survive?

Everyone in America, whether he wishes this country well or ill, should read a dire warning of the consequences of mass immigration and ethnic separatism called Civil War II: The Coming Breakup of America. Its author, Thomas Chittum, fought as a mercenary in Rhodesia and Croatia, which has obviously colored his perception; but one man who's lived through history-in-the-making deserves more consideration than all the pundits in the liberal echo-chamber called the Mass Media.

Chittum extrapolates from present demographic and political trends to predict that the U.S. will (probably, with all the appropriate provisos) break up into three new race-nations: a white North (from Maine to Alaska), a Mexican Southwest, and a black Deep South -- with much "ethnic cleansing" and general nastiness. He says nothing about other minorities, but since they're unlikely to be sufficiently concentrated in any strategically viable areas, they'll probably be massacred by all sides (given his scenario).

Chittum carefully tries to equipose himself between mainstream conservatives and the nazis: e.g., he repeatedly denounces "racist affirmative action" and says that the war and breakup are likely, though not desirable. The mood he projects is one of grim fact-facing, as opposed to conservative evasion and racist apocalyptic fantasy. For this alone, the book is well worth reading: it is such a refreshing change from the usual mindless attitudinizing on racial issues. (It would be interesting to be in the audience of a panel discussion of this book including Fred Reed, Peter Brimelow, Dinesh D'Souza, and Thomas Sowell.)

Liberals fulminate against "racism" (by which they really mean "white people"). Racists, of whatever color, fulminate against other races. Conservatives pay lip-service to the quaint ideals of color-blind law and racial integration, but do nothing about them, and ignore the ever-increasing dangers of mass immigration. Chittum presents us with the prospect of race and racism as problems to be solved -- though he is pessimistic about our chances of solving them.

There are a number of reasons to hope for a better outcome than a triangular race war. First of all, insofar as there is a race problem in America, it is really only a black problem. Hispanics are not a race, after all, but mixtures in varying proportions of Spanish, African, and American Indian stock. It is their language, the proximity of their homelands, and their geographical concentrations -- not their complexion and physiognomy -- that make Hispanics a threat to America. Furthermore, the minorities that Chittum ignores (Orientals, East Indians, etc.) are likely to be Americanized eventually, due to the same social and economic forces that assimilated previous waves of immigration. Certainly this happy outcome could be hastened or retarded by good or bad public policy -- but to a significant extent they are already part of a non-black, English-speaking majority.

It does not seem likely that Koreans, for instance, will merge with either the anthropoid rabble of South-Central L.A. or with the bean-eating siesta monkeys swarming up from Mexico. What we need to worry about, is whether they remain an isolated tribe of Koreans-in-America or become Americans of Korean descent, speaking English as their native language and intermarrying with Americans of other ethnic backgrounds. If Chittum is right, this is something the Koreans themselves ought to be worried about.

As for black Americans, it may very well be a good thing that many of them are migrating back to the South. It is painful for a Yankee to admit, but most, if not all, of the race-riots since 1965 have occurred in Northern (or Left Coast) cities. I am not aware of any Ork-hole like Anacostia or South-Central L.A. anywhere within the states of the Confederacy; it seems that Southern blacks are as much more conservative than their Northern counterparts as Southern whites are.

This brings me to my next, somewhat paradoxical reason for hope: Northern liberals. As much as I despise them, it is precisely because I despise them that I see the chief flaw in Chittum's thesis: he expects the white population to turn from sheep to wolves overnight. I ponder the liberals, and I wonder.

I'm sure that all those white liberals who condone, incite, and reward the anti-white racism of their pet minorities, believe deep in their hearts (deeper than they'd ever admit, not even to themselves) that they'll be able to keep their pets on a leash forever. But once you've filled people with hatred of anyone with a white skin, will they be able to tell you apart from the "racists"? I hope not!

I'm not at all sure that the average bleeding-heart, thug-hugging pinko would rather commit a "racist" thought or action than be robbed, raped and/or killed by some gutter-ape who happens to be non-white. Certainly the average pinko would pretend that such a dilemma didn't exist -- until it was too late. Liberalism just doesn't equip people to deal with unpleasant realities -- or with any kind of reality, for that matter.

The bright side of this, though, is that liberalism's failure will become increasingly obvious, the consequences increasingly unendurable -- yet again, as in the 1970s, and bring an equivalent reaction. America is big enough, and still free enough, that the reaction should be peaceful and democratic, as it was in 1980. Bad policies will be replaced, the catastrophe averted. The sooner the problem is faced, the less drastic the reaction will be.

The ordinary American -- the dimwitted sap who isn't a liberal, but thinks President (ugh) Clinton is "doing a good job" because the liberal Ministry of Truth tells him so -- would, I'm sure, make the right choice in the moment of truth. As long as the education-news-entertainment complex is able to hide reality behind a fog of lies, he'll go right on thinking everything is fine; but when push comes to shove, his instinct of self-preservation hasn't been indoctrinated out of him -- I hope. If a major, violent crisis in race-relations were to occur, he might be manipulated by demagogues and react to the emergency by lunging in the wrong direction (just as most Americans did in 1932 et seq. by voting for Franklin "President-For-Life" Roosevelt).

What can be done to avert such a crisis? The answer is simple:

  • End affirmative discrimination for certified minorities,
  • Severely restrict immigration,
  • Round up and deport all illegal aliens,
  • Secure the position of English as the language of the United States,
  • Reaffirm American unity and patriotism, rejecting all "multicultural" nonsense,
  • Stop the liberals from disarming the white civilian population so that, if worse comes to worst, we can defend ourselves.
  • Only the implementation of it will be hard, because America has so many entrenched enemies who will bitterly fight each of these policies.

Will conservatives be able to avert the crisis? I fervently hope so, but I'm not entirely optimistic. If not, how many whites will join the nazis for self-preservation? We won't know until it's too late.

Beyond these six points I will venture to suggest a seventh, which might sound a little radical, but is worth considering. Maybe we should take the America-haters at their word, and strip them of citizenship in a country to which they deny their loyalty. Why shouldn't the devotees of Afrocentrism be deported to Liberia? Why shouldn't a bunch of hijos de putas who lay claim to part of America be marched back to Mexico at bayonet-point?

Of course, anyone who says such things will be denounced as a "racist." But anyone who says anything the liberals don't like will be denounced as a "racist." You might as well be hanged for a sheep as a lamb -- especially if you know perfectly well that the accusation is nonsense. And if we don't say such things today, we're in for a hell of a time tomorrow.

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