Thursday, 17 November 2011

European MP Lucas Hartong launched full-frontal assault on the ANC-regime

“Lucas Hartong: The ANC should rather hunt down and prosecute black-racist radicals who murder the Boers in their own homesteads instead of concerning itself over unproven global warming theories at a UN climate-change conference."

European MP Lucas Hartong has launched a full-frontal assault on the ANC-regime during the EP-debate about the forthcoming Climate Change Conference in Durban from 28 Nov - 9 Dec 2011. Hartong warned the ANC to rather deal with the “disastrous socio-political climate in their own country” than to hold conferences about 'unproven theories of perceived global warming’. He said: “everything needs to improve drastically in the current horrific socio-political climate of South Africa: including hunting down and bringing to justice those black-racist radicals who murder the Boers on their own farms”. He also slammed the ANC for its suppression of the Afrikaans language.

Hartong used his speaking-time in the EP-debate in Strassbourg about the forthcoming Climate-Change Conference in Durban, South Africa to warn the ANC to concern itself more about the ‘disastrous socio-policital climate” in their own country than to concern themselves over questionable theories of perceived ‘global warming’.

Hartong blasted the ANC over its poor governance of South Africa and said:
“The socio-political climate in South Africa can only be described as horrific under the ANC-regime. Everything needs to be improved there; a battle is needed against the enormous unemployment and growing hopelessness amongst youths; against the terrifying criminality which is out of control; and the ANC should rather concentrate on hunting down and prosecuting the black-racist radicals who are murdering the Boer farmers on their own land in the so-called ‘ farm-murders’ .

“(Under the ANC) it’s a battle for the Afrikaner’s language, Afrikaans, to survive. There’s a battle against the ANC regime’s racial-discrimination and its suppression of its own people: once again in South Africa, there is official racist discrimination based on skin-colour.

“The PVV (Party for Freedom) is very much in favour of ‘a change in climate’ in South Africa. But alas, that’s not what is going to be discussed in Durban at this ‘Climate-Change Conference’. The subject of discussion will be about an untenable theory of climate-change which is only supported by a few radical believers. I increasingly get the impression that the interest in this specific subject is dropping enormously. I received several entreaties in which I was begged to please go to that conference. It appears that even the IPCC itself now also is beginning to realise that global warming can barely be proven. I cite from its own summary for the Durban conference: ‘The uncertainty about possible changes in climate-extremes over the next few decades is quite high, because the signals indicating climate-change will appear to be quite small, compared to the natural flunctations in climate-changes.’ If the IPCC itself already has its doubts, and says so publicly, about the use of the Durban conference, why are MPs going there for heaven’s sake? Why are we wasting any taxpayers’ money from our own citizens on this? The PVV ‘for this reason, will not be going to Durban

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