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Survival of the White South African Part 3

"There are many dangerous threats that do exist. However, for each threat, there are practical preparedness solutions that exist, as well." - The American Civil Defense Association

In Dec.2010 I warned a few close friends in a private message that by Dec 2011 the ANC would declare everyone their enemy.

The Protection of State Information Bill passed with a vote of 229 to 107 is doing just that. Everyone is now viewed as the enemy of the ANC Regime and anyone that dares say anything against them could be imprisoned.

YOU are now the enemy of the State. The media and liberals that supported them and placed them in power are now their enemy!

A Private Message to Friends December 2010

Since having written the following I've gained much more insight and information, particularly as to the causes of what is described in the message below, but the the causes do not change the expected outcome. It was written almost a year ago, but the message to whites remains the same, STAY OUT OF IT!

This is a private message I sent to a few select friends in December 2010, but in order for people to understand the reasons and purpose of this series of articles on the Survival of the White South African I think its important to throw it open to more than just a very select few.

Survival of the White South African Part 1

Survival of the White South African Part 2

Here is the December 2010 message :

I want to make it perfectly clear that, as you are aware, I am not part, or linked, or connected to the Suidlanders, any volkstaat movement or self-determination movement or any political movement / organisation and I doubt I ever will be.

The info below is based on my personal observations, my daily reading of vast amounts of information and information I gather.

How you respond to this message is not my problem. I feel obliged to share it as I feel you deserve it. After reading this you may feel a need to leave the city and move to an extremely remote area in SA in time to come. Things should settle and return to "normal" after 6 to 12 months.

I am of the opinion that :
  • by June of 2011 violence will have escalated to such levels that every edition of every newspaper will be reporting on violence. It will be so bad that no newspaper would even consider hiding it as has been the case thus far. Everyday media sources would report on murders.
  • by December of 2011 the ANC will turn against everything and everyone. They will turn against every other political party, against the unions, against whites, against everyone, including themselves. Everyone that does not agree with them or go along with them will be declared the enemy of the ANC. (This was done by way of the State Secrecy Bill)
  • by June of 2012 we should see people running around the streets with guns, shooting at each other. (This started happening in April 2012 already and today, it is common place)
The ANC would love to call a one party state, banning all competition, starting by declaring everyone their enemy.

The influx of millions of Zimbabweans and other illegal African immigrants are going to cause major disruptions to our economy. It would now be legal for business, industry and construction to employ Zimbabweans and they are the cheep labourers of choice. Our own blacks, let alone whites, will not find work, because the Zimbabweans would have filled all the jobs at a much lower salary and wage. The eX-Zim blacks do not care for unions and they will defy the unions, which the unions and our own blacks will not stand for and all hell will break loose. The unions and our own blacks will turn on the ANC Government because of this and blame them for this problem that they, the ANC, created.

Combine this with a collapse of our electricity supply network and massive problems relating to our water supply, followed by a total collapse of our currency (the SA Rand) and you have a recipe for anarchy, genocide, famine, and human self-preservation instincts.

Food production and food importation will come to a virtual halt. Famine will pervade South Africa. This famine will lead to the most atrocious, most inhuman acts of violence ever witnessed in this country. They will shoot and eat your dogs, even babies will be at risk of being eaten. The cannibalistic animal will come to the fore.

Africans have been moving downwards towards SA and now they cannot move down any further. South Africa is the last stand of the African. In this most southern part of this dark continent will the nations of Africa clash for the last time. This will be the African Battle of All African Battles. This will be the War of Africa.

It is expected that this large scale intensive war will be brief, but powerful. It is expected to last little more than six months.

During this brief, but powerful battle, the African Blacks will virtually extinguish themselves and any other nationality, whites, coloured and Asians that are here will also be killed off. Those that do not flee will be killed anyway so VERY FEW will remain at the end.

This will be an African war, a War of / and for Africans. It is time and it is needed and whites should STAY OUT of it, leave them alone, allow them to their opportunity to sort themselves out for once and for all.

When this is all over and done, whites will be able to return and there will be peace in South Africa and Whites will be appreciated, wanted and respected again. Blacks will at last be free and happy, because they will be thankful, thankful for the whites and what they contribute, thankful for being alive, thankful for having food and work.

South Africa will from then onwards grow and become a world power, and in my opinion, under White rule.

This information is for you yourself to consider. How you use it, view it, accept or reject it is not my concern. I share this information, because I want to, period.

What this info conveys is (whether you and I like it or not), there is no way anyone is ever going to prevent this war from taking place. We may perhaps be able to postpone it slightly, but this Great African War SHALL happen. Whether the blacks want to get rid of us or not, that is not the issue here. Their fight with us is another fight, something very different, but this is their own fight, not ours.

This is a fight between Africans, long overdue I might add.

This is a war that Shaka promised his people. He said that during the time of the 8th (current) King of the Zulus, they the Zulus will rule again and that during this time they the Zulus shall take up the battle with the other tribes, particularly with the Xhosa, and that they shall kill all of them including the very last one. He said they must not allow one Xhosa to remain alive, for he will breed again.

This battle, this War WILL take place and no one in the World will stop it. This is a war for Africans, it is their war, not ours. Those whites that are in their way will be killed as well.

They are going to chase the other African tribes and nations out of SA (those that survive, if any).

I say again, this is not our war, this is not a war that SA whites or the rest of the World would understand. The rest of the world would want to intervene, but it would be futile and it would only make matters worse, and IT WOULD NOT STOP THIS Centuries old African tribal feud.

Once they are done with each other the whites will take over this country, there will be very few blacks left in this place.

This is not child's play, this is will be written into the history books as the Great African War.

Africa is the one continent that has never had a proper war, but this is it, this is their time. Just like the two great wars diminished the population numbers of so many nations, so too will this war GREATLY diminish the population numbers our South African tribes and nations. This is a World War of Africa coming and it is NOT OUR WAR!

This War is expected to be over in about six months, followed by great famine and disease, that is where the whites will come into it, that is when the whites will come in and retake and take over for ever.

The whites will then take over and rebuild this country, they will be fully in control, the few blacks that are left together with the whites will build a massively powerful state.

You will see the whites fleeing, running like rats. No one is going to stand and fight this, no one will get involved in this African War, a war for Africans, against Africans. Africans will fight Africans and they are going to wipe each other of the face of this continent and the time is near, soon, next year.

Sit tight, be patient, your opportunity will come towards the end of this.

Unless they are allowed this opportunity, they will just do it at another time in the future, but this will and must happen. Africa MUST sort itself out. Only afterwards will they respect and appreciate the value and contributions of the white European.


Is this Message still Valid?

Much has happened since the writing of the above message, but the events during the past eleven months have strengthened my views on I expressed in December last year.

Those who are aware and have been keeping themselves up to date with violence, crime and murders would know that the number of murders have greatly increased since June, and actually started in April already.

We have seen a much greater influx of illegal African foreigners this year. Thousands of Zimbabwean hard-liners have crossed our borders, some 4000 Nigerian rebels reported on just days ago, thousands of ANC Youth League members put through crash-course military training.

Africans in the rest of Africa view the ANC as traitors. In their view the ANC betrayed Africa by not getting rid of the whites. They want Africa for Africans only.

The Rand is busy falling and the collapse of this economy is only a matter of time. Service delivery has grind to a halt and the people are angry. Promises made by the ANC Regime have not materialised and the people are angry. Infrastructure has collapsed and the Soccer World Cup 2010 virtually bankrupted this country as it did with every other country.

The friction within the ANC tri-alliance is evident and Julius Malema is not going to take the onslaught against him lying down.

What is headed for South Africa is much worse than described in the short message above. In the message above I only conveyed the basic points, but the end result will be much, MUCH,  M U C H worse than people can even begin to image.

The World is collapsing economically and heading for World War III, believe it or not, it WILL happen. When that happens Africa will starve to death and die out from disease. South Africa's infrastructure has been destroyed, agriculture has been destroyed and it we shall lose many more farmers in the next year. More whites will die from suicide than other reasons, because banks are going to go bankrupt and with them will the pension funds and life assurance companies go bankrupt. The Rand will hit rock-bottom and will be worth nothing. All of these factors will aggravate the violence and people will go rampant and anarchy will break the country in pieces. Whites, in fact people of all races would be free game.

What will follow is starvation, famine like never experienced in this country in the past 100 years. They'll kill for food, even steal your dogs for food. Without medicine, without doctors, nurses or hospitals disease will run rampant and kill thousands. There will be little or no food production, no electricity or fuel. Everything will grind to a complete halt.

We are not merely entering a civil war, we are entering a period of survival, the ultimate survival challenge, which is why I get so upset about movements keeping our people's minds occupied with futuristic dreams about a presently unachievable volkstaat, past-life dreams of restoring the old lost Boer Republics, while denying that we are faced with civil war on our doorstep. I can still understand the liberals, the media and the economists trying to fool themselves and everyone else, but I cannot accept that our own people are keeping us occupied with nonsense while we are under serious threat right now. But let us not get caught up in other people's dreams and also be caught with our pants down on our way to lala-land, let us rather allow them their space to follow and forever remain in their dreams, while we remain realistic and prepare ourselves for the ultimate survival challenge.

Afterwards, when all of this is over, the Republic of South Africa would need to be rebuilt from scratch with the few people left to do it. Until then the rest of us, those who understand the threat and do not live in a world of political ideological dreams, would need to put our heads together and find ways to survive. This is the country for which our forefathers died and worked so hard to build into the strongest most advanced country in Africa. Those of us that are proud of their achievements owe it to them to survive and rebuild it to its former, pre-1994 glory.

South Africa is burning and the revolutionary winds are flaming the fires.

"I have given my life to alleviate the sufferings of Africa. There is something that all White men who have lived here like I have must learn and know: that these individuals are a sub-race. They have neither the mental or emotional abilities to equate or share equally with White men in any functions of our civilization. I have given my life to try to bring unto them the advantages which our civilization must offer, but I have become well aware that we must retain this status: White the superior, and they the inferior. For whenever a White man seeks to live among them as their equals, they will destroy and devour him, and they will destroy all his work. And so for any existing relationship or any benefit to this people, let White men, from anywhere in the world, who would come to help Africa, remember that you must maintain this status: you the master and they the inferior, like children whom you would help or teach. Never fraternize with them as equals. Never accept them as your social equals or they will devour you. They will destroy you." - Dr. Albert Schweitzer

Background Information

Some background is needed to understand that no one is going to get involved or come help the whites out of their predicament. It is also necessary to provide an overview of historical data relating to such conflict situations and the results of such conflicts. We also need some background to understand the effects of civil war and the causes of genocide and malicious atrocities.

Note : Formatting such as bold lettering is my own.

The Magnitude of Atrocities

Everything else equal, we should continue to see more instances of genocides and mass killings in Africa as compared to other regions.

Since the annual number of battle-related deaths has decreased proportionally (about 2/3) more than the number of armed conflicts (about 2/5) during 1989-2007, this means that conflicts have on average become around 50% less deadly in terms of annual and direct battle-related deaths. For the period 1950-2007, the average annual battle-related deaths per ongoing conflict has actually decreased by 90%.

Important to note is that, and excluding the Rwandan genocide, data show that armed groups were responsible for almost 60% of the very conservatively estimated 135.000 intentional direct killings of civilians in civil conflicts. An extreme case is the conflict patterns in North and South Kivu, the DRC, from 2004 to September 2009, where rebel forces have been estimated to be responsible for almost 80% of all atrocities. Not counting the Rwandan genocide, this means that during the past almost 20 years, it is not governments but rebels that carry out the majority of atrocities against civilians in civil conflicts. Nevertheless, some rebel movements are proxies for - or supported by - governments inside or outside the country in question. The role of governments in atrocities could thus also be indirect and larger than the above ratio suggests.

A final insight is that whereas in general fewer individuals are killed wilfully than by crossfire, and while genocide and politicides are rare, the impact on post-conflict health is more negative and hence necessary to add to final casualty estimates as well as decisions to intervene. Hoddie & Smith (2009) report that the magnitude of atrocities (carried out by governments) in terms of genocide and politicide is a more robust predictor of post-conflict health (disability and death) than the magnitude of crossfire killings. One alleged reason is that genocide and politicide involves the murder of professionals (e.g., health care staff) and the destruction of human capital that serve important functions throughout societies. Another alleged reason is the large displacements of entire populations, which in turn lose access to health care and live under difficult conditions (incl. the spread of diseases, hunger, and lack of access to health care facilities). A third alleged reason is the destruction of social capital (e.g., trust) that in turn decreases the possibility of individuals to receive help through friends and contact networks. Genocide and politicides and atrocities against civilians will thus continue to cause fatalities and worsened quality of life long after genocide and politicides have ceased to a larger extent than civil wars in general.

The Causes of Atrocities

In the context of civil wars, atrocities that are not genocidal in their goals are often claimed to be carried out for rational reasons, e.g., promote ethnic cohesion, secure access to resources, deter civilians from supporting the other warring party, forcibly recruit soldiers, or improve bargaining positions and counter military setbacks (cf. Valentino, Huth & Balch-Lindsay 2004; Kathman & Wood 2009; Wood 2010).  Atrocities are thus a symptom of military weakness, inability to provide other incentives (such as providing public services, or security) or lack of public support in militarily contested areas (Ibid.). Meanwhile, when rebels enjoy broad support and/or can provide public services, rebel atrocities serve no rational purpose, and may instead undermine public support and in extension strengthen opposing warring parties. Whereas government forces usually have some form of logistics and financial resources, rebels are dependent on civilians for, e.g., material resources, food, information and sanctuary (Ibid). This explanation describes accurately the situation in North and South Kivu, where civilians are "punished" and join rebel groups - or do not oppose them - out of fear. Rebels can often only offer life or death.

Since rebels are more exposed than government forces and more reliant on civilians, they should thus be more prone to resort to the atrocities when their position is weak or weakening. This expectation is born out in the overall pattern of atrocities against civilians reported above, in that rebels are overall responsible for 3/5 of all civilians murdered in civil wars, and for almost 4/5 in the case of the South and North Kivu. However, when rebels become very weak compared to government forces, atrocities may not increase recruitment, as the risk for retribution from government forces is larger than the risk for atrocities against civilians that refuse to be recruited or cooperate (Ibid.).

Unit discipline in terms of punishment for bad behaviour against fellow rebels as well as civilians strongly influenced the risk for abuse: when unit discipline was low, the risk for abuse increased sharply. Hence, and applying to rebels, lack of group discipline makes rebels even more likely to kill civilians.

Similar to this, and concerning government forces, Valentino, Huth & Lindsay (2004) report that rebel support and military threats against governments increase the risk for government atrocities, which are seen as a government strategy: when the government is losing ground, the risk increases. A similar finding is reported in a study of the Spanish Civil War (Herreros & Criado 2009). Parallel to this, and referring to the Vietnam War, Kalyvas & Kocher (2009) report that indiscriminate bombings and shelling by government forces took place mainly in contested areas, that is, where the parties were under pressure from opposing forces.

The Track Record of Peacekeeping

Do atrocities against civilians increase the willingness of the UN to deploy such operations, as demanded by the concept of R2P? The question of the conditions under which peacekeeping operations are established has been discussed from many perspectives, as summed up by Gilligan & Stedman (2003). Some scholars stress major powers' interests and "imperialistic motives", and it has in this tradition been claimed that UN operations are established in countries where the permanent members of the UN Security Council have national interest or major powers have raw material interests. Other approaches emphasize an interest in establishing democratic regimes as a motivating factor. Another major strand of thought claims that it is not outside countries' interests that are important, but rather the needs - in terms of war casualties and conflict durability - of the war-torn countries, and thus altruism rather than egoism on the part of the great powers. Still other approaches highlight the alleged importance of, e.g., a "CNN effect", the presence of a peace agreement, type of conflict, and the number of warring parties.

As Krain notes, the UN was always impartial during the period studied, and that makes it impossible to assess whether it can halt G/P should it be given a robust anti-perpetrator mandate that involves siding with one of the warring parties. Another challenge for assessing the general impact of UN operations is that the UN seldom intervenes before - or during - civil wars, even when violence is anticipated. Meanwhile, after civil wars, the risk for G/P is historically almost absent. This means that up to 1997 there were few examples in history where UN operations have been faced with ongoing large-scale atrocities.

No UN operation has so far been initially deployed for the stated primary task of protecting civilians from genocide or atrocities, and has used force beyond self-defence to achieve those goals. While having a focus on protecting civilians from human rights abuses, it has not developed a robust practice of using force reactively or pro-actively.

Final Reflections

If the interventions are directed against governments involved in genocides, statistical data and examples like Kosovo, Rwanda and East Timor indicate that governments tend to escalate the violence in order to "finish the job" before further killings become impossible to carry out. However, if governments have genocidal goals, it raises the question of whether these civilians may have been killed anyway, albeit at a slower rate, in the absence of an intervention. From that perspective, government run genocides are more difficult to deal with than non-genocidal atrocities by rebels and governments alike, and may need to involve a different toolbox for peacekeepers, or may not involve peacekeeping forces at all but rather other kinds of intervention forces. However, data suggest that neutral interventions also in these kinds of cases have the most beneficial long-term prognosis for reducing G/P.


As can be seen from the above, neither the UN nor any other foreign country would intervene should a revolution / civil war break out in the New South Africa. In our case the greatest threat would come from undisciplined rebel forces and being caught in crossfire situations. The ANC Regime has no control over any of the numerous rebel groups currently building up in the New South Africa. The Regime also does not have efficient control over its own Defense Force and the SADF is poorly trained, undisciplined and probably aligned to some of these rebel forces.

The SA defense Force will not be our problem as they would not deploy the Army against the whites, they would not have the time. The Army would be deployed against the rebels, but many whites would be caught in the crossfire. It may start out as a war against whites, but that will not last long, because they are going to turn on themselves almost as soon as they started the fight.  The rebel groups will be our greatest threat, vigilante and opportunistic anti-white criminal gangs, they will run rampant in the streets and shoot anything that moves, rape and do the most horrendous things to people, groups of drunk drugged common criminals and mass-murderers with machine guns and pangas.

Actual civil war is less of a threat to whites than the situation we are currently experiencing. This maybe difficult to understand, accept or agree with, but the information above also demonstrates this. Actual conflicts have become much less lethal and deaths during conflict have decreased by some 90%. These are undisciplined poorly trained trigger-happy rebels that cannot effectively handle their weapons. In our case it will be black rebel groups against each other, against the Defense Force and Police, tribes against each other, local blacks against foreign blacks. For us the danger lies with these rebels going mad and shooting and raping everything that moves and getting caught in crossfire. Towards the end, hunting for food will become a major threat, because they'll be desperate and killing for food.

The SADF and SAPS becomes a threat, not because of being deployed against whites, but because they have been taking in the jobless useless hobos off the street, low quality individuals that do not want to be there, but are there just for the salary. When civil war breaks out many of their so-called soldiers would join their rebel partners in crime. These soldiers have access to weapons. The criminal elements in the SAPD would do the same, they'd use the opportunity to take care of themselves. These criminal elements in uniform would rape, murder and maim for the hell of it, because they are not soldiers, they are criminals.

Furthermore, there is not a single member of the ANC Regime that does not hate whites. They all hate whites with a passion, but they have always been masters of deceit. While the ANC Regime may not openly deploy the military against the whites, they would throw a blind-eye if the military deliberately turned on the whites. The Regime would not stop the SADF if they started killing whites by their thousands. Afterwards they would just say "Haw we're so sorry". They would, as always, keep the world occupied with some other nonsense while the SADF and rebel vigilante groups go on the rampage against whites.

The causes for the uprising against the whites are too many to even mention in this article. The statement in the article above "atrocities that are not genocidal in their goals are often claimed to be carried out for rational reasons, e.g., promote ethnic cohesion, secure access to resources" applies to actual civil war situations and does not apply to the New SA at this point in time. We are currently experiencing actual genocide for the very purpose of promoting ethnic cohesion among blacks and for securing access to resources, which means taking everything the whites currently own. The Africans are on a destructive path and their motto is simply "I'd rather rule in hell than serve in heaven." They do not care for progress and stability, they just want what they think the whites have and they supposedly deserve.

In the meantime there is growing friction between the various local African tribes, particularly between the Zulus and Xhosa's and the friction between local Africans and foreign Africans is reaching breaking point. Xenophobia will be redefined and reach new levels of intensity never seen before.

This is going to be a confusing, multidimensional, multifactional war with blacks against whites, African tribes against African tribes, local blacks against foreign blacks, opportunistic criminal gangs going rampant in between, killings just for the hell of it. They'll target security complexes, because they are easy targets, block the entrances and wipe out everyone inside. They'd go from house to house shooting everyone they meet.

The side-effects of civil war, like disease and lack of health care will impact particularly hard on South Africa, because we already have a massive shortage of health care professionals to begin with. State hospitals are dysfunctional and the Department of Health is virtually bankrupt like every other Government Department.

The blacks are out to destroy this country, destroy the whites, destroy all opposition as they have been doing for hundreds of years in tribal wars throughout all of Africa.

"What some people cannot understand they destroy - Whether their behavior is defined by culture or intelligence is of little import as the end-product remains the same: Destroy western culture. The constant purging of emotional discontent and frustration through violence is indicative of a culture that refuses to examine its own internal flaws - This disconnect is symptomatic of ritualistic thinking that creates demons and evil spirits and all sorts of 'mysterious' external forces that have absolute control over how the individual behaves and what he feels - The 'white devil' is just another demon in a long list of demons these cultures blame for their difficulties. To them, for them, the thought of looking into themselves, of self examination coupled with personal accountability, is inconceivable." - Robert Stilson

Humanitarian Intervention As Just War 

Current international legal thinking is also opposed to any legal "right to intervene" on at least three grounds: the Westphalia system of sovereignty and its associated norm of non-intervention has worked well for many years; the UN Charter is premised on the idea of non-intervention; and there is a fear that great states will use the practice for empire-building.  To this, one might add the reluctance of some states to put their forces in harm's way for reasons other than national security.  There is no settled law on the appropriate entrance and exit strategies with humanitarian intervention, and second-generation peacekeeping (or fourth-generation, asymmetric warfare) has not yet developed standing operating procedures.  To some, the whole idea of humanitarian war is questionable because it would be dealing with criminals, not (wartime) enemies.  As Pfaff (2005) puts it: enemies are capable of violating a state's rights; criminals are capable of violating individual rights.  Military forces engaged in such operations would need to conduct themselves like law enforcement officials.  Greater care would need to be taken on the use of force and protection of bystanders.  Insurgents and terrorists could then easily exploit such limited action by using innocent civilians as human shields or proxy actors, and peacekeeping forces (i.e., soldiers as police) can only respond by being even more discriminating (among combatants and noncombatants) and concerned for the reciprocal levels of intimidation among the whole population, given that the latter presumably has a right to civic peace that the intervention (or intimidation) violates.


The above further strengthens my argument that we should not depend on any outside help of any kind.

"Believe nothing, no matter where you read it, or who said it, no matter if I have said it, unless it agrees with your own reason and your own common sense." - The Buddha 

In Jan. 2007, officials from the Bush administration “allowed Ethiopia” to secretly purchase arms from North Korea. The deal happened just three months after the United States had convinced the UN “to impose strict sanctions on North Korea because of the country’s nuclear test,” according to the International Herald Tribune.

Although it backed Ethiopia’s deal with North Korea, the United States said it would continue to “press Ethiopia not to make future purchases,” the Tribune reported. The United States permitted the arms deal partly because of the ongoing military operations between Ethiopia and Somali Islamic militias.


Could we depend on help from countries like the US? I doubt, because it all depends which side they are on. We've seen how the Netherlands has been supporting the ANC for many decades, even supplying them with weapons of all sorts. See The Afrikaners' Misguided Attachment to the Netherlands. There is no reason for us to even begin to think that they would change their stance and they cannot be trusted, not even in the least. There is no valid basis for depending upon any other country for help. Their track-records do not favour the White South African in any way whatsoever.

If any intervention does come, it would only be towards the conclusion of the civil conflict, when it is virtually too late, and that includes Germany. It is true that an agreement exists between the Boer Nation and Germany for assistance, but even Germany will not intervene until it is almost too late, when things are completely out of hand.

Another factor against us is the current global economic climate and the threat of a third World War. No one would have the money or the inclination to come help us, because they'd be struggling to survive themselves and other countries have an obligation to take care of their own people first. Africa will be forgotten and because they have no sense of responsibility they will starve and die from disease while fighting each other.

The SADF and SAPS are dysfunctional.There are more criminals in the employ of the SAPS than actual professional Policemen and women. The SADF has more generals (122) than second-lieutenants (50), the entry level officer's rank. There is zero discipline in the SADF and soldiers go on strike. They would be both useless and dangerous in a civil war. They would shoot each other and cause more chaos than stability.

It should be remembered that with the help of the world and South African media, the ANC was able to paint the SA white as a nation of Nazi's. They conjured up some of the most shocking lies ever experienced in the history of the World. Even the younger generation white and black South Africans have been brainwashed into believing that Apartheid was a violent inhumane atrocious system where blacks were shot in the street on Sundays for fun. They actually believe that white school children used blacks for target practice, so feeble-minded, uneducated and gullible are they.

Countries like the Netherlands where not the Government, but the people, the Dutch public rose up against South Africa and built a massive anti-Apartheid industry. They manufactured fictitious films about South Africa that made Nazi Germany seem like kindergarten games.

The SA white is a hated nation across the World, thanks to the handy-work of local liberal rubbish, the media and big money abroad. Apartheid was big business and a huge industry worth billions.


"Don't ask God for an easy life, ask him to make you a stronger person." - J.F. Kennedy

Final Comments

Notwithstanding all of the above I am still very positive about the long term future of whites in South Africa if they wake up. Do I have hope for the majority of SA whites at this point in time? No I don't, they're still enjoying life so much that they're still building their sand-castles of holy supremacist lala lands controlled by greedy quasi-religious hypocrites.

The SA white is most hated by certain factions and groups within the African community. This hatred is becoming more evident as we move along. There is a definite, determined, orchestrated onslaught against the whites. We are caught in the grips of a slow silent genocide that will increase sharply in the coming months. Part 4 in this series will focus on strategies and planning for the survival of the SA whites and other interested minorities.

This country will collapse economically and politically in the near future and they will destroy themselves, because we shall use their strength against themselves, if we are wake-up and prepared, if we're living in the here and now so we can see whats going on around us. In the end I have ZERO doubt as to how this will end up. We have more going for us than we realise, but too many will be caught off-guard.

Our true population numbers are somewhere between 120 and 150MILLION, not only 50million as quoted by the Regime. In 1995 already Dr. Buthelezi stated in Parliament that we had 12MILLION illegal foreigners. At an average of 3 to 4million illegals streaming into this country annually our population grew by at least 50MILLION people in 16 years. We are no less than 120MILLION people in this New South Africa, 2/3s being from Africa.

The stronger the opponent the more self-confident he is, which opens many doors for using his numbers, his strengths and his weaknesses against him. While we have more going for us than we realise, patience and timing is what will determine the level of success. As for success we should not be foolish, arrogant and over-confident, but we have to realise the potential for triumph at the end of it all. There will really be a new SA after all of this, a much better place than we could imagine right now, but first we need to get there. There are most interesting things happening at present and the vibes are building. Unfortunately people are being blinded by the media, by leaders with unrealistic promises, two-faced economists and politicians in general.

The whites will not be the aggressors, they'll be the defenders, the survivors, just like in the days of Blood River, which is why the whites will survive.

"Expectation is the mother of all disappointment." Do not expect or depend upon any outside help, for it would create a false sense of security. Accept the fact that we are on our own and plan as if we are on our own. Depend only upon yourself. Take stock of what you have and do not have, your strengths and your weaknesses. That way we could formulate a winning strategy.

As sure as I am sitting here writing this, so sure am I that the "Vierkleur" will fly again, but not in the format and over the area of land people expect it to and it certainly will not fly over just a tiny little area called a "Volkstaat". 

Survival of the White South African Part 4

"To win one hundred victories in one hundred battles is not the acme of skill. To subdue the enemy without fighting is the acme of skill. Thus, what is of supreme importance in war is to attack the enemy’s strategy." - Sun Tzu, "The Art of War"

With remarkable prescience, philosopher Sun Tzu crafted the piercing words above more than 2,500 years ago. His statement emphasised the advent of strategic tools that could potentially be used to defeat an opponent without actually fighting that opponent on the battlefield.

Further, an opponent who prepares defenses in one or two areas may potentially leave other critical avenues of approach vulnerable in future encounters.

An opponent who prepares everywhere may unwittingly feel more secure about his security measures. He may feel, in fact, too secure. Moreover, preparing defenses that react to attacks addresses only half of the defensive problem facing today’s dark sneaky ruthless offensive. To become effective and relevant, defense must be holistic in nature and address both proactive measures and the legacy reactive defensive measures taken through the employment of perimeter warning systems, intrusion detection and warning systems, attacker immobilising systems, effective communication systems and defensive hardware.

A state of constant silent warfare is upon us, and this persistent environment propels whites to continue improving their defense tools and devising new methodologies to combat the new and emerging threats, while adopting lessons learned from our past history on the battle fields. Most existing tools are reactive in nature, forcing the guiding rules and mechanisms to be reactive as well. However, we must develop a blend of reactive and proactive tools and standards to properly secure and defend ourselves effectively with the ultimate goal being, the Survival of the White South African.

The survival strategy will be presented in Part 4, but only when the people of this country have woken up and realised the need for it..... Until then, stay safe, be awake and aware, do not be overhasty and begin to realise where you are living, because this is Africa.


  1. In view of your comments I would venture to suggest that the Suidlander's idea of withdrawal and defence is not as dumb as I once thought. I still have my doubts about moving large numbers of the white population into what amounts to "laagers" but it might get a lot of people out of the crossfire...

  2. In view of your comments I would venture to suggest that the Suidlander's idea of withdrawal and defence is not as dumb as I once thought. I still have my doubts about moving large numbers of the white population into what amounts to "laagers" but it might get a lot of people out of the crossfire...