Friday, 18 November 2011

White South Africans are Doomed and cannot be saved

It's good to believe in something. If non-Christians feel so strongly about what they believe in that it's worth standing up for and fighting Christians about, it means they believe in something else, but still they believe. The problem I have is that at a time like this white people are still more focused on fighting about religion than about seriously discussing what we are being faced with. It baffles the mind.

I find it so ridiculous and self-destructive that we have come so far, yet we are still fighting about NONSENSE STUFF! It does not matter where on FB I go, which group I enter, every single descent discussion gets destroyed every time, because someone has to bring his her PERSONAL religion and PERSONAL beliefs into it. People are either religious fundamentalist fanatics - no different to any Muslim fanatic - or they are so anti-Christianity or generally anti-religion that they just cannot get their minds around it. People in this country have either been sickened by their righteous religiosity or by their righteous non-religiosity that they would rather die arguing about it than partake in seriously needed discussion about what we ought to do.

I have on numerous occasions tried to initiate serious important discussions and got so fed-up that I wanted to leave FB, because I'm dealing with nutcrackers rather than sane, sober-thinking people. There is NO WAY anyone would ever save the white population of South Africa, NO WAY!

Every day I have to frustrate myself reading some valuable input just to have it corrupted by some corrupted PERSONAL interpretation of the Bible by either a Christian or a non-Christian.

White South Africans are sick, their minds have been consumed by a virus that resulted in them having one-track-minds that cannot see beyond their PERSONAL beliefs and PERSONAL interpretations of what they PERSONALLY believe is right or wrong in terms of religion.

Its harsh words I know, but a high-jacker does not ask whether you're a Doctor or a pimp, a Dominee or a witch, all he sees is your white skin and your car. In fact he sees you're not black period. Coloureds, Indians, everyone of a colour other than black in this country is under threat.
  • If you don't want a Catholic standing alongside you with a rifle fighting for the lives of your family, THEN PREPARE TO DIE!
  • If you do not want someone that does not believe and interpret the Bible the way you do, standing next to you fighting the same enemy alongside you, THEN PREPARE TO DIE!
  • If you cannot look beyond the fact that someone, because of his/her life experiences chooses not to be a Christian, but is willing to die for the same cause, THEN PREPARE TO DIE!
  • If you cannot handle a Christian standing next to you praying in preparation for war, THEN PREPARE TO DIE!
  • If you cannot discuss strategy with someone that does not believe like you do, THEN PREPARE TO DIE!
Take your PERSONAL religious BELIEFS, either for or against, and shove it up so high and so far that you gag in it and die! When the bullets start flying NO ONE CARES WHAT YOU BELIEVE and quite frankly I cannot give a S.H.I.T.

When this country had to fight a WAR against the mighty NON-CHRISTIAN Russia and the mad NON-CHRISTIAN Cuba our soldiers included Christians belonging to the NG Kerk, the Hervormde Kerk and the Gereformeerde Kerk, we had people from the Apostolic Churches, we even had Isrealites. We had Catholics and JEWS! We had HEATHENS, ACTUAL REAL ATHEISTS ..... THAT FOUGHT AND DIED FOR Y-O-U!

But since then everyone in this country had seemingly become so holy that they had descended from heaven directly it seems and they are too good to even be associated with anyone of the same religion that does not believe like they do!

I have actually read people saying on FB on my own wall that they could not trust a non-Christian with a gun? I have been reading more mudslinging nonsense about religion than actual descent discussions about our situation! Everyone wants to shove their PERSONAL beliefs and PERSONAL interpretations down everyone else's throats. Its more important to them. They could not do a course with a heathen, but strangely enough they were happy when such people died FOR THEM on the border?

There is not a more judgemental breed of people on Planet Earth than Christians! They judge their wives and husbands, they judge their neighbours for not belonging to the same church as THEY do, they judge people for not reading the same version of the Bible as THEY do.

Then come the Atheists, the non-Christians and anti-Christians that always think they know the Bible better than the Author Himself. I've seen so many times how white South Africans who consider themselves "enlightened" when speaking on Christianity or about the Christian Bible would expose how low down the scale they really are by their hatred, the spitting of blood and vomit from their mouths, because they hate Christianity so much, but they consider themselves "enlightened", and they want to "ascend" somewhere? This country is so screwed it could not win a toss-up in a bar let alone a war. We're doomed. The one thing that used to be our strength, Christianity, has become our greatest weakness.


I am so glad that the holier-than-thou righteous white South Africans of today do not have to fight a battle against the Russians and the Cubans for we would have killed each other because of religion long before we even reached the border. We would have had soldiers refusing to serve in the Army, because they would not serve alongside a Catholic, or a Jew, or a heathen, or a Christian of another denomination. Atheists and non-Christians would have been banned from the Army. We would not only have had people refusing to fight because of their religious beliefs, but even those who would not fight on Saturdays or Sundays, because it is their Sabbath.

If you thought Atheists and Agnostics and Pagans were evil wait until you met these modern-day murderers, then you would REALLY MEET EVIL!

Just remember this, your enemy does not give a D.A.M.N. what you believe or do not believe. He believes in one thing and one thing only, YOU ARE WHITE AND HE IS NOT AND THEREFORE HE MUST KILL YOU. Your attacker will not go easy on you because you belong to a particular religion or church or not, because he will not ask you about it and YOU MAY JUST BE DEAD.

No one is coming to save or help us, no alien space ship is going to fly over our heads and zap all the attackers with mysterious, magical beams. The US and NATO will not come help us against them, they would rather help them against us and better you know it.

we cannot afford the luxury of being choosy and petty any more. We're white period, they don't care for our religion or language, the rugby team we support or the church we attend, we're white. We're with our backs to a wall and we better start focussing on real issues.

So many great scientists were Christians (A Ranking of the 100 Most Influential Scientists) yet so many great leaders and politicians were not (Our Founding Fathers were not Christians).  So many of our own Boer leaders were Free Masons and since when is Free Masonry not religious? Who am I to argue against such great men like Nikola Tesla who was such a devout Christian?

Arguments about religion have a place, but that place is in private discussions on the subject. Religion is a choice, a belief and just as much as being a Christian does not make you a better person, so too does not being a Christian not make you bad or evil. We are with our backs to a wall and we cannot at this stage afford such arguments.

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