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Libya Predicting South Africa's Future

This is the most important article anyone could ever read on the Libya take-over, South Africans in particular.

Is this a glimpse of what lies ahead for South Africa? It probably is the most accurate indicator of things to come in South Africa.

While gullible Afrikaners are striving for an independent volkstaat (a white Homeland) exclusively for selfish Afrikaans speaking hypocritical Christians and while so-called Boers, still clinging to their Misguided Attachment to the Netherlands are striving to get back their Boer Republics that were given away by their Boer forefathers, they are blind to South Africa's Looming Revolution and are not seeing South Africa's Rolling Clouds. 

South Africa was ruled by the National Party, which "according to the media's presentation of it" (and contrary to the truth) was a vile ruthless "Regime". In the meantime South Africa grew and developed more under the rule of the National Party than at any time before or after. South Africa used to be one of the safest, most beautiful, most progressive and advanced countries in the World.

The Media, South African Liberals and governments of the World decided they did not like the National Party and did everything in their power to oust them in favour of a Marxist-Leninist communist terrorist organisation that had caused the deaths of tens of thousands of innocent civilians during the time of Apartheid and many, many more murders and deaths of thousands upon thousands more innocent civilians since coming into power in 1994.

A stable, organised, disciplined, safe, progressive country was turned into one of the most dangerous, most corrupt, economically destroyed countries in the World, thanks to the idiots abroad who did not know a single truth about the realities of South Africa at the time.

In the article below the question is asked "are the rebel 'good guys' turning bad?". The answer is simple, as was the case with the terrorist ANC, they never were the "good guys" to begin with! The very media that supported the war against Iraq, Tunisia, Egypt, Libya and now Syria and Iran are now asking whether it was the right thing to do? A bit too late if you ask me.

The media turned a self confirmed Marxist-Leninist communist terrorist like Nelson Mandela into a hero, a messiah, a god in flesh, while they repeatedly describe someone like the liberal FW de Klerk as "Apartheid President". FW de Klerk may have given South Africa away to these terrorists, but he never ordered the killings of innocent civilians, neither did any other Apartheid Prime Minister or President ever order such killings.

Nelson Mandela has to this day, NEVER said a word against the murders in South Africa, never, because he condones it, it has always been part of his plan. See Nelson Mandela: Speech on Release from Prison, 1990.

What is happening in Libya now, since the West again supported criminal rebels with the help of the mainstream media, is what we have been seeing in South Africa since 1994.

Since 1994 more people have been dying in South Africa on a regular monthly basis than in any other full-scale war anywhere in the World.

White South Africans are being exterminated in a genocidal silent Mau-Mau style war. In September 2011 Genocide Watch Upgraded South Africa to Stage 6 on their Countries at Risk Chart, yet the mainstream media remained silent, not a single article on it in any mainstream local or international publication.

Because of this silent modus operandi of the Marxist-Leninist terrorists, the rebellious black youths have been growing impatient and they are demanding more definitive action against the whites, they want the whites driven from Africa and exterminated.

Their impatience is a driving force behind the revolution against their ANC Regime. Their revolution comes not from the outside, but from within their own ranks. ANC leaders financing and urging them on to rise against the Regime and split the ANC as well as the ANC Alliance.

While the motivating factors and intentions of the ANC Youth League that is driving and spearheading the revolution maybe good and solid, the problem lies with the opportunistic undisciplined rebel elements.

What we're seeing in Libya today is what we can expect in South Africa once the revolution breaks out in full force.

Whites will be hunted down, rounded up and openly shot in the streets, children and women would be raped and then massacred with the support of the Western Liberal Media dogs and whores who would film it and praise the ANC for their "revengeful" acts against whites South Africans.

The media painted white South Africans and so-called Afrikaners and Boers as ruthless Nazi-like monsters that deserve no better.

In the eyes of the World any revengeful acts against white South Africans are warranted, because of what they had "supposedly" done to the blacks during Apartheid.

Just as much as the World wanted what Gaddi controlled, so too with South Africa. White ruled South Africa was an obstacle in the path to the rich mineral resources it possesses and the obstacle had to be removed.

White South Africans have been thrown to the wolves and left to be eaten by hyenas.

What is happening in Libya today is what will happen in South Africa in the very near future, but on a much worse, much larger scale.

Instead of white South Africans preparing themselves for what lies ahead their well-chosen leaders are occupying their gullible minds with volkstaat dreams and rekindling the hate of yesteryear against their English-speaking countrymen, because their Boer hero's gave away their beloved Boer Republics to Britain and they want it back.

The Afrikaners and Boers will still be busy trying to fathom where their volkstaat could be and how they could turn their dreams into a reality when the first shots strike and catch them off-guard, as planned.

While the article below paints the true picture of why the West had ganged-up against the terrorist Gaddafi, it paints a realistic picture of what white South Africans can expect when the Revolution strikes.

South Africa's revolution will follow a very similar path as revolutionaries would turn against each other and blacks will turn against blacks, which would result in self-annihilation, but in the meantime the whites would be gathered and hauled and killed in mass, while the World would stand on the side, watching and smiling, while the media would be clicking away with their cameras to preserve the memories of their ultimate triumph, the extermination of White South Africans.

And where would the Volkstaat and Boer leaders be, knowing that they were the ones that had kept their followers blind, deaf and occupied with nonsensical dreams? They'd be patting themselves on the back of course, for a job well-done and the ignorants among them would be crying till the day they die for having fallen for the brainwashing schemes of their fellow-leaders.

If whites do not heed the warnings contained in this article they are doomed. If white South Africans do not realise that there is no time to dream, dreams of their misguided uninformed leaders they are doomed. If white South Africans do not start preparing themselves for what lies ahead, they are doomed.

White South Africans should free themselves from their gullibility and open their eyes to the reality of what lies ahead.

White South Africans should learn from their own history and realise that their leaders have always been their worse enemies. Their leaders are idealistic dreamers leading their followers into an ocean of fire, a hell they cannot even begin to imagine.

A volkstaat "could", "perhaps" become a reality in 30 years from now.

They "could", "perhaps" convince the World that their Boer hero's were failures and that they deserve getting their old Boer Republics back, in 50 years from now, but in the meantime the truth is that South Africa's Revolution will happen long before then, perhaps even within the next year.

Be warned and be ready for your worst nightmare.

Op-Ed: Libya has 'hundreds of little Gaddafi's now'

Lawlessness is becoming more prevalent in Libya since the demise of the Gaddafi regime. Rebel fighters are turning into hundreds of little Gaddafi's, instilling fear even in fellow fighters and supporters.

An article in today's Telegraph  regarding the current situation of rebel fighters refusing to either go home or disarm, carries the questionable headline "As lawlessness spreads, are the rebel 'good guys' turning bad?" This rather pre-supposes the notion that the rebels were ever the "good guys" to begin with, rather than a rag-tag bunch of extremists, known terrorists and some fighters who genuinely believed in the cause of deposing Col. Gaddafi.

It suited western ambitions to send in NATO to support the rebel fighters, despite western governments knowing full well that the rebel ranks were swelled with members of the banned Libyan Islamic Fighting Group (LIFG) which contained previously wanted terrorists that had fought against the west in Iraq.

One can still only speculate as to the real reason that Sarkozy, Cameron and Obama chose to put their weight behind supporting the rebels and it surely had nothing to do with protecting civilians as the NATO bombardment of Sirte, home to many civilians, proved. Obviously the prospect of lucrative reconstruction and oil contracts played their part, but it is more likely that the west had a vested interest in taking control of the country to prevent the Russians and Chinese gaining a firmer foothold.

Download or watch original YouTube Video HERE

Gaddafi's plan to link the price of oil to gold and to nationalise the Libyan oil industry made him a genuine threat, as did his efforts to unite Africa with a telecommunications program which would have saved the continent billions. It was a travesty to bomb the man made river in Libya, a project which was acclaimed as a masterpiece.

Whatever the west's primary motivation was they were prepared to hold hands with the an element of the rebel fighters whom they had previously sent back to Libya knowing they would be tortured in Gaddafi prisons. What deals were struck between LIFG leader Abdel Hakim Belhadj and the west?

The first indication of disunity in the rebel ranks was the murder of Col. Younes, a rebel commander who was called back to Benghazi by the National Transitional Council and killed en-route. Belhadj is suspected of involvement in his murder.

Details of rebel atrocities have been played down for months but came to center stage as videos of the murder of Gaddafi went viral. With Gaddafi in his grave many are now beginning to rue the revolution they supported. Former rebel fighters are now experiencing the wrath of other rebel fighters who they fought alongside and fail to understand the reason, believing that as comrades in arms they should not have turned on each other.

The Australian reports of one disillusioned rebel fighter who described the actions of rebel militia as “Mafia.” He said

    "This is just like the mafia in Colombia or Russia. Gaddafi was horrible, but I never knew of him capturing the relative of somebody if they could not find the person they wanted. They would have just kept looking. And I never heard of them threatening to take children."

Rebel fighters from Misrata present a particular problem as they take their revenge against citizens of Tawergha and others. A student remarked

    "The Misrata rebels probably need five years of therapy. They need a lot of help."

Lawlessness prevails as the NTC fails to assume any real authority over armed rebels “fanning out across the country as a law unto themselves.”

Looting, arson, beatings, and killings prevail. An in joke in Tripoli is

    “When they said Libya Free, they meant the cars, the refrigerators and the flat-screen television sets.”

A teenage rebel, part of a group that decided to take over a building, told the man it was stolen from along with his money "We have sacrificed for this revolution and you haven't, and now we will take what we want.”

Clashes break out with regularity between different groups of anti-Gaddafi fighters as local tensions surface. Earlier this week an armed battle took place at the entrance to a Tripoli hospital with no regard to the safety of doctors or civilians. A rebel supporter who witnessed a relative being hauled off to prison and threatened with torture said

    “Can you believe this? We have hundreds of little Gaddafis now.”

The outcome was predictable. What was less predictable is the media reporting these events as surprising, but then again for the most part they only reported from one side of the civil war, NATO’s side.

This opinion article was written by an independent writer. The opinions and views expressed herein are those of the author and are not necessarily intended to reflect those of

Read the original Digital Journal article HERE

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