Tuesday, 1 November 2011

Scientist Who Said Climate Change Sceptics Had Been Proved Wrong Accused Of Hiding Truth By Colleague

Oh scientists, scientists, scientists, who are the biggest liars and scammers among you all? Probably the ones with the thickest wallets I say.

One has to wonder who paid these so-called highly respectable scientists again this time, to pull this fast one on the public.

Surely after all these years and all the evidence about the lies and scams of so-called mainstream science, only main stream scientists can still believe in main stream science. If they don't lie in their research to sell the medicines of big pharma, they lie to sell the money-making ideas of politicians, economists and bankers and guess who markets their lies? Main stream Media of course ..... as always.

It was hailed as the scientific study that ended the global warming debate once and for all – the research that, in the words of its director, ‘proved you should not be a sceptic, at least not any longer’.

Professor Richard Muller, of Berkeley University in California, and his colleagues from the Berkeley Earth Surface Temperatures project team (BEST) claimed to have shown that the planet has warmed by almost a degree centigrade since 1950 and is warming continually.

Published last week ahead of a major United Nations climate summit in Durban, South Africa, next month, their work was cited around the world as irrefutable evidence that only the most stringent measures to reduce carbon dioxide emissions can save civilisation as we know it.

It was cited uncritically by, among others, reporters and commentators from the BBC, The Independent, The Guardian, The Economist and numerous media outlets in America.

The Washington Post said the BEST study had ‘settled the climate change debate’ and showed that anyone who remained a sceptic was committing a ‘cynical fraud’.

But today The Mail on Sunday can reveal that a leading member of Prof Muller’s team has accused him of trying to mislead the public by hiding the fact that BEST’s research shows global warming has stopped.

Are there actually people out there that still believe what main stream scientists have to say?

The Global Warming science scam is BIG MONEY..... Read more HERE

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  1. Trees Fail To Cooperate With Warmist Predictions
    I think the trees are just being contrariwise just to be jerks

    DURHAM, N.C. — More than half of eastern U.S. tree species examined in a massive new Duke University-led study aren’t adapting to climate change as quickly or consistently as predicted.

    “Many models have suggested that trees will migrate rapidly to higher latitudes and elevations in response to warming temperatures, but evidence for a consistent, climate-driven northward migration is essentially absent in this large analysis,” says James S. Clark, H.L. Blomquist Professor of Environment at Duke’s Nicholas School of the Environment.

    Nearly 59 percent of the species examined by Clark and his colleagues showed signs that their geographic ranges are contracting from both the north and south.

    Fewer species — only about 21 percent — appeared to be shifting northward as predicted. About 16 percent seemed to be advancing southward, and around 4 percent appeared to be expanding in both directions.

    Well, shocker. Nature doing what nature does. Amazing what a scientist can find out when they leave the computer lab and venture out into the real world.