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South Africa's Looming Revolution

Still denying the coming revolution against the Marxist-Leninist ANC Regime?

Here is a time-line of articles on the revolution developing in the New South Africa.

In my personal opinion the planned march by the ANCYL on 27 / 28 October is a trial run working towards the real thing.

Julius Malema, Leader of the ANCYL has been warning the ANC Regime that comes 2012 things would change in the New SA.

I foresee that the ANC Election Conference in Mangaung next year will see the start of major political unrest in the New SA.

In anticipation of the Mangaung conference and following the coming revolutionary march by the ANCYL in October, the Marxist-Leninist ANC Regime will declare all and everyone their enemy in a last and desperate attempt to cling onto power ..... at all cost.

By June of next year the revolution would probably escalate to the level where people would be shooting at each other in the streets of the major cities and by October 2012 political upheaval in the New SA could develop into a full-scale civil war.

We are less than one year away from hell in South Africa, a hell forced upon us by the governments and people of the world with the help of the Media.

Let us begin at the beginning, the Making of Revolutionary Terrorist Rebels.

Pamphlet by Marxist-Leninists in the US on the anti-apartheid struggle
"The ANC has received financial support from a variety of sources. These range from the Soviet Union and other Soviet bloc countries to the World Council of Churches, philanthropic organizations, the OAU and some of the Scandinavian governments. Therefore, the ANC has been able to get its message out broadly and maintain high visibility."
"With Nelson Mandela and others in jail, there is the constant reminder of heroes and the role they have played. After the heat of several upsurges has cooled down, there has been the continued image of ANC leadership still incarcerated but making bold and courageous statements. They have become heroes and martyrs of the South African freedom movement."
"Leaders like Nelson Mandela have been consistent in refusing to renounce the armed struggle in exchange for their freedom
"As a final example, U.S. Secretary of State Shultz made a significant speech last October in which he called apartheid doomed. He said: "the present system is doomed, and the only alternative to a radical, violent outcome is a political accommodation now, before it is too late." In related comments the next day, he said that the South African regime should release Nelson Mandela and deal with the African National Congress. Clearly, the imperialists know that if they want to reach an "accommodation", it can only be with forces that have genuine credibility among the masses."

  • In 1994 the world forced South Africa to capitulate and hand-over the reigns of a First-World sovereign State to a Marxist terrorist organisation, the ANC. 
  • Nowhere and never had a revolutionary rebel organisation taken over a country and made a success of that country. In every case where a rebel revolutionary organisation took over a country, itself was later overthrown and taken over by yet another revolutionary terrorist rebel organisation.
  • The World Media portrayed the ANC, a Marxist terrorist organisation, as an organisation fighting for freedom and called people like Nelson Mandela "Freedom Fighters".
  • The ANC had caused the death of thousands upon thousands of people since their founding. 
  • The ANC caused the vast majority of deaths during the years of Apartheid and they've been continuing to do so

Is south africa headed for a peoples revolution?
Posted by: Paralyzer 
May 12, 2008
Is South Africa on edge of a "French revolution" style growing within the masses who seem not to be benefiting greatly from the new dispensation. Whilst food, petrol and the general cost of living is sky rotting but our leaders and the middle classes seem not be concerned and are getting fatter and more comfortable.

  • The world forced South Africa to submit to greedy self-serving opportunists with ZERO knowledge or experience in politics or governance. The ANC had no experience in politics, they never took part in politics and they never were a political party either. The ANC was nothing other than a Marxist terrorist organisation. They walked into Parliament thinking that they could actually run a country, let alone run a highly advanced First-World country like South Africa. All that happened as a result was that they stepped in and started to enrich themselves by stealing the wealth built up by the previous real Governments.

South Africa's Brave New World, By RW Johnson
Reviewed by Ivan Fallon
Friday, 17 April 2009

  • Of course the world patted themselves on the backs for their wonderful achievement of sinking a stable country by having forced it to submit to a Marxist terrorist organisation. In the process, with the help of the world media, they raised a heartless terrorist to the status of a messiah, Nelson Mandela.
  • The truth is that, as stated by RW Johnson - 'There never was a Mandela miracle – the "real miracle", he says, was how FW de Klerk "led the white minority to surrender its power peacefully". Mandela, for Johnson, was little more than a charismatic pawn for the sinister Marxist-communists who had hi-jacked the ANC in exile and who were really only interested in getting their snouts in the trough.'

See also :

South Africa's Brave New World: An appreciation
Paul Trewhela
05 April 2009
Paul Trewhela reviews RW Johnson's new book on South Africa post-1994
If there is one book to read before the elections on 22 April, it should be the study by RW Johnson, South Africa's Brave New World: The Beloved Country since the End of Apartheid (Allen Lane/Penguin, published this month).
No other book has been written with such a realistic, researched, informed and deeply thought and felt response to South Africa's current predicament, its past over Johnson's adult lifetime and its possible routes into the future. Its accessible and elegant prose will be a revelation to many readers.

South Africa’s Brave New World by RW Johnson and A Legacy of Liberation 
by Mark Gevisser: review
André Brink compares two writers' accounts of Thabo Mbeki's disastrous presidency
By André Brink
6:00AM BST 17 Apr 2009

Nelson Mandela - communist, terrorist, rabble-rouser !
"The truth is that he was not imprisoned on Robben Island without reason – not even because he was merely an opponent of apartheid.  He was there because he planned to overthrow a government and in the process, cause the violent deaths of thousands of innocent people (including blacks) – a crime which deserved the death penalty, and he must consider himself fortunate that the so-called apartheid-regime did not press for it.  In his auto-biography Long Walk to Freedom, het admits inter alia that he gave the order to plant the Church Street bomb during the 80's, which killed 11 innocent people and injured many more. "

  • The real Nelson Mandela is not the angel descended from heaven as portrayed by the media.

Egypt: The ANC must pay heed
Thembinkosi Zondi
30 January 2011
Thembinkosi Zondi says youth frustration could explode into a 'third revolution' here as well
Protests led by young people in the Middle East and North Africa must serve as a wake up call to the ANC-aligned Progressive Youth Alliance (PYA) and the ANC-led government!

  • The revolution against the Marxist-Leninist ANC Regime is much closer than most people think. The ANC had lost control of the masses and their own ANCYL, led by their latest warrior Julius Malema, is urging the masses to revolt against this ruthless regime.

Lessons from Egypt for South Africa
Mphuthumi Ntabeni
07 February 2011
Mphuthumi Ntabeni on a seismic shift in African politics

  • While the Marxist-Leninist ANC Regime thought that they would be invincible and untouchable, the world was already crumbling around them. The arrogance of Africa is is leading them to their own demise and there is a major shift taking place in African politics.

MOELETSI MBEKI: Wealth creation
Only a matter of time before the hand grenade explodes

Published: 2011/02/10 07:01:41 AM
By Moaletsi Mbeki
I CAN predict when SA’s "Tunisia Day" will arrive. Tunisia Day is when the masses rise against the powers that be, as happened recently in Tunisia. The year will be 2020, give or take a couple of years. The year 2020 is when China estimates that its current minerals-intensive industrialisation phase will be concluded.

  • Moaletsi Mbeki, the younger brother of the previous president of the New South Africa Thabo Mbeki predicted that the Marxist-Leninist ruled New SA would expereince their own Tunisia day by 2020.

ANC rejects Mbeki’s ‘Tunisia Day’ claim
ANC says SA’s fledgling constitutional democracy cannot be equated with tyranny or stagnation in the country’s growing economy
Published: 2011/02/16 06:35:10 AM

  • The "invincible" Marxist-Leninist ANC Regime rejected this warning, because in their typical African arrogance they thought it could never happen to them. They felt hurt and insulted by their brother for equating the Marxist-Leninist ANC "democracy" with Tyranny, while tens of thousands of people in the Marxist-Leninist run New SA had been murdered since 1994. This IS a tyranny!. The Marxist-Leninist ANC Regime has stood back for almost two decades while their cadres continued murdering tens of thousands of people, as they had done during the Apartheid years. They thought everyone would just sit back and allow this anarchy to continue, as in the rest of this corrupt cursed continent?

ANCYL dismisses Mbeki's Tunisia prophecy
2011-02-19 08:03
Johannesburg - The ANC Youth League on Friday dismissed predictions by political analyst Moeletsi Mbeki that South Africa is heading for Tunisia-like protests in 2020, aimed at toppling the ANC government.

  • They ANCYL is the ANC of course and everything the ANC does not want to openly state themselves they get the ANCYL to say it and then afterwards tell the kids not to be so naughty again. The ANCYL, led by the ANC's newest warrior / Mandela-in-the-making, Julius Malema, is leading the revolution, because the ANC had lost control over the ANCYL. Once Julius Malema tasted power he would not stop and became unstoppable. He has become the Marxist-Leninist ANC Regime's worst nightmare. He is breaking up their holy tri-alliance and he is busy breaking its back.

Jasmine Revolution heading south?
February 23, 2011 3:15 pm 
by Jonathan Wheatley
Tunisia, Egypt, Libya and now … Cameroon? Unrest has spread quickly across the Arabic-speaking countries of the Middle East and north Africa. But if it reaches south of the Sahara to the rest of Africa that will signal it has a resonance much stronger than previously thought.

  • The unrest and revolutions are spreading and all over Africa we are now seeing fires burning everywhere and it is spreading southwards, heading for the New South Africa. The winds of change are blowing across this filthy inhumane continent.

"The National Democratic Revolution"
03 March 2010
The SACP's 1962 proposals for the building of a national democratic state
The following is an extract from the Road to South African Freedom, the programme of the SACP adopted in 1962, and published in the African Communist Vol 2 No 2 Jan-March 1963. It is undoubtedly the document with the greatest influence on African National Congress ideology. If the Freedom Charter was the glossy brochure for national liberation, the Road to South African Freedom was the detailed ideological handbook. The full version can be accessed on the web here.

  • The Marxist-Leninist ANC Regime, controlled by the SA Communist Party, sold themselves to the masses with promises of jobs, houses, free water and free electricity for all. They promised free high quality education for all and they failed, because communism is a failed system that could not and cannot work. African democracy is Marxist-Leninist Communism, where a small minority enriches themselves and throws their crumbs to the masses. The world supported this Marxist-Leninist ANC Regime. The World and the Mass Media put them in place, they destroyed a democracy to replace it with a Marxist-Leninist Regime and they cheered themselves for having achieved it, to the detriment of the citisens of this once flourishing country.

African revolution: Then and now
Phillip Dexter
15 April 2011
Phillip Dexter asks whether successes of recent democratic movements will be sustained

  • The problem with journalists is that they live in a dream-world, they have tunnel-vision, because there never was a democracy in the New SA. The ANC is a Marxist-Leninist Regime, a terrorist organisation. No African country has ever had a democracy. Only the Republic of South Africa before 1994 was a democracy. That was the only democracy ever in the history if Africa, but it was a democracy the world and the media did not want, the world and the media wanted a Marxist-Leninist Terrorist ANC Regime in power, so they could more easily lay their filthy hands on our huge mineral resources.

The sickening smell of 'revolution'
2011-07-06 08:15
Max du Preez
South Africa hasn’t had its revolution yet. It is coming, a newspaper editor declared on Twitter this week, echoing the earlier stark warning by writer Peter Godwin.

Malema: The ANC has only itself to blame
Paul Whelan
28 September 2011
Paul Whelan asks what kind of revolution the ANCYL president intends for SA

  • Even the most liberal of journalists, staunch anti-apartheid media leaders are warning of the coming revolution. While a year or two ago people rejected all warnings of a revolution, suddenly now it is accepted as a reality, but its too late, because they should have listened decades ago. Today these journalists get angry when they are told "We told you so", but the truth is that we did tell them so, decades ago already. Thanks to these very journalists innocent South Africans are today threatened with extinction. White are being murdered like flies, while the churches, the media and the opposition parties are keeping quiet about it, for fear of losing foreign investors and foreign visitors. We are expected to surrender our lives, our women and children for foreign investors and for the sake of being able to compete in international sport.

Save the rainbow nation, Chikane pleads
2011-10-15 08:03
Former director general in the presidency Frank Chikane urged black and white South Africans on Friday to "save the rainbow nation" from corrupt leaders.
Delivering the annual Desmond Tutu peace lecture in Cape Town, he said South Africa's leadership had "corrupted and silenced" everyone.
"I would like to call on all South Africans... This is a moment of truth, of decision-making.

  • Communist church leaders are calling on South Africans to take control and oust their leaders. While subtle and diplomatic it is a call for revolution. Calling for people to rise up against corrupt leaders is a call for revolution.

Zuma fails to clear air on foreign policy gaffes
Published: 2011/10/14 06:46:26 AM
President Jacob Zuma says South Africa’s "foreign policy is independent and decisions are informed by the national interest"

  • In the meantime the president of the Marxist-Leninist ANC Regime denies being influenced by their communist partners of China, but fails to convince anyone. China stands to gain more from nationalisation than anyone else. They could work the mines for the regime by giving employed people more work, while they China get what they want, the minerals they so desire. And in the process what happens to the Marxist-Leninist ANC? THEY GET RICH OF COURSE!

ANC Youth League Economic Freedom Mass Action Will Go Ahead Despite the False Alarms of SACP “General Secretary’, Mr Blade Nzimande
17 October 2011
It has come to the attention of the ANC Youth League that the General Secretary of the South African Communist Party has once again raised false alarms and labelled the ANC Youth League Economic Freedom Mass Action as an attack on the ANC and South African government.

We'll fight any form of counter-revolution - SACP KZN
Themba Mthembu
19 October 2011
Party says state institutions increasingly being used for factional purposes
RE: SACP KZN Media Statement following the party's elective congress
The congress was convened under the theme ‘Crush Liberal Offensive and Populist Demagogue - Defend Marxist Leninist Principles and Discipline - Advance Working Class Leadership".

  • The SACP is everywhere and plays their typical communist manipulation game by trying to be diplomatic, while speaking the language of revolution. The SACP is running scared, realising that the revolution would mean the end of the SACP by stating "That corruption remains a counter-revolutionary exercise and the SACP at all material times should fight it consistently through its corruption campaign."
  • This is where it starts getting interesting - "Congress also resolved that the SACP in the Province should be in contact with the Party at a national level to monitor the growing threats that there could be attacks on senior party leaders and their families especially in this province in the run-up to the Mangaung conference."

As Mantashe warns of implosions, Youth League plans revolt in October
Not entirely omniscient 
22 October 2011, 12:34:45 (South Africa)
From the same young people who grandly claim to have influenced the revolts that overturned the Egyptian government and others, come plans of mass action on financial institutions as well as the country’s Presidency. 
CARIEN DU PLESSIS reports on the ANC Youth League’s plans for 27 and 28 October.
The ANC Youth League must have known that ANC secretary-general Gwede Mantashe expressed concerns about their “confrontational and aggressive posture against the ANC” during the ruling party’s national executive committee meeting last Friday and Saturday.

  • Last, but not least, the Marxist-Leninist ANC Regime is also admitting their fear of the revolution. When Moaletsi Mbeki warned that we would have our Tunisia day by 2020 both the Marxist-Leninist ANC and their ANCYL objected to his statement, not because they did not believe him or did not agree with him, but because they did not want it out of the bag.
  • The ANCYL has gathered support of various groups for their revolutionary march , including Labour Unions

Revolution has a stepping stone
By Angelique Redmond
19 October, 2011
The Occupy South Africa movement took to the streets of Cape Town outside Parliament on Saturday to show its solidarity in the first step of their campaign against the greed and corruption which is rife in South Africa.
While it is common knowledge how corrupt ANC politicians are, this initiative is not only meant to address corruption because that would imply that our economic and social problems would be solved if the politicians were not corrupt. Corruption in itself is not the root problem but it is rather the ‘legal’ robbery of South Africa by a few large international and local corporations and this robbery is rubber-stamped by government, both ANC and DA. Political corruption is only an inevitable result of a corrupt system.”

  • The People's war is a war against corruption and greed. 
  • South Africans have grown fed-up with the greed and corruption of the Marxist-Leninist ANC Regime.
  • South Africans are tired of the crime, the raping and the murders.
  • South Africa is officially listed as a Genocide country and yet no one listens.
  • South Africa is heading for a revolution and nothing and no one could stop it.

May God be with the people of South Africa, for they deserve not what had the World forced upon them.

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