Friday, 28 October 2011

Negative Focus - Missed Opportunities

A man is unhappy at work, complains about it, everyone gets drawn in and become sad, despondent and depressed because of his story everyday. Everyone wants to hear the detail and cannot wait to hear the latest. They join in, making it even worse. Everyone gets more negative by the day. Eventually he gets fired and everyone is angry and wants to take on his work & boss. That’s facebook, only half the story is told.

Because info gets shared in drips and drabs our perspective is negative, because they do not have the whole picture, they don’t have a bird’s eye-view of the situation. The story above could be dragged out over weeks and even months, providing all the detail of every little thing that happened to the poor guy until the day he got fired. After that he is without work and struggling to make ends meet. 

The full story of the guy above is that he is a well-known highly successful South African. He was just relating how things started out for him, but the whole story involves much more. Besides all the negative aspects there were many positive aspects to his story, but he never got around talking about it, because everyone wanted to hear the bad and sad news. Everyone gets drawn into the negative suffering and hardships, while not seeing the positive outcome.

Bottom-line is that after he got fired he started his own business and became such a success that he bought the company he was fired from and a few years later he was on the Forbes Top 100 list as one of the richest people in the World. Quite a positive ending and had he not had such bad experiences at work and had he not been fired,  he would probably never have founded his own company and become so financially successful. 

Thats the issue with politics. While so many people get negative I get excited. Here on FB and wherever we focus on one issue at a time and it all seems so negative, but the bigger picture is so much different.

Revolution is very negative, the murders are off course very negative, but the murders, the rapes, the fraud, corruption all eventually get sorted out by effective revolution. In the end the revolutionaries also meet their own demise. The ANC regime is slowly but surely being taken out and a revolution is rising against them. Unfortunately, because people are not seeing the revolution and they’re not seeing the big picture, they are kicking against the revolution, rather than joining and supporting it. 

What is now happening is that whites, blacks, coloureds, indians are tacitly supporting the very ANC Regime that has been causing the murders, the violence, raping , drug gangs, fraud & corruption.

If people had recognised the revolution for what it is, the various youth leagues of the various opposition parties and groups would have joined the economic freedom march. That would have put such a scare up the arses of the Regime they would have shuddered. Unfortunately people are stuck in their ways, because you see as far as whites and Afrikaners in particular is concerned this revolution is against them, its aimed at them and they cannot distinguish between a revolution against a regime and a regime that is busy killing them off.

While we all know the march is far more successful than the pro-ANC Regime media is making it out, it could and should have been much more successful than it is, but alas that is not to be. 

It amazes me how people support the revolutions in other countries, but oppose it in their own country against a much more vile and ruthless regime they supposedly hate.

This country is lost, to say the least. It is so focussed on the negative that the long term positive outcome is missed completely. A self-centred negativity prevails sparking the flight response whereby everyone wants to leave and follow idealists promising a promised land, a Canaan of their own, a volkstaat in their language.

Instead of focussing on the opportunities to get rid of the regime that they supposedly hate, they fight the revolution against it. Irrational as it may seem, its the case and as such one cannot feel sorry for this country, only pity.

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