Wednesday, 19 October 2011

South Africa - Rape Capitol of the World

Teacher charged with raping pupils: News24: South Africa: News
A man has been charged with rape and suspended from teaching at a high school in KwaThema in Springs, the Gauteng education department said on Wednesday.

Two pupils from Nkumbulo High School had laid charges of rape and intimidation against the teacher, spokesperson Charles Phahlane said.

The man, in his 40s, appeared in court on Monday and was released on bail on Tuesday.

Child sex ring bust in Western Cape

Oudtshoorn - A sex ring involving young girls and policemen has been busted in Nelspoort, a town between Beaufort West and Three Sisters in the Western Cape.

Five girls aged between 12 and 15 were involved.

Girl kidnapped in Free State

Two of the men were arrested on Monday night and another two - among them a policeman - were arrested on Tuesday night. The policeman was arrested at his home in the town. The other two policemen were arrested in Beaufort West and Oudtshoorn respectively.

A 12-year-old girl, presumably held as a sex slave, was found in two of the suspects’ room at a hostel in Nelspoort.

Girl being shared by two men

Statements also revealed that three contract workers from Mkhulu who were working for Eskom, were using young girls as sex slaves. “Based on these statements, we raided a former care shelter where these workers were renting rooms. Two men were arrested.”

“We found a girl of about 12 in a room that was being shared by two men. She was in bed with one of the suspects,” said Wentzel.

“Another girl said she got R100 at the most for sex with another Mkhulu employee.”

All4Women - Entitled to rape?

"According to the Sexual Violence Research Forum, 70% of South African men who have raped admitted they felt 'entitled' to do so." Please note that the men referredd to are BLACK men, because the politiically correct media will not acknowledge that fact openly.

George Herald | The psychology of rape

See also Part 2 below.
George Herald | The psychology of rape (part 2)

Politicsweb - 1 in 4 SA men surveyed admitted to rape - MRC report - FEATURES
This article appeared in 2009 and is relevant. "High proportion of men interviewed in Eastern Cape and KZN admit to having forced woman or girl into sex", which means blacks were interviewed.

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