Friday, 14 October 2011

Perception Controls Response

Life revolves around a few words : 

(1) Attitude, which determines how we perceive and respond to events, problems and opportunities; 
(2) Enthusiasm, which makes things happen and determines the level of success; 
(3) Thankfulness, which determines our perception of greed and self-entitlement and what provides us with a level of contentment that makes us happiness; and finally and most importantly

(4) Perceptions, which determines how people perceive things and how they react to it. 

Our attitude, level of enthusiasm and thankfulness will determine our perception of opportunities. We could either perceive an event as the end, having lost, time to pack up and leave, "the world and life are unfair and against me", or we could perceive an event as an opportunity to learn, grow and fight and achieve.

With enough enthusiasm combined with the ability to manipulate people's perceptions, you could achieve anything, perhaps even rule the World.

It is not the facts and the reality of events or situations that dictate the outcomes, it is people's perceptions of it that determines their reaction, behaviour and ultimately the outcome. 

Whomever controls or manipulates those perceptions, controls and finally, determines the outcome. 

Your ability to utilise situations by manipulating people's perceptions of it means far more than any other ability, skill, qualification or position. 

People are emotion and people respond emotionally to their perceptions of events and occurrences.

He who perceives himself the underdog or the oppressed, responds by emotion and often by anger which, in his view, is "warranted"

He who controls and manipulates those emotions and anger can control the situation, the person, a nation and perhaps even the World.

The more dumbed-down they are, the easier it is to manipulate their perceptions.

Hitler was a case in point and South Africa is a typical example of the above.

The mainstream media does not report on issues or events, they only provide biased opinions aimed at manipulating perceptions of events. That is why the media would show on television how someone is being interviewed, in English, while the news reader relays in his/her own words what the person being interviewed is saying.

It is clear that the mainstream media is pushing for a racial war in SA, USA and Europe by blatant racial propaganda and manipulating people's perceptions by turning every event into a racial, racist, issue.

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