Sunday, 16 October 2011

Our Bucket Runneth Over

The time to rise up to the occasion and take control of our own destiny is coming closer. When the time comes people would know it instinctively. The nauseating arrogance of Africa will be the death of Africa, because arrogance begs for humbling & they will be humbled beyond their worst expectations. Nothing is won by mere guts, force and haste. Timing & Discipline is everything and strategy determines the outcome.

Ants are thought by many as having a collective intelligence, and as such each ant is considered as an individual cell of a bigger organism. "Ants are extremely social creatures and their ability to survive depends on their community in a way very similar to humans." This is particularly true of the inhabitants of the African continent. As a collective unit they survive, but divided and singularly they die. An ant that looses its way to the nest does not live long. An army ant colony remains together only as long as the queen ant is alive. When the queen dies, the colony eventually also dies. If the food supply is low it severely stresses the colony and retards its growth, which causes the queen and workers to eat their own eggs and smaller larvae to survive. In some colonies, ants will take care of any excess queens on their own. Queens will lay their eggs, producing thousands of young worker ants. The worker ants will often turn on the queens, with the goal of killing all but one of them that will reign supreme. As is the case with some revolutions, however, the workers get carried away and end up killing all the queens and thus killing off their own colony. (An interesting on the subject is "Soul of the White Ant" by Eugene Marais.)

Africa is soon to meet its destiny. Hunger, starvation, disease, chaos and anarchy is soon to descend upon this ant-infested dump-yard. In the words of my friend V. C., "No good deed goes unpunished" and this time there shall be no good deeds, there will be no mercy, there will be no conscience, there will be no talking and negotiating, the time for that had come and gone and they wasted their opportunities. This time it will not stop until its done and finished. There will be no attempt to convert the enemy, because the holy do-gooders will be gagged and blindfolded so the realists can get on with their task of using the liberal humanitarians and appeasers as shields and cannon fodder.

Every nation/group has a limit and once that limit is exceeded the impact of the chaos and anarchy reaches a breaking point. That point is where the future and survival of the group is threatened with virtual extinction. Collectively the group then spontaneously starts taking matters into their own hands. When this happens it is not the numbers, but the determination of the group that determines the strength and power of the group. The clash at Blood River is a good case in point.

If one was to take an empty glass and start filling it with water, drop-by-drop, it would take a long time to fill the glass. While the glass is being filled drop-by-drop there will be many debates and arguments as to whether the glass eventually would run over. During this period there is much in-fighting and arguing, division based on religion, language, culture and all sorts of petty differences. But once the glass is filled things begin to change and one finds that even the denialists would change their tune, even the strongest opponents of the "breaking-point-ever-being-reached" now start turning against the hand filling the glass.

Once the glass is filled it still does not run over and eventually the meniscus will rise above the brim of the glass. When this happens the breaking point is reached and it would then, at a certain given point, require only one single drop more for it to run over.

It is at that point where the group starts taking matters into their own hands and all hell breaks loose, because too many drops of water had been added and notwithstanding the fact that the limit had been reached the hand continues adding drops to the glass. Water drops are now being spilt even beyond the tolerance of the most liberal and most reasonable of people. It is here that unity of thought is develops spontaneously, because "The mind cannot long act the role of the heart." - Francois La Rochefoucauld.

In this country we have had not only a glass filled, but a bucket filled to the brim. This country is now at the stage where the meniscus is beyond the brim of that bucket and people's patience is not only running out, but being tested to the limit. It would take but very little for the bucket to run over and there are signs pointing to the possibility of an event or events that would act the role of that single last drop that causes the water to spill over the brim of the bucket.

A situation where people are being tested and driven over a prolonged period of time as in the New SA leads to something much worse than a once-off mass-murder scenario that angers people in the short-term, only to fade away into distant memory afterwards. In this case feelings and emotions have been built up over more than 16 years with thousands, upon thousands of drops of water having been added to the bucket, in the sense of lives lost. People have complained, they've begged and pleaded, they brought it to the attention of the outside World in the hope that some country or even the UN would intervene, but without success, the World has been ignoring our pleas and our cries for help and intervention.

Slowly but surely our people have been murdered and are still continuing to be murdered. The arrogance that goes with it is becoming unendurable and something has to give. We are being tested to the limit of all that is reasonable. The World and even our own churches in all their hypocritical, sanctimonious righteousness have been ignoring the murdering of our people.

Not even one single church in this country has said anything about our people being murdered and their silence is ear shattering. Instead the money-hungry, blood-sucking sanctimonious self-righteous whores running our hypocritical churches even have the sick audacity to rather argue about Apartheid being a sin or not in their eyes, the eyes of whores and bastards. The whores of the Afrikaans Broederbond churches have come out declaring Apartheid a sin, which amounts all born under Apartheid being banished to hell, while they have nothing to say about our people being murdered, raped and slaughtered like pigs, something that never happened under the Apartheid that they declared the sin of all sins. The Churches of South Africa declared a devil a saint while they declared the saints the evil sinners instead.

The silence of the majority of this world have been allowing an entire upright nation to be slaughtered like pigs, while they stood by watching, saying or doing nothing to alleviate the pain and suffering, while they assisted and financed the very perpetrators of these inhumane acts against us today.

I have always maintained that the white South African is the most politically passive of all nations on Earth, but even they have a limit. Our bucket has been filled to the brim and the last drop is soon to fall that will cause our bucket to finally spill the last drop of blood without retaliation. That final drop will be clear and obvious for all to see and it will spark a reaction the World has never seen, because in my opinion it will be the final and most ferocious showdown between good and evil in the entire history of this country.

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  1. You put this in a way that I could not find the words for. Thank you, but I have no hope that our people will EVER open theyr eyes past the hunt to be "seen" as enlightened, and to have a "image" with those that are "leaders"in the community. Their highest target in life is to be able to say, "I've shook the hand of ...." I can go on and on about this and the lack of integrity of the "Afrikaner" that make up 90% of our once proud nation but I think you git the message. I'm on my own now, I have no "volk" to belong too anymore.