Sunday, 23 October 2011

ANC war veterans on the warpath - Times LIVE

Read the full article here - ANC war veterans on the warpath - Times LIVE:

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The ANC and their MK Veteran terrorists are running scared. They know the Revolution is here and it will destroy them.

They want the elective conference in 2012 scrapped.

MK veterans take aim at 'spoilt brat' Juju (Julius Malema)

Julius Malema is destroying the Marxist-Leninist ANC Alliance and they want to get rid of him before Mangaung next year, because they know, as he has been promising them, that they will be destroyed at that conference.

A group of ANC military veterans is lobbying for a special national conference to resolve "the organisational crisis" threatening to tear the movement apart ahead of its much-anticipated leadership elections at Mangaung next year.

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