Sunday, 30 October 2011

South Africa's Rolling Clouds

This post relates to my previous article South Africa's Looming Revolution

Winnie sounds warning
By Sabelo Ndlangisa

Next year, we will be voting in Bloemfontein and trust me, we’re not into recycling. We shall get a new leader,” she told guests at an event to mark the 60th ­anniversary of Drum magazine at Emperors Palace in Johannesburg.

Earlier that day, the veteran politician testified in favour of embattled ANC Youth League leader Julius Malema at his ­disciplinary hearing.

This is probably the most ­direct indication so far that Madikizela-Mandela supports the league’s bid to remove President Jacob Zuma in Mangaung next year.

ANCYL Economic Freedom March

As can be seen in the articles and galleries of the various South African newspapers, they only published very carefully selected photographs from which one cannot really make our how many people were part of the march.

The media went out of their way to convince the public and the World that the ANCYL's Economic Freedom March was a failure and that very few people attended the march. In fact they quoted figures of "less than 1000", and "no more than 3000", while there were no less than 10,000 and rather closer to 20,000 marchers in Pretoria, which I saw with my own eyes.

The media tried there very best to downplay the march in an effort to prevent anxiety and panic among the South African public and to prevent negative impact on foreign tourism.

The media is trying to hide the reality of the revolution building in the New South Africa. In the meantime the signs are clear for all to see.

The strange thing about it is that even the right wing is falling for the media's bluff? Even the right wingers are cheering, because the ANCYL's Economic Freedom March was a "failure"? It shows how even the right wing in South Africa are gullible to the extreme, living in their dreams of a new white homeland for white South Africans.

ANCYL march to Union Buildings
Well selected photographs of the march in Pretoria

ANCYL march in Johannesburg
Well selected photographs

Malema addresses ANCYL march

ANCYL march - Day 2

ANC youth league march IN PHOTOS
Well selected Photographs in South Africa's largest black newspaper

The South African Constitution is in danger

ANCYL demands change to Constitution
The ANC Youth League on Friday called on government to amend the Constitution to allow land claims without compensation.
The league demanded the amendment of section 25 of the Constitution which protects private property against arbitrary expropriation and allows for compensation.
The league's memorandum said all productive land should be nationalised and leased, and neighbourhoods electrified.

A state bank must be established and foreign policy must be changed to isolate countries that threaten South Africa's sovereignty.

"He stated clearly that everyone that lives in South Africa who isn’t black and who owns property has stolen it from the black people and especially from the black youth... Malema has now openly instructed that the Constitution be changed in order to legalise the theft of their property and possessions," said Botha. This above paragraph quoted from the following article Malema needs a history lesson - CDP.

Johannesburg Stock Exchange

Malema hands memo to JSE
"The people who are stealing our wealth must come on stage," Malema said from the back of a truck converted into a stage outside the JSE in Sandton.
"Down with white capital monopoly," he chanted.

An official from the JSE received the memorandum from Malema at 17:15.
"Thank you for the opportunity. We will take your demands to the executive," he said.

This upset the crowd who started singing Dubul'ibhunu (shoot the boer), which has been declared hate speech by a court.
"Our demands are clear and they must respond as soon as possible," Malema said.
"We have come peacefully and we hope they can respect that."

A Very Important Point

With this ANCYL Economic Freedom March Julius Malema made a very important point that should be taken seriously. He showed how much control he holds over his followers. This march was peaceful to the extreme with not a single incident of violence or lack of discipline. Malema showed how much discipline and respect he commands with his followers.

If he could discipline them this well during two days of the longest march in history, leading at least 10,000 followers, what could he achieve under circumstances that required his followers to take more aggressive action under his command?

Comes the ANC Election Conference in Mangaung 2012 we shall see the results of the ANCYL's efforts.

A revolution could take many forms, but the process and methodology remain the same.

The dark clouds of revolution are rolling across the New South Africa.

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