Wednesday, 29 January 2014

The Grooming Of A Capitalist SA President

The game of Politics surely is the most interesting game there is. So unpredictable, yet so intriguingly predictable from a bird's-eye view.

An amazing political plan comes together, putting Mamphela Ramphele against Jacob Zuma for South African presidency.

It should be obvious that Agang SA was purposely founded to introduce and sell Mamphela Ramphele to the public, grooming her for the DA as their presidential candidate.

Agang SA is a South African political party, formed by anti-apartheid activist Mamphela Ramphele only on 18 February 2013. Before Agang SA she was virtually unknown as a public figure and particularly as a political figure. Obviously funded from abroad, she founded the new political party Agang SA.

It was a party that was going nowhere and it had virtually no followers, but as leader of this dead-duck-party she was afforded a platform and the opportunity to make the news headlines. Small a party as it was, the media gave her huge exposure, beyond anything seen before with any brand new insignificant little party.

The merger between the DA and Agang is announced and almost immediately she gets presented as the DA's presidential candidate?

Immediately she steps upon the podium as the new DA presidential candidate, she says "South Africa deserves better than Black Economic Empowerment, even though it was a noble idea."

“In that greatness that is us, there are better ways of creating a more inclusive (economic) system,” she said.

Yet "More than two-thirds of Agang SA leader Mamphela Ramphele’s R55 million personal wealth came from BEE deals."

Meanwhile back at the ranch "Mamphela Ramphele says she is worth R50-million, but Forbes says R500-million."

She is talking the right political language, as to be expected from someone well coached and well-groomed.

Who is Mamphela Ramphele?

"Mamphela Ramphele, a South African national, is the Founder of Letsema Circle, a Cape Town based specialist Transformation Advisory Company in both the public and private sector. She is Chair of Technology and Innovation Agency, established in 2009, to help stimulate greater use of technology to address socio-economic challenges and promote sustainable economic growth. She was appointed Chair of Gold Fields in November 2010. She is also Chair of Eduloan and Director of Anglo American Plc. She was Chair of Convenors of the Dinokeng Scenarios sponsored by Nedcor/Old Mutual that have energized national debates on South Africa’s future, launched in May 2009. The key message is that futures are created by citizen-leaders. She served as a Managing Director of the World Bank from May 2000 to July 2004. She served as Co-Chair on the Global Commission for International Migration (GCIM) between 2004-2005. Prior to joining the Bank, Mamphela Ramphele was Vice-Chancellor of the University of Cape Town, a post she took up in 1996, becoming the first black woman to hold this position at a South African university. She joined the university as a research fellow in 1986, and was appointed Deputy Vice-Chancellor five years later. She is an author of many important titles about critical socio-economic issues in South Africa. She has received numerous prestigious national and international awards, including 23 honorary doctorates acknowledging her scholarship, her service to the community, and her leading role in raising development issues and spearheading projects for disadvantaged persons throughout South Africa. She qualified as a medical doctor at the University of Natal in 1972. She holds a PhD in Social Anthropology from the University of Cape Town, a BCom degree in Administration from the University of South Africa, and diplomas in Tropical Health and Hygiene, and Public Health, from the University of Witwatersrand."

"She is an amazingly powerful woman," said political analyst Nic Borain, adding that Ramphele would not be taking a leap into direct politics against the might of Nelson Mandela's 100-year-old liberation movement without having a solid plan in place.

"She would have done her homework," he said.

Made by business for business. Her power comes from her backing, global money powers like multi-national corporations and bankers.

Another political analyst, Allister Sparks, said a Ramphele-led party would be likely to take votes from the ANC rather than the Democratic Alliance.

"She is not just a fine academic; she is a dynamic woman of action," he wrote in an editorial in Wednesday's Business Day.

"The Chair of Gold Fields Limited, Dr Mamphela Ramphele, has announced her resignation from the Company's Board of Directors with immediate effect. Dr Ramphele has decided to retire as Chair to further her socio-economic and political work. She has resigned from most of her private sector directorships and will relinquish all other remaining private sector directorships and positions to focus on these activities."

Dr Ramphele said: "I am pleased that during my tenure at Gold Fields significant progress has been made in entrenching the sustainability of the Company's operations worldwide."

Why is her connection to Gold Fields Limited important?

"Sparks tells us that the secret negotiations between prominent Afrikaners including F.W. de Klerk’s brother Wimpie was sponsored by Consolidated Gold Fields, a British Mining Company established in 1887, 12 years before the British went after the gold in the two former Boer Republics of the ZAR and the Orange Free State.

On page 82, Spark says that there were twelve of these secret meetings, between November 1987 and May 1990. Eleven of them took place at Mells Park House, in the village of Mells, near Bath, Somersetshire, a luxury estate belonging to Consolidated Gold Fields.

Sparks mentions that the man behind it all was the director of public affairs at Consolidated Goldfields, Michael Young.

He was the mediator or facilitator in these secret meetings. It was his job to find the role-players for the secret meetings. It was his job to get Professor Willie Esterhuyse and Thabo Mbeki amongst others drunk on Glenfiddich, telling jokes and yarn swapping so they could see that in their drunken state they were all the same. All the the air fares, food and liquor were sponsored by Michael Young and Consolidated Gold Fields. A small price to pay for all the gold in South Africa.

You can read about The Briton who facilitated the secret meetings over here. Today it is hardly a secret anymore; In 2009 they produced a movie for BBC Channel 4 called “Endgame” telling us everything about the secret meetings facilitated by Michael Young. At the time the meetings were ultra secret, illegal and participants talking to a terrorist organization such as the ANC would not only lose their jobs, they would be imprisoned. The ANC was on the CIA’s list of the ten worst terrorist organizations in the world…not that it actually mattered, because the CIA was funding them.

The French have a saying, that if you want to hide something, all you have to do is put it in the centre of the picture and nobody will notice it.

This model or method of getting role players secretly together to betray their countries worked so well in the case of South Africa that Michael Young wants to export it to capture other nations.

Who needs war nowadays? As Prof. Willie Esterhuyse told his students afterwards, these things nowadays get decided over a bottle of single malt whisky. The end result is the so-called “Peace” we have in South Africa at the moment.

The other players in this game are exposed in the book, "Really Inside Boss“ by P.C. Swanepoel, a retired senior National Intelligence Services agent (Director of Research) who discovered the role of the CIA in funding the ANC and other terrorist organizations in South Africa through various front companies and conduits in the UK and South Africa as well as through student organizations in South Africa.

When Swanepoel went to his boss, “Lang Hendrik” van den Bergh to tell him what he had discovered, General van den Bergh, also known as “The Tall Man” turned a blind eye. He refused to even read the reports.

William Rourke “Big Bill” Jordan, who ran a company called IMCO in the centre of Sandton City Centre, Johannesburg, was the head of the CIA’s Special Operations in South Africa at the time."

Agang's International Funding

"Agang started out with Ramphele and a small team, including co-founder Moeletsi Mbeki; chief of staff Zohra Dawood; policy director Mills Soko; spokesperson John Allen; and the party’s Canadian chief of staff, Tim Knapp. A top banker and former BP and Chevron executive, Nkosinathi Solomon, was recently appointed as Agang’s campaign director. Research has also shown that some of these five (Tim Knapp, Moetletsi Mbeki, Mills Soko and Mamphela Ramphele) are directors at a company that is considered to be the legal entity behind Agang, a Johannesburg-registered company called Great Potential for South Africa.

Now to the murky question of the party’s political funding…"

"My research has shown that various American businessmen have made significant contributions to the party, most notably the Hungarian-US billionaire George Soros. Soros has reportedly donated several million US dollars through his Open Society Foundation. Ramphele has close links to both Soros and the Open Society Foundation, having co-founded its South African arm with him in 1993 and she remains a director at the Open Society Foundation of South Africa to this day. Soros has also been able to support in other ways, such as in secondment of employees from the Open Society to Agang.

Ramphele’s closeness to former World Bank general counsel and senior vice president Roberto Dañino could also hint at funding from abroad; Ramphele and Dañino met at their time together at the World Bank and were also together at gold miner Gold Fields. They reportedly remain in close contact and Dañino is known to stay at Ramphele’s Camps Bay home when he visits Cape Town. Given Dañino’s business connections in the USA, it seems that Soros is not Ramphele’s exclusive source of foreign funding…

It is also worth adding that Ramphele is also a trustee at The Rockefeller Foundation. Did she go knocking at David’s door too?"

Is this move a political "game-changer"?

South Africans are witnessing the making of their first black female president.

Zille said Ramphele added credibility to the DA because she is black and her move to the DA would be a "game-changer" with major implications for politics.

Zille made it clear no more members of Agang would be added to the candidate lists of the DA, which shows that Agang has always been only bout grooming Mamphela Ramphele for her future career, aiming at becoming the first black female president of South Africa.

Ramphele told Agang supporters who were outraged, because they had not been consulted about the merger, that by joining the DA she was leading them : "This is leadership. Leadership is about making decisions that are appropriate for the given moment."

It is a Pied Piper scenario. She used her followers, by promising them one thing, while doing another, to get what she wants for herself.  She will do the same with voters, by making the right noises, promising them it is the end of the race card as excuse for corruption and that BEE is dead, but once she gets elected.... she will do what her masters tell her to do.

It is quite obvious that she has been groomed over a long period of time for a political career aimed at leading her to the SA presidency.

Should she become SA President one day, she would be the richest person ever to have achieved it and the first American-Style SA president. American style refers to a multi-millionaire business person going into politics aiming for the presidency. The advantage being that she is undeniably a capitalist, which must be better than the communists we're currently stuck with.

This being the case, Mamphela Ramphele could be a game changer, as she would be the first SA president clearly belonging to and owned by large multi-national corporate business. This could be good for businesses, but will it be good for South Africa? It reminds one of the book published in 1989 "South Africa The 51st State" by Stefano Ghersi, Co-authored by Peter Major, Forward by Credo Mutwa.

Dr Mamphela Ramphele, a celebrated anti-apartheid activist, a medical doctor, capitalist multi-millionaire career business woman, academic and the former girlfriend of Steve Biko, with whom she founded the Black Consciousness Movement.

A black face to front the DA, often dismissed as being “too white”.

She has all the makings, together with the backing of large multi-national business corporations, international bankers, global mining houses (Gold Fields in particular) and even the media... a textbook example of a puppet groomed by the global money powers.


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  1. Besides the media interest Agang was a not a major party.

    Why would an ANC voter be swayed to vote for the DA with Ramphele, when they were not interested in voting for Agang with Ramphele?

    Unfortunately in this era politics is about mobilising the mob. The winner will be whoever can get the most people threatening to do the most violence if they don't get their way.

    The best way to rile up the (low information) people appears to be to use equal measure of threats and promises. Fulfilling the promises is optional.

    The DA or Agang or whoever is never going to beat the ANC at this game. The ANC speaks to the lowest common denominator. The DA tries to appeal to logic.
    One could infer that the ANC thinks of blacks as blacks and tailors their approach to suit, while the DA thinks of blacks as uneducated whites and so will forever fail to speak to their soul.

    International capital was able to infiltrate and bring down the apartheid government, because the apartheid government played by the rules. The current government makes up the rules as it goes along.

    This situation is reminiscent of how the international capitalists backed Abel Muzorewa in Rhodesia. When elections came the populace voted overwhelmingly for ZANU or ZAPU.

    International capital is good at destroying civilised governments, not so good at replacing them.

  2. I like your comment. Good Article and thanks for the interesting read.