Monday, 24 February 2014

Should we or should we not vote... and why?

There are only two reasons we should vote, one of which is particularly important, but we'll get to that.

Besides the fact that choosing which party to vote for in 2014 must be the most confusing and difficult voting decision in the history of South Africa, the pressure is also upon us to not vote at all.

No We Should Not Vote or Yes We Should Vote?

"Having regular, free and fair elections is one of the cornerstones of democracy. This goes together with other important democratic principles such as the right to vote, to choose which party you want to belong to and to accept the results of an election."

What 'n load of nonsense. The word "democracy" is so overblown, because "democracy" is a farce. Democracy means having the right to make a cross like an illiterate on a piece of paper once every five years. Before that and after that, you have no rights no say and, no input anywhere or, in any way whatsoever. So please do not be fooled by this nonsense about voting for the sake of "democracy".

This so-called democracy gave us racially discriminating Black Economic Empowerment and racist Affirmative Action. It also gave this fascist communist regime the right to steal your property and your business and there is NOTHING you can do about it. How is that for "democracy"?

"Free and fair elections"? That's just another farce. Zimbabwe's elections have also been declared "free and fair" repeatedly and we all know what a load of rubbish that is. In 1994 more than a million voting ballots disappeared in Pretoria alone, yet those elections were declared "free and fair". All elections are, rigged. They always have been, and always will be rigged.

Political parties are mysterious entities that fade away into the background and then suddenly seem to reappear again just before elections. Politicians are winners of popularity contests, masquerading as elections. The most popular among them get the most votes and once they get elected, they suddenly do not want to know you, because they have now become your superiors.

Once they get elected they are better, much better, than yourself and they are way too superior to even remember who you are, let alone be seen with you... until the next election when they need your vote again.

Politics is a career and a career is about going up in the ranks, making money and gaining the right connections, period!

The question is whether we wish to be the suckers voting for people who would forget about us immediately after or not.

Voting has nothing to do with democracy and there are no free and fair elections, so that is not why we vote.

Reasons for not voting

There are many reasons given for not voting, but one of the most popular is claiming that voting lends credibility and legitimacy to an illegitimate system and government.

If you have a valid South African identity document, a valid SA passport, a valid SA drivers' license, a valid SA fire-arm license, or if you are making use of any state services such as water and electricity, if you are registered with SARS and are paying taxes, including income tax or property taxes, if you are earning a pension from the SA government, any SA municipality or any state owned company, or if your name appears on the South African Voters Roll, if you own a cell-phone that complies with the RICA requirements or hold a bank account or any debt in compliance with the FICA requirements, then you have been legitimising the system all along and you have been legitimising the SA government all along anyway.

Above all, if you voted in the referendum on ending apartheid held in South Africa on 17 March 1992, and especially if you had voted "Yes" in that referendum, then irrespective of what you had rejected ever since that referendum, it means that you had already legitimised this system and this government and you cannot change that fact. The same goes for anyone who voted in 1994 or thereafter.

So, not voting now, because you do not want to legitimise the system or the government, is bluffing yourself.

Why should I vote when the ANC is going to win away!!!

According to official figures, whites are only 8.9% of the population, so how the heck could we even think of winning an election with any white party?

Whites should not be voting because they want to win the elections and take back the country. That would be naive foolishness.

The HNP called on people not to vote when they realised they would not be able to gain even a single seat in parliament again. They chose to convince followers to go down with them, rather than merge with the CP, the strongest conservative party at the time. As a result the HNP virtually disappeared.

It is usually people who do not vote who will complain afterwards about the ruling party. Silence is taken as consent. If you do not vote in opposition to the ANC then you are consenting to them being the ruling party with a huge majority.

South Africa's proportional representation electoral system

Proportional representation (PR) means that parties get a certain number of seats in parliament according to the percentage of votes they get in an election. So, for example, if your party gets 15% of all the votes in the country, it gets 15% of the seats in Parliament.

There are 400 seats in the national parliament. So for every 0.25% of the vote a party gets 1 seat.

Under the proportional voting system, an abstention from voting, or a spoiled ballot paper, amounts to a vote for the ruling or majority party, because a non-vote does nothing to alter the proportion in which representation is distributed.

Suppose 100 people voted for the ANC and no one else voted at all, then the ANC gets 100% of the votes, but if 50 people voted for the ANC and the other 50 people voted for other parties, the ANC would only get 50% of the votes. That is why voting for any opposition party reduces that ANC's position and why not voting would favour them.

If you still do not understand that in a proportional representation electoral system, not voting means a vote in favour of the majority party, then you should not be on the voters roll and allowed to vote anyway. In fact you should not even be talking or offering any kind of opinion about voting or elections, because you clearly understand nothing about it.

Greater threats on the horizon

Allowing the ANC to achieve a two-thirds majority would certainly allow them to change the Constitution as they have been threatening to do. Their aim is to remove private property rights from the Constitution, ban whites from the economy as Mugabe had done and provide for nationalisation of the banks, mines, land and businesses.

Please bear in mind that with Malema's EFF in parliament they would side with the ANC and the DA has already made it clear that they also support the ANC's land redistribution and racist anti-white employment equity policies.

Since he arrived on the scene, both the public and the mainstream media have been scoffing at Julius Malema, recently promoted to Commander-in-Chief of the Economic Freedom Fighters.

While bright-spark political analysts have been trying to fool us by predicting that Malema would barely make it to parliament, recent rallies have proven them all wrong as usual. It should be quite obvious that Malema stands a very good chance of entering the South African parliament with a bang.

Now just imagine what it would do for whites in South Africa should Julius Malema, Commander-in-Chief of the EFF, get 10 to 20 seats in parliament.

Politics are about making promises

Politics today is all about who makes the best promises. Politicians will always say and promise whatever it is that the public, and particularly their target audience, would like to hear, ...because it works every time.

On the left they promise free houses, free running water, free electricity, geysers and even toilets. They promise jobs, huge salaries, Black Economic Empowerment and racist Affirmative Action forever, land redistribution, free education, free medical services and then they round it off by bribing their voters with free food parcels, T-shirts and caps.

On the right, they promise doing away with racist Black Economic Empowerment and racist Affirmative Action, guaranteeing property ownership rights and above all, self-determination.

Seeing as we are specifically addressing whites in this article, self-determination deserves special attention, because on the one hand political parties are promising voters self-determination if they vote for them and on the other hand political movements are promising people self-determination if they do not vote in the upcoming elections.

Self-determination started as far back as 1838 when the Voortrekkers left the Cape, because they wanted self-determination, rather than being forced to serve under the British Empire. Driven towards self-determination, these Voortrekkers founded a number of separate sovereign states called the Boer republics.

Almost 150 years later, in 1986, the late Robert van Tonder founded the Boerestaat Party (BSP). Robert van Tonder argued that the Boer citizens of the nineteenth century Boer republics should be considered as a distinct nation in its own right.

The BSP were the third group, since the founding of the Union of South Africa, to openly advocate the restoration of the old Boer Republics and call for the secession of those territories (self-determination) from the Union / Republic of South Africa. "Other groups advocated this notion in the past with the Martiz Rebellion of 1914 and the Ossewa Brandwag of the 1940s being the most notable." This policy was later taken on board by other movements and political parties and continues to this day.

Why this bit of history? Well as you can see, self-determination has been with us for centuries and we have been promised self-determination for longer than anyone cares to remember. Now, while we all realise that self-determination is of the utmost importance for the long-term survival of whites in South Africa, we have to understand that if we have not yet been able achieve it after so long, we certainly would not be doing so in the very near future, despite all the wild promises of achieving it within the next six months.

Of course some political parties and movements have been making some very ambitious promises lately, because they need your support. But, the fact remains that, notwithstanding any promises they may have been making, our common sense tells us that in the current climate of growing racist anti-white Black Economic Empowerment, Affirmative Action, quotas and land "restitution" (grabbing of white owned property) it would not happened within the next year, the next five years, or perhaps even the next 30 years. Read: "Self Determination - Boer Republics, Volkstaat, Secession"

The Questions you need to ask the anti-voting Pied Pipers

So what happens to us in the meantime?

If we should all boycott the elections, the only parties remaining in parliament after these elections would be the ANC, DA, EFF and a few others. There would be not a single party specifically representing your Lilly-white skin or your needs. There would be no party that would be standing up for you, no party that you could run to.

What happens between now and until we, perhaps one day in the very distant future, eventually get a volkstaat?

When squatters invade your parks, would these people telling you not to vote, go running to the ANC or EFF MPs and councillors on your behalf, because there would be no "white" party representing you in parliament remember. If you do not vote and there are no parties other than the EFF, ANC and DA, who would you run to and who would they run to?

There is mainly one reason to vote

Besides the main reason, there is now also another important reason why whites should vote.

Just imagine Julius Malema's racist white-hating EFF getting 10 to 20 seats in parliament, while there is no party in parliament to balance the scales and defend the whites in parliament.

The primary reason why whites should vote is to get a party that represents South Africa's white minority in parliament, period!

Forget about all their promises, because we all know what promises mean. Forget about fixing South Africa and doing away with BEE and Affirmative Action. South Africa is so far gone that no party could turn it around. No other party that takes over South Africa could over-night do away with BEE, Affirmative action and quotas, because it would trigger a civil war that very same day. The damage done to the SA economy and infrastructure would take as long to restore as it took all the governments up to 1994 to develop and grow it.

No party, not the DA, ANC, EFF or any other party for that matter, would care about the white minority in this country. South Africa's white minority needs a party to specifically represent it in parliament.

Whites should pick a party, ignore all the differences and divisive policies created by that party, and vote for it. We need at least a million votes behind one single party to ensure as many parliamentary seats as possible.

So this is being racist is it? So what is BEE, AA, Land Restitution, race-based quotas then? Is that not anti-white racism? The DA supports all the ANC's racist policies, so the denialist appeasing DA is the enemy of the white minority in this country.

Forget about the promises. Political parties and movements would do, say and promise anything to get your support, but once they get there, they are as useless as all the others.

No one can guarantee you anything and promises are merely disguised lies!

Vote to get a party that represents the white minority in parliament! The members of a party determine the party's direction and policies. Once we get them as many seats in parliament as possible we, the members, shall force them in the direction we desire and force them to approve the policies we want.

Which white party to vote for?

There are only two "white parties" in South Africa, Front Nasionaal and Vryheidsfront Plus, and it is not for me to decide who you should vote for, but I stand by what I said in "SA whites voting for the DA to break the ANC's majority in Parliament?"

It would also serve you to read "SO WHY VF+ ?"

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  1. An excellent and informative post, as always.

    I am one of the people who consider voting to lend credibility to an illegitimate system.

    However these are dark days and we don't have the luxury of being able to pass up an advantage due to pride, regardless of how small an advantage it may be.

    If by voting we can help in real terms, even a little, then we should.

    Yet I beg everyone to realise that this is not a long term solution.
    At best we can only delay the final outcome a bit.

    At this stage playing politics is like rearranging the deck chairs on the Titanic while she sinks. Perhaps we can find a more comfortable chair, but ultimately we are all going to sink.

    If you strip away the smoke and mirrors all governments, all civilisations rest on one concept: power.

    Words are meaningless without the power to back them up.

    I believe that in SA at the moment power does not rest in parliament, the power does not even rest in SA.

    We gave up our self determination, we relinquished our destiny to become a vassal state of the West. Our military and police force have been systematically destroyed.
    SA now relies on outside power, on the armies and corporations and money of the West, to give the government legitimacy.

    The West tries to keep the peace here in SA, yet at the same time the ghostly arm of the West does more to hold us whites down than the native blacks.
    As divided and weakened as we are, I believe that we could still muster force enough to take and hold a sizeable piece of land, perhaps even the entire country.
    What we could not do is to hold that land in defiance of the West. Dresden, Hiroshima, Kosovo, it takes no imagination to see that the West would happily crush us, to the gleeful cheering of international (and local) media.

    SA is propped up by the West, and the West is propped up by America.
    The problem on the horizon is that America has become unstable, a country consumed from within by parasites. If America weakens, even a little, it will create a power vacuum here.
    One may think this would be a good thing, but consider that the West could lose the capacity to keep the peace here in SA, long before they lose the ability to hold us whites down.

    Remember the early days of the Zimbabwe land-grabs. Many farmers obtained court orders evicting the invaders - The police refused to perform the evictions, they were too afraid of Mugabe's 'veterans'.
    The politicians, the courts, the church, parliament, they can reason, they can implore, they can all scream their heads off and jump up and down - yet if they have no real power to call on then they mean nothing to the man holding a gun.

    If we could fill parliament to the brim with whites, if they sit atop a powerless system, they could still do nothing but whine while the rest of us suffer regardless.

    Self determination is not something that is possible to be granted or given. By it's very definition self determination is a status we must take for ourselves. As our forefathers wrenched it bitterly from the British Empire.
    It is utterly shameful to know that we have lost the greatest gift we could ever have inherited.

    I write this not to be argumentative nor to claim the sky is falling.

    If we have something to gain by voting - and I have been convinced that we do, then let us vote.

    But please, don't blindly place faith in any organisation and become complacent.

    If we want self determination, as individuals we must first become worthy of it again.
    We must regain power from the ground up, not from the top down.

    At the moment there is no clear path to freedom.
    I fear that if we wait patiently an opportunity will not show up and we shall be steadily suffocated to death.

    For now I believe that we can do nothing and trust no-one.
    All that is left is to pursue strength individually and to begin patching the holes in our philosophy which have been exploited to drag us so low.

    If enough individuals rise, and become strong then I am convinced that a path to an acceptable future will be revealed.