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SA whites voting for the DA to break the ANC's majority in Parliament?

The Last White Flag in South Africa

"There is one great thing that you men will all be able to say after this war is over and you are home once again. You may be thankful that twenty years from now when you are sitting by the fireplace with your grandson on your knee and he asks you what you did in the great World War II, you won't have to cough, shift him to the other knee and say, "Well, your Granddaddy shoveled shit in Louisiana." No, Sir, you can look him straight in the eye and say, "Son, your Granddaddy rode with the Great Third Army and a Son-of-a-Goddamned-Bitch named Georgie Patton!" - General George S. Patton, Jr.

Ten years from now when South Africa is like Somalia and your grandson asks, "So granddad, what did you do to try and ensure a future for us?" What would you say? Would you able to tell your grandson that you started a blog to inform the world about what was really happening here? That you opened a Twitter account and built a following so as to spread the real news about South Africa under the fascist ANC regime? That you opened a Facebook account where you could share your opinions and actively partake in serious discussions that directly impacted upon our future? Would you be able to tell him that whenever Steve Hofmeyr, Sunette Bridges, Afriforum, Dan Roodt or others arranged a march, that you were there to support their efforts every time? Or...

Would you be telling your grandson that you were one of those who "shoveled shit" by causing dissension in our ranks? Would you be telling your grandson that you were one of those who insulted those activists, spreading unfounded rumours about them, calling them names and telling everyone they were only in it for the money? That you were one of those who always walked with the Bible under your arm insulting and judging everyone for not spelling the name of the Lord the way you wanted them to and for holding the Sabbath on Sundays, rather than Saturdays, while the rest were trying to find common cause for unity? That you were one of those who were more interested in the Illuminati, the Zionists and NWO than getting involved in addressing the real visible, direct threat? That you were one of those still fighting the Anglo-Boer war, while our people were being killed like flies in the here and the now? And that you were one of those who believed that only white, Afrikaans speaking, Christians of your church, or only English speaking descendants of the 1820 Settlers mattered? That you were one of those who split the whites between Boers, Afrikaners and others? That you were one of those stubborn hard-assed fools waving the Nazi flag to demonstrate your supremacy and superiority? That you were one of those who would not associate with Afrikaans speaking whites, because you viewed them as racist, uncivilised hooligans? That you were one of those who, while everyone was fighting for survival, were watching sport on DSTV? That stopped buying newspapers, but refused to cancel DSTV, because sport was your god, more important than your country and the future of your grand-children? That you were one of those that voted for the anti-white DA...

Some 23-million people were registered for the 2009 general elections, which was about 2.5 million more than in 2004. About 76% of registered voters took part in the 2009 election. The white vote is getting less and less important the bigger scheme of things. The 2014 elections will probably see another 3 million, or more, voters registered. This means that while white voters remain stagnant or decreasing, black voter numbers will continue to grow as they age.

While we often hear people wanting to vote for the DA in the hope that the DA would split the vote, one has to wonder what the reasoning is. The DA supports racist anti-white Black Economic Empowerment (BEE) that is nothing other than Black Elite Enrichment by stealing from whites and giving to blacks. A party that supports racist anti-white Affirmative Action (AA) policies, racist Land Redistribution all aimed at ensuring an impoverished,  dispossessed white minority. 

The DA is leftist liberal party that supports virtually everything else the fascist ANC stands for. The DA's policies are nothing other than adaptations of the ANC's policies. The DA, an acronym for Denialist Appeasers, have been denying the anti-white racism, denying the murdering and slaughtering of whites in this country, the farm attacks and even the existence of white squatter camps. The DA has openly distanced themselves from the whites, coloureds and Indians - the minorities. They have openly declared that they would not support minority rights or minority concerns. They are for the majority, the black majority, and screw the rest. 

The DA is well aware that the minority vote will not win them any elections. They are also aware that fighting for the rights of minorities will not gain them any favours with the black majority. While they gained their strength from the merger with the NNP, they've reached a ceiling. Realising they had scored the white vote, they then set their targets at the coloureds and Indians. The only way for the DA to now grow further is by gaining the black vote.

The DA has always denied serious issues important to minorities. While the DA support minority rights in other country, minorities in those countries being black, they've been denying minority rights in South Africa, because here the minorities are not black. DA is a black party, doing everything in their power to buy their vote by appeasing the black majority. They've been appeasing the blacks with promises of doing what the ANC failed to achieve.

The DA, ANC, PAC and most other opposition parties are still fighting apartheid. Helen Zille was a leading Black Sash anti-apartheid activist back then and she still is nothing other than an anti-apartheid activist now. All she did was exchange her Black Sash hat for a DA hat. BEE, AA, land distribution, etc. are all aimed at fighting apartheid. They have no plans for building more cakes, growing the economy, building and developing the country, because they are stuck in a time warp still fighting apartheid with ridiculous anti-white reverse-apartheid policies.

The DA is a black party and "Black South Africans are slowly beginning to identify with a party that is beginning to look like them as black leaders". Numerous ANC members have crossed the floor to the DA. Their white leadership will eventually all be replaced by blacks. Blacks are black and blacks are for blacks only and think only about blacks. The DA is nothing other the ANC and if the DA should show strength, we shall see more ANC members crossing the floor to them. We shall also see more COPE (ex-ANC) crossing the floor to the DA. Where would this leave the whites in this country? Voting for the DA means voting to get rid of the whites in parliament.

Are we going to vote YES again?
6 September 1989 House of Assembly (General) ElectionNational Party (NP): 48.19%Conservative Party (CP): 31.52%Democratic Party (DP): 20.00%
NP 48.19%+DP 20%=68.19%
17 March 1992 ReferendumYES vote: 68.73%No vote: 31.27%
It would seem that the NP and DP voters were the ones that voted YES, not realising they were voting for murder, rape, drugs, BEE, AA, nationalisation and land grabs.

Are we going to vote YES again? A vote for the DA is a YES vote showing support for BEE, AA, land distribution, losing property ownership rights and everything else the ANC stands for. The DA is doing everything in their power to win the black vote and once they've obtained it they would need to retain it somehow. The only way to retain it would be to do what the ANC has been doing... "A government that robs Peter to pay Paul can always depend on the support of Paul." - George Bernard Shaw

What the ANC had failed to rob from whites, the DA promises to do when they get to the top.

So what should whites be voting for?

Whites should vote for representation in Parliament.

It makes no sense for whites voting DA "just to break the ANC's two-thirds majority"Even with all whites voting for the DA it would not even make a dent in the ANC vote. The ANC did not gain support, they've lost voter support since 1994. The DA is hoping to gain what the ANC had lost. The whites voting for the DA would make only a minuscule difference to the final ANC count. Only blacks could break the ANC's two-thirds majority by voting DA and that is what the DA is after. They're not even interested in the white minority vote, because they know it would not help them in the least.

No one is going to fight for the rights of whites in this country if we do not do so ourselves. The DA most certainly would not be seen fighting for the rights of whites in any way whatsoever, as it would tarnish their image among their primary target group, the black voters.

Being less than 9% of the population. there is no way the whites could ever win an election to regain power. Voting for the strongest opposition party would mean nothing, because whites would still not enjoy any measure of representation in parliament.

It is strange how whites would consider voting for the DA in spite of the fact that the DA is a black anti-white party, based solely on the premise of breaking the ANC's two-thirds majority, but at the same time they would not vote for the Freedom Front, a white, pro-white party?

Whites would also much rather vote for COPE or the IFP, both black parties, rather than for the Freedom Front?

We see more and more new parties being formed and whites would rather self-destruct by voting for such new parties, all of which are still aspiring to hopefully one day getting a seat in parliament, while not being willing to vote for the Freedom Front, which already is in parliament. 

Am I a member of the FF? No, I am not and I belong to no party. Do I agree with everything the FF does or stands for? No, I do not, but I've always voted for them. So why am I canvassing for the Freedom Front? 

One thing I know is that with the FF being in parliament it means that whites still have some input in parliament, unless in 2014 whites finally commit political suicide by voting for the anti-white leftist liberal Black Sash led DA. 

Once the FF collapses and loses its seats in parliament whites will never get another seat, another voice, another party representing the white population in the SA parliament ever again.

Once that happens, we all might as well leave South Africa sooner rather than later. The fight would be over.

We all know the FF is not the most perfect party and we all know they may have painted themselves into a corner when Dr. Pieter Mulder accepted the deputy Minister of Agriculture position, but who else would or could still get into parliament once that last white party is out? 

One thing that is certain, is that the Freedom Front is a better choice for whites than the leftist-liberal, anti-white DA.

Whites should vote to retain some kind of input in parliament. So why not join the FF and make it our own, become actively involved and change it to ensure that it becomes what we want it to be?

Why form more and more new parties, hoping to get a seat in parliament, but in the meantime splitting the vote and killing the only remaining white party that already is in parliament?

In the 1989 general election the Conservative party (CP) obtained 680,131 votes. The National Party received 1,039,704 votes and the HNP only 5,416 votes. 2,804,947 people voted in the 1992 referendum, 875,619 of which voted NO.

By the 1994 elections the Freedom Front received only 424,555.

In 2009 only 146,796 - 0.83% voted for the Freedom Front, the only remaining white party in parliament that will probably not enjoy much support next time around either, because whites would rather lose white representation in parliament than vote for a party that is not racist enough or that is seemingly too racist. However they would much rather vote for an anti-white party, like the DA, that would like to see whites disappearing from this continent and that wants to disenfranchise and dispossess whites completely.

What happened to the 680,131 that voted for the CP in 1989, the 875,619 that voted NO in the 1992 referendum and the 424,555 that voted for the FF in 1994? The Freedom Front dropped from nine seats in 1994 to only three in 1999 and four since 2004. What chance does any other newly formed white party have of gaining even a single seat in parliament if this is the best the FF could achieve?

Forming new parties in the hope of getting a mandate by killing the only existing mandate we have? Totally and completely unknown parties being formed, splitting the few white votes among 20 different new parties, each unable to get enough votes to get a single seat in parliament, while at the same time killing the last remaining white voice in parliament? Is that rational?

Success is determined not by what you're hoping to achieve, but by what you are able to achieve with what you already have. If a business is failing one considers the changes in the market and the business environment, changes the company structure, diversifies and changes marketing strategies, or continue as is until finally going bankrupt.

Whites have to vote to retain representation in Parliament and that means choosing a party and uniting behind that party, not forming a thousand other new little parties that would split and destroy what we have. AND it certainly does not mean voting for the Black Sash / DA!

The Freedom Front has made many mistakes. It has become the party of the farmers, rather than the party representing the white voice in South Africa, but that can only change by getting involved and making it our own. 

Are we one day going to tell out grand children that we voted for the anti-white leftist liberal denialist appeasers, the DA, because we wanted to break the ANC's majority with our one cent's worth and by so doing killing the last remaining chance of having a voice in parliament? 

Are we going to tell our grand children that we refused to vote for the last remaining white party in parliament and chose to kill it, because we did not like the leaders of that party and were unwilling to get involved in it to make the changes we felt necessary?

Are we going to tell our grand children that we formed twenty new little parties, hoping to get a mandate for whatever reasons, while destroying the last EXISTING mandate we had in parliament?

If a million whites were to vote for the FF we could determine the party's direction, we could then determine our own mandate and force the party to drive that mandate, but if we were to kill it, we might as well leave this continent.

Whites have to start voting with their brains rather than their hearts and their egos. If whites wish to survive in this country we need to show some unity and make sure that we retain a voice, as strong a voice as possible, in parliament.

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  1. When I wrote this article I realised i was wasting my time, because to get this kind of reasoning across to people as divided as the white South Africans is a virtually impossible task. Emotions, religious beliefs, language, egos, stubbornness, helplessness, political, Boer vs Afrikaner vs English vs heritage and one-track-mindedness all play a role in the self-destructive nature of the whites in this country and across the globe. When this election is over and when the whites have lost their last voice in parliament, whites should call it a day, pack up and leave this continent. I've never partaken in self-determination discussions, volkstaat discussions, for the very same reason, because there is just too much dividing us. If whites cannot unite behind one party, then why even bother with anything else, because they are doomed, destined to to go extinct on this continent.

    Why should whites of all people vote for the DA?
    What have and what will they do for whites in future?
    Do they represent whites in this country?
    Do they make themselves out to be representative of whites in this country?
    Have they shown any interest in the concerns of whites in this country?
    What impact would the white vote make on the ANC's voter numbers?
    Not with all the white votes, together with the coloured and Indian votes have the DA been able to "break" the ANC and even with all their votes the DA would not be able to "break" the ANC's majority.
    In the past four elections added together the DA was able to obtain only 6,742,793 votes in total, while the ANC received 11,650,748 just in the 2009 elections alone.

    The white vote means nothing and the white vote will not "break" the ANC's majority.
    There are at least half a million whites that would always vote for the liberal DA, but what about the rest?
    There should be at least a million voters that could and should unite behind a particular white party, but where are they?

    What whites could very easily do is to lose what they have.
    If you cannot build upon what you have, then please don't even bother trying to build something else or something new.

    1. Ur'll are sick grow up black ppl black ppl really I do nt believe they are ppl who still talk lyk ur'll mmm nxa I can nt even sleep da way I am so mad I have never I have never disliked ppl without knowing them bt yall grown ass ppl think lyk dis nxa really.I am nt going 2 vote 4 ANC just coz they black I wanna c u offers wat I need.nxa

    2. gaining and maintaining power by breaking up larger concentrations of power into pieces that individually have less power than the one implementing the strategy. The concept refers to a strategy that breaks up existing power structures and prevents smaller power groups from linking up.

      owing to them not dealing with the several states in the same way, but wishing to preserve some and to destroy others.

      common principle in politics. The use of this technique is meant to empower the sovereign to control subjects, populations, or factions of different interests, who collectively might be able to oppose his rule. that a Captain should endeavor with every art to divide the forces of the enemy, either by making him suspicious of his men in whom he trusted, or by giving him cause that he has to separate his forces, and, because of this, become weaker.

    3. Pygmies exhibited like animals before a gawping public. Forced labour with amputations to encourage productivity. Medical experiments used to justify Nazi theories of Aryan superiority.

      Even now, many of the horrors of colonial Africa are insufficiently understood in the countries that inflicted them, according to Brett Bailey, a South African whose latest performance installation, Exhibit B, explores some of the most shocking.

      "A lot of these atrocities were committed in the name of colonialism and in the name of bringing civilisation, Jesus Christ etc to Africa," he told AFP in Paris.

      "Thousands and tens of thousands were murdered and these have all been covered up and secreted away."

    4. Pygmies exhibited like animals before a gawping public. Forced labour with amputations to encourage productivity. Medical experiments used to justify Nazi theories of Aryan superiority.

      Even now, many of the horrors of colonial Africa are insufficiently understood in the countries that inflicted them, according to Brett Bailey, a South African whose latest performance installation, Exhibit B, explores some of the most shocking.

      "A lot of these atrocities were committed in the name of colonialism and in the name of bringing civilisation, Jesus Christ etc to Africa," he told AFP in Paris.

      "Thousands and tens of thousands were murdered and these have all been covered up and secreted away."

      "There was a sort of political agenda that was behind it, to reduce people to colonial positions, objects for exhibition," he said.

      In one of Exhibit B's 12 displays, a woman sits on a chair on a floor of broken glass. In front of her, barbed wire runs between two posts topped with human skulls.

      'Denigrating one racial group'

      The scene depicts the plight of the Herero people who rebelled against German colonial rule in what is now Namibia.

      In concentration camps there, Herero women were made to boil the decapitated heads of fellow prisoners and scrape them clean with shards of glass.

      In another display, a man with a basket filled with casts of human hands is a reference to forced labour in Congo.

      As an incentive to ensure maximum productivity, the hands of those who failed to harvest enough rubber were cut off.

      And Bailey brings things up to date with a modern-day African migrant to Europe, hands and feet bound and adhesive tape over his mouth, on a deportation flight.

      The scene is a reference to young Somalian migrant Mariame Getu Hagos who died after being restrained during an attempt to deport him from Paris to Johannesburg in January 2003.

      "Politics runs through all my works," said Bailey, adding that he had been influenced by growing up during apartheid, under "a system which was about denigrating one racial group".

      But he said that despite the end of apartheid he found it difficult to be optimistic about South Africa's future.

      The country lacked an "Obama figure" to inspire hope, he said.

      "The two great shames of the South African transition is that there was very little economic transformation and the education system has become worse. It is deteriorating.

      "We don't have somebody putting a new vision on the table for us. We had Mandela 20 years ago and he set a beautiful foundation.

      But, he said, his legacy had been allowed to falter.

  2. Great blog post J. You are 100% correct. The DA is NOT the party for the White people of South Africa. However, many have been hood-winked into thinking that it is and that it's better to vote for them so as to give the Whites a voice. This isn't true at all. The White vote in the DA means nothing as it's a party intent on becoming Black. It will be ANC-lite eventually. I have been emailed and asked many times by people how they should vote. I refrain from giving them a party, but I do warn them that the DA is not all it seems. I'll put this heading on my blog and ask SA to come here to read it. Hopefully it will help some people make up their minds!

    1. Thanks for reblogging it Ozzie,

      This is also the first time I've ever advised on which party to vote for and the reason is obvious.

      Problem is that the Freedom Front would need to undergo some important changes if they are to enjoy this privilege of whites voting for them.

      P.S. To read the comments on Ozzie Saffa's blog, copy and paste the following link:

  3. Why does everything always have to be about colour? THIS is what is causing the divide in the country. People must rather work hard and work together to try and fix the total chaos that is escalating on a daily basis. Get rid of the thieves and incompetent people in Parlament who only steal from the taxpayers in this country, starting with Zuma, who thinks he is untouchable. There are a lot of black people in this country who are equally unhappy about the situation, and who are also the victims of all the same injustices than we as whites are. Lack of respect from the so-called "leaders" towards the citizens of this country, as well as the "entitlement" of the human race, as well as the media who always creates propaganda with their half-baked sensations and lies, are the major contributors to the racial indifferences and intolerance. The workforce must also be re-assesses to make sure that competent people are employed in order to promote the skill- and intellegence level in this country. The SAPS must be submitted to a gruelling training program again in order for them to be more alert and movable. They are supposed to protect us, not threaten people or brush probolems back into the hands of the victims. That is how vigillantes are born. May GOD be with South Africa, because something once so beautiful, is turning into a stinking pit of nothing good.

    1. Well, at least you acknowledge that we have problems.

      Like it or not, race is the single greatest factor in all of this, you can't just ignore it. Sooner or later you will come to realise that decent whites are far more common than decent blacks.

      If you look all over the world you won't find a single country, or even city, competently run by blacks. You won't even find a stable, highly integrated, multicultural population. Whenever two distinct races are forced into contact with each other there will be friction. It's natural, caused by deep seated primal instincts.

      I have worked with many black people, and while a few of them were average at their job, and better than quite a few white workers. Most were an absolute drain on the companies they worked for.

      The people with a true brilliance, the people who actually get the work done right, are all white.
      Education does not seem to change this, I have often had to fix problems caused by black employees with impeccable qualifications and salaries far higher than my own.

      You say we must work hard and work together, what do you think we have been trying to do for years, decades even? This is hardly an original thought what makes you think it will work now?

      I have seen many whites enthusiastically start schemes to uplift black people, all of them failed, some of them tragically so.

      It is time you realise that our differences run deeper than colour. Like it or not, current events and all of recorded history undeniably prove that, in general, whites have a higher innate ability.

      You mention a few things that you think could improve our situation. How do you intend the workforce to be re-assessed? How do you intend to force the SAPS to reorganise? If you try suggest it they will call you a racist and ignore you, if not threaten/arrest you.

      You can try to go and engage with black people, you can try and change them, but I can tell you now that you will get nowhere.
      Great people have been trying for years and they all get nowhere, eventually they all give up or end up murdered.

      I'm sorry, but to think that all our problems can be solved by pretending that we are all the same, if we just close our eyes and try harder, is just naive.

    2. Very well said anon @ 9.37pm. This abject fear of being called a "racist" is the biggest problem faced by whites not only in SA but the entire world. The enemies of white people, ergo the enemies of civilisation itself, know how much we fear this magical little word - it is in fact our own "tokolosh" which must be avoided at all costs. It is as effective against us as a crucifix to Dracula - we cower and run away whenever it is uttered. I don't think voting for the FF will do us any good at this stage, but whites must fight fire with fire and start calling out the blacks for the very blatant racism - in both their discriminatory laws and refusal to acknowledge the vicious crime wave against us. I see the secession of the W.Cape (or part thereof) as the only possible solution to the problem. It is sad and bad that the DA are going after the black vote - you are right, they will just become an ANC-lite.

    3. I cannot really add to any of the above comments as I think they've said it all.

      The fact remains that BEE, AA are anti-white, pro-black and if we do not address it as such we're lost.

      If we do not get a white party to represent the needs of the white minority we are lost.

      South Africa is much more racially divided today than ever before and it is not because of whites, because blacks caused this to happen.

  4. Perhaps it's a clever ploy on their part? You know, like what all other black parties do.

    Say what you need to to get into power, then before the ink is dry:
    -stop AA, BEE.
    -Bring back the death penalty and to hell with the human rights.
    -Get those unemployed former army men to patrol the farms with a "shoot first, ask later" approach.
    -Have a commercial and radio ad clearly explaining to the masses that striking means less jobs and it's not your employers responsibility to give you a raise because you choose to live beyond your means.
    -Make everyone pay tax in some form. If you can't pay for hospital services then you clean the grounds etc. many ideas. If I had the power.

    1. Ha, a nice dream, but I doubt it.

      The DA is steadily repopulating it's structures with black people, by the time (if) the DA gets into power it will look just like the ANC.

      The DA consistently takes the anti-white stance. Most pointedly, they deny that farm murders are racially motivated. The DA could be doing a lot to raise international awareness, but they would rather sweep it under the carpet.

    2. Yes unfortunately we have bred a nation of self-entitled sloggers that just want. They're so used to just getting that any party that refuses to give everything to them will be run down by riots and violent revolt.

      Nothing that needs to be done would be done, because the undisciplined masses will not accept it.

      The DA chooses to deny and warrant the behaviour blacks in order to gain their votes, which means they're just aggravating our problems.

  5. I must admit that I am ignorant with regard to how our parliament works. Yet it strikes me that the FF will have the same problem you point out the DA has.

    If every white person in the country voted FF, what could they do?

    Even if we somehow infiltrate the ranks of the FF, and push good people to leadership positions from within the party, what would change, what can one or two seats in parliament accomplish?

    Where would we find good people to sit in parliament? Could you sit in that nest of brain-dead vipers? How long could any decent person be forced to listen to the utter rubbish they spew in there?
    If you put General Patton in our parliament how long would he last before storming out in disgust (or, more likely, before taking out his pistol).

    It is already too late.
    The ANC will continue to act just as it does now, with the secrecy laws and ANC cadres in the judiciary, they can and will do anything they want without fear of repercussions.

    The whole game is rigged.
    The politics are just a distraction, something to hold our attention while our pockets are picked clean. To give false hope to the masses.

    By voting I fear I would be implicitly showing support for a system I know will never work in my interest.

    I don't have a better answer, and I can't see a solution. I must appear defeatist, but I cannot buy into false hope.

    In the long term self-determination is the only hope us whites have of remaining in Africa. Verwoerd said as much decades ago, and it remains true today. Yet I agree with you that that goal looks unobtainable from where we are now.

    There must be another option, another way. I hold out hope that a solution will appear as the world slides further into chaos.

    1. The white vote is so insignificant that I've been thinking it's a waste of time to vote, but then I also realised that as long as we're stuck in this party-political system we have no option other than to at least try and ensure that someone in parliament would be talking on our behalf.

      We have to understand that, as you said "It is already too late." the game is over, but that we have a responsibility to make sure that there is something left for those that come after us.

      As long as there are whites in this country there should be someone in parliament representing those whites, and the only white face still remaining in parliament is the Freedom Front and I cannot see any new party getting into parliament.

      For a new white party to get into parliament they would need the financial resources throw adverts on every TV station each and every day, be more visible in the media than any other party in this country, but that will not happen.

      We are stuck therefore with what we have, the Freedom Front.

      While I never thought that I would one-day end up canvassing for a political party I have come to realise that it has become our only hope and our responsibility.

    2. I still have no hope that my voting for the FF will help our situation. However, it also can't do any harm, and it may do some good.

      You have convinced me that we have to try all the options open to us.
      I will vote for the Freedom Front.

  6. "There must be another option, another way. I hold out hope that a solution will appear as the world slides further into chaos."

    I fear you are correct - total chaos is the only possible way out of this. It must get much worse before it can get better.

    1. This is a subject I've been avoiding, because explaining this could shock the pants off most people.

      I wrote an article called "Why Africa WILL Die", but never published it, because it would be just too much.

      Briefly we need to understand that Africa is a parasite, it has never contributed to the grown or development of the world, it has always only been sucking the world dry. The world would be a much better place without it, because it is nothing other than a burden. Africa cannot and never will be able to sustain itself, let alone develop and grow.

      The coming global economic collapse and WW3 will destroy Africa and I foresee that, once these things happen, at least two thirds of Africa will die out from starvation, disease and internal conflict for the sake of survival.

  7. I think the Parliamentarians, either they are blacks or they are whites need to show patriotism and loyalty. They should not be the cause of any racism.
    South Africa News Online

    1. Party politics is not about patriotism, the people, the country or loyalty to their voters, it is about loyalty to the party and supporting the party's policies.

      Politics is a career and careers are about making money, gaining positions, getting to the top.

      Because of this we've seen individual politicians starting out at the National Party, crossing the floor to the Conservative Party, then crossing the floor to the Inkatha Freedom Party.

      Politicians cross the floor from the far left to the far right, because it's a career.

      Unfortunately racial discrimination in this country is serious business and without it the ANC would not have remained in power this long, it is their ticket for retaining power.

  8. I hate the DA/ANC/white,black argument.
    Why whenever the subject is discussed commentators always speak at all about the DA?

    In south Africa,it is NOT about the DA!!
    In s.a it is about race,plain & simple.There are many opposition parties besides the DA.

    The fact of the matter is the black kaffirs outvote the whites by 10 to 1.

    Even if every single white voted for joe soap,they simply do NOT stand a chance against the anc.

    on the other hand the Da wants the black vote but does realize that the more kaffirs they attract the worse their party will become.


    1. My suggestion here is not about gaining power and toppling the ANC, it is about retaining a white face in parliament that could speak on behalf of the white minority.

      Whether we like it or not this is a black/white issue and the whites are fighting for survival.

      It is easy for us today to think about our current situation, but we have children and grand-children to think about and if we do not at least try to do something to ensure that they have a voice somewhere in future, we would be the cause of their demise.

      This issue no longer is about black vs white, DA vs FF+ or whatever, it is about retaining a voice that represents our case in parliament.

      Once we lose that voice, we're gone and done for and we should then rather ship our children and grand-children out of this country as quickly as possible.

    2. Some whites have a white face in parliament with the DA.

      Can you please explain to me what they are achieving at present or how you think the gov. takes them seriously.

      You are seriously deluded,if you think a white face in parliament will achieve anything.


    3. Some whites have a white face in parliament with the DA.

      Can you please explain to me what they are achieving at present or how you think the gov. takes them seriously.

      You are seriously deluded,if you think a white face in parliament will achieve anything.


  9. More comments on this article can be found at two other sites where it was reblogged:

    Ozzie Saffa's blog:


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  10. Retaining white faces in parliament? How is that going to help the present situation we all find ourselves in at the moment? White faces in parliament who join other parties and accept deputy positions will not change politics in this country but getting real patriotic conservatives inn will, if the FF can change its “virkrampte” farmer image to a party that will be home to religious conservatives, you will definitely see some big changes and support for them.

  11. "Like it or not, race is the single greatest factor in all of this, you can't just ignore it. Sooner or later you will come to realise that decent whites are far more common than decent blacks.

    If you look all over the world you won't find a single country, or even city, competently run by blacks. You won't even find a stable, highly integrated, multicultural population. Whenever two distinct races are forced into contact with each other there will be friction. It's natural, caused by deep seated primal instincts.

    I'm sorry, but to think that all our problems can be solved by pretending that we are all the same, if we just close our eyes and try harder, is just naive."

    The above comment struck me immensely. Living here in America, I have to say that as I've grown older, the thoughts expressed above are completely accurate. Long ago in America's history, we considered blacks, as slaves, to be 3/5ths human. The above statements show that we may just have been absolutely accurate in that assessment. However, in today's world, to make that statement in public would result in screams of 'racist' followed by a severe beat down. Consequently, it's not politically correct (ARG, what crap) to make such a statement. But, based on what I've seen of the black community since I've been on the planet, I'm afraid it should be said and said often.

    I've tried for all of my life to live by Dr. King's suggestion to judge, if one feels the need to assess, by the content of character instead of skin color. My assessment is that most of the black community is simply not willing to take care of themselves and can't seem to make decisions for their own betterment.

    "There must be another option, another way. I hold out hope that a solution will appear as the world slides further into chaos."

    If someone shows up and has the ultimate answer, we'd probably, worldwide, adore this person and hold them up as the supreme human being on earth. When we do that, I wonder how many will realize we're probably looking at the third Anti-Christ. Dang, the very thought frightens me.

    Thanks for the blog. I came to it by a twitter follower, @TruthGunner who is also from South Africa and is concerned about the Farm Murders that are going on but aren't showing up on international news. A start might be to make sure that the world knows you're being exterminated simply because you're white. That's a huge 'wow factor' that some news outlet might pick up.

  12. Well I have read the the blogg article and all of the comments and I hate to say this but a lot of it is quite true. When the first European settlers came to Africa there was no economical infrastructure or modern world development on this continent at all. Everything which is on the African continent was braught here or established here by the western (white) European settlers but today Africans just want to claim everything whether it belongs to them or not just because it is on the continent. Strangely enough for many years Africans lived in poverty here in Africa but after past twenty years of ANC rule with black empowerment equity and land reform there are all of a sudden blacks who live like kings and queens with lascivious lives and riches that they cannot prove its origins. To my experience and knowledge I can only ascribe it to the ongoing corruption and fraud which is taking over this "yes" beautiful country which is turning into a den of robbers and murderers, the polution is another fact which is irritating me tremendously and no one seems to care about it. South Africa - the rubbish dump of Africa where all the host of Africa's prime evil are gathering. Black people don't care whether you are British, American, German, French or whatever, when they see a white man they label you boer or Afrikaner and you stand in the same que as the rest to be robbed, raped or murdered just because you are "white". Africans hate whites whether they admit it or not, there are only a very small minority of blacks who likes whites but they will be killed along with the whites if they tried to help or protect them. I have a DVD called "Addio Africa" which the Italians shot in the early 1960's after the majority of African countries got independence from Britain and the things I saw on it is horrendously barbaric but what shocked me most is the fact that a lot of those things are happening today right here in South Africa and likewise as in the 1960's no one out there is doing anything about it. A lot of people are dying, a lot of people have been robbed, violently attacked, raped and even murdered, the Nigerians are running the biggest drug cartel right here on South African soil and making prostitutes of many white people's daughters who got themselves tangled up with drugs. We all have seen how Africa holds its hands open at the United Nations year in and year out because it can not sustain itself but it is an issue Africa has always had but they want to claim superiority over whites while it is the very countries where those whites forefathers emigrated from which supports them economically. How diluted is that or should I say arrogant? They show nothing but barbaric traits in all of Africa's history, why would it change for the world? If they can't get their way they become violent in getting their way. What is sane or civilised about that left alone righteous.

  13. Thank's for your information and i like yoe post ^___^

  14. Guys, we need to distinguish who the people are that we are talking about.

    Sure, it is NOT about voting (the system is rigged anyway) and it is NOT about whether the DA or the FF or whosoever may have the right solution. No mortal soul has the solution.

    The fact is we Whites are in trouble right now.

    It IS all about race.
    We are being farm-murdered out of our own country.
    What can we do about it?

    The answer is: NOTHING AT ALL.

    Everything WE try is doomed to failure.

    But the IS someone who CAN do something about it.
    We have to return to our God, Yahweh, the god of ancient Israel (NOT THE JEWS, who are an entirely different group of people. I am not talking about Jews, I am talking about Israel.)

    According to Zephania 3:10 - 20 (check it out on e-sword or in your King James Version/ 1933/53-Vertaling), we have the promise, prophesied 3 000 years ago, that "From beyond the rivers of Ethiopia (i.e. looking south while standing in Judea/Israel) my suppliant, even the daughter of my dispersed, shall bring mine offering... " " Oorkant die riviere van Kus vandaan sal My aanbidders, My verstrooide gemeente, My offerandes bring"...

    (Now who might this be? You have three guesses.)
    ... I will also leave in the midst of thee an afflicted and poor people, and they shall trust in the name of the Lord ..." "...En Ek sal tussen jou in laat oorbly 'n ellendige en geringe volk wat by die Naam van die Here skuiling soek..."

    A small VOLK. Who qualifies as a Volk, and who has all the characteristeristics ot a Volk? The English speakers in this country are not a coherent volk, neither is the Afrikaner group. There is a small, tattered, "afflicted" much slapped-around and Boere-bashed little ethnic group, a recognized VOLK, however, which is alive and vibrant and God-fearing even today, and insists upon taking refuge in the name of Yahweh.

    (NOTE: Lord, God, etc., are titles, NOT names. The name of the God of the Bible, as revealed to Moses, being his Covenant Name forever, is Yahweh (I am who I am).

    Compare also Isaiah 18 (whole chapter): "Woe to the land shadowing with wings, which is beyond the rivers of Ethiopia..." "

    These prophetic texts refer to the countries south of the great rivers of Africa, and to the light skinned, highly civilized people living in it who are the "suppliants"/worshippers of Yahweh, and who take refuge under HIS NAME. ... " when I turn back your captivity before you eyes, saith the Lord
    (Yahweh)" "... wanneer Ek voor julle oe julle lot verander, se die Here."

    So what is to be done is to trust in HIS word, and to take refuge by HIS NAME, declare that we in ourselves, can actually do nothing, but in dependence on Yahweh, doing HIS will, and preparing to be HIS bride, the small volk-to-be at the Southernmost tip of this continent will survive.
    Are YOU planning to be a survivor? Then you better realize you have no other choice.

    NO DA, NO FF, NO United Nations, NOBODY AT ALL can help.
    The one and only Hope we have is Yahweh.

    But we do have to declare our dependence on HIM, and HIM only.
    And we have to become a VOLK for HIM.

    And HE will change our destiny before our very eyes.

  15. you`re inviting blacks to go for your jugular to revenge the destruction you subjected them to by keeping themunderdevelopment with your laws that were meant to keep themdowntrodden and you still have the temerity to refuse to atone and repent!The world is not stupid it does research on all countries for different reasons and it knows that you are killing each other to make a milieu in blaming blacks but not specify which blacks!you are partners with these faceless and aged and obtuse rulers to annuhilate and destroy blacks so that they can eat your bribes undisturbed that`s why they allowed you to establish a litany of private armies manned by foreign militias from 32 battallion,renamo,m23 and inter alia mdc.that was why they defended kommandokorps that it is not a terrorist outfit.