Wednesday, 11 December 2013

The beautifully decorated rotten egg hailed as a saint

So it took a beautifully decorated rotten egg to draw blinded sheeple from their closets.

Here was a rotten egg that was painted with absolute care over a prolonged period of time, along with much patience and planning. Much thought went into its design, for this rotten egg was to be marketed to the world as the absolute masterpiece, the most perfect piece of artwork the world had ever seen.... a ruthless terrorist presented as a pacifist, as a man of peace, a peace-maker and a saviour, a hoax if ever there was one.

Suddenly now we are finding more-and-more people, even supposedly conservative people, people promoted as "leaders", praising the painted rotten egg, wishing Mandela well, forgiving him and wishing for him to "Rest In Peace", that beautifully painted rotten egg.

In the only book on Nostradamus ever researched, written and published in Afrikaans, it was claimed that Nostradamus had foreseen this egg and that he had described Nelson Mandela as "The greatest deceiver of the world". It was a masterpiece created by most evil among us.

Suddenly the rot and the stench left by this egg are all forgotten.  Suddenly, as with any false prophet hailed as a saint, the rotten egg is praised for his appearance, rather than banished for the deceit and deathly stench he had left hanging in the air.

Most humans suffer the "Pied Piper Syndrome".  Always following those best-dressed, with the best voices, speaking the kindest words, producing the most flattering of tunes from their flutes. Rotten eggs, Pied Pipers, disguised as pieces of art that can entrance them into a hypnotic zombie-like state of mind.

Unfortunately the zombies are in the majority and they rule the world purely because of their numbers, not because they possess the intelligence, the insight or the capacity to do so, but purely because of their overwhelming numbers, often referred to as sheeple.  These zombies create popular public opinions and everyone else is expected to go along with the public opinions created by these zombies.

The zombies cannot function without leaders, but their leaders are always selected from among themselves, from their own kind, by way of popularity contests called elections. Once a leader has been chosen, no one dares go up against them.

These leaders often lead their fellow zombies to their death, by manipulating them to follow the Pied Pipers (beautifully painted rotten eggs), all of whom were created by those who pay the Pied Pipers.....

Nelson Mandela's legacy is that he was the greatest hoax in the history of the world.

Further reading

Nostradamus En Die Einde Van Die Millennium (Afrikaans Edition) by Eben Meiring

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    This is a reminder of the legal notice that was served on South African president, Jacob Zuma, via the State Attorney on the 1st May 2013. We have had no response or communication whatsoever regarding this critical issue. The people should be outraged and I trust that the people of South Africa will recognise the crimes being committed against each and every one of us by an illegitimate government - using the unwitting police and military to enforce their fraudulent activity – allowing the banksters and multinational corporations to enslave the people.

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