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Was Nelson Mandela jailed for his "political beliefs?" - An extract from Bulala

The following is an extract from Bulala: A True Story Of South Africa by Cuan Elgin :

It is a common misconception that the ANC’s leader in the 1994 elections, Nelson Mandela, had been jailed for his “political beliefs.”

He was in fact acquitted of treason after a 4-year trial, but re-arrested a few years later, and sentenced to 5 years imprisonment for launching an armed insurrection (as founder and commander-in-chief of Mkhonto weSizwe, the ANC’s militant wing).

He was then later charged with 193 counts of terrorism: for sabotage and for trying to smuggle, prepare, or manufacture (mostly Soviet-bloc) munitions, including: 210,000 hand-grenades, 48,000 anti-personnel mines, 144 tons of ammonium-nitrate, 21.6 tons of aluminum powder, 1,500 timing devices,b and 2,000 lbs. of black gunpowder. Among his many alleged co-conspirators were 3 'white' communist: Denis Goldberg, Arthur Goldreich, and Lionel “Rusty” Bernstein.

Nelson Mandela’s personal Makarov pistol (for killing white policemen”) which he buried in Rivonia before his arrest during the ANC’s “armed struggle,” was never recovered. These were clearly not “trumped-up” political charges. In his eloquent closing statement to the court, Mandela candidly admitted his guilt on the charge of sabotage, adding that he was, if needs be, prepared to die for his ideals. It was apparent from the huge amount of smuggled explosives that he was not planning to die alone.

Nelson Mandela was sentenced to life imprisonment; not summarily executed, as he undoubtedly would have been, in any black African country at that time, for the same offenses. Some made fanciful comparisons with the fate of plotter Guy Fawkes, who was burned at the stake for his failed attempt to blow up the British parliament in 1605. However Mandela conspired not just to bring down the government—he was planning on killing tens of thousands of innocent civilians in his quest for power.

The judge at his trial did in fact comment that “personal ambition” may well have played a role in his plans. Mandela boldly admitted his guilt.

He was never tortured during either his interrogation or incarceration (as he undoubtedly would have been in a black nation). In fact, he was generally treated humanely by his white captors; eventually being transferred from Robben Island, to the mainland, and living comfortably in a cottage in the grounds of the prison for the latter part of his incarceration.

Although he was approached and offered an early release by then-president Pieter Willem (P.W.) Botha (1916-2006), in the mid 1980’s, Mandela still steadfastly refused to renounced his commitment to violence. Likewise, even when he eventually gained an early release (by F.W. De Klerk), about 6 years later, on the condition that he commit his party to peaceful negotiations, he still refused to renounce violence.

As he walked free from the prison, accompanied by his second wife (& later convicted fraudster, kidnapper & alleged accessory to murder) Nomzamo “Winnie” Madikizela-Mandela (born 1936) he raised his fist in a “Black Power” salute.

Further, in the first speech that he made as a “free man,” he brazenly announced that the armed struggle would continue.

“The rest,” as they say, “is history.” Nelson Mandela subsequently led his communist-aligned ANC to an overwhelming victory in the first“fully democratic” South African elections in 1994. One of their favorite chants at political rallies to this day is:  “Bulala AmaBuhnu” (Kill the Boers)."

During South Africa’s post-Apartheid war crimes tribunal (the “Truth & Reconciliation Commission,” chaired by Archbishop Desmond Tutu) it was revealed that while the white “Apartheid regime” had murdered just over 500 of their (mainly black) political opponents—the ANC-led “liberation movement” had murdered over 22,000 of their own (mainly black) political opponents!

The above is an extract from Bulala: A True Story Of South Africa by Cuan Elgin

In my opinion "Bulala" is probably the most important, most authoritative and best researched book on the history of South Africa ever written. Anyone truly interested in the true history of South Africa and those invincible Boers must read this book. Bulala is the bible of South African history. - Toxinews


  1. These are not unknown facts. We need to take them into consideration but also look at the good he did as well

  2. nothing like the facts10 July 2013 at 16:32

    a man guilty of high treason. a crime deserving of the death sentence. he now wears a halo, just a pity that it is a pitch black halo. those who say nonsence, please prove the contrary

  3. Nelson Mandela is a Murdering old Terrorist.
    Nelson Mandela singing KILL the Whites
    Nelson Mandela sings about killing whites

    Nelson Mandela is a 33 degree Freemason an ATHEIST.
    Nelson Mandela is a “PUPPET” of the Communist New World Order.
    The JEW Newspapers are asking us Christians to PREY for him.

    Snowy Smith
    South Africa

  4. I have a bottle of champagne chilling in my fridge awaiting his demise.