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Liberals are out to kill all forms of conservatism

"The impact of having a deputy minister of agriculture representing a “rightwing political party” could have a detrimental effect on perceptions about commercial farmers. "

The ANC doesn't lose votes due to poor education standards as 70% of ANC voters never finished school. The uneducated is their support base.

It says so much for the level of intelligence of the average leftist liberal who thinks the sun shines from people like Nelson Mandela and other ANC cadres.

It makes sense then that the liberal scum that was left to float on sewage dams would launch this latest onslaught against conservatives. We're experiencing more-and-more attacks against the right of freedom of association guaranteed in South Africa's beloved and trusted Constitution.

I mean, the Constitution is so loved that even the conservative right is so blinded by it that they are building their hopes on the guarantees provided in that piece of toilet paper.

We often read about conservative leaders proclaiming their rights in terms of the SA Constitution, the very Constitution that guarantees, "Freedom of speech" under the State Secrecy Bill, the right to work and practice a profession of your choice under Affirmative Action and BEE policies, the "Right to freedom of association" like Kleinfontein and Orania, the "Right to life" with 50 people murdered each and every day in SA, the "Right to safety and security" in the Rape Capital of the World.

Amazing how some people feel so protected by the Constitution, while the Constitution has meant nothing to anyone in this country thus far, but we are demanding our rights.

I've even read people proclaiming their "Internantional Rights" and how we are guaranteed certain rights and protected by "International Law", just like the rights of the Portuguese were protected by those same International Laws in Angola and Mozambique, just how those very "International Laws" protected the "International Rights" of whites in Zimbabwe. Just as those very "International Laws" have been protecting whites and religious groups throughout Africa and the rest of the world, as if whites actually have rights.

The leftist liberal scum are on a roll and they are out to kill white conservatism in particular, but also conservatism of any kind. Also keep in mind that most SA whites think that only whites can be conservatives. This is the same reasoning that suggests that only whites could be racists. There are far more black conservatives in SA than white conservatives, but sadly this is never considered.

While, for once, I agree with Max du Preez about the mis-perception that all or even most farmers are conservatives and right-wing, his aim is to destroy conservatism by labelling white conservatives as criminals, while hailing terrorists as heroes of the freedom struggle. Liberals want to get rid of the last white party in the SA Government, the Freedom Front.

The day the Freedom Front closes its doors will be the final death nail in the coffin of the white South African. Thereafter no white would have any say or input in what happens in this country ever again. It will be the final removal of the white face from Africa. Every dream every white person ever had will then be dead on the spot and whites should then seriously consider withdrawing from Africa forever,... unless of course whites think that the DA is their saviour and the party that would guarantee their future in this country, let alone on this continent.

I do not agree with the Freedom Front on every score, but I also realise it is the last white party in Africa, the last white party that holds a seat in this parliament and once they're gone, we're gone and forgotten ourselves.

It seems white South Africans, even after 360 years, still do not understand the mindset of Africa or, after 100 years, how the ANC and liberal media operate.

Here we have the ANC in such deep sewage they don't know how to get out of it and what do they do? As to be expected they resort back to their usual tactics of drawing the attention away from themselves by rather forcing someone else into having to defend themselves and as always everyone falls for the little trick.

Orania and Kleinfontein have been around for ages. The author of "How to be a good communist", Nelson Mandela even visited Orania and I can still clearly remember how exited old Betsie Verwoerd was when the messiah had descended down to earth to bless their Canaan. I clearly and vividly recall how on SABC-TV they even used the word "oupa" in reference to their Madiba. Perhaps that is why the ANC even scored some votes in Orania during the last elections.

A few years later the disgraced great son of Africa, Julius Malema, appeared and he too visited Orania and made headlines doing so. He also smiled upon them, knowing where it would lead to in the distant future.

With all the fights against Radio Pretoria it would be ridiculous to even suggest that no one knew about Kleinfontein.

Suddenly now that the heat is upon this ANC regime following Marikana, Nkandla, Guptagate and the recent BBC article on the future of whites in SA, they pop up with something to draw the attention away from themselves. Suddenly Kleinfontein is the return of Apartheid, but guess who is leading the pack in this anti-Kleinfontein onslaught? - The Denialist Appeasers (DA). Now ask yourself the question, who started it all? I for one do not believe the ANC possesses the intellectual capacity for this latest move and the DA is enjoying the best mileage from the Kleinfontein saga.

Suddenly the "Afrikaners", the "Boers", the "racist Apartheid whites" are having to defend themselves against a huge onslaught from all quarters again. Interestingly enough, the same old crowd, the leftist liberal PFP / DP / NP-DP = DA together with their beloved brethren in the ANC are at their familiar old game, which is working again. Just a few days ago FW de Klerk also jumped to the defence of the ANC and Zuma by insultingly labelling objective white realists as "afro-pessimists".

Every time the heat is turned up the ANC and their liberal partners find a way to swing the attention away from them. That's the way they work.

Now obviously the onslaught against Kleinfontein and Orania was to be expected at some stage, and it was destined to happen sooner or later, but at this point in time it is the ideal ammunition. Of course this also follows shortly after the 13 May meeting between the "Boere-Afrikanervolksraad" and the SA Human Rights Commission.

In the meantime "Members of the rightwing Afrikaner-only “town” of Kleinfontein are gearing up for a legal battle with its management as they are claiming that the entire settlement exists and operates illegally.

"...the town exists in violation of twelve separate pieces of environmental, property and land legislation.

Kleinfontein, in turn, has not denied that it operates in breach of legislation but argues that it has a right to exist according to Section 235 of the Constitution and that it is defined as an informal settlement."  (source) and the same will probably happen to Orania at some stage, because Orania is a share block scheme. Anyone investing their money in a share block scheme or a co-op scheme does so out of sheer ignorance only, but that's their problem.

This is by no means a new issue. "Gauteng to launch inquiry into whites-only Kleinfontein ‘cultural village’ BY TREVOR NEETHLING, NOVEMBER 14 2012" and there are even older articles stemming from way back, so why now suddenly this eruption then?

The DA is beginning to taste possible election victory as it gathers more-and-more black support. Putting their efforts into fighting white Afrikaner racism or even Boer culture has huge marketing value in the run-up to next year's fake elections. This is the old Progressive Federal Party returning, led by the Black Sash. They want to publicly distance themselves from any form of white racism to win the confidence of the black masses. Also keep in mind that just recently the ANC and company accused them of wanting to bring back Apartheid and the DA would do anything to prove them wrong. What better way to do this than attack "white settlements".

On the other hand the ANC is jumping around trying to put out all the fires and are using this as a tool with which to shift the attention away from them, while trying to rekindle their freedom fighter image among the younger black voters.

It is election time again and, as in the past, the political parties are using minor issues to polish their own image. Any white that votes for the DA in future should seriously ask themselves why they are supporting an anti-white pro-ANC leftist liberal party that have an established track record of stabbing whites in the back and selling-out South Africans all in the name of money. The DA is the anti-white, pro-ANC PFP combined with the Black Sash of old. Typical liberals, they are out to make money without considering the consequences, because as always they will be the first to flee.

Liberals are out to kill and destroy all forms of white nationalism, people's choice to associate with people of their own liking, Kleinfontein and Orania, traditional suburbs, Afrikaans music and radio stations, Christian values and Christian churches, while supporting the black economic forums, black only movements and other racist black organisations.

They are going for the kill and this time they intend finishing what they couldn't do over the past few hundred years. THIS is a TOTAL ONSLAUGHT against whites, Afrikaans, the Christian church, white SA culture and everything that smells, looks or tastes like conservatism or anything anti-multi-culturalism.

Liberals love their rainbow nation and their ANC leaders, because liberals are terrorists. Liberals terrorise anyone and anything that do not follow their deluded thinking.

Comments by readers

Sean S. : "Every Afrikaner right wing movement in this country with the Freedom Front in particular were always doomed to ultimate failure because they are all stuck in the stone age and have no real balls. They all lack vision and the ability to gut fight. Since the inception of the new SA, every pro Afrikaans group has played directly into the hands of the ANC and the communist agenda by endorsing the very laws and institutions put in place to imprison us and eventually destroy us. Take the hate speech laws as an example. Having an equality court which uses bullshit hate speech laws to annihilate anyone who opposes the status quo, is a dies in the wool Stalinist tradition. But what did Afriforum and the Freedom Front do? Did they oppose it and try to undermine it's legitimacy? No, instead they gave it legitimacy by running to it like little girls the moment Malema said something they didn't like. So now we have an equality court fully endorsed and legitimised by the representatives of the Afrikaners. Absolute fucking stupidity."

Marjorie S. : "You can look at it any way you like, but the bottom line is the anyone becoming part of this corrupt machine is just condoning what it does, and giving it credibility. I do not believe he [Pieter Mulder] can strengthen the case for the farmers, only weaken it. This is what Zuma was doing. He was hoping to make it SEEM as if he cared about the farmers, both English and Afrikaans. In this way he made Mulder ineffective... for how can he speak against a government of which he is part? I do believe Mr Mulder, much as I respect and admire him for what he IS doing, in this he has lost the possibility of ever being a real help. The old Freedom Front is gone and its purposes lost."

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