Monday, 20 May 2013

Where do most Highjackings occur?

By October 2011, South Africa's vehicle population was 10,156,186, according to the eNaTIS.

64,504 (176 per day) cars, worth more than R9-billion, were stolen and 10,627 vehicles were hijacked in 2011.

This means that of the 570,012 vehicles sold in 2011, at least 75,131 occurred due to theft and hijackings.

Source: So South Africa is a stable economy built on solid rock is it?

It should be noted that the majority of hijackings take place in front of private residences, usually in the drive-ways.

In front of private residences 51%.
Victims sitting in parked cars 10%.
At traffic lights 7%.
At a stop street or yield sign 6%.
At business premises 5%
Victims forced off road by decoys 4%.
While taxis are loading/offloading passengers 4%.
At shops, post offices and telephone booths 3%.
Victims parking, that is to say either starting, leaving or approaching parked cars 2%.
Victims stationary and working at the roadside, that is to say repairing telephone cables 2%.
While loading and offloading goods 2%.
At other intersections 1%.
At filling stations 1%.
By hitchhikers 1%.
Unspecified 1%.

Source : Hi-tech Security's general manager, Vernon Lancaster

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