Monday, 20 May 2013

Apartheid - the ANC's scape-goat yesterday, today, forever

The African National Congress (ANC), supported by its Tripartite Alliance with the Congress of South African Trade Unions (COSATU) and the South African Communist Party (SACP), has been the ruling party of "post-apartheid" South Africa on the national level since it won a majority of seats in the first multi-racial election on April 27, 1994. It increased its majority in the 1999 elections, and further increased it in 2004, with 69.7% of the votes. In 2009 its share of the vote reduced slightly, but it remained the dominant party with 65.9% of the votes.

Today South Africa is recognised as the official Rape Capital of the World!

The NIMSS report reveals that in a single year, 2000, more South Africans died unnatural deaths than the total number of US casualties during the 12-year Vietnam war.

More people are murdered in South Africa every two months than the total number of people murdered in Ireland over the past 30 years.

Ever since the ANC came to power they've blamed Apartheid for their every failure, including:
  • Violence against women
  • Poor service delivery
  • Failure to deliver textbooks
  • Abject failure of the education system
  • Eskom being unable to keep the lights on
  • Rampant unemployment
  • Derelict RDP Housing
  • Corruption
  • Police Brutality
Isn't it strange how Apartheid is always being blamed for everything, yet the South African Native National Congress (SANNC) was founded on 8 January 1912 already to fight for the rights of the black South African population. (It became known as the ANC in 1923)

The (British) Union of South Africa was established on 31 May 1910. The National Party was founded in 1915, more than three years AFTER the ANC.

The National Party (so-called "Apartheid Government") only came to power on 4 June 1948, MORE THAN THIRTY SIX YEARS AFTER the founding of the ANC. So-called Apartheid rule ended on 9 May 1994 and the National Party ceased to exist when it was renamed "The New National Party". This New National Party finally merged with the Democratic Party in 2000, to form the leftist liberal Democratic Alliance (DA).

So the ANC was founded in anticipation of the founding of the National Party three years later and in anticipation of the National Party coming to power almost four decades later to institute Apartheid?

Virtually everything the ANC has been fighting over the past 100 years, was put in place before 1948, before the Apartheid era, and before South Africa became a Republic and yet they continue blaming the National Party's Apartheid for everything? Were they also blaming Apartheid before 1948 already?

The Status of the Union Act, 1934 (Act No. 69 of 1934) was an act of the Parliament of South Africa that was the South African counterpart to the Statute of Westminster, 1931. It declared the Union of South Africa to be a "sovereign independent state" and explicitly adopted the Statute of Westminster into South African law. It also removed any remaining power of the Imperial Parliament to legislate for South Africa, and ended the King's direct involvement in the granting of Royal Assent. The Status of the Union Act was repealed by the Republic of South Africa Constitution Act, 1961, which ended South Africa's status as a Commonwealth realm and transformed it into a republic. The Constitution of 1961 (formally the Republic of South Africa Constitution Act, 1961) was the fundamental law of South Africa for two decades. Under the terms of the constitution South Africa left the Commonwealth and became a republic. Legally, the Union of South Africa, which had existed since 1910, came to an end and was re-established as the "Republic of South Africa".

In co-operation with the South African Communist Party, Umkhonto we Sizwe (or MK), the military wing of the ANC, was founded partly in response to the Sharpeville massacre of 1960 and launched its first guerrilla attacks against government installations on 16 December 1961.

The Sharpeville massacre occurred on 21 March 1960, while more than a year later only, on 31 May 1961, the country became a republic and Queen Elizabeth II was stripped of the title Queen of South Africa, and the last Governor-General, namely Charles Robberts Swart, became State President of the Republic of South Africa.

During the Rivonia Trial (1963 - 1964) ten ANC leaders were tried for already having committed 221 acts of sabotage.

We can expect that in another 100 years from now - Apartheid (1948 - 1994) will still be blamed for the failures of the ANC (1912 -).


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