Friday, 5 July 2013

Another black-on-white attack for liberals to deny

Of course, the "Government", SA Police, Statistics departments, and every other piece of liberal flotsam and jetsam in this sick society, not forgetting the media - especially the Liberal Afrikaans media - will wipe this off the table as "normal crime"
Normal for whom??? The savages who committed this cowardly act?? Probably, since they seem to know only excessive violence - which seems to be a "normal" part of life.

But then they actually admit that there is a major flaw in this "equality" theory which they hang on as their pseudo religion.

Another BLACK ON WHITE attack, which ends up in the statistics as "normal murder" and ignored when a case is being made to prove once again that the level of violence by BLACKS ON WHITES is totally out of proportion, and can not be seen as anything other than Genocide.

On Monday night, 01 July 2013, Dirk Koekemoer (79) and his wife Rita (75) were attacked and overpowered by FOUR black attackers when they arrived at their little Nissan 1400 LDV in Geduld, near Springs on the East Rand, ‎#Gauteng South Africa.

Dirk Koekemoer was stabbed twice in the back, once in the stomach and once in the chest with a knife. His wife tried to escape, but they caught up with her and dragged her back to the vehicle, where they proceeded to assault her.

Dirk Koekemoer died of his injuries.

The black attackers then loaded both victims on the back of the vehicle and covered them with the cargo canvas cover. After a while, they were dumped along the N12 at an off-ramp and the attackers fled with the vehicle.

Rita Koekemoer was very traumatised and was only found the next morning after spending the night in the veld.

No arrests has been made.

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