Wednesday, 2 April 2014

Apology to readers of ToxiNews blog

I started out blogging because I became so frustrated with the situation in South Africa, but I have to admit that I'm not a blogger. I am just another person in a regular day-job writing about things that bother and affect us, from my own personal perspective. 

This morning when, I once again wondered why no one was commenting on my blog posts, I went to check my blogger settings. I then realised there were hundreds of comments lying awaiting my "approval"?

I do not believe anyone's comments should be "approved" first. Would you believe that there is a setting where a blogger can actually choose this?:

Comment Moderation ?

Well I never. If I am free to write what I feel, so should readers be free to comment, argue and debate as they wish.

It was set to "Always", but I have now changed it to "Never".

I apologise to all those who had commented and never saw their comments appearing beneath the articles. It did take me a few years to actually realise this error.

I really do enjoy your comments and please feel free to comment as you please. 

Kind regards and thank you for the support.



  1. I am happy to find your distinguished way of writing the post. Now you make it easy for me to understand and implement the concept. Thank you for the post.


  2. Hey Toxi

    the problem is that you are going to land up with a huge amount of spam if you do not 'moderate' your comments (see Cindy above). Either that or install a spam checker that can do some sort of filtering.


  3. Hi ToxiNews
    Don’t be too sure of . . . and I quote you:
    Well I never. If I am free to write what I feel, so should readers be free to comment, argue and debate as they wish.

    No more “FREEDOM OF SPEECH” ON THE Internet you cannot write about what you feel.
    I had my blog removed, banned, gone by the Google police with no warning, nada nothing because I wrote about who’s who and who’s a jew.
    I’m now sharing a blog till I start a new one, and I’ll continue to warn my fellow folk about the danger we’re subjected to live under.

    Just use the “Comment Moderation” and check your spam comments as some real comments can also end up in the spam box.
    You’ll be surprised at the amount of rubbish sick people selling sick things will try and push onto your blog as “free” advertisements.

    Good luck