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Does South Africa Really Have A Constitution That Protects Its Citizens?

The following is an extract from a previous article:

In a Constitution driven system, every Law has to be tested against the Constitution. This means that a Law, such as the new Employment Equity Bill, should be measured to determine whether it honours and respects the Constitution. What happens in South Africa is that the Constitution is measured to determine if it actually does respect the needs of blacks. The current regime, with the help of liberals and supported by large corporations, use creative interpretation to show that the Constitution actually does support inequality and racial discrimination in order to favour blacks against all other race groups.

The fact is that this country's Constitution does not protect its citizens and it does not make provision for self-determination that so many tend to claim. If that was the case, why have self-determination groups been running abroad for help?

If South Africa truly was a democracy and its Constitution really was as good as everyone claims, no one would have needed to go outside the country for help, now would they?

It is disappointing how many South Africans are still depending on their "Constitution" as the "protector" of their so-called "rights".

A Constitution does not protect people. It is up to the people to protect their Constitution so as to ensure that their rights under the Constitution are retained. This has never happened in this country. Here everyone uses the Constitution as a punching ball, testing whether the Constitution actually really does offer them the protection they seek. A Constitution does not need to be tested. A Constitution needs to be protected, period.

No one has yet stood up to protect this Constitution. 70% of this country supports this regime that has been raping this Constitution at each and every opportunity. Big corporations have been using the Constitution to their own advantage just as much as the regime has been doing. Never once has anyone demanded the Constitution be respected in terms of its provisions for equality. BEE and Affirmative Action have been openly and publicly raping the Constitution.

This regime views the Constitution as a pest hindering them in their path to destruction and plundering of this country. They have been using "creative interpretation" to implement racist legislation like land redistribution, Affirmative Action and Black Economic Empowerment with the support of the appeasing large corporations.

Large corporations would much rather appease a corrupt regime than go up against it by demanding respect for the Constitution. There is much more money to be made, in the long term, from appeasing and bribing a corrupt regime than supporting a Constitution for the sake of the country. In the US the public have been fighting to protect their Constitution, while in SA people have been fighting for their rights by raping the constitution.

Under a real Constitution one declares and demands one's rights in terms of the Constitution. In the US, where they actually do have a real Constitution, no one would dare refuse someone anything specifically provided for under their Constitution. They demand their rights in terms of the relevant amendments under their Constitution. In South Africa you would have to go to court, so a bunch of liberal communists could decide whether you actually do have that right in terms of this so-called "Constitution”. This is not a Constitution, this is rubbish. You have no rights under this constitution unless a court says you do.

The AA, BEE, Employment Equity Laws, Land Redistribution and so many other laws and regulations, have proven that this constitution is not worth the paper it is printed on. Yet we are promised self-determination under this same Constitution that has not been able to protect any white person from being fired to make room for a black? The Constitution is not for South African citizens, but for blacks, period. No one is equal under this constitution, because blacks outclass and overrule all other races in terms of the way this constitution is being raped without opposition from anyone. No one can demand a job interview based on this Constitution. No one can demand their legal ownership of their own bought-and-paid-for land under this piece of toilet paper called a "Constitution". Do not even use the word, because there is no such thing as a Constitution in this country, let alone "guaranteed rights" promised by naive "leaders".

The NP promised a wonderful, safe, peaceful new South Africa with a rainbow nation and whites believed their empty promises of "checks and balances". Blacks keep voting ANC because the ANC keeps making empty promises and whites keep following self-determination groups, because those groups keep making empty promises based on "rights", supposedly "guaranteed under the Constitutional". And, we think we are "different"?

Before we can achieve anything in this country we would first need to learn what a Constitution really is. We would first need to decide whether this is a Constitution for us, and a Constitution that we could respect to such an extent that we would be willing to fight for it, just like the Americans are willing to fight for their Constitution. We need to make this Constitution our own if we feel it deserves it. We would first need to learn to fight for our Constitution. We would first need to learn to defend and protect our Constitution. Only once we have achieved that can we demand our rights afforded by the Constitution.

The problem is that this is not a Constitution of the people, because this Constitution was never approved by the people. It was drawn up and approved by politicians. It was never put to the test in a referendum to determine whether the citizens actually accept it as their Constitution. The citizens have never taken ownership of it, because it belongs to politicians, drawn up by politicians for use by politicians. This is NOT our Constitution. This Constitution does not belong to the citizens of this country, which is why the citizens cannot defend it. It is just another piece of legislation used against you, period.

The South African Constitution protects you and your rights only in as far as the Constitutional Court is able to prove that it does, and then only if you have the money to take your case to it.

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Now this is done under the "Constitution" that is supposed to be the protector of all South Africans?

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  1. Unfortunately, the constitution actually specifies that it is acceptable to discriminate based on race as long as the purpose is to correct past imbalances. So it is not a matter of enforcing or protecting the constitution, because during CODESA Roelf Meyer and the rest of the weak kneed liberals, caved in and agreed to a constitution with no minority rights, no direct constituency based accountability for elected politicians and, worst of all, a constitution that does not, in fact, reject racial discrimination.