Wednesday, 7 May 2014

So What Happens Now that SA #Elections2014 are over?

Besides religion / church and sport, nothing else divides a nation more than party politics. By making empty promises political parties are able break and prevent national unity at all levels.

As long as party politics continue to exist there will be division and friction. It is the perfect "divide and conquer" system.

For the first time in SA history do we vote, not because we believe the nonsense promises made by Pied Piper political parties, but to break the majority power of the ruling communist regime.

The ONLY value your vote has in this election is the potential to reduce the parliamentary voting power of the ANC, yet, political parties are still able to cause the necessary arguments and to put people off from voting, because of all the dissension they cause based on lies and false promises.

Not a single promise made by any political party can or will be honoured and they know it. It is all a load of nonsense. Even if another party was to win these elections, they would not be able to fire everyone appointed in positions they do not belong in because they do not qualify for those positions. We are stuck with what has been created, like it or not.

Successfully running a province inherited by default from another political party does not mean you can run an entire country as effectively

So today we vote and tomorrow life carries on, but because of political parties, with their greed for money and power, based on immature idealism and dreams, the voters will remain divided and this country will remain divided.

We have never experienced the level of dissension we've seen over the past few months. The infighting is nauseating, to say the least, and one cannot really blame anyone for not wanting to vote, because I myself had to drive myself to do so, simply because of one single motivating factor, the sense of responsibility in attempting to break the ANC's majority.

I doubt very much if we'll achieve it. Too many people have decided not to vote, which has been proven as the primary reason for the ANC's repeated success in retaining their majority since 1994.

So what happens now? Nothing,
What happens tomorrow? We listen to the Oscar Pistorius trial that is being used to draw our attention away from the more important issues like 400,000 murders, millions of rapes, thousands of assaults, attacks and hijackings since 1994.
Do the political parties really care what happens? No they do not. They do not give a damn, because they achieved what they set out to achieve; making it to the news, getting some extra funds, ensuring their salaries and pensions, while you and I are still arguing about which party we should have voted for based on their empty promises.

In the end the only thing that could potentially make a difference is if the ANC loses its huge majority in parliament, Should they lose, perhaps they'll find it more difficult to push through some of the racist anti-white legislation, but unfortunately:

Voting ANC is voting SA Communist Party
Not voting is voting ANC
Voting DA is voting ANC
Voting EFF is voting to speed-up ANC/SACP polices!

So even if the ANC was to lose its majority, the EFF and DA will support them in many instances by voting along with them in parliament and we'll still be screwed. Yet one white far rightwing party this morning even advised their followers to vote DA at provincial level?

The secondary reason for voting this time around is for whites to get as strong a representation / voice in parliament as possible.

Thanks to the division caused by non-politicians founding their own little parties, whites will also not longer be represented in parliament. The Freedom Front Plus has had to resort to coalitions and liberalising their party just in an an attempt to retain some votes and hold on to their place in parliament, albeit for their salaries or pensions or not. This has been on the cards for a long time coming, but now, should the FFPlus lose support and seats, we'll be lost without anyone in parliament speaking up on behalf of whites. We also need to keep in mind that the FFPlus has now been infiltrated by liberals, which is like playing Russian Roulette with a pistol.

The bottom-line is that whites will after tomorrow probably be totally screwed. We shall not be hearing from political parties again until the next elections. We would also have lost our representation in parliament and all the Alice in Wonderland promises made by idealistic parties are now dead and buried in this so-called "constitutionally driven" country.

What will the never-stood-a-chance political parties claim in their own defence? "But YOU did not vote for us!" YOU did not support us!" "That is why we cannot honour our misleading promises to YOU!"

Whites will now have to beg overseas countries to assist us in our survival, but unfortunately history has proven that it will not happen. Because of all the dissension created by political parties, the chances of unity are now virtually destroyed.

Whites will now be forced to change their attitudes and shift into pure "survival mode", because that is all that will now remain.

The one thing that may just perhaps count in our favour is if a large number blacks really decided not to vote, but sadly this will probably be counteracted by the equally large number of whites so confused and so despondent that they did not vote either.

Should whites lose their voice in parliament and should the ANC/SACP/DA/EFF political grouping retain or grow their majority, whites will have to sit back and make some very important and serious choices, but first and foremost will be to come to the realisation that we are now living in a black anti-white African communist country where whites have no rights and where whites are unwelcome. Anti-white xenophobia will grow exponentially and we shall have nowhere to run.

Take your party-political loyalties and shove it down the nearest toilet as quickly as possible and get into survival mode and do it fast.

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  1. Exactly, I fully agree with you, we are screwed since before 1994. I think a civil/racial war in South Africa is inevitable, it will happen, too much blood has been spilled by blacks and too much back stabbing has been done by all. This country is making its final choices. The nonsense that is going on with the government and business community cannot be sustained.