Wednesday, 14 May 2014

We Need Activists Not Politicians

Activists are a most important curse to corrupt politicians. If you want to corrupt an activist, make him a politician. 

Never trust a politician turned activist (Think "Global Warming"), because they do not fight for a cause. They are usually funded by large corporations to abuse a cause as part of an agenda for personal, financial and political gain.

Activists cannot be politicians, because activists are driven by a cause, not power. That is why activists cannot be politically correct.


  1. Bah!
    Activists can only ever increase chaos.

    From the definition you provided: "An activist is someone who cannot help...".

    Exactly. Activists can only effect change by relying on an outside power to intervene.
    Activists cry, whine and act up until they get the attention of someone who can 'help'.

    The problem is that there is no one who will be persuaded to help us.
    The UN, USA, Russia, the media? Who will the activists get to help us and what will they demand in return.

    What we need are people with self reliance and self respect.
    Those are the people who build strong nations.
    Activists appear generations later and dismantle those nations from the inside.

    I would argue that activists are the most important tool of a corrupt politician.
    If you want to line your pockets implementing some crazy 'carbon tax' scheme, it won't work.
    First you must drum up some activists and have your friends in the media amplify their cause.
    Then they will beg you to force everyone to pay 'carbon tax'.

    1. I really enjoyed reading your comment, because it lends a completely different perspective to what I presented here.

      What you say about activists is very true. As a force they are very powerful and have affected many negative and positive changes throughout the world.

      You feel about them the way I feel about conspiracy theorists, who most often are tools of the people they conspire about.