Wednesday, 12 November 2014

Dear Mr. #SteveHofmeyr, have I ever told you the story of the Bee?

Have you ever experienced what happens when a bee flies into a movie theatre Mr. Hofmeyr?

The audience sits watching the film, which contains a huge amount of information being flashed at the screen, at a rate of 24 or even 48 frames per second, and the next moment a tiny little bee enters room.

The film is projected at 2.2 MP (megapixels), which is 2,200,000 pixels (dots) of visual information projected unto the screen at 24 or even 48 frames per second. Some theatres even use 8.85 MP (8,850,000 pixels) resolution at 24 frames per second.

That is a huge amount of visual information passed by the audience per second. Now add to that the huge amount of audio information being absorbed at the same time.

Movies are supplied to the theatre as a digital file called a Digital Cinema Package (DCP). For a typical feature film this file will contain anywhere between 90GB (gigabyte) and 300GB  of data (roughly two to six times the information contained on a Blu-ray disc)

Each time you blink you lose millions of pieces of visual information.

The bee steals your attention

When a bee flies into a movie theatre, everyone's attention gets shifted from the vast amount of information on the screen to this tiny little "pest" flying around. In the meantime the movie does not stop rolling and the audience loses unimaginable amounts of information in the process.

The bee distracts everyone's attention from what they should be focusing on.

Everyone in the audience follows the bee, they chase the bee, they try catching the bee and they even try to kill the little bee, all the while completely forgetting about the movie and the vast amount of information, including the story-line, that they are missing.

At this point in time the media and politicians in South Africa are using you as one of those many little bees Mr. Hofmeyr. They are using your tweet as a bee to distract the public's attention away from much more serious, much more important, much more dangerous issues affecting this country right now.

Does it make any sense that, suddenly, the entire country flares up just because you tweeted an opinion that no one bothered to "Go figure!" as you suggested in the very tweet? Have you ever seen the killing of a sport star get such explosive attention as the recent killing of the Bafana Bafana goalkeeper?

Do you recall when the Rev Kemo Waters tweeted: “The only way to end racism is to kill a material number of whites. ... “ Mr. Hofmeyr?  Do you recall any of the individuals, movements, groups or organisations now attacking you, ever having said a single word about that tweet Mr. Hofmeyr? 

The only reason that particular tweet made the news was because it made reference to the leader of the Democratic Alliance "@helenzille your indifferent and patronising stance is a double dare…”, but none of those now attacking you, ever stood up against that tweet did they?

Mr. Hofmeyr, at least 410,000 people had been murdered in South Africa since 1994, roughly about 17,000 people each year or some 45 people each and every single day of each year that the media, the South African government, the tourism industry and economists do not want the world to know about... and your tweet Mr. Hofmeyr, is just one of the little bees being used to draw everyone's attention away from the horrific and unique murder situation in this country.

At least 66,387 rapes were reported to the SA Police in 2012/2013 alone, and your tweet is the little bee being used to draw the world's attention away from this serious danger in South Africa, Mr. Hofmeyr.

Eskom is collapsing and South Africa is facing a very dark future and your tweet is the bee being used to draw people's attention away from that dark future Mr. Hofmeyr.

South Africa is running out of water and food and your tweet is being used as just another bee to draw away the attention from that life-threatening situation Mr. Hofmeyr.

The communist, self-enriching, plundering tripartite alliance is splitting and South Africa is racing towards its very own "Tunisia-day" and your tweet is the bee keeping everyone's attention away from preparing for that looming catastrophe Mr. Hofmeyr.

The SA Airways (SAA) is collapsing, the SA Post Office is collapsing, mines are laying off thousands and offering retrenchment packages, hundreds of businesses are closing down and thousands are losing their jobs each day, none of which even make it to the newspapers Mr. Hofmeyr, because they have so many bees being used to draw away the public's attention .

A vast amount of serious, dangerous, life-threatening information is presently being ignored by the South African public, because a liberal puppet with little or no knowledge of politics or history, saw a bee, grabbed a hold of it, and let it loose in this movie theatre called the New South Africa.

The very groups, organisations and "movements, drawing everyone's attention to your tweet, never have and never will draw such attention to the threats of violence on Facebook, on twitter and in comments on news article:

Vssta Ramailane - "Works at Gauteng Department of Community Safety"

These are just three (very recent) examples of hundreds of real, actual threats filled with blatant racial hatred, openly being posted regularly on public social media and widely distributed for all to see, yet strangely, it never draws any attention from any of the very same people and groups abusing your tweet, a personal opinion, as a bee Mr. Hofmeyr.

The attack on you and your tweet is not just an attack on freedom of speech, it is not just an attack aimed at destroying  you personally and your career, it is not just an attack on the Afrikaans language aimed at destroying Afrikaans music and Afrikaans culture...

Your tweet Mr. Hofmeyr is being used very effectively as a very noisy bee to draw the public's attention away from the most dangerous and most difficult situation in the entire history of South Africa.

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Vssta Ramailane


  1. VERY VERY VERY true... the problem is eventually that bee wont be the centre of attention no more and a new bee will have to be found. its for us to forget about the bee and keep focused, its for us to identify these little bees and be aware of who's letting the little bees into the cinema...

    1. The core tactic of the ignorant liberal is to ridicule his conservative opponent, but while ridicule might delay truth, it cannot replace it.

      We have so many bees in politics, economics, health and in every sphere of life that we always need to ascertain, which is important and which is just another bee.

      The more an issue gets driven by stirring up people's emotion, the better the chance of it being a bee.

  2. Bees are special & their produce is good. The ignorant who swat them - swat the blooms in their garden, they swat the fruit and the flowers and sustenance on which we depend - they don't know that they swat life itself. Take care of the truth speakers and take care of the bees - 'cos without them, there will be nothing ...........

  3. How is it possible that these last Facebook / tweets have been tolerated. Is there no legal recourse to be taken against this?