Tuesday, 14 July 2015

Liberals' Mainstream, Popular, Public Opinion, Where "Assent Becomes a duty"

Something was said first by one, then by two, three and so on, and now it has become what some call a "public opinion" an opinion of the majority.

Conformists mean nothing to this world. They are zombies, useless eaters and consumers. They follow the stream, never introducing anything new. Like zombies, conformists always follow the "norm", the mainstream and popular "public opinion", because they are unable & unwilling to think for themselves.

Arrogance is the measuring unit for liberal ignorance and the ANC serves as their base standard. Liberals cannot learn anything, yet they are the ones who establish "public opinion".

The following piece, "Assent becomes a duty" written by D.V. Grauvogl, was published in Shipman's Grauvogl (V.II., p.390) in 1870:

"What is commonly called public opinion is, plainly speaking, the opinion of two or three persons, and we should convince ourselves of the truth of this, could we but see into the mode in which this public opinion originated.

We should then find that there are two or three people who first assumed or decided or affirmed that such and such a thing was so without taking the trouble very thoroughly to examine it. Taking for granted that these had sufficient capacity of judgement, a few others also accepted their opinions; three again are believed by many others, whose indolence rather inclines them to believe it at once than to take the trouble to test it.

Thus grows from day to day the number of such indolent, easily believing adherents; for if the opinion had only gained a goodly number of advocates, those who adopted it afterwards attributed its prosperity to the quasi fact that those already accepting it would have done so only on account of weighty reasons.

Others were now constrained to accept what everybody else accepted, lest they might pass for restless souls who were setting themselves up against generally received opinions, and for malapert hinds, who would be wiser than the rest of the world. Assent now becomes a duty.

Now the few who are capable of judging must be silent; and those who are permitted to speak are those who, perfectly incapable of forming their own opinion or judgement, are the mere echo of the opinions of others; nevertheless, they are all the more zealous and intolerant advocates there of. For they hate in those thinking otherwise, not so much the diverse opinion they hold, as the arrogance of daring to judge for themselves; something, by the way, which they never venture themselves, of which they are at least conscious.

In short, very few can think, but all claim the right of having opinions; what else then remains for these latter, since they cannot make opinions for themselves, but to adopt the ready-made opinion of others? As this is the case of what avail now are the voices of a hundred million of men?"

"Dico ego, tu dicis, sed denique dixit et ille; dicta que post toties nil nisi dicta vides!" - D.V. Grauvogl

There you have it, the nature of "public opinion" originated by ignorant liberals, explained even long before we started calling them.... "liberals".

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