Tuesday, 21 February 2012

First Property Letter Awarded the Liesbeeck River in South Africa

The first property letter along the Liesbeeck River awarded to Jacob Cloete as Free Citisen on 21 February 1657, which reads as follows :
Uninhabited land... stretched out land... zero population, accept Free Citisens... and a few nomads passing through in search of employment.
Just one of a vast number of examples proving that blacks did not inhabit the land when the White Europeans arrived in South Africa.

Die eerste grondbrief langs die Liesbeeckrivier toegeken aan Jacob Cloete as Vryburger op 21 Februarie 1657. Onbewoonde grond... uitgestrekte land... geen bevolking behalwe Vryburgers... en 'n paar nomade wat rondswerf en werk soek

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