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Occupy South African Embassies 15 March 2012

The New South Africa, created by FW de Klerk and ruled by the ANC Regime, is today the most violent, most dangerous country on Earth. The videos listed below contain graphic material not appropriate for immoral liberals that support the ANC and neither is it appropriate for viewers under the age of 18.

Occupy South African Embassies, March 15, 2012


Occupy South African Embassies, March 15, 2012

ANNOUNCEMENT: The Renaissance Vanguard issues an invitation to all Nationalists, Third Positionists, South African ex-pats, concerned members of the public of sound and decent conscience, etc. to stage a one-day “occupation” of South African embassies against the ongoing genocide of the South African Boervolk. We ask you to consider staging “occupation” protests at all South African embassies in Western countries on March 15, 2012. The RV is limited to proposing and requesting this action/occupation; in the business world this would be called a “proposal for consideration. If our proposal and request result in acknowledgment and significant turn-outs on the suggested target date is out of our hands. We anticipate at the Center of “Left” and “Right.” The Gathering at the Vesica Piscis is latent. As such, the first business to be resolved on the dedicated Facebook page is if a six-week timeline is too tight for an undertaking of this scope and needs to be extended.

The RV owes a debt of gratitude to the organizers and participants of the South Africa Project for having inspired this call to action. The SAP is calling for and organizing a one-day protest against “the murder, the torture and the genocide of the White South Africans” at Amerikan state capitals only for February 27, 2012. In recognition of the SAP’s efforts, the RV has issued an invitation in good faith to the SAP organizers to partner with our proposal, agreement to which is pending.

The RV’s proposed Occupy South African Embassies action focuses specifically on the plight of the Boervolk for two reasons: 1. it is the Boervolk who directly represent the 4,000 farm murders in South Africa since the coming to power of the African National Congress in 1994 and who have been forced into state-engineered poverty; 2. as part of the RV’s overall Mission Statement, we unconditionally support the creation of a fully autonomous Boer Republic, and request that this propaganda be included on the day of occupation/protest. (Note: The political and legal difficulties of “Jus Sanguinis, Right of Return to Europe” for African White Refugees are outside the scope of this action.)
We do not discount the plight of the English Afrikaners of South Africa and how they will be affected just as seriously and tragically as the Boervolk in a post-Mandela South Africa. As such, we include as part of the RV’s overall Post-Peak Oil secessionist mandate the inclusion of the creation of autonomous ethno-states for English Afrikaners and the Bantu. Separation of the races, total and complete, we feel is the best solution for all concerned in this tragic country.
Each NAmerikan and European city is called on to assume individual responsibility for the proposed one-day occupation on March 15, 2012. Street permits from local authorities, recognition of local bylaws, printing of posters and signs, contacting local media, etc. will all have to be fielded and coordinated by local organizers. The primary purpose of our Facebook group is to act as an information clearing house, and networking and coordinating medium for all those who choose to accept this proposal and invitation to action, and to make this action the best, the most principled, and the most effective it can be. It is a simple request to address a very complicated, brutal, and deadly situation.

Occupy South African Embassies, March 15, 2012. This genocide of the Boervolk must end. The vicious blackout of the Boer genocide by the Western media must end. The silence and complicit endorsement by all Western governments of the Boer genocide must end. The Ides has it!
This must all end!

 South Africa is the canary in the Globalist coal mine.
Disclaimer: The Renaissance Vanguard strongly requests that all NAmerikan cross-dressing assclowns and Nutzis not participate at these proposed events. Your public relations sabotage and “support” are not welcome. Adult and European National Socialists, please tread with care and decorum.

Steve Hofmeyr on Genocide



To view the name list click HERE


To view the name list click HERE

Stop the Boer Genocide

State Sanctioned racist murder of white farmers in 

South Africa

White Genocide in South Africa

War of the Flea (trailer)

Silent cry of the Boer

White Genocide: The Evidence (Full)

This video has been removed as a violation of YouTube's policy prohibiting hate speech. (Against the Black ANC Regime) Apparently YouTube does not appreciate the truth being spoken about the beloved ANC Regime, because they do not want any negative publicity against the regime people like themselves helped put in power.

White South African genocide

South Africa: Boer Genocide, year 2011

South Africa: Stage 6 Genocide!

Stop Plaasmoorde / Stop Farm Murders

White Genocide: The Evidence - Part 1

White Genocide: The Evidence - Part 2

White Genocide: The Evidence - Part 3

White Genocide: The Evidence - Part 4 (EP)

South Africa White Genocide of Afrikaner People 

Graphic Images

Africans Abandand We have to help them!

Boer GeNOcide

New South Africa: genocide review

Sadly the above video is narrated in Afrikaans only. 
Produced by Project 2010. October 2010.
This video contains a short but detailed review on newspaper and radio reports, only about murders on Afrikaner-Boers the past few years. The video contain "only" 350 paper reports and 29 radio reports in Afrikaans, the language of the Afrikaner-Boers. This is only a few of the total murders of the Afrikaner-Boer genocide that is currently present in die "new" South Africa under the cover of "crime".

###White Genocide.wmv

"Isreal's support against the 

South-African white genocide"

Farm Murders South Africa

Welcome To The Real South Africa

"I decided to make this video after the brutal attack by so called robbers on a one year old baby girl. I want the world to see just what the so called new South Africa is really like, to warn all potential sokker / football fans who want to visit the country for the World Cup, and to highlight the genocide against the Boer / Afrikaner / White comunity of South Africa.
Crime does affect everyone in SA, but if you took into account that 3300 + white farmers have been murdered since the anc took over in 1994, malema's constant singing about killing the Boer, and the fact that SA's president jacob zuma does nothing to either stop him, or help the whites then you will realise that there is full blown genocide in SA."



This video was made as a response to the video below



Farm murders in South Africa Part 1 of 2

Farm murders in South Africa Part 2 of 2

Crime Documentary - South Africa 

(Full version - Part 1)

Crime Documentary - South Africa 

(Full version - Part 2)

Sky News report on racist farm murders 

in South Africa

Uploaded by rudiprinsloo on 19 Jul 2006
"Since 1994 close to two thousand farmers have been murdered in tens of thousands of farm attacks in South Africa, many brutally tortured and/or raped, often in front of family members also taken hostage. The South African government calls it crime but often nothing is stolen. These brutal attacks are carried out by well armed organised (often very young) blacks against defenceless white farmers and their families and not even infants or the elderly are spared. Zimbabwe pales in comparison. Where is the world-wide outcry? Mandela, wipe that smile off your face."

More to follow.....

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