Saturday, 3 November 2012

Where did we in SA go wrong

There were good parties, but sadly South Africans had to chose the worst of the worst to run SA.

New Political Party Launched 
By Frans Pienaar


A new addition to the South African political arena, the United Federal Party, has been launched in Johannesburg.

Born out of severe discontent with "the pandemonium and insecurity prevailing in the country... the UFP is a multiracial centrist multipurpose type organisation," its executive council spokesman Barry Nilsson told a news conference on Friday.

Chaired by former SABC television presenter Justice Tsungu -- who failed to attend the Press conference -- the nine-member executive council includes several businessmen, a veterinary surgeon, a manpower consultant and a retired couple.

"Our backbone is made up of members of the business sector who will join forces with innovative political architects to promote pragmatic ideologies. Some verge on the unconventional, but are yet highly workable," Mr Nilsson said.

Asked if the party had a financial support base, Mr Nilsson replied Texas billionaire Ross Perot, the independent candidate in the recent US presidential election, had been approached for assistance.

The party would give priority to pragmatic ideas, which included:

-- The restoration of business confidence and a favourable climate for international trade through incentives, concessions and tax rebates.

-- The establishment of a disinformation or propaganda neutralising centre. "The best political psychologists and public strategists will publicly ensure the annihilation of the evil Communist fables and doctrines."

-- Mobilising security forces to "clean up the country, apprehending as many criminals as possible".

The forces would also apply strict influx-control to prevent foreigners from entering the country and would also set up work colonies where "criminal elements from society can make a positive contribution to society".

Furthermore, Mr Nilsson said, the forces would mount extensive searches for weapons and ammunition: anyone found in possession of illegal weapons would face 10 years imprisonment with hard labour.

People found guilty of killing or wounding people with guns would be summarily executed, as would drug peddlers.

"Roman military pattern control would also be applied to townships and in fact to all voting wards throughout the country."

-- Revising labour practices and conduct codes with built-in guarantees for employers and investors.

-- The initiation of a comprehensive Aids programme which would include the legalising of prostitution and twice-yearly health examinations for all South Africans, and

-- Strong measures to stop money from leaving the country.

Other aims included the establishment of highly-advanced recycling plants, the development of extensive revolutionary solar power generating plants and the legalising of a non-profit State lottery to help charity organisations.

Mr Nilsson said his party would strive to act as "a catalyst in getting certain parties to gang up against the National Party and the African National Congress".

Such a coalition would possibly include the Conservative Party, the Afrikaner Volksunie, the Democratic Party and most importantly the Inkatha Freedom Party, Mr Nilsson said.

"We are small at present but we are here to stay. Through passive pressure we are going to wear them (the NP) down and rescue the country from radicals. We are the new voice in the land," he concluded.

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  1. What went wrong? We sold out to the devil for money, now being used to kill our Nation, a silent almost invisible war- to destroy our culture and our heritage. May God have mercy for us. En nou? Boere staan op teen hierdie duiwels wat jou wil doodmaak maar val op jou kniee voor God.