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Who has been fuelling the hate against SA farmers?

Shortly after becoming Human Settlements Minister Tokyo Sexwale in the Zuma administration, Tokyo Sexwale said

Protests are Mbeki’s fault, says Sexwale
Moipone Malefane 25 July 2009

‘(The) housing (department) has built 2.8 million houses. Housing is not a problem but poverty is’

Sexwale said he visited Diepsloot informal settlement (in Gauteng) last week. “Most (of the people there) were clear that they did not want houses.”

There are 2000 informal settlements in the country and Sexwale said he intended to visit all of them.

But he said human settlement was about more than housing. “The crisis now is about urbanisation, a challenge that was at some point going to catch up with the new South Africa. All metropolitan areas have had an influx of people looking for wealth.”

He explained that, as was the case worldwide, many people had left rural areas and settled in places where there was a lack of basic services because they wanted to live in urban areas and look for work.

Sexwale said the problem had been compounded by the global recession, when the economy needed 6% growth.

“The global downturn has put more pressure on us.”
The above was clearly in defence of Jacob Zuma, while blaming problems at the time on Thabo Mbeki

During an interview on the South African Broadcasting Corporation’s Morning Live on 28 January 2010 Human Settlements Minister Tokyo Sexwale said: “The growing number of squatter camps in South Africa is caused by people who are kicked out by very, very evil farmers ... fearful of the fact that laws say you’ve got to provide these people with security of comfort ...”

This means that according to Sexwale the number of squatter camps increased from less than 260 in 1994 to some 2 700 in January 2010, at least 700 more than in July 2009. In July 2009 the increase in the number of squatter camps was blamed on the global downturn, while just a few months later, after at the number of squatter camps had increased by a record shattering 700 more, it was all due to SA farmers.

South African farmers under attack by Tokyo Sexwale
Tokyo Sexwale complained on Thursday that "boers chased black people from their farms". He said "millions of black people" to be specific. He went further to say that South Africa is having Haiti daily, every day South Africa goes through what Haiti is going through.

The Witness said in their article "Protesting for better lives"
Minister Tokyo Sexwale’s pronouncement that farmers have driven “millions of black people” from their farms, and that this is the reason for the squatter camps, reveals that he is seriously uninformed.
The fact is that Sexwale was not uninformed, in fact everyone knows that Sexwale is very well informed and always very well aware of exactly what it is he is saying. Wikipedia says: "In 1994, when Nelson Mandela was elected President, it was estimated that of South Africa's 44 million inhabitants, 7.7 million lived in these settlements. The number has grown rapidly in the post-apartheid era."

People like Tokyo Sexwale have been trying to find someone else to blame and, apartheid, colonialism, whites and SA farmers are always top of the list. In this case the farmers provided an excellent opportunity for the ANC, and Sexwale in particular, to score political points with the masses by planting more seeds of resentment towards the white farmers of this country.

In August 2010 the South African Human Rights Commission found that his statement did not constitute hate speech, but  were insensitive as the definition of hate speech involved “incitement to do harm”. - Also read "Sexwale's 'evil farmers' remarks not hate speech - SAHRC"

In February 2010 Dr. Pieter Mulder of the Freedom Front Plus educated Sexwale by pointing out that "urbanization is an international phenomenon which can be found in all African cities where there aren't any South African farmers."  - Sexwale wants to meet with farmers But the damage had already been done.

By the end of November 2010, after he had achieved his political objective of stirring hatred against SA farmers, he blamed the increase in the number of squatter camps on the courts for ruling in favour of illegal immigrants.

Plakkery styg 1000% sedert 1994
Plakkerskampe het sedert 1994 met meer as 1000% toegeneem, grootliks omdat die howe in grondbesetters se guns beslis, het Tokyo Sexwale, minister van huisvesting, Woensdag in die parlement gesê.
Space of Adriana put it as follows:
He whinged that illegal migrants were ‘plundering preferential land-sites, erecting squatter huts, slums and ghettos’.
“They know that after squatting 48 hours, the government is forced by law to provide free basic services at a huge cost to the taxpayers – free water, free electricity  and free toilet facilities for which we had never planned’.

Like I said in ANC Centenary Celebrations and the Future of White South Africans
"Sexwale has been manipulating the minds of blacks by telling them that the white farmers have been driving the blacks from the farms and that is the reason we now have almost 3000 squatter camps in the country. Slowly but surely they have been building a case to hate whites to the extreme. There is now a million times more racial friction in this country than at any time in history, thanks to liberals, appeasers, the Malemas and Sexwales and others, deliberately instilling hatred in the hearts of the black masses."
In the meantime the ANC Youth league were shouting "kill the boer, kill the farmer", while former ANC Youth league leader Julius Malema was accusing white South Africans as being out of touch and not caring about what goes on in South Africa.

In March 2010, at a rally on a university campus Malema sang the lyrics "shoot the Boer" (Dubul' ibhunu) from the anti-apartheid song Ayasab' amagwala (the cowards are scared) ("Boer" is the Afrikaans word for "farmer", but is also used as a derogatory term for any white person). His singing was compared to similar chants by deceased Youth League leader Peter Mokaba in the early 1990s, to "kill the boer", which had previously been defined as hate speech by the South African Human Rights Commission.

On 3 April 2010 AWB leader Eugene Terre'Blanche was viciously murdered, beaten to death and beyond recognition in his sleep, on his Ventersdorp farm in the North West.

In the aftermath of Eugène Terre'Blanche's April 2010 murder, senior leaders of the ANC temporarily banned the singing of the song, amid concerns that struggle songs were being used to "scapegoat" the ANC and to further racial hatred, and because of concerns that ANC leaders who continued singing the songs may have been in contempt of the court orders banning the singing of the song.

Tokyo Sexwale Human Settlements Minister supported Julius Malema for singing the racist anti-white songs. So just who is Tokyo Sexwale?

The Malema show comes to Alex : In his address Sexwale defended Malema's singing of controversial struggle song Dubul 'iBhunu (shoot the boer) to cement their alliance.

Sexwale's Mvela paid Malema: A company started and partly owned by Human Settlements Minister Tokyo Sexwale paid at least R100 000 into expelled ANC Youth League president Julius Malema’s family trust. The revelation comes as Sexwale is seriously stepping up a new campaign to become ANC president. Neither Sexwale nor Mvelaphanda chief executive Mikki ­Xayiya denied the payment.

Tokyo's Mvela paid Juju: Sexwale is widely regarded as a Malema sympathiser and pleaded for mercy for him during the firebrand’s ANC disciplinary hearing.

Sexwale to testify at Malema’s hearing: The on-off disciplinary hearing of ANC youth league leader Julius Malema is expected to resume on Saturday with the testimony of Tokyo Sexwale, ANC national executive committee (NEC) member and Human Settlements minister. Winnie Madikizela-Mandela, who stood at Malema’s side during the hate speech equality court case on the lyrics Dubul’ iBhunu (Shoot the Boer), said “no other leader of the youth has gone through what you have”.

I didn't support Malema: Sexwale: Human Settlements Minister Tokyo Sexwale says he did not appear before the ANC'S disciplinary committee to support youth league leader Julius Malema, but to defend the principles that underpin the party's constitution, the Cape Times newspaper reported on Friday.

ANC fumes over 'Shoot the Boer' court ruling: The ANC is "extremely disappointed and puzzled" by a court decision refusing it leave to appeal a ban on singing "dubul ibhunu" (shoot the boer).

The ANC was clearly upset by the ruling against the singing of the Shoot the Boer song, because it was part of the fear tactic.

Stephen Chan, Author of Southern Africa: Old Treacheries and New Deceits:
Julius Malema should not be dismissed as a stupid young man simply because he is a stupid young man. He is a stupid young man who has considerable political support and is gaining, often the hard way, considerable political acumen. It is unlikely he is simply 'shooting off his mouth' and, insofar as he does, he acts as a useful weather vane for senior ANC figures who wish to understand which way political opinion is blowing, and how left or right the winds may be. Malema, in turn, may be extremely useful to senior ANC personnel with presidential aspirations. He is close to both Mathews Phosa and Tokyo Sexwale. Insofar as he could conceivably bring to them the lumpenproletariat vote, the uneducated youth vote, the dissatisfied unemployed vote, and the generally disaffected vote, he could well evolve from a stupid young man to become the stupid young Deputy President of South Africa.
Court quiries conflict of interest:
The Supreme Court of Appeal (SCA) questioned the use of the same legal team to represent both the ANC and Julius Malema in their appeal against the "shoot the boer" song ruling. A letter by SCA registrar BJ Mashinini to the counsel representing both Malema and the ANC stated judges requested them to consider whether it was "appropriate for the same legal representatives to represent both appellants". This was in "regard to the apparent conflict or disparity of interest between them," the letter said.

ANCYL applauds Tokyo Sexwale:
The ANC Youth League holds the view that the initiative of the ministry of human settlement reflects the vision of the ANC Youth League on the attainment of economic freedom in our lifetime and real inclusion of young people in policy making processes. The Ministry of Human Settlements is amongst the best if not the best Ministry in government concerning provision of real opportunities for young people to participate in government.

Farm murders have spiralled out of control in SA and it was not only as a result of Malema's singing the Shoot the Boer song, but because of suggestions made by ANC politicians like Tokyo Sexwale that the squatter camps were created by farmers who chased millions of blacks from their farms. While these blatant lies gain political support for wannabe presidents like Sexwale it breeds hate that should not have been.

Sezwale started the anti-Farmer campaign by saying the farmers created the squatter camps, then continued his attack by supporting Julius Malema for singing hate songs. While individuals like Sexwale and Malema fuel the fires, the ANC as a movement or even political party have clearly also bee supporting the hate songs. Their silence on the farm murders, their unwillingness to act and their denial amounts to tacit support.

Sexwale supporting Malema, Malema supporting Sexwale, the ANC Youth Leaguesupporting Sexwale, the ANC supporting the singing of hate songs, it is just a never ending story of the ANC supporting everything that is wrong in South Africa.

Many more examples and links to articles could be provided in support of the above, but it would just amount to more of the same to get the message across. What has and still is happening in South Africa is clear for all to see.

Report: Farm murders should be classified as a priority crime
Farm murders and attacks should be recognised for the national crisis that it is and therefore deserving of priority status and focused attention’. This is one of the recommendations in a report on farm murders and attacks that was released by the Solidarity Research Institute (SRI). The report forms part of a national campaign against farm murders by the Solidarity Movement which includes the SRI, the trade union Solidarity, AfriForum and Kraal Uitgewers.

The report deals with subjects such as the: nature and extent of farm attacks, levels of violence during farm attacks as well as psychological effects on victims. According to Dirk Hermann, Deputy General Secretary of Solidarity, farm attacks and farm murders should be declared priority crimes. ‘Government refuses to declare farm murders, in particular, a priority crime, because as far as government is concerned it simply forms part of the broader murder category. This is unacceptable and irresponsible,’ Hermann said.

The full report can be downloaded in .pdf format:
An overview of farm attacks in South Africa and the potential impact thereof on society
Link address:

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