Wednesday, 23 January 2013

Survival of the White South African Part 4

The year is 2013 and life no longer is as it used to be.

In order for us as family and friends to survive in this new African communist state we need to consider a few important aspects regarding our new environment.

We are responsible for ourselves and our own future and in order for us to take responsibility we need to realise that:

Those that are planning to leave the country will do so and as such we do not need to concern ourselves with them. Once they leave they'll be ok, in as far as the crime and violence against whites in SA is concerned. They would have new battles to fight, but we would no longer need to concern ourselves with their safety.

Those who are planning to secede, establish a volkstaat or some other form of self-determination are on their way and we no longer need concern ourselves with them. Once they leave they too would be ok, have their own new battles to fight, but we would no longer need to concern ourselves with their safety and well-being.

We need only concern ourselves with our own safety and survival in this new dark communist African state where we are viewed as the unwelcome aliens.

A very small number of people are in a position to leave the country. Many of us are simply not interested and many of us are too close to our families to free ourselves and leave.

The self-determination (volkstaat) groups have their own exclusion criteria, which automatically excludes most of us. Besides that it would also be virtually impossible for most people to sell-up or pack-up and leave and only a small elite may see the new Canaan.

Both the above groups are focussed on their new environment, their new "country" so to speak. Their planning does not involve the rest of us as their planning is focussed on their future home. Their career planning, safety and security planning and every aspect of their planning is focussed on where they are headed and not on where they are currently still finding themselves.

The pro-New South Africa ANC appeasing liberals are happy in their new environment. They agree with everything going on and they feel safe as they do not believe there is any threat to them or their future generations. We do not need to concern ourselves with them in the least.

Then there are a few blessed souls who just pray and they receive an impenetrable protective shield around them. We certainly do not need to concern ourselves with them as no harm could ever come to them.

The rest of us on the other hand have to focus on our future, our safety and security right here, right now and in future. So let us focus on ourselves for a change.

The first and most important thing we need to consider is our mindset. If we want to survive and hopefully prosper in this new dark communist African state we shall have to change our perception of our new environment and change our attitude towards it.

Before we could consider anything else we need to take a reality check and realise that our perception of our environment is completely outdated and skewed.

This no longer is South Africa, the white man no longer runs this country, our history is being wiped out, the names of cities, towns, streets and buildings we built have been changed. The history books have been rewritten to exclude us as far as possible. In fact looking at the country today, the whites never even arrived here, we were never here.

A number of pro-Muslim countries are busy redrafting their world maps to exclude Israel. This means that in future the world maps would show only one large area called Palestine. The same has been happening to South Africa over the past two decades. Some cities, towns and streets no longer exist and one will not find those places on any maps, not even on the GPS map sets. 

Driving through a city like Tshwane (what used to be Pretoria) is a whole new experience as one finds oneself in a foreign place. The streets that used to be no longer exist, the buildings and even some of the suburbs no longer exist, they've been written from the maps. In time to come very little evidence of the white man's contribution or the white man having been here would exist. In a few generations people would not even know that there used to be a place called Israel and soon people would not know that certain cities, towns and streets in SA ever existed. One can no longer use the name Rhodesia, because the younger generation South Africans do not know that name, they only know the new names like, Zimbabwe, Namibia, DRC, Harare, Maputo, etc. South Africa is exactly the same.

South Africa had four provinces, this People's Communist Republic of Azania has nine provinces, with mostly African names. Most streets, towns and cities in this country are now named after terrorists, communists and revolutionaries.

The sooner people change their perspective of this new place the better. The sooner people realise that they are now living in the People's Communist Republic of Azania and not in South Africa, the better.

Most people still have a perception of this country stemming from their memory of the olden days, but we're living in 2013 now, no longer in the 1980s or 1990s. This is not the same place. One needs to sit back and imagine oneself living in Kinshasa, DRC, and ask oneself how we would have conducted ourselves, how we would have perceived our environment in terms of safety, security, future prospects, careers, etc. and then bring ourselves back to where we are right now.

Living in Zimbabwe, would we send our children to university to study a BA degree government administration, in the hope that he/she would build a career in the Zimbabwean government sector? I doubt it very much. Now why then are people still doing it here in the People's Communist Republic of Azania, currently still called South Africa? The reason is that people have not come to realise that they are living in the People's Communist Republic of Azania. We are being eye-blinded by the continued use of the name “South Africa”, but in reality this no longer is South Africa. It is the
People's Communist Republic of Azania.

If we were living in Nigeria, would we allow our daughters to go driving around in the evenings alone, jolling in clubs and pubs, then driving back home at 1AM in the morning, probably drunk? So why the hell are we still allowing it now, here in the the People's Communist Republic of Azania? The only possible answer is that we have not adapted our perception of this country to current time, 2013.

We grew up in a time when everything we did, we did for "Volk en Vaderland", "Ons vir jou Suid-Afrika!", what a load of nonsense in today's terms. Where is this "volk"? When last have you walked through Hatfield, Pretoria's university village? It's like walking through the village of the damned. White girls with black guys, white boys with Indian and Chinese girls. White girls drooling over every black guy with a six-pack. It is not a rare sight, it is the bloody norm.

While rich daddy is lounging away on his farm, his little princes is busy competing against all the other white girls trying to get laid by the next Nigerian with a six pack and dreadlocks. You have not seen drunk women in your life if you have not been to Hatfield. Its one huge multi-cultural brothel, that's all it is and that is our "volk" of the future. No one has any pride left in themselves anymore. They do not respect their culture, their heritage, their language. We see it daily, how daddy stops there with his string of Land Cruisers, driven by himself and his farm managers, dropping off his princess' furniture in the R8000 pm month private flat he just rented for her, she stopping there in her little Mercedes, then driving off leaving her alone in that brothel. For the next three to four years she is nothing other than a cheap little drug and alcohol dosed slut, but then that day when her AWB daddy returns to fetch her, out comes this little "poppie" again. After three or four years in that flat the rental agency is forced to contract a cleaning service to clean up the mess, because she and her friends never even washed the bath once! I'm not sucking this from my thumb, I can show you the damn photographs of those flats. That is the "volk" of the future that her staunch religious extremist daddy is so proud of. In Hatfield we see blacks talking English to one another, Afrikaans people too "shy" to speak Afrikaans, thinking they're smart for speaking English to one another. Youth walking around with more tattoos than bare skin, dreadlocks and body-piercings, just to be in, because they have no sense of belonging anymore.

We did not produce a "volk" we produced snobbish brats, because we never adapted to our new environment. We thought that we could, as in the past, just drop off our kids at university, because it is a highly disciplined academic institution where no nonsense is tolerated, but it changed decades ago already. We did not raise our children in a proudly white environment, because it was not the politically correct thing to do. As a result we bred a new race, a new very disappointing multicultural species, a lost generation of confused white skinned human beings.

Where is the "Vaderland" we're talking about? Is it this new People's Communist Republic of Azania perhaps? Is this the "Vaderland" we're supposed to be working for? Catch a bloody wake-up, Pretoria doesn't even exist any longer, it's now called Tshwane! Schoeman, Prinsloo, Pretorius and du Toit streets no longer exist and neither does any other bloody street we once knew. It's being wiped off the map just like Israel. No one knows Mesopotamia any more, because it was created as a new state, just like Israel, under British rule and only later became the independent Kingdom of Iraq. No map uses the name Mesopotamia any longer and if things continue as they are South Africa may just go the same route.

If we aim to survive we need to change our stuck-in-the-past perception of our current reality! Only once we have changed our perception and come to realise where we are and understand this new environment, only then could we begin to change our attitude, which is the next important change we need to make. Whatever you do for this country today, you are doing it not for YOUR children, you are doing it for the blacks, Coloureds, Indians and Chinese! Soon whites will be replaced by highly qualified Chinese and Muslim Arabs.

Only once you realise that you are not wanted, your expertise and knowledge are rejected, only then will you realise that everything you do, you do for yourself and not for this new People's Communist Republic of Azania. This country does not want you, therefore it does not deserve what you can offer it. Only then will you grow an attitude of withdrawal and dissociation.

The only reason people get upset with the name changes of cities and towns is because they do not understand what happened in 1994. South Africa did not get a new dispensation and a new government. South Africa was replaced with the People's Communist Republic of Azania and the citizenship of whites was never transferred to the new country. We were left in the Republic of South Africa, while the rest of the population were immigrated to the new country. Whites were only issued residence permits. Our tax is good enough, but nothing else. The history books tell us that the Great Trek started because of the border wars, but it is a lie. The main reason for the Great Trek was because the Dutch sold the Cape to Britain for a few million Pound together with the people. The Boers felt insulted for having been sold like livestock together with the land. We were sold as livestock together with the land called South Africa. All that still needs to happen is for this land to be officially renamed to the People's Communist Republic of Azania where we have been living since 1994.

Pretoria's name should change, because Pretoria was a modern, clean, civilised disciplined world city, Tshwane is a pigsty that belongs in the People's Communist Republic of Azania. It would be an insult to our forefathers to call this pigsty "Pretoria". I was glad when the streets were renamed, because those streets became an insult to our family names. The new names are appropriate to the pigsty, the new City of Tshwane.

Humans are emotional beings and they think emotionally, rather than rationally. They are emotionally attached to their past, they are emotionally attached to their heritage, but it means nothing. We cannot take Pretoria with us when we die, so it means nothing. Either we detach ourselves or we embrace and enjoy the new People's Communist Republic of Azania.

Whites are trying to retain a parallel universe situation, having the Republic of South Africa inside the People's Communist Republic of Azania and that cannot be done. As long as whites keep trying to live in the RSA, while in the People's Communist Republic of Azania, they will remain very unhappy and unsafe. One could only be safe in Iraq if one realises that one is there and appropriately dressed, equipped, aware, alert and know the territory. If people think they're living in Pretoria, they would go window shopping in the evenings in Pretoria city centre and get mugged, raped and murdered. If they realise they're living in Tshwane they would know not to even walk around in that pigsty in daytime, they would avoid it and live! If people knew they were living on a farm in Burundi they would realise the need to have enough dogs of different sizes and types, with 3m high double electric fencing, alarms and other perimeter warning systems, burglar bars and armed security. They would never leave their safety doors open or unlocked while inside the house. If people knew they were living in the People's Communist Republic of Azania they would not go gambling at casinos until three in the morning and then drive back to Tshwane half drunk not seeing the rocks packed across the N1 highway, because they would know not to be there at night and if so they would be alert, expecting rocks across the highway.

This is Guinea, the DRC, Nigeria, Zimbabwe and Somalia combined, what the hell are people talking about going around shooting blacks in those countries? Would they even talk such nonsense while living in any of those countries, yet here they are doing so, simply because they do not realise that they are living in a country which is a compounded form of those countries. We are living in the People's Communist Republic of Azania NOT South Africa!

Whites have NO right, NO say, NO privileges in this country. Whites USED TO HAVE rights, privileges and a say in South Africa, which ceased to exist in 1994 already! This 2013 living in the People's Communist Republic of Azania! Get it into your heads.

Would your wife or daughter go jolling in clubs with micro-miniskirts in Somalia at night? No! Certainly NOT! So why the heck are they doing it here in this country? Simply because they are delusional, THINKING that they are still living in South Africa! For crying out loud where have people been the past 19 years?

Why is it then that the younger generation born in 1980s and 1990s have not adapted their perception of this country? Well the problem is that their parents are either still fighting the Anglo-Boer war or the 1992 referendum.How could the children be expected to adapt their perception if their parents are still living in the distant past?

South Africa schools had a std 10 of world standard, today this country has a grade 12 the equivalent of a South African std 7. SA had the third strongest military force in the world, this country doesn't have anything remotely resembling a defence force. Would the South African Police have looted shops during a riot? No, yet the SAPS members do. South Africa had state hospitals of the highest standards in the world, this country has pigsties called hospitals. SA university standards were of the highest in the world, today the qualifications from universities in this country are recognised nowhere. SA had a huge railway network, which this country does not have. SA had state departments that functioned to the highest order, today no state department is functional and most have been stolen bankrupt. Blacks qualified from universities and technikons at the same standard as whites, today they are put through, just because they are black. In South Africa blacks were paid less than their white counterparts, but in this country today whites are prohibited from being employed. South Africa was a completely different country to this People's Communist Republic of Azania, it is not the same place. Everything that was in South Africa was changed to conform with this new country. Nothing is as it used to be, not even the provinces, the standards or the street names, not even the Laws are the same and even the legal system is different.

Now let's get to the next issue. Once we realise and understand and have made this mental shift to the People's Communist Republic of Azania with its nine provinces, black government, realising that we are in a similar situation as the Tutsi minority in Rwanda, where we are much less than 5% of the total population, how would we then approach secession and self-determination? How would we then conduct ourselves and approach the dream and ideal of some 30,000 whites wanting to go live on their own in their own homeland? How would we, knowing that this regime aims not to split the country into ever smaller little independent states, but rather pushing to unite all that is within the current boundaries, such as Swaziland, and Lesotho into one large united People's Communist Republic of Azania, that may one day also include Botswana, Namibia and Zimbabwe as part of this huge united People's Communist Republic of Azania, how then would we approach or view our drive for self-determination? Also remember that most whites support the DA and are quite happy to live in the People's Communist Republic of Azania and they would much rather support the drive to unite all of the other countries than allow a tiny group to split into their own little homeland somewhere. How would we now approach and view such a drive for self-determination?

Afrikaans speaking white South Africans refuse to speak English at a state department. They demand being spoken to in Afrikaans, yet the very same bigot would emigrate to Australia and not complain about having to speak English and would even adopt their stupid accent. Afrikaans speaking white South Africans move to Dubai and accept the new rules of that country, but they do not understand that they are living in another country right here, right now. Then these very same people want to negotiate a new future of self-determination with an English speaking regime, while demanding to speak Afrikaans and they actually expect to be heard? Would they do the same with Robert Mugabe, or demand the same in Zambia? This regime of this country is no different to ZANU PF in Zimbabwe. We have no bloody rights in this country, because we are a tiny group of unwanted foreigners in this country.

If the government of this country wants to take all the farms belonging to whites they would and nothing and no one would stop them, just as no one could stop Mugabe from doing it. This is AFRICA, this is the People's Communist Republic of Azania, NOT South Africa. South Africa is dead and was buried in 1994 already. It will NEVER return, and most certainly not in the same form. This land was sold to the communists together with the livestock and the livestock now belongs to these new communist owners who are free to do with their livestock as they damn well please. 

The Constitution was not drafted for South Africa and for South Africans, it was drafted for the majority population of the People's Communist Republic of Azania! Thinking that we could resort to the Constitution is delusional. This is a communist country and one has to behave and negotiate differently with a communist regime. One's approach to situations should be different when dealing with communists, but then one needs to first realise that one is living in a communist country, controlled like livestock by a communist regime!

Until South Africans, and white South Africans in particular, make this mental shift realising that they are now living in another country, a completely and totally different country, there is nothing to talk about. Only once we make this mental shift would we realise that we are like foreigners in a foreign land wanting to negotiate with this foreign regime about our future and our right to be here. If the expats in Australia want something specifically for themselves as a group of South Africans, which would differentiate them from the rest of the Australian population, how would they approach it and how would they go about it? That is EXACTLY where we as white South Africans stand and if we do not understand that, then we are lost as a unique white African tribe.

Stop thinking like a South African. Start thinking, behaving, negotiating and operating as you would had you been living as an immigrant in Guinea, DRC or Zimbabwe, because that is where you are.

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  1. Excellent post TN. The problem is how do you get "South Africans" to start thinking like immigrants? They have been badly brainwashed by the daily MSM propaganda. Every program on TV and on radio, articles in the paper and magazines, school syllabi and varsity curriculums are aimed at destroying whatever is left of our white identity. Even worse, the social media are corrupting our children minds and those of most gullible adults. It sad to see whites blissfully supporting Bafana Bafana...

    1. The problem is that we read on Facebook and elsewhere how even the conservatives are pushing people to be patriotic to this country, as if we're still living in the RSA?

    2. We need to recognize the enemy and understand the tactics used on us. The first thing to do is to throw out the TV. Secondly, take the children out of the school system and teach them at home. The third (and most important) is to start reading the Bible cover to cover. Every member of the family who is able to read should do this. This way we will get 'un'brain-washed and regain the ability to think for ourselves.

      Who is the enemy? Them that control the media, governments, financial institutions, religious institutions and schools. Those whom Herr H. had no love for.

  2. Excellent!I think that you should name it The Democratic People's Communist Republic of Azania as using the word Democratic indicates that there is no democracy!

    1. "Democratic People's Communist Republic of Azania" Love it! I should have thought of that myself LOL.

  3. Excellent!! And whilst not being a scribe, I just posted this on my FB page:

    Dear South Africa

    I have known you all my life. U did your thing in the world and I did mine. I didn’t think you knew what I did and I certainly didn’t know what u did.

    Around marriage time: you treated me well. I felt needed, looked-after and respected. I thought you loved me.

    Then in 1994, you changed. I asked you and you said that I was imagining it. You became distant and secretive. You promised I would be okay and that there was no one else.

    Then you started treating me differently and took away certain of my privileges. Then you started blaming me!!! You even had the audacity to blame my forefathers!!!! I had no clue as to what you meant? I had NEVER done anything to hurt you, and if my forefathers had, then how could you hold me responsible.
    You have never taken responsibility for your side – always blamed me.

    At this point I realized that there WAS someone else. You were not being faithful now and probably never had been. You denied this, but I could feel that you cared more for another than you did me.

    You became mean and spiteful. You made my work-life a misery, and made it impossible to get any other work. I found out that you have just been paving the way for your other. You were taking things away from me to give to your other.
    You took money out of my wallet and I KNEW that you were giving it to your other.

    You used me all these years, stole from me, questioned and tested by business integrity, lied to my face, and the final straw is that you, now, don’t even want to be responsible for my children. Everything you do now is just for another.

    You have only kept me around for money. You have taken away my love for you, my safety and the safety of my wife and child. You have also taken my dignity.

    Enough is enough.


    1. WOW! This is impressive and thought provoking to say the least. Subtle yet to the point. Thanks for posting this comment. Great stuff.

  4. The question then is, why did God allow our forefathers to come to this country? Why are we are ?

    1. We were sent here to develop and build this country, to protect it and take care of it. I believe that the harder the trial the more promising the outcome. We have been put through some of the worst tests and trails any nation has ever had to endure in the history of the world.
      We've been stepped upon, squashed, suppressed, oppressed and almost exterminated, more than once. The Dutch sold us together with the Cape to the British like livestock, from which point onwards we trekked through this vast land, fought battles for survival having been attacked by the locals around every corner along the path. Then the British learned about our gold reserves and they tried to destroy what we had developed in order to lay their hands and to control the gold. So important was this to them that they set out to exterminate us. They viewed us as a major stumbling block to their own greed. The Anglo-Boer wars were about gold and nothing else. Gold drove the british to commit genocide against the Boer, killing tens of thousands of women and children in concentration camps. Their aim was to control everything under one umbrella. They set out to unite everything, the Cape together with all the Boer Republics. Eventually in 1910 we became one huge Union of South Africa. They were satisfied to let us run the Union politically, as long as they controlled the gold.
      In 1948, against all odds we won the elections and the National Party came to power in the British Union of South Africa. In 1965 we became an independent country and the British allowed it only because they were assured control of the mining sector. SA now ruled by the Afrikaans National Party did not become an Afrikaans country, but a bilingual English / Afrikaans country. Ever ask yourself why? Why did the Afrikaans NP, the Afrikaner Broederbond and Dutch Reformed Church controlled National Party not declare SA an Afrikaans speaking country, just as German is German and the Netherlands is a Dutch speaking country?
      The simple reason is that the British were satisfied that while SA was an independent state, controlled by the African Boers, they retained control of the mineral resources. The income derived from mining left the country and we enjoyed the kickbacks from taxes, etc. We were fooled into believing we were running the show.
      Then came 1994 and the country was given to the ANC, who set out to suppress, oppress and exterminate us once again.
      We need to understand that this is temporary only. As we rose from the ashes after 1948, so too will we rise from the ashes of this much worse regime. The British killed us in concentration camps, while the ANC is killing us with "robberies', armed attacks, excluding us from the economy with BEE and Affirmative Action in an effort to once again force us into poverty as before 1948. This is being done with help and advice from the outside to prevent us from rising up and becoming a threat once again.

    2. Since 1910 the British used us to develop and grow the country, they used us to enrich themselves. Our labour and our expertise built this country, while they enjoyed the fruits. The mistake they made was that they never anticipated that we would also become wealthy and strong in the process. Eventually we grew so strong, with the help of the Broederbond, etc, that we toppled them in 1948. They had us by the short hairs, because the owned the mines that we had built and developed for them.
      Obviously this remained a problem as we had in the meantime taken over industry and bought into the the mining sector. They had to sink us and break our stronghold. That is why the ANC was put in place.
      The task of the ANC was to break us completely, steal our companies and our industries, while driving us from any and every sector of the economy. During the Anglo-Boer wars the british burned our farms, stole and even killed our livestock, they herded our women and children into concentration camps to starve them and let them die from disease without any treatment, but we arose from this.
      This time around they decided to exterminate us completely. The ANC has never learned how to make or manage money, only how to squander, because they've always lived from hand-outs, never worked for money one single day in their entire 100 years of sick evil existence. Now they're in power they are stealing and squandering what we had built, while the British and other foreign countries are plundering our mineral wealth with the help of a corrupt criminal communist terrorist movement.
      This time around they are keeping us ou of it, not allowing us to part-take in the economy, forcing us into poverty to keep us from rising up again. White Afrikaans males are prohibited by Law from being employed or owning a business by himself, with the agreement and support of the British and every other foreign country in the world. By 2014 every company in SA MUST be part owned by a black who never worked for it, who never helped to start it or grow the business.
      The problem is that this is a cut your nose to spite your face shoot yourself in the foot situation.
      Whereas the Afrian Boers were used to build and grow this country on behalf of the British from 1910 onwards, this time we're not allowd to help build and grow the country. We are only allowed to sit and watch how the ANC and foreign countries are plundering and stealing everything we worked for and everything under this soil.
      It is doomed to fail. We are no longer their to help, to build and to grow and the ANC does not know how, they only know how to steal, plunder and squander. It is a one way street downward.
      The New SA WILL fall, it WILL collapse without us and we're already seeing it happening. We should help and assist it to fail and to fall quicker and harder and yes we shall suffer, but we are used to suffering, we have the T-shirts and the awards to show. Once this country collapses that is when we shall once again rise to the occasion and this time NOTHING would stop us and the British in particular would NEVER be allowed to own an single grain of sand in this country EVER AGAIN!
      We were put here to build, develop and grow this country, not to be excluded, suppressed, oppressed and stolen from. The Law of Retribution is a harsh Law without any conscience and the world will learn it right here in SA the hard way.
      We shall see in this country hardship, poverty, starvation and disease like never before, because we are not allowed to help and the orchestraters of these atrocities will pay the price for it, without us even having to lift a finger, because we are not even allowed to lift a finger in anyway whatsoever anyway.

    3. You are such a good writer. I just wish the outcome can come soon. I want to start build my country I can be proud of.

  5. Sorry for the typo above. Should be : Why are we here ?

  6. Thanks TN I love reading your blog! I have actually seen first hand the Hatfield atrocities that you mentioned, it sickens me that things like that are happening and the parents just don't know about it or just don't care enough to do anything about it. Keep up the great work. Looking forward to reading your next article