Wednesday, 21 May 2014

How Big Business and the Media Sold South African Citizens to Communist Gangsters

As I've said so many times, CODESA was not about political negotiations, it was the conclusion of a colluding bussiness arrangement between the ANC and big business, which includes the Media.

Here is my comment to Big Business' latest letter threatening the regime they helped bring to power for their own personal selfish greedy gain:

Letter that business really needs to write to Zuma, but will not

"Some of us supported your party’s quest for power when we dumped the National Party in the 1980s and travelled to meet you in foreign capitals."

Big business dumped the National Party, because they had too many regulations that prevented easy plundering. They needed to have a corrupt government in place that could be bought and owned. A corrupt environment is good for business as one can bribe one's way to any riches the country has to offer.

"We helped you at the Convention for a Democratic SA (CODESA) negotiations. Some of us gave the African National Congress accommodation in the building that then became known as Luthuli House."

The bribery started long before this, but here they admit to having bribed their way into the ANC by "helping them" at CODESA and even providing the ANC with accommodation. Lethuli House, previously known as Shell House, was another such R20-million gift to the ANC.
"Others complied with your demand for disinvestment from South Africa, but then reinvested in those heady days after the 1994 election."

The disinvestment was all part of the plan to deliberately sink South Africa and force the National Party into submission. Today the very same big business turn around telling the world how bad the economy was before 1994. This while SA was blooming earlier in the 1980s, before big business stepped in to deliberately collapse the economy for their own corrupt agenda.

"Although some of us had doubts about your "transformation" agenda, we endorsed it.

We have effected empowerment deals worth billions."

More bribing. The "
empowerment deals" are noting other than bribery, which shows that while big business accuses their corrupt partners of corruption they are the ones who created them, who financed, promoted and made them, because big business is more corrupt than those they put in power.
Business has for decades been coining it from their deals struck with the ANC. They knowingly supported a corrupt bunch and continued to support systems that they themselves did not even agree with, all for the sake of appeasing the ANC and trying to cover themselves.

"We have endorsed your plans for a national health system, although we have doubts about its costs as well as your health department’s ability to run it. We have put your supporters on to our boards."

Now how is this for admission of guilt? "
We have put your supporters on to our boards."
"For little of this have we received any thanks." This is the ultimate fate of the appeaser, because in the end he will also get eaten by the crocodile he chose to feed.

Business will support anything, knowing that they could flee, as they have been doing since they started supporting the ANC.

"we have more options than you do. You cannot go anywhere. Many of us can. We also know how to exit this country and disguise it as an empowerment deal."

As I've also explained so many times before, Black-Economic-Empowerment (BEE) was created by business as a means to get paid, at hyper-inflated profits, for leaving the country.

The sad sick part is that, not only does government have nowhere to go, but also the SA public, the citizens of this country, have nowhere else to go. Business on the other hand always knew that should things not go their way, they could withdraw, without ever having considered the people of this country. To business it is all about money, at any cost.

So the New South Africa is a "Democracy"?

Big businesses in South Africa, that were so quick to tackle the National Party in the "undemocratic" Republic of South Africa, are now too scared to voice their opinions against the ANC in the "democratic" New South Africa.

Big business and the media always knew that they were backing a corrupt communist gang, but for the sake of plundering they fed them money and boosted their image, made them directors of their companies and made them instant billionaires.

"We tell you little of what we really think because we fear tender blacklisting and having licences withdrawn by officials whose abuse of due process is now legendary throughout the capitals of the world."

And here they admit to it all:

"all along we have been flattering you in public and bad-mouthing you at dinner parties. Well, appeasement and hypocrisy have gotten us nowhere."

They ignored Winston Churchill's warning that "An appeaser is one who feeds a crocodile, hoping it will eat him last."
. This crocodile has been eating away at them from the outset, but they were too blinded by greed to see.

"If we dump you, it will snowball. Businessmen are as susceptible to the herd instinct as anyone else. When the disinvestment tide started in the 1980s, few could resist it."

"So we are now telling you in public what we say about you in private. We’ve had enough of your threats, your corruption, your incompetence, your incessant interference, your empty promises, your racism, and your ideological fantasies.

You and your party and your communist friends are killing the goose that lays the golden eggs, including your personal golden egg."  (Please note the last part "including your personal golden egg." created for him by the very same big business.)

So suddenly now that the chips are down and the world is aware that South Africa is the next big bubble about to burst and collapse into absolute famine, now big business is threatening their business partner, the ANC (Pty) Ltd. Why only now? Because they are now starting to feel it in their greedy, dirty, corrupt, selfish pockets.

Suddenly now they are no longer referring to their ANC as "democratic", but referring to their "communist friends"? The media and big business always knew that the ANC was a front for the SA Communist Party. 

Business never has and never will be "patriotic", because their sick, greedy lust for money overshadows any possible notion of patriotism. They are the dogs of cold war. They dig in, get involved in countries for the sake of plundering self enrichment by supporting terrorists, drug dealers, gang lords and other scum. Then once it all collapses and after they had made their money, they withdraw to the next country where they do the same, like all viruses do.

The citizens of South Africa were sold like livestock to corrupt, criminal, communist gangsters by big business and the media who only cared about money.

In the end they leave and we'll be stuck in what they left us with, dry quicksand in the middle of a ruthless, unforgiving desert.

Do read the entire letter:

Letter that business really needs to write to Zuma, but will not


  1. On the button !

  2. Sorry I forgot the name of the book but it was about Dr Verwoed who while running the country told the mining industry that they need to pay more taxes and that stricter rules would be brought in to control the flight of capital back to London. He end up dead.