Monday, 12 May 2014

Only One Percent of White South Africans Voted For Self-Preservation

The SACP(ANC)/DA/EFF group has 90,73% of SA's National vote, which means you can now wave your property, including your farm, good-bye.

The policies of the DA are the same as those of the SACP (ANC) and the EFF is the radical force behind those policies.

Speaking to News24, Julius Malema, Leader the EFF - the third strongest political party in South Africa - has already said that the priority for Limpopo and the North West (where the EFF will serve as official opposition) is the expropriation of land WITHOUT COMPENSATION. Well happy days are here again!

The SA "Constitution" (that piece of paper that so many South Africans use as their bible and protector of their "rights") can now also very easily be amended to suit the SA Communist Party. The ANC together with the EFF, PAC and at least half of the DA members in parliament are enough to change the Constitution.

Employment Equity? Well we all know where the DA stands on that issue, do we not? So whites can now also wave their jobs, their businesses and their access to tertiary education institutions goodbye. Even if only half of the DA votes with the SACP (ANC) and EFF, they'll be able to push through any piece of legislation they want.

Also bear in mind that even the Freedom Front Plus has now been infiltrated with liberals who, should they get to parliament, may also decide to appease the SACP(ANC)/DA/EFF group by voting with them.

The No Vote

Only 73.42% people voters opted to vote. Most of those who did not vote were Black, Coloured and Indian. An election is an opportunity to exercise your opinion by making a cross on a piece of paper once every five years. If you choose not to voice your opinion it means that you trust the decisions of those who do vote and that you are prepared to go along with their choices. Voters have also been adequately informed about the fact that not voting favours the majority party. The 26,58% of voters who chose not to vote accepted it and thus willingly assisted the majority party. Because the non-voters accepted the choices of those who did vote we can assume that, had they voted, they would have also voted the same as the 73.42% that did vote. This being the case, when analising the election results of a proportional voting system, we base our conclusions a 100% voter turnout.

But this is not the full story, because most whites who chose not to vote, did so because they did not feel comfortable that any of the two perceived white parties had what it takes to oppose the policies of the SACP(ANC)/DA/EFF group. The childish, immature, egotistical infighting between these two parties and their mascots also caused many whites to not vote for either of them.

Voting For Self-Preservation

Only 0.93% of voters chose to vote for a perceived white party or a party that is perceived as one representing the needs of whites. While South Africa's total white population is claimed to be 4,602,400, only 170,853 of the total number of white voters opted to vote for such a white party (165715 for Freedom Front Plus and 5138 for Front Nasionaal). Please keep in mind that the number of whites who did not vote, would have made a negligible difference to the 0.93%, because percentage wise, there were very few whites who did not vote. The non-voters would have lifted this support to no more than 1.5%.

This means that less than 1% of whites, only 0.93% of white voters, decided to vote for a predominantly or perceived white party.

If we were to consider whites as being 8.7% (4,602,400) of the total SA population, we would have reasonable cause, but with only 0.93% of whites having chosen for this cause, there is no cause.

It means that only 1% of whites chose to vote or stand up against parties supporting Employment Equity, Land Redistribution, quotas and other racist anti-white policies.

Those who did not vote also used these very reasons for not voting. It was their way of voicing their objection to these policies, with the distinct difference that they did not feel comfortable with either the Freedom Front Plus or Front Nasionaal to adequately represent their stance on these issues, but in their own way they still opted against these policies.

The DA is the official opposition in Orania

Julius Malema’s Economic Freedom Fighters (EFF) has scored 1.37% of the vote in Orania, Northern Cape.

“We don’t really care if people living in Orania voted for the EFF, it’s okay… it’s a free choice because we are not opposed to any political party,” said Orania resident Jaco Kleynhans.

Orania is made up of 0.9% black, 1.9% Coloured (2.8% total) and 97.2% White, yet they voted as follows: 15% DA vote, 2.41% ACDP, 1,72% ANC vote and 1,37% voted for the EFF.

Amazingly, while blacks and coloureds make only 2.8% of the total area population, 21,38% of the total votes in Orania did not go to the perceived white parties.

The Bottom-Line

Irrespective of people's reasons for voting for any particular party or for not voting at all, the bottom-line is that if only 1% (possibly 1.5%) of whites across the country feel that they need to stand up for themselves, the days of whites in South Africa are numbered and the party is over for them.

This 1 to 1.5% of whites will have to realise that they are on their own and that they cannot depend on anyone else for their future survival and they have some serious decisions to make.

They would need to realise the seriousness of our situation and stop this nonsense of cat fights among themselves and consider the greater cause over their own egos, dreams and ideals.

If those who did not vote, those who voted FF Plus, those who voted FN and other key role-players do not bury their stupid childish egotistical hatchets, my advice is that this 1-1.5% of whites should rather try to get their children out of the country and those young enough and able to do so, should leave SA as soon as possible. Please do not be fooled by so-called "patriotism", because the South Africa that some people are expecting us to be patriotic to, ceased to exist in 1994. 1.5% of people cannot be patriotic to a country that does not want them, to a country consisting of political pacifists, pacifiers, appeasers and communists working against them.

This remaining tiny percentage of whites will need to put the past behind them and formulate a single vision for survival or perish.


  1. Shout all you want. Nobody wants to see the truth. DA, EFF and ANC are all the same puppets with the same masters pulling the strings.