Tuesday, 17 January 2012

I Am Sorry

13 January 2012, 07:07

The past couple of days, there have been several articles on News24, demanding an apology from every single person who is white, regardless of whether they were involved in apartheid (or even born at the time.)

You want an apology? Well here it is.

I am sorry my great grandparents came here from Europe. I'm sorry they started farms, and built businesses here. Had they stayed there, I wouldn't have to worry about emigrating out of this god forsaken lump of earth at the bottom of the African barrel.

I am sorry my ancestors brought vaccines and medicines here, along with books, tools, engineering and cars. I'm sure you'd all be much happier sharpening sticks and poking each other's eyes out with them than you are using your blackberries and deciding which beemer to buy when you go into politics.

I am sorry that my grandmother and grandfather served in the air force during World War 2. I am sure, had the Nazis made it all the way down to South Africa that you would have had a grand old time of things.

I am sorry that every single day, I have to live with the blind, idiotic hatred of my countrymen. Yes, I know jealousy makes you nasty, but come on. This is getting ridiculous.

I am sorry that when the Brits and the Boere divvied up the country, they didn't do seperate development the right way - by creating two completely seperate countries, and allowing each to stand and fall on merit.

I am sorry that Julius Malema and other similar idiotic motormouths who have so much hate in their brains that they have no room left for thought make my devotion to the idea that no one is different because of arbitrary reasons waver. I know everyone should be judged on merit, but it's hard to take the high road when you have BS rammed down your throat on a daily basis.

I am sorry that the average ANC follower is so brainwashed that they cannot see that South Africa is being flushed down the toilet by greed and gross incompetence. I am sorry that they truly believe that their salvation lies in a party that will never do anything but destroy and break down.

Finally, I am sorry for all my minority brothers and sisters. If only we had been warned in 1994 that the rainbow nation would turn into the quagmire of hate and failure it has become. We could all have made our escape then, and watched the implosion from afar.

I used to think we could save South Africa from herself, but I have realised that we can't, and I am sorry for that too.

I'm sorry that the only future for my daughter lies not in the country where five generations of her ancestors are buried, but on another continent. I am sorry that she will never have the memories of South Africa that I do, and I am sorry that the present is very quickly erasing any sort of emotion I used to feel for this country.

I am sorry that I was born a white African, and that you hate me for it.

But you know what? That's your problem. Not mine.

Do I hate anyone based on race? Nope. Never have, never will. Do I care that you hate me? Not really. It's your problem, and as long as you live in the past, you will have no future. But when things go down the toilet here, please lay the blame where it belongs: with the current government. Blame yourselves, and blame your utter devotion to living in the past, and hating for no reason.

I won't be here when that happens, so I won't get to say I told you so. But I am sure someone will. Sorry you didn't listen to reason when you could.

The original article as published on News24 can be found HERE

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