Saturday, 21 January 2012

Secession and South Africa's Looming Revolution

I was a staunch supporter of self-determination, a so-called volkstaat, prior to 1994, because we had the best opportunity ever to successfully negotiate it back then. Unfortunately it did not enjoy the necessary support back then and we LOST that window of opportunity.

In-line with the words I've quoted so many times before "Everytime you look at the future it is different" from the movie "Next", that was way back in pre-1994 when the future looked very different. We are now living in 2012 and the future has a very different look altogether. What was possible then is no longer possible. Today secession or a volkstaat is no more than an unrealistic dream of idealistic politicians.

It is totally acceptable and reasonable to have dreams and for politicians to lead people with the promise of dreams and it is very successful, ask any member of the ANC, because it has always worked for them. It ensures a following and it provides financial support and builds esprit de corps within the group, but unfortunately it is also blinding.

If you have a big mouth about smoking, but say nothing against alcohol then you're a damn hypocrite, because more families are destroyed, women bashed and raped, children abused and car accidents caused by alcohol THAN ANY OTHER REASON ON EARTH. So do not scream about one vice, while supporting another, because that makes you no better than any common brainless liberal.

Do not lead people with unrealistic dreams without warning them and preparing them against the most urgent most immediate threats to their very lives. Having dreams and ideals of secession and self-determination without even having considered the possibility of mass genocide is ignorant, foolish and irresponsible, it is a sin in any religion.

If one is not considering the very real possibility of civil war and mass genocide in South Africa as first priority on the agenda of the long-term dreams an ideals of secession and self-determination one does not deserve to be called a leader. A leader's first priority and primary responsibility is the health, well-being and safety of his followers. Only thereafter comes the ideals of wealth, progress, growth and prosperity. One cannot promise any of the latter without first having taken care of the priority responsibilities.

As a leader if one has not yet considered the possible nature, intensity, ferocity, origin, direction, size and duration of such onslaught then one is not worthy of being a leader. If one has not yet contemplated the approach, the possible strategies of defence, the nature of that defensive then why are you leading people and where are you busy leading them to?

Long before secession or a volkstaat could even become a viable objective and something visible on the horison there will be major suffering and hardship in this country. Long before a volkstaat could become worthy of planning for would there be civil war, revolution and mass killings in this anarchistic disaster created by the immoral liberals. Long before any of that would this country collapse economically and would our people be walking the streets like zombies hunting for road-kill while living off breadcrumbs rotting in the gutters. Long before then would whites be free-game, prohibited from performing any kind of work to earn a living. See South Africa: The Next Tunisia

The health, well-being and safety of our people ALWAYS take priority over stupid immature childish dreams and ideals. There is little that could cause me to explode as heavily as the bullshit spluttered by ignorant irresponsible leaders about their dreams and ideals without considering the immediate threats to their followers, our own people, because the damn leaders have no vision, no insight, no sense of priority, no sense of responsibility, because they themselves have lost all sense of reality. The leaders themselves are so stuck in their make-believe dreams that they have lost all perspective.

One would think that in this country leaders would have learned from our own history, but they have not.

It is therefore up to us as mere mortal citisens to take care of ourselves, because we cannot depend upon any leaders, for our leaders are still sleeping, enjoying their dreams and they would perhaps one day wake up when it is too late, just like all the other denialists. We should allow the leaders to follow their long-term dreams and ideals, allow them to drown themselves in their immaturity and discover themselves, while we prepare ourselves for the inevitable. We need to prioritise as the leaders are incapable of doing so. We need to plan and strategise, because the leaders do not possess those skills, as the only skill they seem to posses is to dream the dreams of professional dreamers.

Politicians are nothing but sales-people. They sell you promises, ideas, dreams and ideals hoping that you would buy into it and sign the contract that you would support them financially and follow them to their bank. They are not leaders, they are mere professional dreamers that want you to buy and finance their ridiculous dreams.

It is up to us ourselves, by ourselves, to consider the nature of the threat we're faced with. It is up to us to sit down and face the reality that we are possibly no more than about 1% to a maximum of 5% of the total population. That we are caught at the very tip of dark brutal vicious ferocious Africa, with nowhere to run. It is up to us living here, living this reality to realise that we have children and grand-children that will be looking at us for leadership and guidance and we have a responsibility to them, we are responsible for their health, well-being and safety. They are our future and we need to protect and preserve that future, for we brought them here.

We are not immature and therefore we are not dreamers, we are not blind liberal denialists and we cannot afford dreams at this time, for it is crunch-time in the New South Africa. The banks are on their knees, the ignorant uneducated black masses produced by the ANC over decades by the burning down of schools and boycotting schools and classes, massive dropping of educational standards are gullible, they are manipulated and brainwashed, they are also under the spell of their evil leaders and they have been taught to hate and despise your white skin with a passion second to none.

The blacks are being urged to take up arms and to kill the whites. They sing their hate songs to the amusement of the immoral liberals and communists who put them in power. There is hate in this country today that is so obvious it smells, it could almost be cut with a knife. It has never been experienced before, it is new to us, unfamiliar and therefore unrecognisable to most, but it is real.

Seeing as we are unarmed, what other options do we have available to us, what else could we employ as tools to defend ourselves? These are things the idealistic political animals have not even considered yet and they also do not have the skills to do so, so we are on our own and we better get down to doing it ourselves.

We have to consider how we shall handle this, how we shall defend ourselves against such unimaginable odds. We need to realise the fact that we are unarmed compared to them, that our numbers are negligible compared to theirs, that we are spread out and far apart, that we are untrained and unskilled with nowhere to run and that we have run out of time. We have become so accustomed to the good life of luxury and abundance that we have forgotten how to survive and depend upon ourselves and our immediate surroundings to survive and co-exist with nature and how to identify and effectively utilise what nature has to offer. And PLEASE forget about outside help. No foreign country in the world would come help us, as they would much rather help the ANC as they have been doing for the past one hundred years.

We need to realise that one-on-one combat is not the way to go, the odds are just too great. In order to win against such odds one needs to realise that the only way to survive, let alone win, is to do the unexpected and employ the unconventional, and it should be so severe that it would break the aggressor and to break such a strong overwhelming aggressor one needs to break his back and to break his back one needs to break it in the right places where it hurts most and causes the most damage, damage so great that it would completely paralyse him. And it is possible.

Always keep in mind that blacks, Africans, are not the enemy. Blacks are the tools of the enemy and those tools are equipped with guns that can shoot and kill. Those tools are financed, supported, manipulated, owned and controlled by the enemy and the enemy is the white liberal trash that put them in power in the first place, appeasing white liberal trash that will support them even during mass genocide in the hope that they themselves would be spared, white liberal trash that would supply them with weapons and strategic planning to do so. White liberal trash is you enemy, but they are invisible, behind the scenes and all you will be faced with is their tools, the masses and masses of armed, brainwashed hate-filled vindictive blacks. Who is the real aggressor and how do you paralyse an aggressor being steered by an invisible enemy using such tools in such numbers? Think about it.

I have NO doubt that we shall get through this, but we need to come down to earth and face reality and start thinking strategically and objectively. We need to prioritise for ourselves and accept the responsibility that comes with our situation. We need to move our dreams to the bottom-end of our agenda and focus on the most immediate threats first. We have much more to consider than we realise and we have as much going for us also: local civil war & mass genocide, local and global economic collapse, regional wars and WW3, climate change with consequent natural disasters and locally we should expect huge man-made disasters as a result of the ANC's inability to maintain the infrastructure developed before 1994 and that was given to them by the immoral self-serving liberals.

Start thinking about survival, the possibilities, the skills and knowledge we posses, the nature, strengths and weaknesses of our aggressors, their numbers versus ours, what they have and what they don't have, what we have and do not have, our environment and immediate surroundings and remember that nothing is more important than attitude and the most important aspect of that attitude is DETERMINATION.

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