Friday, 27 January 2012

Shoot the whites – new hatesong

Gregory Stanton of is correct: the whites are in great danger of genocide
Al Jazeerah columnist David Africa noted recently:  "The ANC, once a bastion of non-racism, descends into racial politics: Malema targets Boers; Jimmy Manyi targets Coloureds… "  Africa is an independent security analyst based in South Africa. He has previously worked in counter-terrorism intelligence and research, and served in the underground of the then-banned African National Congress in South Africa."

'Shoot the White People'  – black radical coins a new song of hate and incitement:
On Friday-evening October 14 2011 at the University of Witwatersrand, a black student representative council member sang 'Shoot the White People' ( 'dubulu lekgoa' ) in front of an approving crowd shortly before youth leader Malema was going to give a speech about 'economic freedom' there: the song was apparently sung and coined by Tokeio Nhlapo, a member of the SRC and also of the ANC youth league. Afterwards, he 'refused to explain what he meant by the song', he reportedly told journalist Llewellyn Prince who witnessed the incident. Meanwhile the ANC's so-called 'internal hearing' about Malema's alleged misconduct in regards to his publicly calling for a revolution in neighbouring Botswana, also is continuing behind closed doors. It will continue on 26 Oct 2011 – just one day before Malema together with the Cosatu co-ruling trade union movement, plans their two-day-long 'campaign for Economic Freedom'. The two organisations are bussing in as many members as they can from all the provinces, ordering them to descend on Johannesburg for the two-day rally – with plans to move to the Johannesburg stock exchange and then to Pretoria – where these many hundreds of thousands of black men plan to camp out overnight and put the country's seat of power, the Union Buildings, under siege. shoot-whites-new-hatesong.html

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