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Invitation to International Supporters of the ANC to Vistit South Africa

This is an invitation to all those people who over the past hundred years supported the ANC in their ruthless cowardly terrorist acts and helped them to take control of South Africa.

A man is judged by his friends, a man is judged by those he associates with and a man is judged by those he supports, therefore it is only reasonable and fair that anyone that supported the ANC over the past hundred years be judged by his support of the ANC. It also then stands to reason that anyone who supports and finances terrorists must be a terrorist himself, even if he does try to disguise the terrorists by calling them "Freedom Fighters".

Please read the following FEW postings made by white South Africans (names removed for their protection) on Facebook over the past few days, because it is as a result of your sick immoral support of a terrorist organisation that caused the pain and suffering of innocent civilians in this country over the past ONE HUNDRED YEARS!.
You deserve to stand accused of the atrocities perpetrated by those you supported and brought to power in this once safe, peaceful and beautiful country!
You deserve living here, you deserve spending a month or two on vacation here, you deserve anything bad, evil and atrocious that happens to you while being here!

This is an invitation to come to South Africa, if you have the guts, because we all know you do not have the guts to face up to your own filthy handy-work, you cowardly sick deluded immoral scum!

Read these stories and then PLEASE come to South Africa for a WELL DESERVED extra-long holiday so that you may personally experience first-hand the harsh realities of the BLACK RUTHLESS SOUTH AFRICA that YOU created!


I was just reading something interesting on another page and it made me think. This is possibly the reason why I am feeling the way I do. Maybe there are some of you that possibly feels the same way I do, and would like to share some of you thought with me. I was quite happy with the way I lived up to standard 1 (1994), from then on the living conditions in this country got gradually worse.

My Mother has survived 9 armed robberies and my sister 6, they work in the retail industry, so that could be expected, right? On another occasion, my mother was stabbed in her back for her handbag, and by the grace of God it missed her lung (purely because of her bra strap that was in the way).

My best friend and his father were out car-shopping in the Kinross/Secunda area, when they were pulled over by a police vehicle, for no apparent reason (he was in standard 5 at the time). They were both shot and killed on the spot.

My brother and his wife were hi-jacked in front of their 3 year old sons crèche last year in Springs.

And so, the list goes on and on, these acts of violence were all committed by black people.

So here is my question then, Is it wrong to call me a racist when this is what they do? This is the reason I don’t trust them, this is the reason I don’t want to be associated with them and this is the reason why I don’t want to share this country with them….


Racism is not a White man’s disease.

I would like to share three instances where my family was victimized on 2012-01-18. This has become the norm and people do not share these experiences as it is has become part of every day living. I dare to make it public for the world to see and perhaps somewhere, someone will take notice.

Incident 1:
As you might have known a few hundred ANC Youth League members marched in Bloemfontein on Wednesday demanding better economic empowerment opportunities from the government. It happened that they marched passed the centre where my elder brother works. Daily, my brother habitually buys Cola from a small café just outside of the vicinity. It happened that at that instant he walked passed the marching ANC youth League members. One of these members provokingly waved a flag into my brother’s face most likely hoping for a reaction. My brother ignored the repulsive gesture and as result the victimization escalated into the form of name calling and shouting “What are you doing here ‘Pinky’, you do not belong here!”, still waving the flag into my brother’s face obscuring his view from where he his walking. My brother ignored the annoyance and kept on walking whilst the aggravating provocation continued. After buying his Coke, more youth league members provoked him still further, this time with the words: “You did not answer me ‘Pinky’, what are you doing here, you do not belong in this country!” Still, my brother ignored the provocation and returned to his workplace, luckily unscathed. Had my brother lost his cool, he surely would have been attacked by the hordes of provoking dim-witted uneducated antagonists. What these mindless rivals forget is that my working brother are being heavily taxed monthly in order for the foolish, jobless, vermin to received a grant every month whilst they do not contributing at all to the economy of this country.

Incident 2:
My oldest brother worked after-hours in order to ensure that economic targets are met. Whilst sitting in his office, he heard some racket from the ground floor. As he walked down the stairs to investigate, three black youths were in the process of stealing a photocopier machine. When they got sight of my brother, all three youths attacked him, hitting, pushing, and roughly kicking him. My oldest brother suffers from a sort of bomb-shock that he got during his military duty. As result, he went into a psychological defence mode and was able to fight back severely, hurting two of the attackers after which they fled. Even though the panic button was pressed, Chubb security only arrived about half an hour later. The Police even took longer. Eventually, at the Police station, my brother had to wait for more than an hour after which he demanded some attention. He requested to see the station commander in order to report the assault. Even though the Police commander took notion of my brother’s discontent, my brother had to complete the necessary documents and even complete his own statement as none of the officers were enthusiastic to take down his statement. Nowadays, victims are being treated like criminals by careless “Law Enforcement” officials who are suppose to protect the innocent.

Incident 3:
My mother was referred to the provincial hospital in Bethlehem to have biopsies done on lumps found in her breasts in order to determine whether it is cancerous or benign. As an old Afrikaner lady, she was treated with the utmost immoral staff members at the hospital. Upon arriving, she went to admissions. She explained to the officials her reason for being there and presented he reference letter from the specialist. The official diminutively asked my mother: “What must I do with this?”, upon which she then responded that she unfortunately did not know as she was told to present this letter when signing into the hospital. With an intense dreadful attitude, she was referred to casualties in a derogative manner. When arriving at casualties, the queue was extremely long and no white person in sight amongst the multiple patients. Eventually, after a few hours, when attention was given to her, she was told that she did not belong there and should return to the admissions office. She returned to the office and remained there for yet a long period. As it was here turn to be admitted, the official on duty blatantly turned her back on my mother and just walked away without any indication whether she would return or not. My mother stood for several minutes after which the frowned-faced-official returned and started attending to other people out of the queue even though my mother was first in line. The total lack of respect, and mocking “entertainment” of these officials with a hate glare in their eyes got the better of my unfortunate mother, and she had no alternative but to leave the hospital without receiving the medical care as stated in our constitution. My mother potentially has a life-threatening disease, and she was “forced” to leave the hospital by a method of derogative mannerisms by people who are suppose to provide loving and tender care to the sick.

Let’s face it, South Africa has become a hell hole for white people, the constitution bare no relevance when your skin is white. By daring to utter this statement, I will be labelled a racist. If only the world could wake-up to the lies and open their eyes. We are alone!


I have been denied the blessing of seeing my grandchildren grow up. My son moved to New Zealand and I have been there. The contrast between there and here is miles apart. NOBODY lives in fear. Children ride their bikes, play in the parks (which are spotless) and have a REAL childhood. The elderly take strolls and THEY ARE SAFE. There are no security gates, high walls, electric fencing, or walls around their houses. The people are so peaceful and live in harmony with one another. My son happened to leave his wallet on the roof of his car at a shopping mall. when he realised what he had done, he went back to his car and lo and behold it was still there. Now that must tell you something. It is so clean and peaceful. If we could afford it we would emigrate there, BUT WE ARE STUCK!!!! I am sick to death of hearing about "apartheid". They can thank God that the white man has handed them so much. They are hell bent on destroying this beautiful country of ours through their corruption, theft, and the countless taxes we are paying to line their pockets. "They pick and we pay". What is it going to take to change things?


Five BLACK "men" - which should read cowards - have attacked Anita Jacobs van Niekerk (62) of Pietersburg, in her house and slit her throat. The official reason for the attack, is "robbery".

They were arrested with her handbag and the money.

Mrs van Niekerk was attacked at 23h00 in her house after the terrorists gained access by bending the burglar bars. At the time of the attack, her 4 year old grandson was in the house, but was asleep and unharmed. She was taking care of him since his mother was murdered 2 years ago.

Mrs van Niekerk survived the attack, but will likely not be able to swallow normally again, and will have to have her vocal cords re-attached.

This is the kind of attacks carried out by savages in response to the "Kill the Boer" song sung by the leadership of the ANC.

(Summary and comment to an article that appeared on the website of an Afrikaans news provider)


A farmer was just shot here on his plot in the Rest Nelspruit about 20 minutes ago he was shot in his stomach and has been taken to the hospital, apparently its the second white person shot in Nelspruit today!

On Saturday night Mr Neville Joseph, his wife and their two friends with two children were attacked on their small holding the rest in Nelspruit. They were having a braai when three armed men stormed on to them, the armed men then spoke to them in afrikaans and English telling them that they will not be harmed,the women were then told to give up their jewellery, Mr Neville Joseph then over heard them talking to one another in Zulu that they were going to first rape the women then kill all of them, luckily Mr Joseph understood their language, Mr Farreira took action and threw one of the attackers with a chair and Mr Joseph also jumped them, they ran around the house then a shot was fired hitting Mr Joseph in his stomach, more shots were then fired but luckily no one was hit! The nearby security heard the shots and the Joseph family also pushed the panic button at this time the attackers fled! Mr Joseph is in hospital and doing ok! His wife is very traumatized but also ok


Afrikaner Boer Francois du Toit (38) was executed by 3 attackers on his farm outside Roossenekal in the Northern Transvaal. He heard a noise outside and got up to get his pistol from the safe - a ridiculous practise forced upon the law abiding citizens by the regime to protect the terrorists - but at that point three terrorists have already gained access to the house, and shot Mr du Toit in his stomach.

Mr du Toit fired back, but none of the terrorists were hit. His wife and children were then tied up with cable ties, which is commonly also used by the Police and which are being used more and more in these attacks. One must ask why it is so convenient that they always manage to "find" cable ties......

Mr du Toit was then executed by a shot behind his ear.

The terrorists left the scene with two rifles, two pistols, some money and cellphones, using the Du Toits' two Nissan Navara's / The one Navara was left on the farm and the other one was found nearby. At that stage Mr du Toit was still alive, but died soon after help arrived.

This is the direct result of the "Kill the Boer" song, sung by the ANC leadership.

(Summary and comment to an article that appeared on the website of an Afrikaans news provider)


Bloemfontein.... Elderly couple attacked for the fourth time since September 2011.
The 70 year old Alje van Deemter and his wife Annemarie (70) were attacked in their house in the crime-ridden Bloemspruit area, on Saturday morning. Mr van Deemter's arm was seriously injured as he tried to prevent being hit on the head with a hammer. Mrs van Deemter had a knife held against her throat. The attacker(s) wore face masks.

No further information is available at this stage, since the media and the news do not consider it important enough news to publish much regarding black on White attacks. It will probably only reach the news in a couple of days when the news will have lost it's impact.


Another White man murdered by black attackers.
Frans van der Linde, a Farmer from Lichtenburg, and his wife was visiting in Brits when 3 blacks broke into the house they were staying in and murdered him. His wife was seriously injured in the attack.

Condolences with the family - who supplied the information since Media 24 and the news services can not be bothered to report on black on white attacks until days after the event.


On average every murder causes trauma to 28 people. Just imagine how much trauma the sick disgusting immoral liberal pro-ANC supporters of the world caused in South Africa. Every piece of scum that ever supported the ANC during the past hundred years of their sick ruthless tyranny has blood on his / her hands and every such person is equally as sick and as criminal as the terrorists they supported.

The Law of Retribution is an unforgiving Law and may punishment for the sick hypocritical do-gooders that supported the ANC be as harsh and unforgiving as is possible and may we the sufferers of their actions be allowed the privilege to witness the full execution of their punishment.

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