Sunday, 1 July 2012

Swedish National Speaks Out Against ANC Atrocities Directed at SA's White Minority

The Afrikaner Journal
Sunday - 1 July 2012

Annika Ã…kerlund writes:

"My husband about the white South African's cause: "No one asked them to implement Apartheid". Is he now racist and ignorant??? He IS white British or more to the point English!!!"

Annika is a Swedish national of South East Asian extraction. We met on the Swedish Nationalist Website after their protest against farm murders at the South African embassy in Sweden.

Annika was adopted by Swedish parents as a child and currently lives in the UK. She is a pro-Boere Afrikaner supporter and does not hesitate to tell everyone about the ANC's policy-driven atrocities against the Afrikaner minority in South Africa.

Annika Ã…kerlund and I have been friends for some time and I'm appalled at the amount of racist remarks directed at her from white South Africans (on her fb profile) - the very People she is supporter of.

Go and read her profile and ask yourself whether this is how Afrikaners (or the white minority if you insist) should treat the people who champion their cause.

I'd like to remind every friend of the Afrikaner Journal that NO racism will be tolerated on this page. It is the AJ goal to win international support for our cause.

I urge everyone to support those foreign nationals, willing to risk being called idiots and such, for standing up against the ANC and speaking out on our behalf.

I'd also like to remind the readers that the ANC would never have achieved any of its goals, had it not been for the tsunami of international pressure from people like Annika.

There are 7 billion possible friends out there that can help us if we are willing to change our attitudes and accept that we are just one more community in a very small global village.

With this writ I salute people like Annika for looking beyond Apartheid and recognizing new injustice when they see it and - not hesitating to speak out against it.

This is for you - Annika
Afrikaner Journal

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