Sunday, 7 October 2012



TO: Gilbert Edward Martin II

Dear Mr. Martin,
As you know, Genocide Watch has already raised the Genocide Stage level for South Africa to Stage 6 because we now have evidence that the murders of Afrikaaner farmers and other whites is organized by racist communists determined to drive whites out of South Africa, nationalize farms and mines, and bring on all the horrors of a communist state. Marxism-Leninism is not yet the official ideology of the ANC government, as it is in ZANU-PF in Zimbabwe, but ANC policy will take a further step in that direction at the ANC national conference in December.

However, a two state solution to the racial problem in South Africa, while it might have been possible sixty years ago, is no longer possible. For Jews surrounded by anti-Jewish governments, the best solution was emigration. For Jews, the State of Israel was created by the UN. Many also emigrated to the United States and other countries. But the UN will never allow creation of a separate state for whites in South Africa. We are encouraging governments like Australia and the US to adopt liberal asylum policies for South African whites so they can leave South Africa. It is a pity. Whites in South Africa have lived there for over 300 years, and have just as much right to stay there as African-Americans or white Americans have to stay in the US.

We fully recognize the crisis. Our hopes are that the ANC can be changed from within, or defeated in the next elections, or that the constitutional system in South Africa will prevent the ANC from imposing communism.

Best wishes,
Greg Stanton


"we now have evidence that the murders of Afrikaaner farmers and other whites is organized by racist communists determined to drive whites out of South Africa, nationalize farms and mines, and bring on all the horrors of a communist state"

"the UN will never allow creation of a separate state for whites in South Africa"

"Marxism-Leninism is not yet the official ideology of the ANC government, but ANC policy will take a further step in that direction at the ANC national conference in December."

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  1. Don't be in such awe of what the "UN" says or thinks....remember 30 years ago we all thought the almighty USSR was going to last forever, and take over the world ? No-one under 30 these days even remembers they once existed. So it will be soon with the dis-United Nations, which is actually only sustained by a handful of white countries (such as the US and UK) who are increasingly being challenged by their own internal and external problems. Much of the UN is made up of worthless, third rate banana republics, that will collapse at the first sign of a strong wind (which is surely on it's way). One day, the UN will be just a memory, and what they will or will not allow, will be irrelevant. The one constant in this world is change, something bodies like the UN thinks seems to exclude themselves - it does not. I completely respect Dr Stanton's view, as here expressed - what he says will be true, IN THE CURRENT POLITICAL ENVIRONMENT. But, the current political environment is doomed to fail, as witnessed by increasing chaos in the world today. It may not seem like it now, but those who promote white genocide (in SA in particular) will one day face their own nemesis. I am not saying that whites will one day have their own state in SA; I cannot read the future - maybe mass emigration is the only answer. I am just saying, don't judge our future prospects by the current situation, no matter bad it is (and it is very bad). I am just saying that what the UN thinks is not the only force in the world.

  2. Unfortunately the constitution of South Africa is not really worth the paper it is written on as changes have already been made to it and will no doubt continue to be made to suite the current government. As for the ANC changing from within, I doubt it, not in my lifetime.

  3. Julle moet net nie die Boere onderskat nie. Kitchener se beleid het duisende van ons vrouens en kinders uitgemoor en kyk wat het daar gebeur.

    Die wie wil gaan moet gaan - maar die meerderheid van ons sal bly en veg vir wat ons s'n is.

    1. Des, ek sal jou graag wil glo, maar die realiteit is dat die ANC stadig maar seker die boere volk begin ontwapen het. Kyk maar hoe lank dit jou vat vir 'n vuurwapens lisensie. Dis maar net 'n plooi om dit onmoontlik te maak om 'n wapen te kry. As daar 'n boere leier was wat almal kon saam trek na 'n bakleiry was dit miskien moontlik, maar daar was nog geen leier in die afgelope dekades nie, Eugene Terreblance het probeer maar het ongellukkig sy "baklei" probeer dryf met Godsdiens wat ongehoort was en het op die ou einde gesneuwel in sy slaap van die hand van twee swart kinders. As jy vir my kan se hoe jy of ons Afrikaners gaan terug veg, sal daar geluister word, maar ongellukkig is die woorde "ons sal bly en veg vir wat ons s'n is" nie genoeg om derduisende mense saam te trek en te oortuig om te baklei nie.

    2. Ek is self n boer en het alles probeer om positief te bly, maar ek het twee meisies en een seun. die tyd het gekom om te gaan. ek kan nie skiet en bloed giet vir n stuk grond nie. noem my wat julle wil maar dit gaan meer as ons leeftyd neem om hierdie regering te beinvloed en om vir hulle te wag om te verander. kan dalk te laat wees vir my kinders.

  4. Last night I prayed to God before going to bed to help the people of South Africa.
    I dreamt this last night: We need a farmer to donate his farm (before he gets murdered for it anyway), to the Australian government or directly to Jilia Gillard in order to open up an "official" Refugee Camp for whites. Him, and his family could find refuge in Australia. I dreamt that only if Australia owned a place to run their organisation from would they help. The Official White Refugee Camp will need to be self supportive, e.g. community vegetable garden and farm produce, water, sanitation, Doctors, Nurses, Aid workers, Schools, teachers, transport, churches, etc. Doctors because many whites are being turned away from hospitals and told that they cannot get help because they are white. They also cannot get any help from the corupt police force. This will be the only way to protect the children, by living in close communities.
    The government can help those already in a refugee camp according to the government website: refugee
    However, there are no safe white refugee camps for whites in South Africa. This means that whites cannot get refugee status. Also, the police and army of South Africa are involved in the genocide, we cannot allow them to "protect" the white refugees, but will need the Australian Army, or UN for protection against them and their assassins. As you can see on you tube where Jacob Zuma is singing "Kill the Whites/ Boer" In the video, the army is chanting with the South African President.
    I'm sure countries like the Netherlands, France and the UK can help in a similar way.

  5. Des Palm, ek is met jou, Boer broer!

  6. Ek voel jammer vir almal van julle.
    We will all be wiped out...these poor afrikaans people who think they are so tough and strong...wake up, there are 4 million white people in a country of 48 million...only a quarter of those are aware of wats going on.
    Asseblief trek julle koppe uit jul gatte en besef jou ou pistooltjie gaan nie duisende laat snuiwel nie, daar sal nooit weer n wit of n afrikaner republiek wees nie...
    Mag watokal daar van n god in die land oor is genadig wees op ons.

    1. I agree with you, further to the 2 million whites that are in SA they are still further divided by our own grudges held from what happened in the past. You have the boer that doesnt like the engelsman and visa versa. This I experience everyday and you are correct in saying that the oppositions numbers are overwhelming. The way its going to go in SA is that if a civil war brakes out it will be black on black, we whites will just be in the middle, and I can tell you they wont give a damn whether you are Afrikaans or English, you will be considered lower than shark turd. Look at the Boer war, white on white with a few blacks in the ranks, when they were buried in mass graves you always have the whites names and rank ...... and then it will say on the tomb stone "some African combatants. Sad how things have reversed, we have all in SA learnt nothing from the past.

  7. The boer made the kak with the blacks and as soon as the blacks took power the dutchman ran away with their tails inbetween their legs, why not stand your ground and fight back? Do you think the blacks would do this back in the days? No chance!! But we just sit and watch them fuck this place up! I say boer grow back your balls and let's get our country back, the government is too worried about money to even notice! These fucking beggers at the robots and venders, taxi's thinking they own the land, screw them!

  8. God answered the prayers of many christians in SA to end the apartheid regime, and God answered those prayers because apartheid was disgracing His holy name. BUT ... the current regime is not thanking Him for the liberation, instead they worshipping their ancestors, and offering sacrifices to false gods. SA needs to repent and seek God, otherwise judgement is imminent. It will be safer for whites in SA not to ignore the warning signs, and if at all possible, to leave the country if the 2014 elections doesn't bring a change. I know that white SAfricans are in a state of disbelief and shock, cognitive dissonance, a type of Stockholm syndorme where we keep making excuses for them and we keep on hoping it will get better....but the hour is late and things have only gotten worse. In Zimbabwe there were almost 20years of "freedom" from the white government, and then the forced land repossessions happened. So don't think it can't happen in SA. The other worrying element is that of African witchcraft. In SA black men are told by sangomas to rape children in order to be cured from AIDS; if they will follow such evil advice then we shouldn't be surprised if they kill all the whites in order to "cleanse" the country if advised to do so by their sangomas.